Eduardo SALVIO to start ahead of Cristian ANSALDI for Argentina vs. Haiti


A late change as Eduardo SALVIO is set to come in for Cristian ANSALDI for Argentina.

Per reports coming out of Argentina, Eduardo SALVIO of Benfica will start as a right back over Cristian ANSALDI. The idea appears to be that coach Jorge SAMPAOLI wants a more attacking approach. This would be the starting XI:


As we reported earlier, SAMPAOLI would likely make several changes at half time.


  1. One thing that worries me is the partner for otamendi at center back. Fazio looks slow and slender. He may be our weak spot. Speedy n tricky forwards like Griezmann, Vardy, Asensio, Suarez will punish him. Unfortunately Sampa picks Rojo as another CB. He is known in EPL for being easily exposed and fragile (after he got long injury). Sampa should have picked between Pezzella or Garay. As for Mori, he just recovered from injury and not yet at his optimum condition. All we can do now is hoping that Otamendi performs super excellent n won’t get injured. He is our dependable at the back.

  2. Sampaoli looks very nervous and high tense even though leading by 2-3 goals. Should be more relax and comfortable. Overall our youngster have a great contribution. Lo Celso, Pavon and Lanzini are much better than Di Maria and Higuain. We got Meza and Dybala plus Banega which will be great subs. Aquero keeps that form, please./ Need to explore them. Winning always brings confidence. Vamos Arg.

  3. Still how many games we need to evaluate Higuain???

    Answers- -we know he is not up the level for NT but still he manage to start though he is not even good as sub.

    Not scoring for NT sinks higuain in lots of pressure
    He himself knows that He is failing again and again
    This is not good for Argentine football l

    He also have knowledge about #9ICARDI …

    • Also Sampoali system is more suitable to augero who could score from tight space with powerful strike due to his low gravity just like Messi. Hugain has very weak shot from the box and he is also no that good in header. We need him only when we have to defend our lead as a team.

      • Yes. aguero has now scored 3 goals in last 150mins or so. Hope his leg is fixed for next 45 days though & we should be super good.
        Higuaín badly needs a goal to move the mental block. I sincerely hope he does well in Russia. His contribution in 2nd goal cannot be ignored – something which would have prompted Sampa to pick him over Icardi.

        • If he can’t score against Haiti, you think he will score against Germany or Brazil? The guy is washed out and done as a footballer, you guys need to get it. That’s why the media everywhere is screaming like how on earth Higuaín is chosen over Icardi, not just that, he’s a starter by default too. #9? #9 my ass.

  4. i hope Dybala starts ahead of Lanzini, as Higuain is midfielder sampaoli should drop a midfielder and call up icardi

    • He can’t call Icardi now, it’s too late as he’s in a holiday mode and missed all warm up and world cup preparation stage (the fundamental drills the team has been practicing on).

  5. I don’t think Higuain had a pathetic game. He missed one open chance. But he was very much involved in the game & tried his best to make space. Was the key in second goal.
    Defense was too tired after 65_70 minutes. So comparing Aguero & him based on this match will be injustice to him…

    One positive about today’s match is, we found the “thief”.. Di Maria. He should never start a match for Argentina. He will be effective against tired defence not to those who are capable to eat him alive..

    Pavon & Meza should get the chance. Lanzini also should not be given the starting spot, he’s a typical EPL player, with poor vision.

    • Hope Dybala had some minutes
      Specifically After messi hattrick..

      Mascherano should have been substituted following his discomfort

    • @Gokul- That’s a neutral & fair view on the players. Masche seemed to be bothered with his hamstring after a knock. Gives more doubt if he can sustain 90mins

    • A strikers primary objective is to score other things are bonus.if he can’t score he should be dropped simple as that.i don’t think he is here because of footballing reason.he is here for politics. Messi mayb pushing for him

      • strange logic. why will messi push him if messi is convinced he is a disaster. messi also has a brain & wants World Cup more than anyone. This is about team chemistry & not Wanda ( media imagination ) . Why does Benzema still play in Real Madrid ? based on skills he is as bad as Higuaín.
        Higuaín choking is accepted & we need to move on.. But he is being able to contribute in build up & helps Messi score. Icardi is dependent on wingers.

        • I don’t buy this logic.messi recently said in an interview that higuain should get a this it’s sure higuain is there because only of messi’s backing.there are better attacker in lautaro or alario etc even without picking icardi we have better options than higuain.I would even play dybala as no.9 before higuain.and Madrid is not superior because of benzema.they have modric kroos caseimiro kovacic isco Ramos varane Marcelo carvajal etc with decent goalie in navas bale cr7 in front.they have a great squad.

  6. Higuain might be good for defensive approach or parking the bus if leads the scoor line but if Argentina need goal Higuain is not good enough Dybala should give chance at no9

  7. Team is not that good.No long shots was taken on goal.Lanzini is not consistent player Pavon is not good dribbler to make final pass Messi was looking uninterested I missed Barcelona Messi
    Only positive was everybody was helping other player but individually they are not good.Only Lo Celso was good today he plays with his heart and fives all what he has.Samloli was looking tense even in debacle against Spain he was looking good.Team has a lot to do in various department. Other than NeSSI and Augreo there is no matured goal scorer other lacks finishing ability

    • Messi was taking easy. He was also cautious to not to get injured. We never know what will happen. He could have add couple if he acted like Ronaldo to pad his stats but Messi is team player and do not bully small teams.

  8. Higuain is no more striker, he is midfielder at worst therefore Argentina is one striker less, Icardi or lautro should be in the squad behind Aguero, the best striker in the world

    • And Shahrukh is old…….. Joking apart you are right. I just wander if Augero was incase of Huigain in final 2014, we would have definitely become champion. I do not understand Huigain hype from media when he consistently failed in higher stage. Di maria is very inconsistent player and also very selfish like CR.

  9. Our best line up
    Salvio Otamendi Fazio Tagliafico
    Mascherano locelso
    Pavon Messi Lanzini

    Salvio played well and produced chances on the right
    Lanzini plays better on left his natural position
    Pavon can make that last pass; dimaria will be a super sub
    Locelso combines well on three of the goals
    Higuain is a mess
    Mascherano is key in ball distribution
    1) Dimaria for Pavon
    2) Dybala for Lanzini or Aguero
    3) Banega for Mascherano or locelso

  10. First 11
    Salvio Fazio Otamendi Tagliafico
    ——-Banega lo Celso
    — Lanzini Messi Pavon
    —— —-Agüero

    Secound 11
    Mercado Fazio Otamendi Rojo
    —–Biglia Mascherano
    — Dybala Messi Di Maria
    —— —-Higuain

    Higuain and Di Maria very weak, so dont let them play from the beginning.

  11. Ansaldi—-Ota—–Fazio/Rojo——-Tagli
    __________No 5 —– Lo Celso—–___________


    _________________Kun Aguero_______

    • @Gokul – I like this squad better. Though Fazio over Rojo for sure in starting 11. & good to see you left goalie position unfilled. Maybe its Armani.
      While Salvio attacked very well today , i think against top teams – he will leave so much gaps in defense ( like what happened to Bustos vs Spain ) . So Salvio as RM & Ansaldi as RB will be perfect. Looks like Pavon pushes Di Maria into starting 11.
      Now look at our bench here – Di Maria , Dybala, Banega, Lanzini , Meza , Masche ( assuming Biglia plays No 5) , Higuaín ( how much ever we crib, he contributed to the 2nd goal today) , Acuna. Looks solid.
      Whatever detractors rant , we bring the best quotient of young talent – LoCelso, Meza, Lanzini, Pavon, Dybala. WOW

      • 👌👍.. at the least we can conclude Sampoli has so much options.. i can see only positive s from today’s experiment.

  12. Pavon should get the nod above DiMaria
    Aguero would get the nod above Higuain anyway (Higuain should be the third choice fw behind Dybala)
    Meza would be better than Lanzini as well.

    Messi has passed to Pavon lots of times (which is a very good sign) and our general play improved greatly since the later came on. He has better final pass and is also more hard working.

    Aguero | Messi
    Pavon | Lo Celso | Mascherano | Meza
    Tagliafico | Fazio | Otamendi | Salvio

    This team can win the world cup. Excited!

  13. the result could be a false high…Haiti was a nothing team. Our high back line will be exposed if our midfield is pressed on the ball. LoCelso needs to be more central to the play. Hopefully Aguero starts from next game. But I see Di maria sticking on for the next game. a few of Pavons touches were too heavy.

    • One should not forget that we are still a team under process. We got the performance (to an extent) and the result we wanted. Some of the lads performed really well. While usual culprits failed again.

      The players have put in a lot of work to get the ball back. Surely, Haiti is not the opponent to test our overall defensive play. But the reaction from the players to win the ball back was generally good.

  14. I really like our second half. Pavon and Arguero show us that they should be ahead of choker and headless chicken.

    Only thing we need to improve is the ability of speeding up during possession. I think Lanzini/Meza needs to do this job other than Messi.

    Special comment only for Lo Celso: He is superb today. What should I say?

  15. Augero needs to stay fit for Argentina and we will have higher chance. Huigain provide no threat and Di maria is carbon copy of cristiano Ronaldo in taking shots from impossible angles instead of passing to team mates.

  16. Enough of DiMaria & Higuain. Bring on Meza & Dybala.

    Sampaoli must ask his players to make less backward passes. They need to be more creative and move faster as it’s pretty clear all teams would be defending against Argentina in the world cup.

  17. Universal truth Higuain is no longer provide threads for opponents therefore causal depending for opponents may give opportunity for him but he had choking ability. Eder scored in euro final where french man underestimated, sampaoli must give chance Dybala is playing 11 if Aguero not available atleast Dybala can provide threads unlike finished Higuain

    • There is a reason Augero is star at MC and Huigain was sold from RM. Augero would have outscore Ronaldo in RM. He is that good but have issue with injuries.

    • lanzini should be played left instead of di maria. that’s lanzini’s natural position. Hope to see 2nd half
      1) Meza in RM &
      2) Ansaldi instead of Salvio. Salvio definitely impressed in attack – but against a quality side i don’t think right back will be allowed to go that upfront.
      3) Armani ( anyway i don’t think goalie has much in this match ) . Just finish off his debut . The one time Cabellero advanced was real scary as that was a defender clearance.
      4) Rojo instead of Fazio
      5) Pavon instead of Di Maria
      6) Aguero instead of Higuaín ( time to be sure aguero is off his injury)

  18. Not even an average performance by higuain ..
    Masche is slow but doing some creative things..
    Cabellero playing very high all the time can hurt in WC games ..
    Still midfield mobility not good
    Backline playing pass and then make a final pass for attack
    Eduardo salvio is good in attack
    Opponent are physically strong but are a low quality team ..though scoreline tells different

    • I don’t think Masche was slow today. The DM role he played today should be compared to Busquet, Casemiro etc. That’s the correct pace in that role. Did some good aerial passes also. 2 things though :
      – he was not really tested as Haiti was weak. Can he sustain tempo against tough world class midfields
      – his fitness is questionable for a full match . He was showing lot of discomfort after a tackle.

  19. Despite the useless possession I’m not liking the play…messi needs to be more forward…watching Di maria and Higuain is frustrating. Salvio good. But we will need proper defenders against better teams.

  20. Higuain is finished man, i didn’t blame for his past choking but both Higuain and Surazez are no more like they were

  21. Can anybdy plz kick the lazy faggot Masch out of the field??? wtf he is doing there ?? alwz hiding behind the opponent player …… No fucking creativity in the midfield .. No goddamned fucking one with real 2 balls- who is mobile and asking to play it down forward ….. No footwork, no glimpse .. nuthing … nothing is out there ….

    • Mascherano was never a creative player. He’s to cover the defence during attacks of opponents.
      These kind of matches are difficult to evaluate number 5.
      He’s too slow now, that’s true.

      • i understand the role 5 ….. watch the recorded video if u want . He is simply standing with the players.. I dont expect him to b bushi, but simply no desire/ability to connect the dots.. the defenders are playing the ball wide everytime .. thts how u gonna play against spain?? omg!! i am freaking out even to imagine

  22. Maria must be given the warning.
    Sampoli should give Pavon the chance to start against Israel.
    Pavon-Lo-Tagli-Messi will be devastating in.the left attack wing.
    Di maria have lost it.

  23. As far: Salvio and Tagliafico the best. Also Messi and Lanzini in moments. Lo Cleso good at the beginnings then little quiet. THe weakest Higuain and Di Maria. Higuain keeps his level of the world’s worst striker.

      • I know you like Higuain so much but he is hell’s gift. BTW if you think I’m Lewandowski’ fan just because he is Pole you are wrong. I never liked strikers in type of him or Alario.

        • I dont like Higuain, but Icardi with his zero teamwork is not the answer, a helthy Aguero is painfully needed, maybe the only centre foward in the world who is a classy dribbler, everybody is very caotious so far

          • I never thought any single player may be straight answer but since long time Higuain in NT represents level that you can’t do wrong thing taking anyone other instead for tournament. Simple.

    • Higuain already under pressure even in a friendly against Haiti..!
      I think in WC..striker order will be..Aguero, Dybala, Higuain. Higuain…a third choice…!

  24. Lanzini, Tagliafico, Lo Celso and Salvio, I love these guys!!!! They are just wonderful!!!

    Choker and Headless Chicken are still what they are!!

  25. Cill out guys…this call strategy…if your team get concede and need to head…you must do extremely attack…more if your opposite park the bus

  26. They will want to make it special as this is the last home game for Mascherano, Higuain, Aguero, Biglia, Di Maria and Messi.

    If they do indeed retire from NT after WC they will mark the occasion with plenty of goals.

    • Messi will play in 2022 World cup. As Captain of Defending champions. 😉😉😉.. this is not his last home gain in Blue & White shirt.

    • As far as i know, messi said in his last statement, that he will continue in the national team after the world cup.

  27. Stop testing, get your first team on the pitch and let them play together. This brings more confidence and creates more team spirit. So, why is Sampaoli still testing? that means he has no idea what he is doing.

    • Every time I see SALVIO on the list I get confused even more, like where exactly is is position on the field?
      Guess I have to wait for the game to start

  28. I don’t get this salvio thing when there is a proper fullback in ansaldi.
    crazy coaches like bielsa & sampaoli sometimes overdo things.

    • Sampaoli wants to go for all out attack. He may also be assuming Haiti would defend with 10 men, so he would need a more attacking FB. Either way, both would get equal playing time.

    • He made Isla RB in Chile. It went very good for them. He might be seeing something in Salvio.
      I will give him credit for sidelining Mercado at RB & this experiment.

  29. Sampaoli is giving the Choker and the Headless Chicken the final 45 minutes chance to prove their forms.
    If not convincing enough, they’ll be subs.

    • In my opinion headless chicken should be sub.. he will be a very good super sub. To strengthen attack.
      He will be good against already tired defenders…
      Whenever he starts he was frustrating recently

  30. A good move. But it is up to the players how much they are prepared for the WC. How much they have learned from the last match Spain humiliation.

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