Report: Jorge SAMPAOLI confirms to HIGUAIN, DYBALA their World Cup spots


Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has reportedly told both Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Paulo DYBALA that they will make the World Cup squad.

Jorge SAMPAOLI, who is presently on his European trip, met with Juventus duo Gonzalo HIGUAIN and Paulo DYBALA on Wednesday night. Per a report by TyC Sports, SAMPAOLI confirmed to HIGUAIN that he will have a spot in the squad for the World Cup.

However, HIGUAIN isn’t the only one who’s spot is reportedly confirmed. Per a separate report from Manuel OLIVARI of DirecTV and TNT Sports, SAMPAOLI told DYBALA that unless something weird happens, he will also make the squad of 23 for the World Cup.

It’s being rumored that the matches against Italy and Spain are what made SAMPAOLI fully change his mind regarding DYBALA’s inclusion into the Argentina team.

Depending on if you’re a fan of both players or only one of them, this news can be great or bitter sweet.


  1. Midfielder
    Lanzini,Di maria,Meza,Lo celso,Biglia Banega,Battaglia/Ascacibar

  2. Some people bashing Augreo.He has completely changed himself.He is second best after Messi for Argentina.I think our forward line going to be
    Messi Augreo Higuain Dybla Pavon
    This is the best forward line of Argentina.Not sure about Dybla and Higuain performance but they deserves more than anyone.

  3. Well Its going to be the last world cup for bunch of our players but It will be a crime to take Aguero to the world cup without match fitness… and most of us here who are not mentally blind know that he and Gago were the prime reason we lost control over the match in the final against Germany .I know Messi wants to win the world cup along with his friends (he stated that in the interview) but selecting Aguero will be a unjust. Icardi has to be picked now!!! No Pavon no Martinez but Icardi a proven 150 million dollar striker.

    Although how much some of us including me don’t want choker Higuain in the team but we all know its not going to happen. So Our forward line up has to be Messi, Icardi, Dybala and Higuain. Mix of Experience and youth.

  4. centurion is needed ,the logic here is dybala and messi can’t play together and centu is only the one on the pitch other than messi to imbalance the defence of rivals,from la volpe to riquelme everyone wants centu on the pitch with messi.

  5. If we play 4-4-2 or 4-3-3 we are gonna need more than 7 defenders (injuries, suspensions). Hope Ansaldi makes the cut. Happy to see Dybala in 23 men squad. Messi can rest if we’re okay after 60-70 minutes.

  6. There is no way he can’t take Dybala. It’s way too risky if Messi can’t play every match. Every football analyst would say the next best Replacement for Messi would be Dybala, and he’s Argentine! Also Dybala plays in top tier league, played in big games and is young, maybe the most important thing. The old guard is all about 30 now, would be very nice to have Dybala take some minutes for Messi or Other mid fielders, Pavon for di-Maria is good too.

    Totally agree on Lo Celso. I think he has an breakout tournament. He’ll be the Rojo of this tournament but up in mid field.

    Otamendi also to have a tournament for the ages I think.

    I can’t believe I’m saying this, but I watched that Aguero documentary and wondered what happened to ZABALETA. He’s only 33, that’s what DEMICHELIS was last tournament. I wonder if he’s pulled out

  7. I tried and succeeded to some extent to keep away from this World Cup. Like boomerang the pattern always repeats with pain. Suddenly this news starts to create hope. But used to the pain. The news also takes me to that night way back to 94. Remember the long sad lonely walk from my friend house almost night 2’o clock Indian time after our exit but also a deep bondage created between me and our team and football as a whole. Also mesmerized by Hagi and that Romanian team. Their second goal from Dimitrescu was really poetic. Inspite of the defeat night like that makes life beautiful. Always dream of winning the cup and walking or flying slowly with happiness and fulfillment..

  8. Indpendiente won away game against Corinthians 2:1. El Rojo still in game.

    Atletico Tucuman also with win over Penarol.

    Bocs draw away.

    • Both Bustos and Meza were outstanding. Meza contributed to both goals. His fastness on 1st.

      Franco is player for NT after WC. Benitez may draw attention of European clubs once again.

  9. Hopefully The current season of barcelona will bring an angry messi to world cup, specially the champions league debacle.Just one bad game and its over , though its a blessing for Argentina. Just checked some stats that saying Argentina with messi lost only one game(wcq vs brazil) in 90 mins in last 5 years. Yes they not won convincingly or played attracting football , but still barely lose, thats the magic of the man.I think its still a tuff nut to struck to beat Argentina with messi along with dimaria etc in the field.Its virtually nullify the opponents fullbacks. Like a match vs spain , if the duo present and play (lets imagine play a poor game) , the likes of Alba and carvajal will not cross the halfway line once ,.So thats the difference.

    Just trying to be optimistic guys.And I also do have a feeling that in this WC Lo Celso can be the difference for us.Finger crossed..

    • True. I think if we improve our defense, we have a chance. I agree that our Arg. Squad is much more experienced than others(except spain), we can easily manage games more than brazil, france and to some extend Germany(they have new players). If we beat Spain, we can easily win the whole thing. Remember, Messi alone would carry over 60% of load of team as well as defending as other teams will not attack as much considering we have Messi. My dream is to win WC and somewhere down the process meet Portugal and beat shit out of that team to make Penaldo cry.

      • • I agree with you 100% arg2018, Argentina have the most experienced side in terms of national football. This national team is the most experienced in the world now, more than Spain and Germany. Remember this squad of Argentina have played 3 consecutive finals, though they lost all of them but still they are the most experienced. Include dybala, icardi and Diego perotti will give this squad more options as we know dybala can press very well like he did against real in champions league, same goes for perotti yes he has a slight injury but he’s defensive work rate is very good, I’ll say perotti and acuna for attacking players defensive work rate are the best of all Argentina attacking players.

  10. • this is good news, as big tournaments
    Such as the world are all about tactics,combinations, chemistry, experience and of course as well as quality and ability. Yes I don’t trust higuan, but let’s be realistic, he(higuan) and dybala does have a good understanding and partnership on the pitch. Like I have said in the past if one of these guys play the other must be their,and yes Paolo dybala will make a good attacking midfielder for Argentina taking some of the responsibility from messi, which is a good thing.

    • good luck too them. Vamos Argentina.

    • Since sampaoli is in Italy, interested to know if icardi & ansaldi is being met. That will answer icardi’s fate in for Russia. If dropped , this will be more controversial than zanetti drop in 2010. In a pressure cooker match , icardi over higuain anyday.

  11. This is the most unprepared Argentina team for a world cup in my lifetime and I have been watching every single game since the 1990 World Cup.

    I keep fantasizing about winning the whole thing, trashing Brazil and Germany in our way. But I am quite ready for a first round exit and I have already made myself ready to enjoy the rest of the world cup in that event.

  12. After 3 hours long talk Sampaoli confirmed Higuain and Dybala place in his WC squad. Just wonder who convinced who. with Kun and Higuain in, Icardi/ Lautaro/Pavon will have to compete.

    • Messi,higuain,aguero,dybala,pavon will go. Lautaro has a chance if lazy aguero doesn’t recover but icardi is out no matter what.

          • ‘It was all very fast. My wife sent a message to him in the morning. He is going to miss one month, the conditions are there to make him come in quite well,” said Leonel del Castillo to Radio Continental.

            ”It was all urgent, never had anything planned to be done. The doctors of the club had recommended him to the doctor who operated him.

            ”It was a cleaning on the knee, I spoke with Sergio and he told me that everything went well.”

            Based on the pronouncement of Leonel del Castillo, it means Aguero will miss the rest of the season but will be fit to take to the Krestovsky Stadium, Saint Petersburg pitch when the Super Eagles face off against the South Americans at the World Cup on June 26.

            Even AFA Doctors said the same, he won’t be 100% fit;
            It is one of the main reasons why Sampaoli is going to meet Icardi;

            You seems to be a blind Aguero fan and want him in Russia @ any cost!!

  13. Anyone seeing Copa liberatores ? How is pavon , meza , bustos , pperez playing ?
    I think with this news, perotti is surely out of final23. Jus hoping icardi also makes it.

    • perotti is not competing with the likes of higuain dybala etc he is a winger and if selected will be among midfielders

      • Midfield -perotti anyway won’t be in the eight slots.
        Dimaria, lanzini, biglia ( or cdm replacement) , meza, lo celso, banega , acuna, salvio, Enzo Perez are above him . that’s already nine & sampoali may also keep mascherano seeing current news report.
        His remote chance was the fifth slot in forwards which is now pavon & the other four will be Messi & 3 slots between aguero,icardi,dybala,higuain & Martinez.
        Perroti will lose out like Gomez.

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