Willy CABALLERO: “MESSI is as important as the air we breathe”


Shortly after winning the FA Cup with Chelsea, goalkeeper Willy CABALERRO spoke to TyC Sports (via Spanish news agency, EFE) about Lionel Messi and also his wish with the national team.


Willy has reiterated his desire to be part of Jorge SAMPAOLI’s squad for Russia that will be announced tomorrow.


And if he makes it into the final 23 of SAMPAOLI’s list, Willy has made it clear that he will fight for the No.1 spot.



  1. I hope that Centurion will be selected over Perroti as it will bring a surprise wild elements. With his penetrate and dribbling ability Centurion will become a great attackers. Although our biggest concern now should be more on def and back up players. Overall, the players selection is great as we cannot brings all the high quality players on board as Masche and Biglia place is irreplaceable.

  2. The list put out by tyc looks weak on the DM area. Biglia and perhaps Mascherano as his cover. Either Battaglia or Pizzaro ought to find a place in the team at the expense of one of the more attack minded midfielders.

  3. This Would be The Perfect squad sometimes you Need Young and fresh blood because they Play Withhout fear

    No guzman because he Played really poorly in Mexican Playoffs


    Di Maria
    Acuna (can also be play in Defence)
    Icardi / Aguero
    J correa / A correa
    Perotti / Parades
    Lo celso
    Ascacibar (Iam from Germany an he Played very good Even the germans praised him he can be like kante from France)

    Tell me what you think about this Squad thank you

  4. So far i saw and read all the rumours about last 23 players for WC i am ok with this squad. It is a good squad with balance and it will give Sampaoli more options. It would have given Sampaoli even more variations if he was included Icardi. However my support always with the team.
    Vamos Argentina

  5. So much of debate on icardi vs higuain.
    1k Whatever people say, coach & Messi prefers higuain & imo it’s more tactical. A fit kun is clincial in the box & we won’t miss icardi.
    2)Very happy ansaldi seems in as the defense reserve looked scary.
    3)Meza over centurion is fair & gives us more mobility & tracking back in midfield
    4)With dimaria , acuna, meza , pavon, salvio we have too much in width & badly miss 1CDM. Pizarro or battaglia will come in place of either salvio or acuna .

  6. It is what it is. Let’s just support the team and pray for the best. I will have to buy the flag for my vehicle. It’s time.

  7. Top 5 goal scorers in the big league?
    3.Harry Kane
    4. Icardi
    Icardi has one of the best percentages of shot on target. 63% shares with Messi. Better than Aguero and Higuain.
    No reason to pick Higuain above Icardi..! Both plays in the same league and a big difference in stats..! Icardi should be in team..!!
    Moreover, Higuain has shown us what he’s capable of many times…waiting for another disaster?
    Dont forget Cristiano and Saurez have scored less…!

    • Don’t forget his price tag and number of clubs want his signing. Which club is asking for Higuain? Only MLS clubs.

    • It’s team chemistry that is more important. This is not FIFA 18 where u take a higher rated player & assured of better output . Btw Great show icardi & he will lead our attack in Copa 19. For now it’s aguero & higuain & summary is higuain will contribute to build up better. This team will do well if Messi clicks & coach has to ensure everything is aligned to that. While 29 by icardi is awesome, the same Italian league had higuain scoring 36 goals & equalling a 80+year record jus some time back. While higuain wilts in pressure , we have seen icardi also missing sitters in serie a. So I will believe in coach & Messi .
      My only worry in current reported 23 is no CDM back up to biglia. What’s sampa thinking on that front?

  8. I think people here are absolutely wrong about icardi why? First at all all of you who said that we need him are begginers on that competition not too experienced you remember me journalists. They are thinking that he will scores at least 4 goals because he makes 29 on the league.
    Let me laugh ok did you see him against venezuela not able to put one even after receiving many magistral delivery.
    Then icardi is really bad for messi spaces not as higuain who help him on the deeper area even if everybody knows that higuain will at least miss 2 goals per game.
    When you had lio on your squad you couldn t allow the fact that he will getting mad about a teamate if you see against venezuela icardi cut trajectory twice in the box from messi and was getting mad and nervous. Everybody knows messi attitude he s not maradona and never will be he s altruistic but not that much comparing to diego. If messi is going mad or nervous on the field the game is lost for sure as our last finals except maybe the 2015 final. So if sampaoli won t take icardi it s not that bad. As i m saying from the beginning we don t have problems in that area but in defense and the two center midfielder with biglia fazio and ottamendi all gathered we will have a lot of lot of biggggg problems if you re not too strong defensively you could not win anything and it doesn t mean that those players are bad no i had a lot of sympathy for all of them but their combination for sure will not be sure

    • Another hater. No we have a problem in the attack. How many goals we scored in qualifiers? Why did we lose 3 finals? We didn’t concede goals in them, we didn’t have a good finisher. Even Gotze had fun mocking our strikers after the WC. Now enjoy your hero Higuain who will be laughed at again in Russia, but don’t hide in your den after.

    • Icardi missed few chances against Venezuela but he also freaking SCORED around the 50th minute. i do agree that Higi is better on the build up support but im worry about his finishing. Dumb decision

    • @@”Let me laugh ok did you see him against venezuela not able to put one even after receiving many magistral delivery”

      Can you please rewatch the match and show us the Many Magisterial Deliveries?

  9. Icardi top scorer- 29 goals although he missed a few games. Fat ass attitudguain only 16 goals.

    It will be a shame not to take Icardi to Russia, his height and aerial skills are needed. If we meet the Germans again, we need a tall striker like him for headers and corners.

    Shame shame shame

    • What i like about Icardi is he has strong and powerful shot in and around the box and he is also better header than Huiguain. I have never seen striker that has weak shot than Huigain. Hopefully Sampoali takes icardi and leave Huigain at home where he can eat pizza, drink coke and watch world cup from his comfort of sofa.

    • Taking icardi is must even as backup. when things aren’t working he can be used. There is no one like him in the team.

  10. Well done Icardi. That awesome penalty placed inter in the champions league. What a way to end the season with making your club reaches the CL and scoring 29 goals in a league that is hard to score.

  11. Icardi and Higuain against the same opponent (vs Lazio) and having the same purpose (qualifying for the CL) and taking PK in a high pressure match.

    Conclusion = Icardi starred 👏 and Higuain flopped 😂

  12. Inter is back in UCL finally! What an outstanding match between Lazio -Inter. Oooohhh….!!! Icardi haters only see his mistake, but not his overall performance. He gave it all. 29 Serie A goals this season & make his team qualify for UCL in a crucial game. What more you haters are asking from Icardi???

    Luckily for Icardi… the main button is still on Sampa’s hand. May God bless Argentina in this WC with all the good stuffs. #VamosArgentina

      • Yeah exactly, they are busy pimping Higuain. Icardi is not just a fantastic number 9, he’s a leader for his club a quality that we really need in the NT.

  13. I wonder what the Icardi haters have to say now? He willed his team to a CL spot. Bravo! He may not make the final 23 but the man has balls of steels that these group of pecho fríos do not have. I cannot wait to see him and Lautaro putting the fear into defenses in Italy and Europe next season.

    VAMOS! Maurito!

    • They have nothing to say! His goals & overall performance shut them off finally. Hopefully Sampa notice this & make the right decision tomorrow.

    • He choked in the first half. No reason for high pressure penalty, should have been 4-2.

      He’s got great skills but no big game experience. Hopefully with champions league next year he’ll grow to become a big game player.

      I think he does more than Higuain, but sadly Higauain is not going anywhere.

      • No pressure from the penalty? If he doesn’t score that penalty the game isn’t tied. He took the ball and took it upon himself, like a captain and buried it. Even though he missed a golden opportunity, he didn’t allow that to deter him to take the penalty.

        What a captain, what a player!

        • Absolutely that penalty kick was the deal breaker. He’s young and leads a club like inter Milan, his leadership skills are beyond belief in this age. Top scorer of serie A

        • That was a high pressure penalty ..very much pressure penalty…it was a big game…icardi did correctly his job..let’s see what he has in his fate

      • He’s got great skills! Haha…are you kidding?

        Last time i checked, Icardi haters said he can’t do anything except poaching! Ooooops…. seems you guys are falling on your own trapes!! SMH….

  14. I like this rumoured list only Perroti should be dropped.To play as lefe winger we have Di maria Lanzini Acuna and even Meza can also play there.I am satisfied Ansaldi is there may he remain there.Rojo is good choice over Pezella .Rojo is just put of form now but we know how good he is.Banega Biglia as our no5 I want some mobility from them in midfield do not pressure Messi to drop deep.Good list we can reach final again.
    In set pieces we have Otamendi Fazio and Augreo.They take good header
    In free kick we have free kick king LIONEL MESSI
    Lanzini Lo celso Meza and Di maria in midfield.All are good in ball control and in speed.
    Full backs are Ansaldi and Taglafico.Ansaldi is well balanced in attack and defence.He is good in dribbling and tackle and long crosses.Taglafico will provide speed.Just destroyer position lacks something but there we have experienced Banega and Biglia.May they do something good.Armani should be given chances.He has most number of clean sheets in domestic league.

    • theres no decent CDM in this list ,how you gonna cope with good teams like spain and brazil,at least he should’ve considered battaglia,what’s the fascination with loser banega i don’t know
      gago is better than him though very injury prone,injured biglia and marcado going to worldcup for enjoying the russian vacation trip .omitting centurion from final list would be a grave mistake as there’s no one like him on the pitch apart from messi .

      • im worried about no CDM but Sampaoli made the chilean “smurf” defensive backline into disciplined pack of wolves. they were very effective. I think Sampaoli is counting on our mids Lanzini, Lo Celso, Messi, etc.. dominating possession.

  15. I like that rumored squad just these 3 complaints:
    Sampaoli do the right thing and select
    – Ansaldi
    – Pezzella instead of Rojo
    – Find a place for a central midfielder ideally Paredes instead one of the wingers/wide midfielders.

    And make Kun play to his potential.

    • Right now the rumor is he is taking Ansaldi and Meza, but dropping Pizzarro.

      The good thing is we at least have a backup fullback who is actually a fullback.

      The bad thing is we dont have enough midfielders.

      regardless of the formation – be it 4-3-3, 4-4-2, 4-1-4-1, 4-2-3-1 we don’t need more than 4 wingers. We are actually taking SIX.
      Di Maria, Lanzini, Salvio, Acuna, Pavon and Meza. WTF??????

      And for midfield we have

      1. Biglia (Injured)
      2. Banega (inconsistent)
      3. Mascherano (Passed it)
      4. Lo Celso (Too Green)

      This is madness now. I’m really frustrated.

          • this tournment decided by locelso and lanzini…. their linking play with messi decide the worldcup….. locelso played DM in most of this season…. he is the link between midfield to attack… his tracking back tackless… better than anyone… lanzini played cm.. last season… he can play rm and lm…. we dont need mache —biglia…. we need box to box midfield… i hope lanzini and locelso… is our xavi and iniesta…. so dont worry mate… and messi will drop deep… locelso act some time cam…. thats sampolli plan…





        • Even Meza can play, i think;
          But if Biglia is injured r suspended due to card accumulation, we r doomed that’s a big risk;
          It better to drop either of Meza or Perotti and include either of Pizzarro r Battaglia;
          May b Masche is back up of Biglia, not sure though;

  16. I don’t understand why sampaoli called up 35 players. He has time by his side to test all the players before going for the final list. What if sampaoli finds Icardi more deserving than higuain, battaglia does Better than biglia. He called up so many players but doesn’t test them. The European club football isn’t over as yet. Players who really deserve to prove their worth. I know all the other teams have called just 23 players. But we aren’t in the same situation. We should be in search of better players if not the best.

    • Oh no remember we are prepared years and years and got qualified half run in the qualifiers. Also we have all our tactics and system in place for years, and we have same coach for 10 years, and we’ve been playing same consistent roster, so why not announcing 23 players sooner than later?

    • Similar question I have been asking myself: What is the point of naming 35 and finalize with 24 even before they gather all together? If the coach was keen with what he would select, why on the earth didn’t he just name 23 and a few as back up? Would the 11 players who didn’t make the cut be traveling to the camp and training with other? Make no sense at all to me.

  17. I believe this Messi version is better and more mature than one we got in 2014 world cup. However in this world cup, both Spain and Brazil are better teams and we have to go through them to win World Cup. I dont think Germany or France are that better which media made us believe. To beat Brazil we need to neak a goal and counter them. As for Spain, we need Augero and Messi partnership. Fart Higuian will not be enough just like in friendlies.

    • No I disagree, leaving Centurion would be a very wise choice and he plays in a completely different position to dybala so comparing the two isn’t even fair.

  18. I am going wait until Sampaoli announces the official list of 23/24 players. As per my understanding with the help of google translation this TYC article is just a rumor .Can one of our Spanish speaking friends in Mundo translate the TYC article for us? This rumored list is very attacking like Maradona’s team so its very doubtful it will happen. The results of Nigeria and Spain game will get some of the fossils dropped!!

    My take on the rumored list:-

    I don’t think Sampaoli is going to go with only 2 Centre Backs Otamendi and Fazio. I am sure he must have thought of the likelihood of one of our CBs getting suspended at some point in the world cup.Yes this list has Mascherano and Rojo but no way in hell Sampaoli is expecting to win this world cup with Mascherano and Rojo as back ups. Most likely Rojo will get the boot as Mascherano could still be usefull to close out games for us. Plus with Acuna and Ansaldi and Talgiafico all going there is no point in taking Rojo. Pezzella has very good chance of getting picked!!Fingers crossed!! With the form Rojo is in not even the Messi-Masch syndicate and world cup experience is going to save him. It will be big shocker if it happens!!

    It is very unlikely that Sampaoli will take just Biglia as our sole defensive midfielder. One out of Guido Pizarro, Leandro Paredes, Enzo Pérez, Pablo Pérez & Battaglia will be selected as a backup for Biglia who hasn’t gotten his fitness back let alone match fitness . Hopefully it will be Enzo. He always gives 120% when playing for national team.
    I don’t see Perroti getting dropped unless he is not getting his fitness back in time. One of the major reason Roma made it to the semi finals and also qualified for next years Champions league is Perroti. Check out his stats in Who-scored . He has played far better than 11 goals and 5 assists!! May be he was listed as a striker so that he could be selected ahead of others like Icardi and Martinez. We all know Icardi is not going and i don’t want to start another debate with Icardi haters. Hopefully he will score a hat-trick today and get Inter to the Champions league and force Sampaoli to make last minutes changes!!

    Messi,Aguero,Dybala and Higuain

    Can’t wait for tomorrow!!

    • I would take Icardi instead of Hiugain. We need Augero replacement if he is injured and Hiugain has cheat arg. fans time and time again.

      • Spot on and no brainer. Though it seems attitudguain has a cemented spot with steel and lead.

  19. I really think that sampaoli is taking a big risk for not bringing an energetic number 5 in case Biglia is not 100%. He may think he has Masche but I would prefer Battaglia in the list and take Benega out.

  20. Happy to see all four dybala, ansaldi (not alsandi), meza and lo celso all made it. I only miss enzo perez and Icardi. I can live with that. Enzo perez in particular because of his great tackle, speed and last world cup experience.

  21. Yes Meza is in. Salvio is included as a midfielder. Can you get the average age of the roster?

  22. Final list of 24 players!

    Archers: Sergio Romero, Wilfredo Caballero, Franco Armani.

    Defenders: Cristian Alsandi, Gabriel Mercado, Nicolás Otamendi, Javier Mascherano, Federico Fazio, Marcos Rojo, Marcos Acuña, Nicolás Tagliafico.

    Midfielders: Maximiliano Meza, Ángel Di María, Manuel Lanzini, Giovani Lo Celso, Ever Banega, Lucas Biglia, Eduardo Salvio, Diego Perotti.

    Forwards: Paulo Dybala, Lionel Messi, Gonzalo Higuain, Sergio Agüero, Cristian Pavón.

  23. Already too much pressure on messi. Why don’t players mention Aguero and Higuain or Di Maria as a resource they can depend on or the grandfather mascherano I wonder? Why its always on Messi’s shoulders? This will increase the amount of pressure on one player to fight every opponent in this WC knowing it’s him or the ship will sink.

    • I just saw this article seconds ago and what you said was exactly what I was going to say.

      Messi cannot win the world cup alone, Maradona did not win the 1986 WC alone either, he had teammates that did their job with far less offensive talents ARGENTINA possesses today but nevertheless had players that did their jobs.

      I have yet to see these so-called superstars step-up in any major tournament ARG participated in.
      Going back to the 2011 Copa, how many chances created by Messi and squandered by Higuian , Kun, and El Pocho against Uruguay plus the still fresh in our memories 2 last Copas.

      Jest of the story is this, Dybala, Kun, DiMaria and Mr. Hguian need to do their jobs if ARG wants to have a chance to lift that ever-elusive trophy

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