Argentina win the 2022 World Cup, one year later


Argentina won the 2022 World Cup on this day exactly one year ago.

December 18, 2022 produced what is widely regarded as one of the, if not the greatest World Cup final ever. Argentina vs. France, a battle for the third star. Lionel Messi vs. Kylian Mbappe, the greatest player of his generation and for many ever up against one of the greatest right now. The youngest coach of the tournament against a two time World Cup winner.

A final which produced six goals and drama the likes of which we have never seen in a World Cup final. The stories and the comments from players, coaches and fans continue to come out a year after the win.

Lionel Messi scored twice and Angel Di Maria scored what is considered to be one of the nicest goals ever scored in a World Cup final. For France, Kylian Mbappe scored a hattrick.

Emiliano Martinez made the biggest save of his football career in what would have been the last kick of the match on Kolo Muani. The match would go to penalty kicks and Martinez would make a save and France would miss one with Gonzalo Montiel taking the penalty and Argentina won the World Cup.

Congratulations to all Argentina fans!


  1. Glory! It is a beautiful night for all of us.. remain fresh in our memories. One of the best finals anyone could remember, packed with unforgettable moments

  2. As about questions.

    Q1= Of course Saudi arabia match.

    Q2=Again game against Saudi arabia. i was so “sure” that we would beat them with 3 goals difference. As about Australia i wasn t same calm because it was knockout match and anything could go wrong and second the Saudi s game disaster was so fresh that i couldn t take anything for granted.

    Q3=Mexico game 100%. i totally agree with you.

    Q4=The semi final against Croatia.

    Q5=The save against Kolo muani. You can t compare with anything else. it was the save of the century for Argentina. The save of the saves of Argentina s world cup history.

    Q6=The pass to Molina. it has more importance. He unlock the game. if the point is beauty sure that one against Croatia but for me number 1 is that one in the game against Netherlands.

    Q7=The 3rd goal against France. Just if you want to put final aside then my favorite goal is the second against Croatia (Alvarez).

  3. I have said this many times in here and I’ll say it again, the last WC was when reality was better than fantasy. EVERYTHING I wished for happened, Winning the WC was at the very top of the list, being a bit greedy and wanting Messi to be the best player in the tournament but not as important as winning it but it happened.
    Everything that came after that was the cherry on TOP of the 1st Cherry. Brazil getting beat by our easiest opponent…… the fools made more fools of themselves mixed with classless acts of dancing……let them dance!
    Croatia was put in it’s place without ifs or buts.
    The Dutch, aside from the classy players on the pitch that day, rest and their imbecile coach were humiliated.
    All the European teams that had their own dumb agenda instead of playing football crashed out in a hurry…Belgium, Denmark, Germany……keep covering your mouths Idiots, The Redcoats……yeah IT CAME HOME ALRIGHT LOL Mexico…….daayyum, you thought you had it, you didn’t have shit! SA, where is Messi??? holding the WC trophy with confetti falling from the sky and fireworks over his head. Spain, you’re no daisy. Frenchy??!! ……..LMAO lolololol…..Europe’s Best the Golden child said!! Riiiiiiiiiiiiiiigggggggggggghhhhhhhhht

    AND for the Grand Finale…………you knew it’s coming, HER HIGHNESS aka Penaldo AKA the ultimate Prima donna, the biggest self-conceited ape was Trashed, Humiliated, Bamboozled, laughed off the pitch, CRYING like a little girl……as the Moroccan girl asked, “where is Ronaldo?, he’s crying in his car” LMAO
    Did I say just two cherries? IT WAS ALL THE CHERRIES.

  4. Hi Roy.
    here are my answers.
    Q1 Saudi Arabia for exactly the same reasons as you
    Q2 Australia. I remember the WC qualifier knock out game in 93 when Diego came back and the 2005 game in Nurnburg. When we deliver Australia cannot be a problem.
    Q3 We have never beaten the Netherlands in 90 minutes at a WC. Their tactics usually make it difficult for us. We always struggle against them.
    Q4 the almost complete control against Croatia. Cruising to 3 0
    Q5 Dibu’s save in the last minute of the final. For a few seconds I thought we lost.
    Q6 Messi to Molina as the Dutch considered Molina the least dangerous player. Oops.
    Q7 Angelito’s goal in the final. I think the neighbors heard the screams of joy around the block 😉

  5. 1986, the year Maradona won the WC and had the world at his feet is the same year I was born. My love for Argentina started from that year. As a child, I used to wear Maradona T-shirt and shoes. At the age of 10, 1996, I became a regular Argentina supporter and from that time on Argentina has been the real deal for me. 2002 and 2006 WCs were the most painful ones I ever watched. But now we are the champions! Vamos Argentina Carajo!

  6. I remember watching espnfc pre and post match analysis and how they were bashing us up-until the final. They absolutely trashed Messi and Argentina after the Saudi loss even though we hadn’t lost for record number of matches until that shocking loss. When we beat Mexico, they bashed Mexico for playing in such a horrible manner. They bashed Poland for playing so bad against us. They called us lucky to beat Australia. They gave us no credit for beating Netherlands and as usual they blamed the Dutch for not playing to their strength. Same thing with Croatia, they blamed them for their tooth less approach in that match and in the Final, blamed France for switching off until the 70th min.

    The fact of the matter is , we were so composed and we had so much chemistry and understanding among each other that no team was able to dominate us . Our strategy and approach made Mexico and Poland look so bad. When they played their next match they almost beat their next opponents. France had tough time beating Poland. Australia had one lucky goal from deflection and other than the last min panic approach from them they did nothing. Remember they played really good in group stages and knocked Peru out. Netherlands, up until they played us, out performed every opposition and when they met us they looked so mediocre because we controlled the match so much. Croatia who had just knocked Brazil out was no where near the same team, and was the easiest match of the tournament for us. France, they couldn’t believe how we out-witted them in every department until the Otamendi blunder.

    What a roller coaster ride it was. The anxiety & fear and the bad memories all came back when France scored the 3rd! But we had Emi, he single handedly pulled us out from another 2006 or 2014 situation!


    One day written with golden letters in the books of history.
    Grateful to God that i lived that day. Grateful that my childhood dream became true.
    from 1990 i remember only crying and sadness. for not mention that because this bastard Mexican referee i could almost not be in life right now.
    My time finally come.


  8. Q1: Confident
    Croatia game. Not Saudi game. I am never confident of the opening game, irrespective of the opponent. Croatia was lucky, it was aging team. I was quite confident, we will win the semis.

    Q2: Calm
    Australia game. I thought we will be OK here, after the madness of group stage. Turned out to be a little crazy.

    Q3: Most nervous
    Mexico game. We would be out. My heart stopped for first 63 mins, till that Messi goal. I was barely alive.

    Q4: Favorite match
    France. What a masterful game we played.

    Q5: Favorite save
    Martinez against France. The world stops there.

    Q6: Favorite assist
    Messi to Molina. This was joke of an assist.

    Q7: Favorite goal
    Messi against Mexico. The epic goal under those circumstances.

  9. Greatest day of my life!! 86 I was too young and the unconditional love kinda started around world cup start. But since then I have been waiting for 36 years of my life. I am not sure if I have 36 more years left in my life, so 18th Dec 2022, will go down as the greatest ever.

    I will answer Roy’s 7 questions in another post.

    Wish you all the best always. We have not met, but we are brothers suffering for 3 decades. It brings us together.

  10. Unforgettable moments, these 365 days went by really quickly though….

    That nightmarish episode though, Dibu saves Kolo Muani’s shot, then Cuti clears it and falls to Otamendi who clears it further to Dybala I think, then a few passes later it results in Lautaro’s missed chance…this symbolized the craziest final in the nutshell

  11. Hi guys..hope everyone are living in peace and harmony since that ‘night of our lives’.. almost most torturous night of three hours followed by eternal bliss and silence.. really nothing to say as we got everything..Messi’s last dance..Maria’s goal and his tears of sadness and finally happiness..Martinez greatest save ( at least for all Argentina fans ) of all time..Dybala’s small but most satisfying and meaningful contribution..all our players and coaches and fans getting the lifetime peace..may be for fans the greatest game of all time..the intense and gripping night and the time freezing atmosphere..lifetime experience..really nothing to ask hereafter..anyhow hope and wish we get another day like that adding another star to our eternal blue sky.. thanks to all footballing and non-footballing gods..

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