Eduardo SALVIO of Argentina: “Our first option has to be MESSI”


Eduardo SALVIO will be taking part in his first FIFA World Cup tournament for Argentina and in an interview with TyC Sports, discussed two quick topics.

Coming up through the youth teams, SALVIO, now 27 years old and at Benfica, is expected to play a different role than he is accustomed to. In Argentina’s 4-0 win against Haiti, he was deployed on right side, with a lot of defensive responsibilities. Yet when attacking, he states that MESSI is the first option:

“Our first option has to be MESSI but we also know that we have quality players; AGÜERO, HIGUAÍN or DI MARÍA will make some runs which you can take advantage of as well.”

When asked about the different setups we can see from the coach, SALVIO doesn’t seem to have a problem with them:

“If I play, it doesn’t matter if it’s a line of four or a line of three.”

Having represented Argentina at U17 as well as at U20 level, this will be Eduardo SALVIO’s first tournament with the senior team.


  1. it is very interesting game between Croatia and Brasil today. Croatian team is our biggest opponent for first place in group. i am very curious to see in which level they are right now.

    • Croatia’s midfield is world class on paper. Would be interesting to see them hold up against pacey midfielders and attackers like the brazilian ones. Cant wait to watch this interesting match.

  2. till now i haven t see a team to make me “afraid”. they are building their teams as Sampaoli doing with ours. i like the fact that europeans don t count us as big favorite. that is good. we are going with low profile and i like that. i remember at 2002 everybody was saying that we was the best team by far from second. the resault….. Almost the same thing on 2010 because Messi was on fire those years. the resault we all know too…… So maybe it will be nice we go with low profile and kick their asses!!!

  3. Very childish and immature and poor comment from Salvio. Point is very clear, Practice hard and improve your important skills at least otherwise OUT. Don’t comments shits on media. If you guys don’t have hearts and courage leave the squad immediately. It will be better to enjoy in home.

  4. Besides I can’t understand this behaviour of diminish biggest opponents. Brazil, France, Germany, Spain – all the teams are main favourites – that’s fact. Argentina is not among the biggest favourites – it’s not my opinion (the position maybe only good for Argentina). None of the big teams mentioned above is team to neglect and underestimate. So why the arrogance must back here everytime along with big tournament. That’s unprofessional. Professionalism requires you to take every of the teams as if they were already World Champion. You will not win anything if your staff will act with arrogance and ignorrance.

    We know very well that maradonism approach what is exact opposite to Germany professionalism. The only good approach is sound fear and bother that may brings only good things. With good concern you may only

    France is not that experienced but after all already second team of last Euro (with good dose bad luck). With win over experienced Germany. THe level of talented players is incredible there. So you can’t just expectate they will fail before facing us. Everything is possible (Peru is really strong team) but professionalism won’t let you think that France or Spain will be out somwhere there before facing us. Professionalsis requires to be prepared for the toughest hurdle.

  5. As far I do not see any change with approach of our new players to Messi. All this is about bow down to him. If the off pitch attitude will transponed into behaviour in game we will not see nothing new and groundbreaking despite having few young promising boys around. Alone Messi is able to take us to final stages but nothing more. Then we will see him chasing to and fro with few defenders on his back with no end instead play quick pass football.

    Sampaoli must to make little miracle to have effective machine. Before WC we have not seen well working team as Sabella have.

  6. Argentina’s chances depends highly upon Messi and Augreo if both man are in form they will be world champion. They just needs support from rest of the team.Sergio Romero should be in the squad Sampoli should not have done it to Romero.Even he said to Sampoli that he can manage himself.

  7. If the header of this topic is what Salvio said, he got it wrong. The first thing to do is give Messi options. Move, create space, offer passing opportunities.

    We have seen so many games where players give the ball to Messi, stop playing and watch letting Leo do it all by himself.

    Do not give the opponent the chance to say afterwards: we covered Messi and neutralised the threat of Argentina.

    • The worst one should be the game against Uruguay last year. The team was cut into two: when Messi received the ball, Higuain, Di Maria and others keep on running and wait for Messi’s assist, until they are offside, other midfielders like Banega and fullbacks stayed behind without offering any help to Messi. Things getting significantly better with introduction of Lo Celso, Enzo Perez(unfortunately not chosen), Acuna, Salvio, …etc. The most important thing is to support Messi and don’t let him alone.

    • The problem is there is something called tactics.

      No two matches are same, not even against the same opponent.

      Iceland, most probably, would park the bus against us, just like many other teams in the world cup. No team would dare to play an open game against us if Messi plays.

  8. Iceland will get the beating and we should be also able to handle crotia comfortably. Nigeria is our only threat even though they are playing poorly. They are our boggy team.

    • I have the opposite view. Iceland will park the bus and it won’t be easy. Similar to Iran, I wouldn’t expect a beating. Croatia has a very strong midield between Rakitic, Modric, and Kovacic with Mandzukic and Perisic leading the attack. This will be the hardest game. I think Nigeria will be easiest since they play attacking futbol and leave room to exploit.

      • Park the bus will not work this time around. Since we play more possession based football and using Messi in attack will help. Giving too much time and space to Messi on ball is suicide. I agree though that crotia will be hard due to mf but i do not rate Rakitic as midfielder and Modric has nightmare against Messi every time.

    • I am confident that we will win all 3 group games. All games will be a struggle & late goals . But we will pick 9 points in group stage.

  9. Tomorrow plays Croatia vs Brazil.
    Nigeria lost against England and were very weak.
    Island vs Norway still 1:1

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