Giovani LO CELSO scores in PSG 2-0 French Cup final win against Les Herbiers


Giovani LO CELSO was on target once more for the league champions, this time in their 2-0 French Cup final win against Les Herbiers.

With the league title secured, coach Unai EMERY opted to go with Angel DI MARIA and Giovani LO CELSO in PSG’s starting eleven with Javier PASTORE coming on as a substitute in the French Cup final. LO CELSO scores the first goal of the match in minute number 26 to give PSG the 1-0 lead. A lovely left footed shot from the edge of the area found its way to the back of the net.

The goal was LO CELSO’s fourth in his last six matches in all competitions.


  1. I would play Banega and Lo celso both together. Banega have to start. he dictates the tempo of the game. and both together they will be very good.

  2. ………………..Caballero
    ……………Battaglia..Lo Celso


    I doubt we have better team right now. Maybe someone more experienced instead Bustos but Mercado is not good choice and I don’t see Sampaoli having other options near NT. Messi should be as high as possible. Meza was best in our last firendly so he must be in final team while Pavon is currently beast in club. No.5 like Battaglia is must. Martinez already as good as Aguero while of more reliable fitness so Sampaoli should play him game by game.

    We need motor/engine-players like 4 years ago were Lavezzi and Enzo now I see in this role Meza and Pavon the second more reliable fitness than Lanzini. First of all we should start players that are not injury prone to have contuinity in : so Aguero, Di Maria – out.

  3. Lo Celso ain’t fancy but he is effective. If you play Biglia and Banega together than you need someone like Manu or Celso. And whoever still blaming him for Real Madrid Vs PSG game than please get over it. Because that only made him stronger and even better player. He is young and still learning. I think Sampa should find a way to play Manu and celso together. Ask them for more defensive duty when needed.

  4. According to Argentina’s world cup chances depends on Messi aguero locelso dimaria lanzini banega biglia centurion/meza otamendi fazio partnership tagliafico right back and the goalkeeper this players need to perform at their best

  5. • so much hype about this kid. He’s very similar to banega, yes he’s still young and can “maybe” develop in to something good but to say he’s the best midfielder Argentina have now??? You gut to be kidding me.

    • this kid was in psg starting line up against real Madrid, yet he was nowhere to be found on the pitch, but hey, he( locelso) should be in Argentina starting 11 right???

    • so many biased comments and passionate Argentina supporters on “mundo”, but hey guys such a few that knows football and you are making it very evident with your comments, maybe you are driven by your passion for Argentina but here are many guys on this mundo that still have a lot to learn.

    • some guys on here even Base their comments on the fifa game it’s self, my God have mercy.

    • by the way I have read on “AS ROMA” football site and found that sampaoli have said in a interview that he will not be distracted by anything and he will choose the best players for he’s squad. That’s good news.

    • I also read on the same site and found something I never knew, that “hugo perotti ” named he’s son after a special friend and teammate “Diego Maradona “. That will be of course “Diego perotti “.

    • If Lo Celso is all ”hype,” then who do you consider as a good midfielder for Argentina?

    • He is the next Kevin De Bruyne, not Banega. He is way more consistent than Banega has ever been. The World Cup might have come a year too soon for him. But to question him based on that game against Real Madrid is ridiculous. He was played as a Defensive Midfielder which was a mistake by Emery. Yet if you look at his distribution in that match, he managed to get the ball out of tight space several times.
      There is a reason Sampaoli keeps on including him in his lineup. Lo Celso offers something that none of our midfielders does – that is contribution both in attack and defence. Most of our CMs are either attacking or defensive players. He is a guy who loves playing as a Central Midfielder when most of our players want to be Messi or Maradona and turn into half winger half midfielder instead.
      He has his shortcomings mainly in his defensive work in one vs one situation. He isn’t a guaranteed starter by any means. But he is in the NT to stay. I haven’t seen any young Argentine CM like him for a long time.

      • I agree. He is a true midfielder, not some specialist. For his age he has a lot of heart, intelligence and work ethic. Him, Lanzini, Acuña, Lamela, Perreira and to an extent DiMaria are the kind of box to box, high tempo, high stamina and pocession minded players we need to develop for the next generation of this team.

    • You know nothing.he is the only midfielder of Argentina who is starting in a top team like psg even with lots of competition.all other midfielders playing in mediocre or 2nd or 3rd tier teams in Europe and if you play a young player out of position in a so big match like CL against real Madrid against likes of kroos modric caseimiro Isco Ronaldo etc you ought to have struggle and he clearly was nervous plus he was just starting to get starting job after that he improved a lot and I believe he is now an elite midfielder and will improve Argentina greatly

      • • Argentina needs a general in the attacking midfield area, we have seen in the 2014 world cup as well as in other international games that ,that is one of the key areas where Argentina struggle.

        • now to give locelso that responsibility is reckless, he’s not experienced and he does not have the quality to take that leading role for Argentina, he’s too weak physically as well as mentally, to put it all in a nut sell, he locelso does not poses the goods for that responsibility.

        • but let’s see how he does against island, Croatia let alone Nigeria who we all know what they (nigeria) and all the others Argentina will face in group stage then ones that is over we will have this discussion again.

        • we saw that messi needs to drop deep to create, expectations for locelso is ridiculous let alone all hype.

  6. fantastic player! hope he keeps up this good work! can make a big career! but lets face the Facts. we wont see him in starting 11.

    mercado fazio otamendi taglia
    biglia banega
    messi higuain di Maria

    thats our starting 11. Lord have mercy.

    • Locelso lanzini aguero will start.mark my words.higuain mascherano both will be benched

    • Yes. That will be a good one. Lanzini in left, meza in right . Di Maria & lanzini can be alternated as both have bad injury record. Pavon can be meza replacement in final30mins.
      Btw , looks like biglia is almost back… He is named in Milan squad for today coppa Italia final & can end up in playing 11.

      • Biglia defensively good not as bad as some of members make him look like.he is slow that’s a problem but with positional sense he will make us defensively less vulnerable.creativity will be done by 3 attacking mids locelso lanzini dimaria and even messi also

  7. Lo Celso will be the starting XI in WC.
    Sampaoli is writing Centurion name in his 35 players list. He gets many option for his winger but don’t forget to improve and looks for CDM and CB also.

    • On CB, why was David Abraham of Frankfurt never tried. Anyone watched him play ?Seems a tall defender & looked solid & Pacy in some videos.

      • But sampao dont hv much time to discuss with him…he more consentrate to aguero..biglia and how much pipita hairs got falling down

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