“We ask less from God” in latest Argentina World Cup commercial


Just like the build up to any FIFA World Cup, Quilmes releases a commercial supporting the Argentina National Team and this one encapsulates what many of us feel.

Starring World Cup winner Oscar RUGGERI, the Argentina legend takes on fans and their comments, some of which we hear far too often. With the commercial being in Spanish, I have translated it into English (taking into account some expressions used in Argentina). Here’s the commercial with the translation below:

“Between the players and the fans, we have an old contract that states:

“We give our lives and they support us without stopping. But when there are doubts, you have to talk about it.”

Oscar RUGGERI: “What’s going on?”

Fan: “At times it looks as if they don’t want to come here!”

Fan: “They score 30 goals with their teams but here, nothing!”

Oscar RUGGERI: “Let’s go, what more?”

Fan: “I went in my Coupe Fuego (Renault car) to Rio to support them and it took four days…”

Oscar RUGGERI: “Well, you went because we were playing in the final, no?

Fan: “We have lost three finals!”

Oscar RUGGERI: “That’s true. Now, enough with the memes, please.”

Fan: “They’re funny.”

Oscar RUGGERI: “They’re aggressive, unfair.”

Fan: “We ask them to play with balls!”

Oscar RUGGERI: “Sometimes we ask much more than that. We ask them to brighten our lives, to cure us from a cold. We ask less from God.

“We’ve broken a lot of contracts, let’s not break this one. Let’s read it together.

“Gentlemen, I leave everything, I’m going to watch Argentina. Because the players will show me… that they’re going out to win. That they want to leave as champions. That they carry it inside of them, the way I carry it inside of me.”


  1. I am finding it very hard to judge these rumoured squad lists because we have so little to base any assumptions on with regards to Sampaoli. What we do have seen so far from him is also very difficult to judge. Two things are very clear though:

    1. We do not have the defenders to play a high defensive line.
    2. We do not have the midfielders to consistently press the way his Chile side did.

    Our 3 CMs are all suffering from one thing or another. Mascherano is no longer the player he once was, he is not as quick as he once was and he is no longer playing at the top level as he once was. Biglia is not world class and never really has been. He is good at certain limited things but overall he doesn’t have the quality to be our midfield linchpin. Banega is a fantastic player when he is playing at his very best, but he isn’t mentally able to play at that level every game, he has too many games where he drifts in and out and doesn’t fully make an impact. We no longer have the Redondo’s or Simeone’s and it is worrying. If Fernando Gago had been fully fit, I would have taken him over Biglia, although they are different players.

    It is worrying to see so many wingers in the squad and hardly any natural midfielders – we cannot possibly play with Mascherano, Biglia and Banega…there is not enough energy in that midfield to really dominate. Therefore I think our midfield in the first game will consist of – Mascherano as DM, Banega to his left and Lanzini to the right in a 3 man midfield. Lanzini still has much to prove at the top level but I think he will be a key player for us. I think Enzo Perez should have a place in the squad has he played very well in 2014 and has energy. Against Ecuador he also had a very good game and he has enough experience and ability to make his presence count. I like Lo Celso but I am not sure if he is ready for this World Cup, the French League is very weak and he still suffers from inconsistency, which is natural as he is still so young.

    It is good to hear that Ansaldi might make the squad, however the fact that he has been involved with la selecion for so many years yet has never made the RB position his own is quite worrying. He has ability but has never really proven to have the quality. I do like the way he plays though, he has good ability on the ball and seems to have some pace too. I have not seen enough of Tagliafico to have a real opinion, but I like the way Acuna plays and he put in two good performances against Peru and Ecuador in the Qualifiers. Fazio has never convinced me and I too would definitely preferred to have seen Garay called up; his experience would be valuable and he is naturally a better defender than Fazio. Mammana is a miss for me but Pezzella looks like a decent CB too. I would have built on either one of these players over Fazio.
    Otamendi is our only decent CB and even he has his moments of insecurity.

    Di Maria, Pavon, Centurion, Dybala, Icardi and Higuain…I for one understand why Higuain is still in the team but if he was never selected again i would not miss him. He is a fantastic striker when there is no pressure or when naturally reacting to goal scoring situations. When he has to think or when the pressure is on he freezes and this has been proven throughout his career, not just since the final in 2014. Dybala must go, he will bring quality off the bench and serve as an alternative to Messi should the worst happen. I like both Pavon and Centurion but they are both too inexperienced to rely on. Centurion has his disciplinary issues and Pavon is still very new to the national team. If i had to choose one, I would choose Centurion; he seems to have the confidence and self-belief to really take an opportunity with both hands, Pavon seems more timid in that sense. I haven’t seen too much of Icardi, Italian football has long lost its place as the top league in Europe and because of that it has also lost its allure and romanticism. However, put Icardi in front of Neuer at the Maracana and I believe he scores every time, he is a good finisher and can put the ball in the net from any angle within the 18 yard box – something Higuain can not always do. However, the fact that Icardi scored more goals for a worse team in Inter, than Higuain did in a championship team like Juventus, says a lot. I think Aguero can play similarly to Higuain – running from deep, going wide etc, but no other striker we have can play like Icardi – powerful in the air, hold the ball up and only need one chance. I think Icardi should go.

    Aguero – He has had a good season minus the injuries and Pep Guardiola has made him a better player. He performed well in the league and in the Champions League and I feel his confidence as a player is higher than ever. It is a real shame he once again goes to the World Cup with an injury as happened in Brazil. I start Aguero for his work rate and his ability but only if he is 100% ready.

    Messi is everything to Argentina, more than what Maradona was to Argentina in 1986. The reason I say this is because in 86 Argentina still had a solid defence (Ruggeri, Brown) and reliable midfielders (Batista, Burruchaga and even El Maestro Ricardo Bochini on the bench). This Argentina team are dependent on Leo – big time! If Sampoali can get even 2 more players to step up to the table with Messi, we might have a chance. Messi must have team-mates around him, ahead of him and beside him to make the difference as was the case in the last World Cup, but in the Copa America’s he was too often isolated. He must also be in the position to finish the chances and not the only one creating them, imagine Messi had all the chances Higuain has had in finals…we would be World Champions and South American Champions too!

  2. Brazil only named three local base players on their 23 man world cup roster while on here people seems to want Sampaoli to bring the entire local Argentina Primera to the 2018 world cup. Trust me, Argentina local football don’t have it like that people!!! People talking about injury problems yet Garay should go to the world cup? The same Garay who has been plaque with injury all season long while clearly pulling up in his own 18 yard box while playing against Real Madrid. Enzo Perez? So his age doesn’t matter now? Why is Enzo age not a problem? Is it because he moved back to the great local Primera?

    • I don’t know how others but I’m not for Enzo except taking him instead one of Biglia, Masche, Banega. In this case – please.

      • Argentine players in South American leagues (whether it’s Argentina league or other leagues) are much better than some of those useless players plying their trade in Europe.

        Lucas Pratto was way better than flop-and-finished Higuain in the qualifiers.

        Enzo Perez was the second best player after Messi when Argentina played against Ecuador. If Banega was played that game Argentina would’ve been with Italy and the Netherlands.

        Against Nigeria – the best player was Pavon.

        Against Italy – Bustos was the second best after Lanzini.

        Against Spain – Meza showed his worth when useless Banega wasn’t able to string to passes together.

    • kid I keep telling you to watch your patronizing tone.

      I don’t want the entire local league selected, just the ones that the NT could use right now like:

      1 Pavon, perfect sub for Maria who will almost certainly will get injured.
      2 Armani, the only in-form GK argentina has right now
      3 Meza, you know, the athletic, versatile player that showed his stuff against spain
      4 Enzo, yeah I don’t give a s**t that he’s over 30 because I never spoke about age. Now based on his overall form i wouldn’t take enzo, but in a team with the likes of biglia, banega and Masch, you bet the team is going to need a player with enzo’s experience and ability not to mention that he was best midfielder that day when argentina qualified against Ecuador.

      I would also love for Gonzalo pity to be there, but with lanzini and (hopefully) Meza, there’d be no point.

      As for Garay, yeah he’s been injured several times but it would’ve been better to take him than messi’s bff Rojo who for the most part hasn’t even been good enough to make the damn bench at ManU despite being declared fit and need I remind you of his abysmal performance against spain.

  3. Hi guys, do Inter qualify for Champions league if they win against Lazio today? If yes Icardi got a golden chance to prove his presence is a must in world cup.

  4. I would never limit myself on choosing players based on geographical and age reasons. If the best play in Argentina I would chose all from Argentina. If no good player plays in Argentina I would chose 0.
    I would not call up washed up players. Some of them are young and washed up and some are old and washed up. I would not omit a player just because he is old when he is playing great.

    A common method used by club coaches right now is that 2nd goalkeeper plays the cup games and no matter how far they go most of the coaches never change them until the the tournament is finished. Both of our keepers got canned though yesterday, Which shows what Conte and Mourniho think of them.
    2014 Neuer
    2010 Casillas
    2006 Buffon
    2002 Marcos
    1998 Barthez
    1994 Taffarel
    1990 Illgner
    1986 Pumpido
    1982 Zoff
    1978 Fiillol
    Does Romero/ Caballero belong in this category? Did any of these keeper not play for 4 years?
    Goalkeeping is one of my biggest concerns. And I hope Armani starts, at least he is coming red hot into the tournament.

    Caballero and Romero made the bench, what Rojo couldn’t. Still we are going to select him over players who are Captain of their team and that in the 1st year of playing there: Pezzella.

    One other thing concerning me is our defensive midfield: Mascherano/Biglia/Pizarro don’t do much for me. Mascherano has not played on the highest level in that position and the last time he played he was horrible. Biglia has been horrible after Sabella, and he is being asked to do thinks that are not his suit like holding possession. Pizarro I don’t know, mostly a sub at Sevilla, Let’shope he comes good.

    One thing I don’t wanna hear during the World cup is this: TIREDNESS.
    Most of our players didn’t play much because they either were injured or were subs t their club.
    If they say we are tired because we were injured before the world cup then if you were injured why did you not decline.

  5. Principe

    “So those 3 totally deserve it. In other words, Sampaoli only choose the 3 absolute best ones from the domestic league whose league is no longer able to compete with European leagues unlike 15 years or more ago”.

    What is your criterion of statement he selected absolutely best ones?

    Armani is outstanding in River but is RIver outstanding in league? Mark the place he finished the league. The fact is first reason he drew attention of Smapoli is that he is RIver player. He is best player of second most popular most mighty club in league so he must be there.

    Centurion was always one of most popular players in league especially when he played for Boca – then he was most popular for sure (always emerging on top Ole.com). So it is another populistic choice.

    Pavon is best player of… Boca… most popular club in Argentina. Best player or most popular of Boca was always in NT.

    So, apart from that the players are really outstanding in their clubs they are first of all really populistic choices. Nothing original. Sampaoli is taking favourites of crowd.

    Now, indeed, I’m sure there are in the leaague at least as good players as the above on their positions. Im’ not sure Pavon is best. Ignacio Pussetto minus is that he is playing for much less popular and strong club but he was long ahead of Pavon in stats. I’m sure if he played for Boca he could finsh the season having more assist than Pavon while he had more goals than Boca player. He is at least so much talented as Pavon. Matias Vargas, Meza, Pity Martinez, Juan Ramirez, Martin Benitez could have also much more impressive stats if were played for Boca. Then selection would be different.

    For the same names of wingers I’m not sure Centurion is best choice. But he is most popular of the players.

    I’m only convinced Armani is right choice though still Andrada and Herrera could be near.

    So there’s strong powerful duo of Boca and River clubs that will always have their players in NT even if there are not necesarilly best in league.

    It is for the reasons Lema is not there, in NT.

    “..domestic league whose league is no longer able to compete with European leagues unlike 15 years or more ago”.

    If 15 years ago one of Boca/River played against Real or Barcelona of last years in International Cup they could not be able to compete as well. So there’s no difference between Argentina league now and 15 years ago apart that there were the 2 unreachable clubs in Europe in last 10 years. Argentina clubs are still among best in SOuth America winning regularly Copa Libertadores or Copa Sudamericana and giving new talents to Europe and NT. Most young players we are recently talking about in NT context emerged somwhere in the league in last 5 years.

    • Godoy Cruz was far better in last months than Boca and why Pol Fernandez was not selected over Pablo Perez or Enzo – because he is not Boca or River player. It’s the only reason. The guy is ahead of the two on every point and still according to rumours rather Gago or Tevez could be called up than Pol Fernandez. Lema was not selected despite best stats in league because he is player of of mid-table Belgrano while Pol Fernandez was not called up despite Godoy is runner up for the same reasons – Boca and River influence is almighty. Someone around NT should have consider what were the factors/people that were behind Godoy Cruz success instead make only populistic choices.

    • Pol Fernandez played in Boca, he was not really good there, small team player. Godoy Cruz and Huracan are small clubs with small teams mentality ,they build on counter attacks without to can keep any dominance.
      ” I’m sure if he played for Boca he could finsh the season having more assist than Pavon while he had more goals than Boca player. He is at least so much talented as Pavon.” What ive seen from Pusseto, he is a bad passer. Only quick and a good dribbler, nowhere near Pavons calibere. Not better than Rigoni for me, who struggles really hard in Europe. Pavon is something else.

      • Csabalala,

        I’m not going to ask you wheter you watched any full game of Godoy or Huracan – we both know the answer. The statement the 2 teams are counter attacking one you may conclude even from Whoscored stats what you’ve done for sure but that’s not full truth about the teams and especially is not any characteristic of Pol Fernandez abilities.

        What he played for Boca in his early years has nothing to do with his current form (just like early Tagliafico failed period in Europe has nothing to do with his current). The fact is Godoy was far better than Boca in last months. 9 wins in last 10 matches. And the club keep surprising level another year. Previous edition of Copa Libertadores they were revelation but had bad luck to face Gremio Porto Alegre (the Champion) in final stages. Both games lost by only 1 goal and remain better impressions against Gremio than Argentinean finalist Lanus. I wonder what would be the result if Boca faced Godoy in last weeks. Finally the were just 2 points behind Boca)

        Pol Fernandez first to praise along with goalscorer Garcia. He is tall, has delightfull ball control, vision and markable long shoots.

        If River will realy have him next season I expectate to see him in NT.

        “Godoy Cruz and Huracan are small clubs with small teams mentality ,they build on counter attacks without to can keep any dominance”

        1. Do you think still dominance is any guarantee of winning?

        2. Watching Godoy I never felt as they were unbalanced team without ability to build positional attack. Players like Pol, Garro, Gonzalez, Andrada, Elias, Henriquez (Gaston Gimenez in former year) are too good on the ball to be used only as counterattacking players. Garro was supposed to be call up by Sampaoli for cancelled friendlies against Bolivia.

        I’m not watching every match of Superliga but I’m following some clubs regularly. Clubs that are not among the most popular. Godoy, Defensa, Argentinos, Velez, Rosario Central and others have more promising players than Boca or River. I wouldn’t be writing about some players If I was not watching them. Pol Fernandez, Angileri, Alexander Barboza, Vargas, Robertone, Alexis MacAllister, Batallini, Nicolas Gonzalez, Nacho Fernandez are not Whoscored leaders and that’s why people are overlooking them. Stats are shit. No coach call up players after stats. I could to point many players that never were good after stats why reality proved them as one of the crucial. Meza, Nacho or Pol Fernandez are among the players.

  6. Pavon is interesting case of supereffective winger who… cannot dribble. I’m often surprised how he is doing so many good things with such mediocree ball control. If there’s a thing that will stop him to make big career it is the trait but apparently as far he doesn’t need that. Long pace and physical strengths are enough as far.

    Centurion is on the other hand ultimate dribbler.

    • We not gonna face neymar or dembele or Ronaldo before wc final so not a big concern.if Mercado not recovers in time ansaldi will take his spot.according to reports sampaoli will announce 24 man squad and 24th man is ansaldi mainly he is Mercado’s cover.

    • Sketchy enough Ansaldi is likely to get a call up. Maybe not to replace Mercado and Salvio, but as a 3rd just in case.. but that means the fight in mid for the extra spots just got cut throat. Sampa needs a DM and an AM in there and there are many options..

  7. Months ago, I said something that is becoming a reality here:

    “If I were the coach, I would just select at most 1-2 local players to my final 23 squad. And one of them is “just” the third goalie.”

    The final 23 will be announced tomorrow, but it looks like we will have only 3 domestic based players in the final 23. They are:
    1. Franco Armani
    2. Ricardo Centurion
    3. Cristian Pavon

    So I almost got it right. Who are these three? Here I want to prove to you that the managerial team of the seleccion is better than any amateur managers wanna be here:

    1. Franco Armani has 9 clean sheets in his last 10 matches with just conceded 1 goal. This guy makes Pinola and Maidana look like world class defenders at times.

    2. Ricardo Centurions Racing is not always winning, but with the exception of his stupid red card against Belgrano, he has been one of the most consistent, if not the most consistent players in the whole Argentina primera division, especially in the last 1-2 months. He almost never played bad lately.

    Some of you want Meza because of his single performance against Spain. Well Meza, his rival for the final 23 is a lot more inconsistent. He has been playing bad lately. For your information, Bustos has been even in worse form, that is to show that Sampaoli and team was totally right to omit them.

    Meza WAS good -I should say he was “hot”- for a moment when Sampaoli called him up before Italy and Spain friendlies, that’s all. Even before Sampaoli called Meza, he already considered calling Centurion up too. It was just at the time he called up one attacking midfielder at a time.

    World Cup is about consistency. Oleg Salenko from Russia scored 5 goals like none ever did in the World Cup group stage, but who is Oleg Salenko? I am sure some of you never even heard of his name. That’s because he scored 5 and he then played average for a team that did not make it to the second round of the World Cup 1994.

    3. Cristian Pavon. If the Primera division have the best player award, Pavon will easily win it this year. So no question, he deserves to be in the final 23. He is even playing better than some of his attacking midfielder compatriots who play in Europe.

    So those 3 totally deserve it. In other words, Sampaoli only choose the 3 absolute best ones from the domestic league whose league is no longer able to compete with European leagues unlike 15 years or more ago.

    There are 2 more that are the stand out of the Primera division in my opinion:
    1. Lautaro Martinez. This guy would walk straight to the final 23 of any other World Cup team in the whole world excluding Argentina. That is because Argentina have too many products in his position, it is not that Lautaro is not good enough. Everyone knows Lautaro, it is easy to notice him. He was the silver lining of our failed U20 world cup team just years ago.

    2. Cristian Lema of Belgrano.

    The best defender of the primera division is NOT Alexander Barboza, it is Cristian Lema!

    It is not that I do not watch the primera, I DO watch it, but I just do NOT read/pay attention to what people here write about Primera division as they are way too biased. This guy, who is wanted by Benfica, is not only the best defender in the Primera division. Standing at 6’3 (190 cm), the guy even scores a lot of goals for his team more than many Argentina league strikers this year. The last time I checked, he scored 8 goals already this year. Defensively, he is extremely strong in the air, like Fazio and is good at marking. I am not saying he is the next big thing, for me he is a late bloomer. He is already 28. We will see if he is just a one season wonder or if he is really above average.


    The only thing is he plays for a small team and his team is only in the mid table.

    I know you guys now will tell me that there are a lot of talented players based on “your scouting reports”, whatever….

    I believe my own eyes.

    • Well based on my “scouting reports” I have to say that I agree with most of what you said.
      Armani and Pavon are no brainers and I’m glad that they’re going but i have to disagree with you on the Meza/Centurion argument. I personally would take Meza over Centurion any day of the week and twice on sunday. I won’t deny the fact that Centurion has been red hot for the latter half of the primera season, but the kid is an accident waiting to happen! He’s just such a hot head and you never know when he’s gonna lose his head and get red carded.
      As for Meza, yeah his form dropped after coming back from injury but saying that he’s been playing pretty bad lately is unfair IMO, he’s just not as “hot” as he was when he was called up. Meza is a tall, athletic player who is remarkably versatile and far more disciplined defensively than Centurion who in-turn can be quite lazy sometimes when it comes to tracking back and helping out the team.

      Glad you brought up Lema because along side Conti he’s been the best CB in the primera and he’s also the top goal scorer on his team despite him being a CB! We’re talking Daniel Passarella level stats here folks.
      Another CB who should’ve gotten a look was David Abraham from Frankfurt but alas it seems like Rojo is the one whose gonna go the WC instead of Garay, Pezzella, Abraham and Lema….crazy!!!

      I personally would like to see Enzo go over Masch and Biglia, yeah he hasn’t been in the best of form with River but he’s consistent and was fantastic against Ecuador and he brings lots of grit and experience with him.

      Lastly I would like to give a shout out to Gonzalo pity of River and Vargas of Velez, both are consistently excellent players that will hopefully get a look in from europe in the near future.

    • Excellent Analysis.

      Yes, unfortunately I too think there are many morons here who criticize Sampa for no valid reasons and think “Messi friends” club exists.

      His 35 members squad is near perfect. I would have liked just 4 changes – Rulli (for Guzman), Lema (FunesMori), Mammana (Rojo) & Ascacibar (Pizarro, I would keep Battaglia as he is stronger)

      I agree completely everything you said about Armani, Pavon & Centurion. Also about Lema & Lautaro too. In fact, Lema was the top scored player in the Argentina league as per whoscored:

        • oh! I missed his injury news that came a couple of months ago. It was really a sad injury. He has had a promising season, acclimatized with Russian condition and everything was well set for him. Then the injury came.

    • There’s no things to disagree in Principe post apart Meza/Centurion dilemma indeed. As for me still Meza over Centurion. And that’s not true Meza is bad lately. Completely untrue. I follow every game of Independiente. Well, there are players that never showed impressive when you estimate them after Whoscored but Meza is motor-like player every team he participate. Moreover there’s no reason to drop player who was best in latest friendly – only the one thing makes Sampaoli’s absurdal if he will really drop him.

      Centurion is consistent in Argentina league no doubt.

      Alexander Barboza is not best CB in league currently but I still consider him as one of 2-3 most talented with NT future.

      Lema is best CB in league now but our NT coaches are too much concentrated on top club league players, especially Boca and River. I deplore the fact because of the reason they select often not the best players of the league – calling up players like Maidana, Gago, Tevez because the 2 clubs and their management has big influence upon NT.

      If I were coach I would take not only Lema but also CM Pol Fernandez of runner-up (only 2 points behind Boca) Godoy Cruz, who is already River aim. LB of the club, Fabrizio Angileri, and soon after WC Eden Hazard of the league – Matias Vargas of Velez. Maybe in near future Lucas Robertone.

      “If I were the coach, I would just select at most 1-2 local players to my final 23 squad. And one of them is “just” the third goalie.”

      If I were coach I would take at least 5. The other thing is reality of our selection. I was not expectating there will be more than 3-4.

  8. Great emotional Ad, however here in India in a promotional ad they are asking which is your second country??#Meridoosaricountry?? When it comes to football I have only one country that is my beloved Argentina. Argentina for life and death !! Out of topic but feel to mention here something about arrogance. Everytime India faces Pakistan in a ICC tournament Indian media arrogantly boasts Pakistan yet to beat us in a ICC game. #maukamauka ad irritated me. It means chance after chance. Last time when we played Pakistan they nicely kicked our ass thus putting an end to arrogance. It’s time for Argentina Redemption…..

    • Stop u idiot (Calling yourself an Indian); Behave yourself while posting in public forums; Have you ever seen Pakistan Media(Until recently b4 Dhoni became the captain)? Nothing wrong in that ad (#MaukaMauka); It doesn’t insult any one; It just teases saying you got another chance;
      For Ex: The whole cricketing Media/World say South African players are chokers!! Until they overcome that, people will tag that;

      • I think his First country is Pakistan. 😂..
        Too sensible hear to tolerate a funny ad trolling Pakistan. I request him to watch Media’s in Pakistan. Which is shittiest in the world. And then Complaint about India.
        India is way way superior to Terroristan, in any field except Terrorism & Beggary.

        • Kitty kido, arrogance at its best. Really need to troll someone who finished second. According to you it is ok for you after Germany winning world cup heavily trolled Argentina and it’s players during their celebration parade. Sport is about sportsmanship, dignity and respect. Winning is not permanent either loosing. Act responsibly.

          @Gokul, really need to bring politics to this beautiful forum? Clearly shows immaturity.

      • Behave yourself guys. Do not spoil our country’s name in a public forum wihch has nothing to do with those things. I think there was no need to bring that topic here. This beautiful Ad do not have any common ground with the Ad @Malabari talked about except they are both Ads related to a sport event.

        With regards to MaukaMauka Ad, it’s true that it lacks sportsmanship, but there is nothing wrong with that since it is an ad from from the broadcasting company. More over, in the Ad, they only tease the opposite team and there is no insult as such. Everything is shown in a lighter way.

        I’m sure such ads (or even worse) would be showing in Pakistan. Such ads would also be shown in Argentina or Brazil when a match is about to start. Almost everyone would enjoy teasing the enemy country (from sporting perspective). Our Pakistan friends may be able to confirm. The problem here is, some people looks at the Ad from politics perspective. It includes those that support the party that call everyone, who questions the government, as anti-national and want to send them all to Pakistan.

  9. The perfect squad would be
    Pezella or someone else
    Di maria
    Lo celso

  10. This is my first time commenting on this site but im a regular follower of this site since the last world cup. I think this line up will make us more balanced.
    Mascherano (he is the fighter of our team)
    Lo celso
    Di maria

    To win the world cup we need fighters in our team, the players who will give their everything on the pitch. I was reading peoples comments about our full backs problem and how some players needs to play in top clubs to be considered for argentina. In the last world cup BASANTA (normally a CB) played in LB position for us, was he playing in top club? No, but he was excellent in that position for us.

  11. The squad is pretty much decided except one position which is the choice between Meza and Centurian. I feel Meza had a great game against Spain but Sampaoli is inclined to take Centurian.
    This is our 23
    Romero, Caballero, Armani
    Mercado, Salvio, Otamendi, Fazio, Acuna, Mascherano, Rojo, Tagllifiaco
    Biglia, Pizzaro, Di Maria, Banega, Lo Celso, Lanzini, Centurian
    Messi, Dyballa, Aguero, Pavon, Higuain

  12. This Would be The Perfect squad sometimes you Need Young and fresh blood because they Play Withhout fear

    No guzman because he Played really poorly in Mexican Playoffs


    Di Maria
    Acuna (can also be play in Defence)
    Icardi / Aguero
    J correa / A correa
    Perotti / Parades
    Lo celso
    Ascacibar (Iam from Germany an he Played very good Even the germans praised him he can be like kante from France)

    Tell me what you think about this Squad thank you

  13. no matter who wears the blue and white and no matter what I think of them as a player they always have my 100% support when they pull on the shirt for battle.

  14. Argentina 2018 World Cup Outlook
    – Odds to win Group D: 60%
    – Odds to advance: 85.7%
    – Odds to win World Cup: 10%
    – Elo rank: 4
    – Yahoo Sports power rank: 5

    Is it that bad? 10% chance? Well, guess I don’t need to watch the world cup with a 10% chance odds of winning.

    • How much yahoo fools & fifa fans can give minimum
      to Spain ? 25% ?
      Brazil ? 20% ?
      Germany ? 20% ?
      France ? 15 % ?

      Total add up to 80%.

      Argentina, those fools giving 10% out of remaining 20%.

      Even the perception is not as bad as we fear.

      • Too many fanboys and bandwagonist are in the football media today, this is why I tune out all the so call ”neutral” football pundits. These same people are the ones who try to convince themselves everyday that overrated Pogba is something special on a football pitch.

      • Nope 1000% of winning because of three facts:
        1) we have absolutely balanced team
        2) we just showcased our calibre in last friendlies that we are champions
        3) we never rely on one player. It is the magic circle, team work, one wave that attacks and defends together.

    • Hey guys, come on, are you sure you really care about this kind of predictions?

      If these predictions are accurate, there is no point playing the world cup right?

      It is indeed good that Argentina is under estimated, our players can have less pressure.

    • That’s because Argentina are likely to meet Spain, who probably has the most Odds to get the cup, at QF stage. Odds of 10 is pretty good IMO.

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