Report: Bayern Munich ready to pay €100m for Paulo DYBALA of Juventus


In what would be a blockbuster move, Bavarian giants Bayern Munich have are reportedly ready to make a €100m bid for Paulo DYBALA.

BILD of Germany and Corriere Torino in Italy are both reporting that Bayern have already made enquiries about signing the little jewel from Juventus. DYBALA’s lack of playing time and rumored problems with Juventus coach ALLEGRI are not a secret and while there is still the World Cup to play, this has the potential of being the biggest move of the summer.

While the 24 year old is constantly being linked to a move outside of Italy, this appears to be the first genuine interest from a giant club.

DYBALA scored on the weekend in Juve’s 3-1 win against Bologna.


  1. • it would be a good switch for dybala if “jupp heynckes” were to remain Bayern Munich manager,but the fact that he(jupp heynckes) will move on at the end of this season, I think “dybala will find him in a very much similar position as “neymar”.

    • just for argument sake,”jupp heynckes ” is one of the best managers on all fronts such as developing players,building teams, winning tittles, he’s tactics on games and players. I think he (jupp heynckes) would have made “Paolo dybala ” becoming the best player in the world,atleast for one or two seasons.

    • Dybala should leave Juventus if he were to win CL. They will not win when Huigain is their main striker. BM has much more class and authority in CL games than Juventus.

      • Juventus will always be superior to Bayern Munich. How is Bayern having more class when Juventus made the UCL finals two times out of the last five season? The Bundesliga is a joke, the most one sided affair in the entirety of European football. Juventus was just unfortunate to play against Barcelona and Real Madrid in both finals, any other team and Juventus would be champions. Barcelona and Real Madrid were superior to Juventus and no single player for Juventus was going to change the outcome. Dybala need to play for a team like Real Madrid, Barcelona or Man United.

        • Nope. Pep’s Bayern knocked Juventus out. Not to mention the fact, Huigain will casually play his game in CL knock out stage. No desire, passion from this guy. Dybala need to move away from this guy. Bayern Munich are always about there to win UCL where as Juventus has record for most final lossess. Also Bayern Munich won in 2013.

          • Juventus lost a UCL final with players such as Tevez, Pogba, Vidal and Pirlo. Was it Higuain fault they lost in that final too?

        • @Kid yes it was Hugain’s fault when they lost to RM in 2017. This choker could not out run RM Ramos(who is also not pretty fast) because he ate pizza and coke before the game Yes he is always like that and will never improve. Joker will cost us again if he start for Argentina. My only complain is Huigain in this argentina team.

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