Argentina XI from training with U20 players


Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI put out an interesting eleven in training on Friday.

With only a handful of senior players to pick from, Jorge SAMPAOLI put together a makeshift eleven in training while using a mixture of World Cup players and those from the U20 team. The five senior squad players were Eduardo SALVIO, Javier MASCHERANO, Nicolas TAGLIAFICO, Manuel LANZINI and Sergio AGUERO.

Eduardo SALVIO was placed as a right back in a four man back line with Javier MASCHERANO playing as a center back. Nicolas TAGLIAFICO as the left back and Sergio AGUERO as the number 9 up front.



  1. This Would be The Perfect squad sometimes you Need Young and fresh blood because they Play Withhout fear

    No guzman because he Played really poorly in Mexican Playoffs


    Di Maria
    Acuna (can also be play in Defence)
    Icardi / Aguero
    J correa / A correa
    Perotti / Parades
    Lo celso
    Ascacibar (Iam from Germany an he Played very good Even the germans praised him he can be like kante from France)

    Tell me what you think about this Squad thank you

  2. Majority of the players at the major European clubs and national teams are friends and have great relationship, this is nothing new..

  3. We don’t have much time left to prepare. Current Form, Fitness level and Quality skills with pace must be considered before training players to adapt in different style of play as a team not as any individual. Must have keep in mind of opposition. Most important thing is to train Defenders to quality tackle and defensive midfielders to play with pace and while bringing the ball back. Ensure that other players in the team are not dependant on Messi in any moment of the game.

  4. Sampoli chosed Ansaldi in friendlies but did not give him single minute as he can estimate the player on training ground but he was completely failed to estimate mascherano.Thank god they were friendlies.

      • “Mascherano getting selected because of names and relation with Messi”

        @Anuparno, it seems now you accept the existance of the “friends club”. Don’t you?

        You and some other Mundo members have been denying this reality a lot.

        • No.I’m denying it.i believe the players never ask for certain players to be selected but coaches think as they are friends with Messi,messi may feel comfortable playing with them.that’s why coaches including sampaoli picking Messi we don’t have enough time to build a chemistry with complete new bunch of players

  5. I think Sampoli does not trust Mercado that is why he is using Salvio as right back.For that position Ansaldi is perfect.Team just need mobility in the game they do not need to cluster around each other during the game.As we have seen in friendlies.For that mobility Ansaldi and Meza needed.

    • mercado is injured.thats why sampaoli planning to announce 24 man squad this monday and the extra man will be ansaldi.if mercado cant recover properly then ansaldi will go to russia

  6. San Isidro: No one here is trying to educate anyone with their comments. The guy below me said Romero ”should have saved Gotze goal” and that he should have ”block” Gotze with his knee (like what Neuer did to Higuain) which would have led to a pk given that Romero wasn’t going to reach the ball before Gotze. Neuer tackle on Higuain was a clear pk and Howedes tackle on Zabaleta by the touch line should have been a straight red. Romero would have been in goal if not for his injury against Spain. Some people here take things way too personal, the insults and trying to belittle other posters is not call for. I’m cool with you though man, we all good..I’m going to support the team, not going to cause a fuss every time I post something because some of my favorite players like Lamela and Joaquin Correa did not even make the 35 man list. Benjamin Mendy was out for an entire club season and he made the France world cup squad.

  7. To add insult to injury our 3rd Centre back Rojo is not even on the bench. Mourino clearly is done with Rojo. Apparently Romero isn’t injured as he is on the bench as a back up keeper or Jose and Conte don’t want to risk FA cup medal with Romero and Caballero between the posts!! If Jose and Conte can’t trust Romero and Caballero why should Sampaoli trust them risking the World cup ???

    Also ,If both Tagliafico & Acuna get selected for the World cup there is no way we have to take Rojo.. we should go for solid option with Pezzella. He had a very good season and he played almost every game unlike Rojo.

  8. Had Romero played full 90mins against Spain Sampaoli would have already looked for better replacement in the local league but lucky bastard managed to get injured somehow!! Last year Mourino played Romero and Rojo throughout the Europa league and Romero looked sharp but this year not only he has very few playing minutes under his belt he is still unfit.

    Our no2 Caballero clearly has passed it. The games he played for Chelsea his decisions and reflections clearly proves he can’t be our No1.

    Not many of us have seen Armani but as per media he is a solid goalkeeper. Hope Sampaoli makes a bold decision and drops unfit Romero. You need a solid Goalkeeper to win the WC. Had it been some other GK against Germany in the final Gotze wouldn’t have scored that goal . A good keeper would have tackled him like Neuer tackled Higuain before he could take that shot but Romero was caught napping as he often does during games.

    • I agree with you, except the finals comment. Gotze had an excellent shot. Romero covered his first post as he should have, the shot was perfect to the fsr post, if its anyones fault its the defender that let him open (believe it was Demichelis). Romero was a hero in 2014. mascherano, Messi, Romero where our best players. He deserves respect.. now.. its time for Armani, which is in form, fit, and playing for his club.

      • Romero is competing the best goalie of the world in club. When he getting chances, he always has proved even this season – even the last PL match. Blaming Romero for Gotze goal is a fuckin hypocrisy. We’ve way more concern in other places rather than in GK position.

        • That’s what these people fail to realize that Romero is second goalkeeper to De Gea at Man United. Saying Romero should have saved Gotze goal just show these people bias. If Argentina had score the exact same goal none of you people would be saying Neuer should have saved the goal scored by Argentina. Gotze goal was a good goal scored against a tired Argentina defense, (who was coming off a 120 minutes game against Holland) it had nothing to do with Romero. If you notice on the German goal, both Germany fresh subs (Schurrle and Gotze) contributed on the goal. Argentina just didn’t have the legs at the end, the team almost made it to the pk shootout but it wasn’t meant to be. And even if their was a pk shootout, I doubt Argentina would have won given how tired the players legs were. Argentina didn’t have enough legs to prevent Schurrle from making the cross to Gotze, and the defense (both Demi and Garay) ran out of fuel hence they couldn’t keep up with the fresh Gotze. Blaming Romero for Gotze goal is dishonest to say the least especially given the way how Argentina made the final through Romero. None of you people know how to show respect, this constant ranting and hating on the players is getting old now, makes me feel sick of being a Argentina support. You critics are like hyena!

          • Nobody is blaming Romero for the last World Cup. It was his turn to start today and not DeGea.
            I agree, every one on this site is a complete moron including me. We are all a bunch of fu**ing idiots and we need your novels to educate ourselves. This site needs to be called Kids Mundo Albiceleste.
            Because we are so low informed we need your constant write ups to articles to smarten us up.

  9. ROMERO not fit to start FA cup. This team has more injuries than anything I’ve seen. That’s what happens I suppose when you call up fossils year after year.

    • I agree and to add to that misery, our defence sucks this time around. We don’t have world class defenders. In order to win a world cup you need great defence and goalkeeping, Higuain upfront to waste every single opportunity on top of it. We are doomed. Round of 16 exit as I expect.

      • Guys when you comment please do so with realism so others can debate with you. When you say we don’t have world class defenders I wonder if you really watch soccer. Otamendi is not Bonucci or Ramos but he is a very good and solid defender. Fazio is slow but he is very good in the air, very athletic and has good placement. Demichelis who brought us to the final 4 years ago is not better than Fazio. We need a very good system not individuals with no understanding between them.

  10. Comment: observation if salvio play in rb we may have powerfull attacking especially if we play 4-2-3-1 or any kind of wing back style

  11. as much as we do not look as a worldcup winner… lady luck might just be on our side… wanna share with u all a strange pattern. everytime the germans have won the worldcup it has either be argentina or brazil who won the next worldcup…

    1954: germany winner
    1958: brazil winner
    1974: germany winner
    1978: argentina winner
    1990: germany winner
    1994: brazil winner
    2014: germany winner
    2018: ….

    it might as well be argentina turn.
    we might look horrendous… most of the pundits under rate argentina coz of the 6-1 trashing to spain.. argentina was lacking messi, kun, di maria, lanzini, fazio,dybala …. if sampaoli can get some sort of system in 3 weeks camp. we might with a bit of luck gets easily to the quarter and i think the world will see the real argentina vs spain. the key for me is solid midfield and strong defense… enzo perez biglia and lo celso 2 box to box mid and one strong defensive midfielder. m sure with messi kun di maria/pavon; jordi alba and carjval will not venture forward even once in 90 min…, against spain the key might be here to limit isco mobility coz as soon as he starts roaming between mid and attack, he becomes very dangerous…

    if we manage to reach the semi anything can happen. good luck , vamos carajo

    • This stats doesn’t mean anything.before last world cup there was a record that no European team won a world cup in American soil.but Germany broke this stats doesn’t mean anything.

  12. I like Salvio as a player and in my opinion he is the type of player that should be in the squad. I just worry about his fitness and we have to see if he can play right back. In my opinion people who question this have the right to do so because we don’t have any evidence he can. But we also don’t have any evidence he can’t. If Sampaoli can make him play that role it would be great for us. Mercado on the other end I don’t like much.

    • In a 433 I think Salvio or Acuña as wide backs is a liability, same Otamendi was with Maradona, they are gonna get exposed.. now if Sampa floods the midfield and plays 3 back where Salvio or Acuña are more deep wingers than full backs I think they can do an excellent job helping bring the ball forward (helping messis burden) and spread the field to alleave parked buses.. say something like:



  13. My biggest fear is to see Mascherano, Biglia and Banega (from FC Amigos aka club of friends) starting together. I have watched this combo fail us time and again. And this combo recently embarrassed us. I promise to boycott watching any game with these 3 starting. I have seen better ball movement when these 3 from FC Amigos aren’t on the pitch at the same time.

    • Comment: yes bro u ryt… Macha bigilia and banega they cant gives better stability on to our cm yes they can’t. We need a player who’s more creativity.

  14. It just wont work to use Salvio to play at the RB position. Remember players like Otamendi, Burdisso, Jonas and Collocini were used as RB in previous world cups? None of them worked, becos they do not have enough experience to play there, and most of the teams will make use of this loophole and attack us on the RB position. When Salvio faces players like C.Ronaldo or Neymar, we are going to be slaughtered.

    • I don’t Salvio as a RB a problem. The European game demands wingers to defend deep and fullback to press forward. So it’s not unfamiliar territory, just a tactical tweak for him. Plus he has decent pace too deal with pacey wingers.

  15. Success will depend on how salvio executes sampaoli’s plan, in the last match against bayern lucas vajquez also played at the right back position. He handled bayern munchen players with such an ease. Sampaoli must have an idea of how to use salvo as a right back. I hope he will be able to justify his role as a right back.

  16. A winger or a midfielder converted to a fullback is nothing new. Think of Jordi Alba, Florenzi, Alaba, Jesus Navas, Sergi Roberto, etc, etc. It can be done quite successfully. The only problem is, to my knowledge, Salvio has never been asked to play as a right-back in his career (I could be wrong about that) and the lack of familiarity with the positional awareness and defensive responsibility, not to mention the physical demands of marauding up and down a flank that are associated with playing in that position, is a concern. A player needs to adapt to a new position by playing for his club on a regular basis. At least Acuña did play as a left-back early in his career so that position is not entirely unfamiliar to him. That does not seem to be case with Salvio.

    Clearly Sampaoli prefers his fullbacks to attack a lot and because we don’t have too many options in fullback positions he would rather err on the defensive side of things.

    • He has played as rb before at benfica.especially since Douglas bad form.rui vitoria deplyed him as rb and he was quite successful.

    • Conversion is nothing new and thats right, but the player that you are converting needs to have some characteristics that fits the bill.

      Jordi Alba can tackle, Salvio and Acuna can not. If your fullback cant tackle he is pretty much a useless piece of shit.

      • First let me make one thing clear, I think that taking 2 capable midfielders like Acuna and Salvio and converting them into fullbacks in a major tournament like the world cup is risky at best and STUPID at worst. Now with that being said who said that Salvio and Acuna can’t tackle? Infact they’re both excellent at going forward and defending (including tackling). Also defending isn’t just about tackling regardless of what says, defending is about reading the game and a player that predicts an attack and intercepts it before it happens is much better defender than a tough tackler who goes for a tackle as a last ditched effort.

        • Yes. I agree with you. You are talking football tactics. These are the topics I enjoy reading. The question is who is on the flanks or attack but who is going to give us balance in the middle and stability at the back?

        • Fullback defending without tackling is liability.

          On the other hands, its CBs that tackling is a sign that he is positionally weak.

          In a possession oriented team, your fullbacks are supposed to go up in overlaps, so its an 80/90% chance that he is going to get in positions in disadvantage to the opposition winger. Then what you do? In that particular sceniario you need pace and ability to tackle to make up grounds and win the ball back.

          • ok fine but how do you know that they don’t tackle?
            I watched Acuna with Racing regularly and he defended diligently, I’ve also seen Salvio constantly tracking back when he played RM for Benfinca.

          • Yeah, people tracks back in football, especially wingers. Doesn’t mean you play them as RBs or they should.

            In all of Morinho’s teams when they play against a superior side his Cf plays in the CDM position. Does that mean his CFs should play CDM? Pedro, when he played for Barca tracked back more than Acuna and Salvio, does that mean Pedro could have played RB?

            For me (it’s not me actually, all the best managers says this), in football and in a team that plays possession buildup football three players must have the ability to win the ball back by tackling –
            1. LB
            2. RB
            3. Pivot

            Again – don’t tell me that they “tracks back” and defends well, because thats old. Now you are supposed to show me some numbers which compares the tackling, blocking, nterceptions, dribbled passed against established fullbacks. Otherwise, its just a conjecture and I’m not satisfied.

            Why cant we take an original fullback who plays there instead of converting wingers as fullbacks?

      • As long as it’s 4 defenders it’s fine. Somehow I get this feeling that Argentina’s progress in WC will be directly proportional to how well salvio plays in the RB role & maybe sampa will positively surprise us with this result of this move

        • Mercado most probably start in rb when he is fit.sampaoli will try salvio in rb in training for near about 1 month long training camp.and if salvio impresses him .he may become our starting rb also

          • With mercado, I am sure salvio will be called into action. Injury recurrence suspension for mercado quite likely. Hoping Argentina will have a long run, we are surely seeing salvio as a RB at some stage.

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