Jorge VALDANO: “MESSI is being asked for things you ask a team and not a single man”


One of the most intelligent people in Argentine football and World Cup hero Jorge VALDANO has spoken about what it was like winning the World Cup in 1986, what went wrong in 1982, Lionel MESSI and this World Cup.

In an interview with El Pais, VALDANO stated that what is being asked of from MESSI is not fair, he discussed how he cried like a child in a park after having won the World Cup and much more. Here’s what he had to say:

Does it benefit Argentina that their biggest stars are without any official matches?

“If I were MESSI, I would start the preseason for the World Cup in Russia right now, taking into account that Barcelona no longer play big games. I would concentrate on reaching the World Cup physically impeccable. There are many ways to go up against competition and also you can do a more demanding job during the week and play games with a bigger workload in order to get there (to the World Cup) in the best possible way.”

How do you see the Argentina National Team and MESSI at the 2018 World Cup?

“MESSI is being asked for things you ask a team and not a single man. He is the great captain of this team and now we have to find a team that is capable of understanding the genius. It is not always easy to play with a genius and that is why it is very important for everyone to know how to strengthen that weapon (MESSI) that distinguishes the Argentina National Team. The competitiveness of the Argentine players is seen every week in hundreds of different cases around the world, we are going to trust Argentina’s race and genetics.”

What expectations do you have for the World Cup?

“I generate expectations out of those who play well. Once more Spain, in a methodical way has become an example; I expect things from Germany, I expect things from Brazil because Tite is doing a great job. Argentina are among the favorites and let’s not forget that this generation are runners-up of a World Cup.”

Why wasn’t Argentina able to get past the second round of Spain in 1982 after being champions in 1978?

“I don’t have a theory that explains why the best players of 1978 and some of the best ones of 1986 were unable to have a better tournament in 1982. MARADONA was very young and [Mario] KEMPES was beginning to decline. This finally became a problem when it was time for the tournament. Also, there was a big distraction that was the Malvinas/Falklands war and that put football secondary and in a way, it interfered.”

What did you first think of when you scored a goal in the final of Mexico 1986?

“The first thing that came to my mind was “this is not happening to me.” I think happiness has some sort of limit and that exceeded that limit. I didn’t think it was real. When I got to the dressing room I was sitting on the floor, one arm holding [Ricardo] GIUSTI and the other [Julio] OLARTICOECHEA. Both of them crying and me trying not to cry. After that, when I arrived in Madrid, my brother had sent me tapes with songs and messages from Argentina.

“One morning I put on my walkman and went for a run and in the middle of the messages was recorded my goal in the World Cup, commentated by Jose Maria MUNOZ. Right then I started crying like a kid. I had to hide in the middle of the park in order to cry.”


  1. Don’t worry abt San Isidro. He would tell you that he is the only genius commentor of the cite,despite his negativity. When he lose the bet on that he would say; I bet you are not an argentian. Igonore him if u could guys, cus in worst case senario he would appeal the moderetors to ban u your membership too.

  2. My 23 squad for World Cup
    No guzman behause he Played really poorly in Mexican Playoffs


    Di Maria
    Acuna (can also be play in Defence)
    Icardi / Aguero
    J correa / A correa
    Perotti / Parades
    Lo celso
    Ascacibar (Iam from Germany an he Played very good Even the germans praised him he can be like kante from France)

    Tell me what you think about this Squad thank you

  3. • why does Argentina need icardi?? Well for me he can give something no one in the Argentina attacking line can give them, and that is a poacher in the opposition box with some deadly aerial ability.

    • yes he icardi has he’s downs but so does many, even messi, why?? Because they are all humans.

    • will icardi go to the world cup?? We just gonna have to wait and see I guess.

  4. Icardi’s off game happens occasionally…where as that occasion comes for Higuain frequently and for people saying Icardi doesn’t have big game experience that’s exactly the games you don’t want Higuain to play for us. Nobody is asking for Icardi to be picked over fit Aguero. A fit Aguero along with Messi is exactly what we need. Lets all hope that Sampaoli won’t pick Aguero if he is unfit. Even if Aguero is fully fit he can’t play all 7 games in a month. He has to be handled delicately by the coach. Also Dybala is a must . We need someone to come off the bench and put pressure of opposition’s defenders too(X-factor player). Sometimes we need big name players to draw attention away from Messi.

    Lamela had an excellent game today against Leicester scored 2 and forced one own goal. If it wasn’t for selfish play by his team mates his stats were to look far better this season. He should go to Juventus.. or back to Roma. After today’s game he made his chances of getting picked even stronger. Lamela is a complete midfielder . He can create, attack and track back and defend. I would prefer Lamela over Banega !

    My lineup if Aguero can gain match fitness . No Mercado please he is a disaster waiting to happen. His form has been very poor recently. With the rumours of Ansaldi in the 35 players list. He can be our right back.


  5. Problem is that our three strating attackers are 30+ and that won’t work in real world. Give me any big team that’s heading to WC with all of his attackers are over 30. Youth is very important in this tournament. I just mentioned in a prior post that what did experienced players resulted in last world cup? The winning goal came from an inexperienced young fellow. The WC of 2010 by Iniesta who was 25 at the time. We need young fresh players in every department and as starters (not just bench warmers) or this WC will be a failure. Higuain, Aguero and Diva deserved their spots last WC because they were young, this time though they are 4 years older, having less impact in their respective clubs and they were tried in 2 previous WC already with zero impact. The magic circle has to come to an end and friends club membership should expire at some point. It stinks and embarrassing as the whole world now recognizes it’s consequences on fans.

  6. A coach has to experiment to get the best out of the players. Unfortunately sampaoli was made the coach at the very crucial stage. At that time we were on the verge of getting missed the world cup. If he lacks clear idea then it is not his fault. He’s not like tite of brazil who had left an infarct since his first official match. We are in this situation because of tata and Mr talkative Edgar do bauza. Tata got so much time to experiment but he never tried to integrate young players. But he was way better than bauza. So we should not be harsh on sampaoli. He is not in the situation of tite where every Brazilian player respects him, I am not saying that argentine players do not respect him. But he is not in the situation where he can select players on his own.

    • “But he is not in the situation where he can select players on his own”

      There is a very strong and powerful invisible hand that puts the team together and unfortunately Sampa is nothing but a spectator.

      Those of us who are diehard Argentina fans on this site are the ones who always say the truth about the team, no matter what others (fans of a single player) say.

      I’ve been supporting the white and sky blue since I was a kid and I will forever support this beautiful team though this Argentina team is the worst in every aspect that I’ve ever seen. Visca Argentina!!!

      • “this Argentina team is the worst in every aspect that I’ve ever seen” – World Cup will judge but ATM it seems to be truth

        • No. This Argentina team is the best in every aspect that I have even seen” – World Cup will judge but ATM it seems to be true.

  7. I will support to the last drop of my blood whoever sampaoli chooses. We need characters and commitment to win the World Cup. The wait has been too long and all our fans suffered a lot. Let’s cheer our team and do whatever needed to motivate our players

  8. I really hope parasites in this site listen to legend like this and stop unnecessary criticism of players and the coach. I would also like them to stop bringing one player every fuc*** minute and say blah blah blah and how they deserve to be in world cup. I absolutely hate when players like Mascherano and Messi are criticized for absolutely nothing. They are argentina legend even if you do not like him. For god sake, let’s support Argentina and get positive energy and be excited for world cup as we never know what future hold up for us.

  9. People forget when Sabella took over he basically chose 9 of his 11 starters and stuck with them and only deviated due to injury. This happened for 2 years to build style and familiarity. Sampa has a different flavor every week. This is a coach that does not have clear ideas in his head, and wants to experiment. This is not a time to experiment.

    • Enough is enough. There have been too much negativity. Sampa has come way too late. He had a single year and the team was in shambles when he came on with the situation being tense due to the chance of missing the world cup. Thank to Messi, we are in the finals.

      So STFU and let him coach the team. Sorry for the language, but I’m really fed up with the negativity seen here of late.

      • Agree with you. There are too much keyboard warriors in this site. The kind of negativity is unreal in this site. Complaining from selection to blaming messi to Sampoali. They are the most pessimistic parasites in this site. Brazil lost 7-1 against Germany, i swear it was not like this kind of negativity even that time among Brazilians. This entitled fans always blame Messi and his friends and not to mention, Sampoali.

        • And one more thing…what Valdano is saying by “we are asking Messi too much” is this translated for those that can’t figure out to read between the lines. That fat little dildo we have as our coach needs to put a team around him instead of a bunch of stiffs if we are to have a chance

        • Yes Brazil gave up 7 goals 4 years ago. Not 6 goals in their last game. They got a real coach with a real plan. What about us? When grondona died, we couldn’t get ANYBODY to step up to take his place. Nobody. Segura and Perez were there for a year and stated they would quit if anyone asked for their resignation and Tapia got the job when nobody else volunteered. We couldn’t even pay Martino and he came to Atlanta United. Yeah Tapia and Sampa the great hopes of our country

      • That’s negativity? I’ll stfu when you start posting something intelligent that is backed up by facts. Here is a fact for you and your Sampa dreams. 10 fucking goals conceded against Nigeria and Spain. Yeah let’s stop the negativity.

        • @San Isidro, you are telling the truth but so many of Mundo members get hurt whenever they face the truth and reality about the team. They just want to deceive themselves by building a team out of thin air.

          Argentina has many talented players but the problem is those who run the AFA and the coach.

          • So it is ok to give up 10 goals in 2 friendlies? This is the exact kind of uninformed comment that leads to this nonsense amateur bullshit sense of optimism amongst our “experts” on this forum. Thank you for making the case.

        • No body would listen to you. So why dont you STFU and support the team or go support Brazil. Key board warrior.

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