Sergio AGUERO trains with Argentina team


Sergio AGUERO is back training with the Argentina National Team.

As we mentioned on Wednesday, Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI has reportedly already told five players that they will be in the squad for the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Manchester City’s Sergio AGUERO was among one of those five who were told. However, AGUERO did not train with the group yesterday, instead, he trained separetly.

The news coming out on Thursday, directly from the AFA is that AGUERO trained with the rest of the team today. He is pictured training alongside Javier MASCHERANO.

AGUERO’s recovery has been an issue of concern lately but his comeback appears to be on time and all the signs point that he will be healthy to go come Argentina’s first match at the 2018 FIFA World Cup.


  1. Please someone give me answers which player play well with Messi in national team and also Messi fill comfortable with his partners..?


    My Answer is—-

    So we need to arrange Messi felling comfortable at field..

  2. Who wants to make a bet that selfie guy will get injured this world cup? Any challengers?

    Yeah it’s not fantasy world to say Aguero will be great after he recovered and he will bring the world cup. Reality is that both this social media expert and fatty family guy are shit in every tournament for the NT.

  3. Great news on Kun, certainly hearing him say what he said is much more assuring than just “I’m okay and getting better “.
    Question is : what version of Kun are we gonna get? The deadly assassin known to ManCity fans or clumsy Kun we saw once too many times.

  4. Hope his new leg get good setting for national team…hope pipita cut out his hair and make baldy…hope double boom at biglia back make him like iron man…hope masche know how to kick ball….hope sampao bcame prof X…hope messi like real messi

    • @ghostdeini you sound pathetic dude. Give this friends club thing a rest. This article is about the coaches not selecting him.. Centurion is rumored to make it, does that mean he’s besties with Messi now?? Ridiculous… Just be quiet and support the team Jesus Christ

      • Cute of you. I won’t give it a rest! What are going to do now? I support this team like my life depends on it. If anyone is not supporting the team is HOMERS like you. Friends club: Mascherano, Biglia, Gago, Lavezzi, Rojo, Higuain, Aguero, Di Maria, Romero and Messi.
        Gago and Lavezzi are not here because they are finished.
        Truth hurts. I have a suggestion for you whenever I write something go NA NA Na Na Na.

          • You guys can just stop these non-sense. How did Banega miss WC 2014 if he was in the so called “friend club”? Seriously, stop being childish. We are so fed up. STFU and support the team.

        • Clueless. why bother even saying lavezzi and Gago. Nothing but hyperbolic bullshit. Romero has always proven himself. Yet morons keep criticizing even though he’s performed great. His inclusion in based on performance not “friends”. Same with di Maria, he’s the best we have if he’s fit and should be there 100%. Again, not about “friends”. Same with Aguero. Masche is needed for leadership and sampaoli sees that. I would prefer Icardi over higi but sampaoli prefers higis build up by play to link with Messi.

    • Some people here become real headless-chicken. (Not Di Maria this time :D). I assume this selection is best based on what we have right now. Still it is friendship team? This group is not failure, they are just one inches away from success. I have been watching Argentina since 1998 and these are the guys who take us to final 3 time in the role.

  5. I hope Aguero is healthy just so that I don’t have to see that bearded piece of poop trying to shuffle his fat ass on the guessed it.. I’m talking about the “family man” higuain.

  6. Sampaoli is good coach.He knows world cup matches are very hard. he select lots of experience players as well as those new players who are good for their respective role.Plz guys support the team, no matter how hard we fight here in this blog its the players and coach tactics that are going to win the matches in world cup.Vamos albiceleste

  7. Here what Messi said earlier, this world cup is for him and his team mates, PERIOD!! They should play for themselves and do this for themselves, not for any fans or media back home in Argentina. And if Argentina do win the world cup, they should not participate in any parade back in Argentina.

    • What if they don’t win? Shall we hang them or what? I feel sorry for you or anyone that thinks this team is a private property. If they lose I will say please learn from the mistakes and correct them, don’t make them again. I will not hate any of the players. Just will do what I have been doing and say when I feel something is wrong. I am not a sore loser. If we win I will be the happiest man in the world. I will say let us win the next world cup too and all the Copas!

    • @Kid, give it a rest. Are you Higuain’s pimp? You’re always writing novels about your thoughts and your words are losing their weight.
      Just saying these players have had 3 bites at the apple and haven’t produced shit and you still defend these stiffs like they have a cabinet full of f…ing trophies.

  8. People talk Aguero needs to be fit – that’s true. But one other thing Aguero needs is to work harder, move more without the ball and not walk on the pitch because Messi already does that – we don’t need 2 or 3 players to act like “stars” – Messi is the star of the team and every player must know this.

    One other thing Aguero, Higuain, Messi and especially Di Maria need to accept is that they must trust their players. It was disgusting when Pastore played the 10 during the Copa and as soon as he got the ball either Messi, Di Maria or Higuain dropped and they didn’t let him pass to them most of the times but took it from his feet. It’s phenomenon with all the midfielders and the consequences are that we have 2 players occupying the same space and lose shape because by dropping out of position we lack players in certain spaces while having 2-3 at the same space.
    This needs to stop! Whoever the midfielders are they have to be free to do their job without interference.

  9. Thomas Müller: “Argentina has good players, but in the World Cup you have to play your best games at the right time, in addition to having a bit of luck”.

  10. I pick Kun any fukin day, over Higu. Kun would never miss the chanches thant Higu missed. I pray for a fit Aguero and It would be MASSIVE for us. I’m atheist but I’m praying to GOD.

    • Higuain have scored way more official goals than Aguero in qualifiers and at FIFA major tournaments (world cup and Copa). These are facts!! Why do you guys need to use profanity when it doesn’t make your statements more truthful?

      • However the point is he missess those chances in crucial matches. I believe Hiugain would have missed all three chances against Ecuador if he had been in place of Messi. It is about scoring goals in crucial stages not when pressure off. I hate Hugain fan’s logic. It is simple for them and Higuain as well do not care how shite he is.

        • Higuain made his own chances against Chile in ’16 and Germany in ’14..Nobody gave him a good chance to score in those three finals. And Lavezzi pass to Higuain was a joke in 15.

          • Very valid point kid. Both those chances were created by higuain’s pressing only & that too he forced errors in players like kroos & medal. But fact is also that he jus panicked when he got the chance to write history. The last minute lavezzi pass side net is definitely not higuain’s mistake. Any striker wld have missed it.
            Higuain in 23 is an asset & will create space for Messi. Only worry is higuain as the lead striker as he freezes in the big matches & there is a mental block. The miss against Spain from meza pass is another example.
            Having said the more I think, I am getting convinced that higuain over icardi won’t be the reason in case we don’t do well in world cup. I just want aguero to be 100% match fit ,not rusty & we will be fine

      • in WC 2010 Tevez and Higuain was our main ST. In 2014 It was also Higu, and Aguero was injured. But the fact is Kun scores 33 goals (Just one goal lesser than Maradona) for us what is 5th best. Just an example of The PL wining goal vs QPR proves what he can do under pressure. I think he is always a more clinical stricker than Higuain.

    • “Kun would never miss the chanches thant Higu missed”

      Kun has never scored a single goal in world cup also, how you make the assumption above?

    • This debate between Aguero and Higuain is making me excited. I’d suggest we play both of them in our first match against Iceland and see who does better. Fair? 🙂

  11. Coming from a neutral prospective, Aguero is one of the players I’m looking forward to see play at the World Cup. Aguero is currently (and have been for a very longtime) one of football best striker/player today, period! Anyone here who think wild and green inexperience players like Meza and Martinez can improve Argentina World Cup chances this summer more than Aguero is deluding themselves. 😂😂😂

  12. Aguero and Higuain should not talk at all because it makes them unsymphatic. Higuain brushed his misses like it was nothing and Aguero suggested Biglia should had fought with Gomez in the tunnel. Man score goals, take less selfies and keep your mouth shut. I like aguero as a player and on paper he is the best but he has never shown it for us. Show it now and dont talk.

  13. Ansaldi and Mercado should be selected but Meza and Salvio,only one of them can go to Russia a d I like Meza.He is good at creating chances and assisting his finishing is not that good.But for that we have Messi Augreo Lanzini,Higuain.Sampoli should choose best team.Only four forwards.8 defender and 8 midfielder.Romero Armani should be in squad.There is lot of potential in team so execute it on the game and in training.

  14. Its sad to see so many fans criticizing Mascherano here. Yes, he is not at his best and is 33, but don’t forget that in crunch situations you need experience, he is super committed this time and trying his best, even if he doesn’t play for 90 mins, he will be valuable to others and he is a leader in the dressing room. There are other defenders in the same age category but they are valued by their NTs. I think he is a must for the team. Aguero has never had a great chance to prove his worth at the WC, injuries have kept him away but mark my words if he is 100 %, (which he will be and he is also committed as he knows its his last real chance) he will be the BEAST inside the box and he links up with Messi and Di Maria very well. So lets stop criticizing and arguing about these players. I believe the coach knows what he is doing. Watch all the matches from last year and you will see a pattern and the kind of players understand each other on the field, its a difficult task as these guys have hardly played together to the team chemistry around Leo will be deciding factor more than anything else. We played a really good game against Peru with 4-2-3-1, and I think he will deploy the same system.
    I feel that Enzo Perez will make it to the final 23, he has been solid and has a good understanding with others, ultimately its not about the names but it is also about how they understand each other on the field-given that we are really short on time. Lo Celco, Lanzini, Meza would add that young blood to the midfield along with either Pizzaro or Parades, I dont see Battaglia going. It would be interesting to see who Sampa picks between Pavon/Centurion, between Pezzella/Ansaldi/Rojo and ofcourse between Higuain/Icardi, and between Guzman/Callbaro rest looks pretty much set. Pizzaro given his height and speed should be our DM over Parades-Parades is good but inexperienced and plays in a really bad league.
    Romero, Armani, Mercado, Otamendi, Fazio, Acuna, Tagllifico, Mascherano, Biglia, Banega, Lo Celco, E Perez, Lanzini, Salvio, Meza, Aguero, Dyballa, Di Maria and Messi
    So we are essentially left with 4 spots to fill, also, at no point Mascherano, Banega, and Biglia will play together, it would be just one of them, I would like to see Mascherano as a holding DM with Lo Celco/Perez and either Lanzini or Meza or Salvio

    • Agree with you totally on experience. No matter what people said, Mascherano has been involved in big games and we need those big games experience. His tackle vs. Robben was one of the best moment of the tournament in 2014 world cup. Remember Klose from Germany?

    • The only changes I hope for from the rumored final23 is
      Meza instead of centurion
      Pezella instead of rojo
      Ansaldi instead of salvio ( I like salvio as a right midfield/winger)
      But I am sure sampaoli knows the best & his final decision will be supported wholeheartedly

  15. Aquro and Maschorano are Messi’s friends. That is whay they are selected. We should make a campaign against this so that Sampoli select other players.

    • Aguero is one the world best strikers. His training under guardiola makes him the perfect selfless partner for Messi. He should start 100%. Masche El Jevecito is exactly that. We need his leadership.

  16. There are times when a player plays so well, he becomes irreplaceable. No matter who you have in your team, you just can’t replace his contribution to the team with another player. Aguero reached that level this season with City. At the start of the season, he was the odd guy in a high pressing team. By the end of the season, his link up play and pressing improved so well, City just couldn’t replace him against Liverpool. Aguero is the perfect guy for Sampaoli’s team. I hope, for the sake of our dreams, he stays fit throughout the tournament.

  17. • when I look at the training pictures where mascherano is in, it gets at me like they say….a picture says a thousand words and what that picture told me is that mascherano is one of the most precious of players this Argentina squad can have. Why??? Because he gut so much to give especially the youngsters coming through like tagliafico, pizarro, mori, rojo and paredes, he’s experience and intelligence are the most valuable.

    • yet many here say mascherano should hang up he’s boots. Are you guys kidding me, There are so many players that goes to the world who are the same age as mascherano, such as iniesta and manzukic. By the way defensive players tend to get better as they get older, mascherano should just get fit.

    • as for aguero, I’m so happy the news on him, hope this time he can make it count, because Argentina needs a fit aguero.

    • Diego perotti has also recovered from he’s injury, about a week or 2 ago and that also great news as he will be dimaria replace if Maria gets injured or under performing or tiredness starts to kick in. Let’s get them boys.

    • The goal conceded against spain, nigeria, peru(dont remember its peru or other) and equador have all shown masherano’s mistake. Its not about age its his form that concerns

  18. Arguero haven’t scored a single goal in WC.
    Our defense line is the worst since 2010.
    Unless we have a perfect attacking group with good chemistry, we will be humiliated in WC due to the mediocre defense.

    • Why? Argentina conceeded even in this disastrous WC-quailifier campaing only 16 goals. Our boys scored 3 and 4 vs Germany not long ago in friendlies, so Germany defense was pure shit? Friendly matches only experiments, nothing more. In the last 3 tournaments Argentina’s defense was clearly the best, only 3 goals in the knockout stages of the last 3 big tournaments? In more than 1000 minutes, sick…and 2 of them were absolute unimportant goals (6:1 and 4:1). Friendly matches cmon…

      • Csabalala quit wasting your time revealing facts to these people. Most of these guys have done lost their minds. They keep on rehashing friendly results as if they mean anything. When Argentina win these friendly games these same people are the ones saying, ”Argentina always do well in friendlies but not FIFA tournament.” (i.e. Friendly win over Brazil) They want to have it both ways, meh if the team had defeated Spain, while dismissing the game as nothing. Fact is, Brazil is the only team conceded less goals than Argentina in qualifiers, all this in a WC qualifying chaotic campaign under three different coaches. The last three tournaments speak for themselves defensively with regards to Argentina. Spain and Nigeria results means nothing to the world cup, both of which were experimental games. Unlike Spain and Nigeria, Argentina didn’t take the games seriously. Lowly (and almost relegated)Levante scored five goals on Barcelona, what does this say about guys like Pique, Jordi Alba, Ter Stegen, Iniesta and Busquet going into the 2018 world cup?

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