Sergio AGÜERO: “I have been suffering (with knee problems) since 2013”


Sergio AGÜERO has claimed he is knee problem free while also supporting Gonzalo HIGUAÍN and questioning Alejandro GOMEZ.

After years of injuries, the Argentina National Team might finally see a fresh and fully fit AGÜERO. After undergoing surgery and with risks of him not being able to play, AGÜERO is confident he’ll be ready. Speaking with TyC Sports, here’s what he had to say:

“After five years, my knee feels like new. I have been suffering with knee problems since 2013. I tried to make an effort to play in the Champions League [against Liverpool]. I’ve always had problems but now I feel different, I can bend it and it’s a relief.

“Pep [GUARDIOLA] supported me a lot. I talked with the doctors and I said that if I didn’t have surgery, I could lose [the chance to play] the World Cup.”

The Manchester City man also supported Gonzalo HIGUAÍN after the Juventus hitman was under fire:

“HIGUAÍN has to stay calm, we will support him.”

AGÜERO also mentioned Lucas BIGLIA receiving a hit from fellow Argentine Alejandro GOMEZ and what he would have done had he been in BIGLIA’s place.

“If I were BIGLIA, I’d be angry. I would have waited for him in the tunnel and just let it all out. I would ask him if he had bad intentions or not.”

As we reported earlier on Thursday, AGÜERO is back training with the Argentina National Team.


  1. I read this on ESPN. What i got from the below extract gave me alot of confidence:

    “The truth is that I’ve been suffering with my knee since 2013,” he said. “I had a lot of problems that season, and small episodes after that with my knee, something always was bothering me……

    “So, after we were eliminated from the Champions League, I talked to the doctors, I told them that I wanted to be ready for the World Cup so the best option was to have surgery.

    “After five years, I feel no pain and my knee feels like new. Having problems with my meniscus caused an overload in the hamstring, the quadriceps, the gluteus now I feel different because my knee is cured.

    “For example, for the last five years I couldn’t flex my knee all the way and now I can do it. It’s a total relief.”

    The last bit about he can flex his knee now than he could since 2013! That makes me think…..
    If an unfit Sergio can score 15 goals a season on average….What will a fit Sergio do in tournament mode? He was playing with pain for 5 years! And now he says it feels like a new knee!
    Boy this has got me excited.

    • Fit Kun and Messi will recreate the magic they created as teammates in under 19/20 WC year’s ago. I think this is long time due and these two haven’t really had a solid chance to play together. Aguero was missing in the 2014 finals and other finals as well that’s how we ended up playing Higuiain. Di Maria Messi and AGÜERO will be fit and together for the first time and I am hoping only for great Things…

  2. @Aguero, you gave it out man… but we already know that the friends club exist… the whole world knows it… yes, Gomez wanted to break this friends club… thats why he did what he did.

  3. Please someone give me answers which player play well with Messi in national team and also Messi fill comfortable with his partners at field..


    My Answer is—-

    So first we need to arrange Messi felling comfortable at field if Messi play well then don’t need extra penic..

    We should trust Messi because he is best ever goal scorer..

    • Messi has best understanding with aguero then dimaria then training sampaoli observed lanzini and locelso also built some good understanding so they will be preferred

    • Am commenting here after so long..
      Actually none of them links up well with Messi, or let say none of them link up with Messi in a way Alves/Iniesta/Xavi/Busquests/Pedro did in Barca. When Barca routinely came up against parked bus’s, ever since Mourinho designed his trivolte to stop him in that 2010CL semis with Inter, Messi managed to overcome it by short one two passes. In 2014 WC, Higuain was the only player who managed to give a short one two pass back to Messi and that resulted in a goal. I think it was in the pre quarters – sorry if my memory is wrong.
      We have been seeing this all along since 2010. They might all be having good connection with Messi off field. But on the pitch they really dont. Most of the time Aguero, Di Maria and Banega seemed like looking to prove they are better dribblers than Messi.
      The player who would be able to really link up with Messi, making one twos, is Di Maria. But we have seen again and again, he keeps his brain out when he plays for NT. And Banega can do that too, but if he plays one good game, then plays badly for the next 5.

      Am not keeping my expectations high for this WC. I really hope, at least one of our wing backs can be supportive to Messi, and hopefully one midfielder too.
      Messi almost did everything for Barcelona this season. goals, assists, pre assists, dribbles, chances, through balls. He leads the liga in all these numbers – first time in history. Which proves he can be a midfielder and forward all in the same match. Am hoping our other players learn to make off ball runs, instead of being statues after giving him the ball, to help him. They need to watch what Suarez do for him in Barca. and finish off the chances he creates.
      It is a pity we dont make use of a player of such insane calibre.


    Watch this video how the espnfc expert panel makes fun of our team .According to them our team is hopeless and they totally dismiss our chances of even getting pass Quaterfinals!!! Well I say that’s exactly what we need right now.. !! I hope the players are aware of how they are being sidelined and how everyone is writing us off !! This should pump up our players!! Our defense and Midfield needs to step up!!!!!

    • i dont even think we will survive group stage…we dont have the players and we dont have a team…prepare yourself´s gonna be plain horror….arg 1 – 3 ice, arg 1 – 4 cro, arg 1 – 2 nig

    • Who pays the espn experts, these guys doesn’t even know masche and biglia will not play together in midfield. The formation is not correct what sampaoli wants to play. The espn analyst needs to do more work

      • In the last match what every1 saw, Masche & Biglia played together; After that match, Sampaoli might have realized it doesn’t work; No one knows what is in Sampaoli’s mind;
        Both of them will be in final 23;

    • and they call themselves experts ? do they really think Mascherano will play in the DM position ?
      and they think can not defend as a team !? really ?
      those guys should re watch Argentina matches in WC14 when they received 3 goals in the group stage and only one goal after then ?

    • Hi sulav.
      Yeah I saw the same. The only person who gave us a fighting chance is Gabi marcotti.
      That’s fine though….they can laugh now but we will have the final laugh…….I think

      • Gab like Sampoali and he is decent one there with logic. Moreno and Shaka are the worst. Steve is idiot and burnley dont give shite.

  5. Haiti Squad to face Argentina..Decent team for a sending off warm up game.

    Archers: Johny Placide (Oldham, England) and Josue Duverger (Sporting Lisbon, Portugal).

    Defenders: Ricardo Adé (Santiago Morning, Chile), Alex Christian (Gandzasar Kapan, Armenia), Carlens Arcus (Auxerre, France), Mechack Jerome (Jacksonville Armada, USA), Jems Geffard (Rovaniemen Palloseura, Finland) and Andrew Jean Baptiste (Terengganu Football, Malaysia).

    Midfielders: Bryan Labissiere (Sologne Olympique Romorantin, France), Bryan Alceus (Stade Bordelais, France), Bryan Chevreuil (Chateauroux, France), Zachary Herivaux (New England Revolution, USA), Mikael Cantave (Deportivo Rayo Cantabria, Spain ), Sebastien Thuriere (Terengganu Football, Malaysia), Steeven Sabat (Violette Athletic Club) and Fabien Vorbe (Neroca, India).

    Forwards: Derrick Etienne (New York Red Bulls, USA), Duckens Nazon (Oldham, England), Jimmy Sanon (Ottawa Fury, Canada) and Richelor Sprangers (NAC Breda, Netherlands).

  6. If Aguero is not match fit before June 4th drop him. Be realistic guys. No need to carry patients to an ultra competitive tournament like WC. What is Plan B & C. Sampa was way too practical with both Chile and Sevilla. I hope he still has it. Use Spain friendly template with fit and strong players. Integrate Meza and Pavon for mobility. We are all set…

  7. That’s very promising. We will get to see tons of selfies this world cup even more than last WC, oh and the dressing room dance for the friends club.

  8. At least Kun admitted that he had knee problem since 2013 and what the hell he insisted to play and join the team at 2014 WC and this answer and give the reason that he never scored at WC. Is it Kun or the coach mistake to select him while he injured?
    I just hope that Kun is fit by now and score as much as he wants to quench his thirst

    definitely no space for Papu Gomez coz of the Biglia incident . The whole team closed the tunnel door for him already.

  9. Any ARGENTINA fan, myself included often fantasized about what it would be like if Kun and I stress IF he performed for the NT has he always did for ManCity………scoring goals at will, when all hope is lost, he SCORES and wins the game for City. Linking up with Messi scoring one goal after another.

    Here we go again just like the last WC, an offensive power sure to disrupt any defense, Messi, Kun, Pipita, DiMaria, Dybala and maybe just maybe Icardi.

  10. Woah….’waited for him in the tunnel…….’
    I doubt Papu wanted to hurt him, then again he could have been more careful not to do what he did.

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