Sergio AGUERO starts Argentina training ahead of HIGUAIN


Sergio AGUERO started Argentina’s first training session on Monday ahead of Gonzalo HIGUAIN.

Argentina National Team coach Jorge SAMPAOLI is set to hold two training sessions on Monday. With the first one already taking place, the eleven which SAMPAOLI put out versus the sparring team has been released. It’s not very different from the one that is rumored to start the World Cup.


The one which is rumored to start versus Iceland has Gabriel MERCADO ahead of Eduardo SALVIO in the right back position, Giovani LO CELSO for Lucas BIGLIA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN in place of Sergio AGUERO.


  1. Public sessions are just for entertainment. Sampaoli is just testing different scenarios. You all should just chill and wait for the island game. Argentina won’t concede 6 goals in a world cup game nor will they give away a two goal lead like vs Nigeria. Sampaoli will surprise us. I’m sure about that.

  2. How some here draw certain conclusions is beyond my understanding!

    Sampaioli is a highly regarded coach! Even if he chooses to play with Biglia and Macherano he has the insight and understanding of the team aswell as the players!!!

    Support the team God damn it!!!! You want to be critical, then at least be constructive! Have your opinions bit stop bashing om the players and calling them names!!!

    • We are fans not brainless human .firstly dybala can’t play with messi now biglia instead of lo celso this is pathetic. Don’t know what’s gng on in sampoli, messi and maschareno’s mind.

    • Remember Einstein said that trying the same thing and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity and so using the double pivot that brought Argentina *this* close to missing out on the WC not to mention the 6-1 licking from Spain would make Sampaoli the physical embodiment of insanity (and stupidity).
      With all that being said I’m not gonna pass judgement until the starting line up is announced and even then I’ll wait until the final whistle before crucifying (or praising) baldie.

    • Joe, we are supporting the team, dont worry. Thanks for the advice. And my advice to you always shout against injustice and unfair opportunitists. But if you dont bother with anything that Sampaoli changes or makes, then my advice you to stop exploring the sports blog before the beginning of the match agsinst Iceland.

  3. i see panic to some fans here just because some rumors of starting 11.
    i give friendly advice to all you guys to be patient.
    even if you see one lineup that you don t like don t get panic.

    we have in front the first game of world cup. not the final.
    if you afraid Iceland then there is not exist future.
    we are Argentina. not Saudi Arabia or Korea.

    who should feel “afraid” ?
    Argentina should afraid that face Iceland or Iceland that will face Argentina.

    • This is not ‘afraid’, my friend. This is totally irritating.
      First, one of the best players of the Team Dybala will start on the bench. Okay, we were told that Messi and Dybala can’t play together. Very silly point, but okay…we agreed with coach. Now Lo Celso, the second player after Messi was also considered to be benched. So, how long you can bear such stupidity of the coach?

      • i wait to see.
        i don t disagree with you actually just for me everything is just rumors.
        personaly i will wait till saturday.
        after that we can speak again.

        • Yes, thanks….I also want to wait….just out of frustration i spoke up….otherwise I was also calmly waiting for Saturday…but the rumours of Lo Celso just irritated me so much that out of frustration I spoke up like this.
          Lets hope for the best!

      • I am tired on listening most stupid things that dybala ans messi doesn’t fit into the tactics but headless chicken fits into it. Dybala is our second best players.

    • If locelso doesn’t start that will prove that the rumours about Messi and friends is actually true.biglia is one of the Messi friends and only after he demanded higuain in the team in an interview higuain got selected.both mascherano and biglia are Messi friends so sampaoli can’t drop them from starting eleven.locelso little reserved not among the Messi friend circle so he relegated to the bench.this is the theory.if locelso starts we can dismiss the theory but if not surely something is fishy

      • From the beginning I did not believe in ‘Friends Club’…but I agree with you that this would be the best indicator to believe in the existence of such Club. If Lo Celso IN, there is not such existence of Friends Club in our team; BUT if Lo Celso OUT from the starting 11, I would have no doubt to believe the existence of such Friends CLub!

      • Personaly speaking i don t care if exist that “friends club” or not.
        if Messi feels better to play together with people he knows and can make him feel better to play that is ok by me.
        BUT and i repeat BUT in the end and after knowing the final resault
        ALL OF THEM will be judged.
        if they bring cup back home i will salute the “Friends club”.
        if the resault is bad……. it will be better for them to don t come back to Buenos aires.

        • Let me tell you I don’t think if Argentina play badly and even out in quarters they are forgiven.some stupid coaching decision always the reason we are still 2 time world champs.we always destroy our chances because of players politics,ego of coaches.i hope this time sampaoli makes the right choice.

          • let me remember….

            2002 one maniac pretend to be our coach.
            2006 Pekerman coaching crimes in most important game against germans.
            2010 without coach at all. (sorry Diego).
            2014 Higuain and Palacio.

            Hmmmm yes my friend you have right 🙂

          • ’78- Menotti was a habitual smoker
            ’86-Bilardo was so much criticized before ’86 for 3-5-2 tactics and poor qualifying form

            Sometimes, managers do deliver! Maybe Samp may also play Bilardo’s 3-5-2 formation with these set of players and bring glory!
            Keep the faith, gosh the optimism in this place seems all washed out, look at the positive side of things lads!

    • Doubt DM pivot against Iceland???? Seems we are scared of Iceland rather than the other way round. So what happens to all that talk of 2-3-3-2? how does that sit with such a line-up? IF ALL THIS IS TRUE, I think they are taking it like Messi and friends testimonial world cup. Wave goodbye at the end of group stages. He can put an actual goat in his trophy cabinet where world cup winner medal should hang.

      • 2_3_3_2 is not at all in any risk, if Salvio is playing instead of Mercado.

        With 2 CBs, Masche, Biglia & Tagliafico making the 3 cover line. With maria,meza & salvio upfront. Meza playing in Interior role similar to lanzini.
        Messi & Aguero the front 2.

        • Ok if biglia mascherano plays I’m sure Argentina will surely struggle against iceland.they will easily nullify our just can’t drop your best midfielder currently.expect a draw a 1-1 or 0-0 stalemate.messi will be manmarked by 3 players.there will be no supply for aguero from midfield.meza can create but we don’t know how he will perform against a park the bus team.dimaria don’t have brains to unlock defences.

  4. It would be a disgrace if Lo Celso does not start against Iceland…I can understand Higuain or Di maria being picked for whatever reasons, but if Lo Celso is benched for Biglia/Mascherano, i would say it’s without any sporting reasons.

  5. According to ole sampaoli fielded this lineup in training which will not start against Iceland
    Ansaldi fazio Mercado acuna
    Locelso Enzo Perez
    Pavon dybala higuain
    Another name I can’t remember.
    So according to them Argentina lineup against Iceland will be
    Salvio ota rojo tagli
    Mascherano biglia
    Meza Messi dimaria
    So no locelso again mascherano and biglia pair.if it’s true I don’t know why again this formation

  6. I was really happy that Lo Celso connected with Messi very well in the field. Messi-Lo Celso combo is too much vital for us ensuring our progress to KO.
    However, from the training session videos, I dont know why, I sensed something like that the relation between Messi and Lo Celso outside the field seems not so close. So, if Lo Celso is out of the starting 11 from the Iceland match, it would be clear enough that its certainly not a footballing decision from the coach; but from the desire of Messi (sorry to say).

    • I don’t understand why you guys assume and post? How do you know it’s not a footballing desicion?
      What if sampaoli is trying options for substitutes?

      • It its trying options for substitutes, then there should not be any problem; but the fact is it does not seem like that. After couple of days from Haiti match, Lo Celso was not regularly considered as the starting members in the training session. This indicates that he might not be benched.
        He was the 2nd best player in the Haiti match after Messi. So for which footballing reason do you think Lo Celso could be benched?

    • Amazing.
      Some 2 hour public ‘training’ Videos which was meant as some kind of “charity”, you have drawn so many conclusions about the team. Great work, Kudos.
      And can you please elaborate those evidence, please, which you used & quote as the major reason for ‘Messi (a guy who want Argentina to loose) axing Lo Celso’… Again, congratulations.

      • some people watching videos in youtube and they believe
        that they can be football coaches 🙂

        if it was like this guys we could all be and first of all ME 🙂

        i would not be working from early morning every day till evenning just for
        the salary i am taking right now :-):-):-)

        i could be rich right now 🙂

    • do you take time to read what you post, if you do read them, do you actually believed your post. there’s one thing which very crucial no one is mention “the first wave chock” it doesn’t matter how many big stage you being in before, this is the world cup the biggest stage. in the first game some player will be shake, then recover which is normal, a coach should be able to identify this thing. I played some college basket, in big stage personality come first before any skill. I have seen fake injury because player cant handle pressure. if your agent already have you a contract, if you don’t. its not that simple like you think,

      • Lmaoooo. We dont even let the coach train his team and start judging. The game has not even started yet. Assumptions and coming to conclusions with nothing. Please go take a shower with cold water. lol.

  7. Today morning again sampaoli uses biglia & mascherano combo , it scared me , it would be disaster if both of them started together. We badly needed lo celso.

    • Recently locelso not getting chances that often I don’t know why.before lanzini injury meza was training in place of suddenly biglia mascherano training together.mayb sampaoli playing safe especially because how shaky Argentina defence really is.but my question is if this is messi’s team then why mascherano’ s partner getting importance it should always be locelso who will be linking with Messi

  8. My thoughts on our opponents in group stage. We have 3 teams that will play us in 3 Different way. Iceland will park the bus and look for occasional attacks and set pieces. Croatia will try possession and Nigeria would do quick burst Counter Attacks and they might score against us. The better attack would win that day so i am hopefull we will out score Nigeria and it would be a hard fought interesting game. Iceland i believe would be our Hardest game as they would try to do an Iran on us. But we should use our wingers this time. Croatia would actually maybe easier for us because their style suits us. We are usually good against Possession Teams And they cannot out possess us. I beleive that could be a 1-0 win for us at worst. If we can get a good win on Iceland the rest should be ok.

    • the first game is very important. not because we face one football giant but because
      with one win the players will start to increase their psychology and confidence .

      game after game they will became better and better and imagine our team with Messi
      if their confidence go up to sky.

      then no Brasil no Spain no France no Germany can stop us.

  9. Mascherano-Biglia is recipe for disaster against a bus team like Iceland. It puts all of the creative burden on Messi. Lo Celso is a must. The opponent was not the greatest but against Haiti was one of the few times I have seen anyone play passes through the lines to Messi in a decade. Getting the ball to Messi closer to the final third makes best use of him and in turn makes the job of of whoever the 9 is easier since Messi can more easily slip them in on goal with a pass near the penalty box. For this Lo Celso must start if fit.

    • Coach is just trying out options. Maybe he thinks he would need to use this formation sometime during this world cup. I don’t see a double pivot starting 11 against Iceland. No way.

    • Yes Lo Celso is a must.

      I really liked the goal Aguero scored against Haiti.

      Someone (Meza?) presses and recovers the ball, passed it to Lo Celso, who finds Messi quickly, Messi in a split second put the ball forward meticulously and Aguero runs forward, connects with the ball and shoots it. Goal!!!

      Another pass that made me happy was the one Pavon gave to Messi which also ended up with a goal for the latter.

      The passes that Lo Celso and Pavon gave to Messi were the ones we lacked for a long time.

      I hope Lo Celso cements his place as a starter even in KO and Pavon earns his starting berth with excellent cameos in the group matches.

  10. I’m checking mundo atleast once every hour to see what’s the next sensational news coming in. Can someone confirm the Higuain news so that I can add him to my FIFA fantasy team. lol

  11. Im actually very very concerned about our goalkeeping position although i trust Sampaoli and most of his choices thus far :(. After watching our full video training last night it seems to me that Caballero has the tendency to freeze even when there are long range shots taken. Honestly i’ve never seen that happening with a professional goalkeeper. Armani in that video looks really good and confident.

    • But sadly sampaoli will choose caballero and that because of his good performance against Italy.caballero is a good keeper but due to being bench warmer recently he lost his confidence and also positioning and guess I prefer Armani.but alas sampaoli can’t hear us he will most probably realize that caballero is not good enough but I fear that may be too late.

      • Sampaoli choose GK with good feet unfortunately Armani isn’t good with feet otherwise Armani seems to be front runner after Romero

        • The distinct attributes that caballero have over his competitors are his abilities to use his feet well and his penalty saving skills which is well acknowledged by every footballing personnel around the world. Other than those skills he pales in all other departments in comparison to our other available choices. Im not too sure how important is that skill set (passing and control of the ball) for a goalkeeper or even in Sampaoli’s system since we used to play with a goalkeeper (romero)who was literally shitty at those skills. Hope he is making the right choice here.

          • If he can’t save a normal shot even being good with feet is useless.we need 80-85 percent possession every game which is not possible.i would select a goalkeeper with average with feet and good in save so Armani is the answer.if Argentina loose that’s because of sampaoli’s stupidity to not select any talented defender besides tagli and ota and offcourse choosing caballero in his twilight stage of career.

  12. 1) Higuaín as a starter is a big liability. Aguero would do better although Dybala should have been given a starting chance based on number of chances Higuaín and Aguero were given. Some idiots on here prefer Hig besides the ones with short memory. I remember after last copa, guys on here said: “if we see Higuaín wearing The Argentinian Jersey ever again, we would go and knock his head off”. Same was said towards Aguero and Diva Maria.
    2) Caballero is a big question mark, Armani should have been selected our goalie. Caballero is awful based on training videos. He doesn’t make the effort to stretch his body or jump.
    3) Defence: Rojo and Mercado are big liability both. I would rather seeing Fazio, Ansaldi, or Salvio instead. When you have a weak goalkeeper and so-so defence, it becomes a concern, no wonder Sampaoli is going for double pivot.
    4) Di Maria is not a starter and can’t be for a giant national team like Argentina. He’s a sub or he would ruin the party with his erratic run.

    • Goalkeeper is the main concern.the problem is biglia mascherano double pivot may not shield the defence properly as they are slow.but seeing latest training videos mascherano looks sharp.looks like he became faster and that’s one good thing

      • We shall see. I go back and forth among the groups and I still think we have the group of death or the toughest group.

        • I still believe this time no such group of death.yes our group is toughest no doubt mayb only Spain group can come close that group is also a tough group.

  13. Its hard to believe, feels like 2014 was just the other day but 4 whole years have passed and here we are again. That third ever so elusive star awaits, we’ll see.

    • YvesBruno I’m counting days haha. I can’t wait for the actually first game, the feeling when the kick off 00:01 starts.

      • @CAI I honestly feel like this team has a chance to be special .Based on the reported starting 11, I think we have a great combination of youth, experience, speed and determination. Our attack should improve drastically from 2014 with the injection of Meza, Lo Celso, Pavon and even Salvio at the RB position. Then we have Messi who, believe it or not, has matured a lot as a footballer. His through-balls are fantastic and his finishing is second to none. Moreover, under Sampaoli, he’s been playing a lot closer to goal which is evident by his back to back hattricks. I feel like this team has the ability to press and hustle just as hard as a unit…

        According to this piece I just read, here’s the expected starting 11:

        Salvio | Ota | Rojo | Tag
        Mascherano | Lo Celso
        Meza | Messi | DiMaria

          • Rojo would be in, I think if our player follow the plan we should wing the game, the fist line of defense are the AM then the defense line, I think they team in group D will pack the bus in wait for counter attack opportunity, all the 3 will go for draw with Argentina and win the next game.

    • Banega still training separately.he is not fit.technician may take a look at him today.they expect banega to train normally from wednesday.i don’t know about his fitness.i believe they will wait until Wednesday and if not fit may ask for a replacement.

  14. Measure Belgium performance on their last friendly outing against Portugal not Costa Rica (who will lose every single game in their group against Brazil, Switzerland and Serbia) or Egypt. Costa Rica at the end of the day is just a CONCACAF team who had a surprising run at the 2014 world cup because the Latin conditions help boosted them over the other European teams. Tunisia scored two goals on Portugal while Belgium fail to score against Portugal. People are reading too much into these friendlies. Team tactics are set up depending on the opponent and Costa Rica right now is just Navas and the rest which allow Belgium to start an all-out attacking team. Belgium will have no chance against Brazil if they should meet with all the space and holes I see in that backline and midfield of theirs.

  15. Belgium – the most overrated national team going.

    Let’s look at their last results:
    4-0 vs Saudi Arabia
    0-0 vs Portugal (without Ronaldo)
    3-0 vs Egypt
    4-1 vs Costa Rica LIVE (Costa Rica isn’t the same from 2014 they’re weak).

    All lower teams, no challengers.

    Once again you’ll see people on here go “they are contenders” been saying since 2012 this teams overrated how many times do they need to get knocked out for people to understand.

    Their midfield is so vulnerable when they’re on the attack.

    I’ve seen Belgium and Lukaku play against harder teams and they aren’t what you see now. You’re been blinded by lies and falling for it again.

    • Nothing is written in stone. Growing to success is often learning on losts. Spain before 2010 have had never to win WC too because they never won before. That query logic doesn’t allow you to think anything new may actally happen.

      I’m not going to say: Belgium may win WC but they may challenge favourites.

      • Gonzalo I guess that comment wasn’t meant towards you then.

        I watch a lot of EPL because it’s the most entertaining league to watch, the failures of Arsenal, the rise of Man City etc. but I see too many Belgium players. Despite having different winners it’s a very weak league these days so I know what to expect.

        Their players isn’t used to playing high tempo games against world beaters so when they put their nation shirt on they flop due to not having much experience. Yes, I know there’s always a first I get that but if they don’t start relocating players it’ll never end. The only players (French and Belgium) who’re stand out players from the EPL are the Man City ones due to their manager, we can thank him for what he’s done with Aguero too in the last 2 years.

        The reason Lukaku does better for country because they don’t park the bus like Man Utd thanks to Mourinho.

        Judging what I see on TV and online the English media are the main blame they overhype them players – fans look at them as amazing – because they play so well, the Country of Belgium, the people who don’t understand see all their “stars” play wonderful and when they come back to their homeland they get confused as to why they don’t perform.

        Belgium have an easy start to the WC, England are unpredictable but if they really tried they could beat this team. But Belgium have the better players compared so it’ll be like a Chelsea (England) vs Man City (Belgium). Chelsea can beat Man City (on their day).

    • Football fans see these players every weekend playing in the EPL so it makes them look like a formidable team when playing for Belgium. Who on this Belgium team has won a UCL in the last five season? Moreover, Lakaku only look good against weak national teams like Costa Rica, Egypt, Rock of Gibraltar etc. Hazard and De Bruyne have yet to show up at an international tournament or even in the UCL. Belgium midfield is overrated too; I would love to see this Belgium team playing this kind of high line with a three-man defense against a solid/stronger world cup opponent. Belgium = A lot of EPL players which is why there is so much hype surrounding them from the British media who quietly support them…

      • All European National stars are overrated. Most of the English media coverage (outside Mundo) is based on European league teams and whom is good.

        Even Argentine stars like Aguero don’t get the time of day in the media vs European born players. Real Fans (of say Man city know the truth) but the media is for masses and the English media post only about RM and Barcelona stars outside of EPL (Messi vs this or that team as example is what goes for quality journalism).

        I’ve been saying it all year. Someone like Harry Kane? Give me a break, he’s the best striker England has yes. But he wouldn’t even make the bench for Argentina or the list. Icardi didn’t even make it and he’s done better than Kane. But listening to media in UK they just love this guy! Because it’s self fulfilling and sells ads.

        Great position to come into the tournament for the non UEFA teams!

        • i believe you know that exist issues between Argentina and England from Malvinas war at 1982 and after.
          so don t expect anything from English media.

          in the best they ignore us.
          we don t like them and they don t like us.
          simple as that.

          • Yes of course I know the Malvinas. In UK they ignore everyone though was my point. Unless your a Europe national in EPL or on either RM or Barcelona the media in uk is oblivious.

            It’s like they cover two players in la liga and cover 100 players in EPL who might make the England national team.

            Jut saying as English speaking fans there is a lot more negativity around Argentina and positivity around European team.

            Also wanted to note that my biggest realization lately is that Argentina take strikers for granted. Look at Spain, England , Germany no great options. France has grizeman but that’s it. Argentina is trying to decide between taking Aguero, Messi, Dybala, Icardi Martinez etc etc. Totally spoiled (Which is great) in that position.

            Also wanted to note I think I general Brits have a soft spot for Argentina football (eventhough they don’t cover it much). The Malvinas war and guilt over the lives lost and the history of Argentine football is from UK.

          • Yes. i understand you chinook . you are right.

            we are far from Europe. that is why we are ignored from Europeans generally. and not only in football but in everything.


            sad but understandable till one limit.

      • true man. chosing armani is not an option.. but necessity. if sampaoli hasn’t noticed what everyone else looks staged like wwe lol. and when someone can shoot like dybala,u should make a way to get him in the playing 11

    • No. Dybala is a great shooter. But not better than Messi.
      Shooting, angle setting up, the first touch, consistency,. messi outshines him on all scales.

      • messi’s weakest point(apart from heading) I think is shooting (set piece &penalties), I suppose cr7 is better than him in penalties and possibly distance shots. I don’t mean to compare dybala with messi, but u see we have faced difficulty finding nets when it counts.

  16. The team I want to see against Iceland:

    Salvio | Otamendi | Fazio | Tagliafico
    Meza | Mascherano | Lo Celso | DiMaria
    Messi | Higuain

    I still have no idea who out of Caballero and Armani would be better. So I would go with Sampaoli’s choice.

    Salvio instead of Mercado as Iceland is going to defend and we don’t need that much protection at the back. Instead, we would need Salvio’s speed and attack to unlock a tight Island defense.

    Fazio instead of Rojo as Iceland would mainly score from setpiece and we need Fazio’s physical presence and height. Fazio can also be a threat when Island concede a corner.

    Higuain instead of Kun because of Higuain’s pressing and height. I also want him to come on form. We can also limit Kun during the group stage and utilize him more during the KO. In case, Higuain gets into form, let it continue. Kun and Dybala coming on against a tired defense would be interesting.

    Kun for Higuain
    Pavon for DiMaria
    Biglia/Banega/Perez for Meza/Lo Celso

    • I like this except Fazio.
      U think Iceland will do counter attacks.. and Park Bus-Fast counter set ups, i think Rojo is better
      Because most of the time our players will be in forward position…so silly mistakes like miss passes n all may lead to the only threats… & fazio kind of slow player will be bad idea…
      He will be good against Possession teams like Croatia, Spain n all.. where we need a more stable defender… I think.

      • I don’t think Iceland will counter much, their strategy would be park the bus and Nick one in a set piece.

        Nigeria is the team that will play counter attack.

        Croatia will fight with us for possession.

    • Belgium are impressive against Costa Rica. The red devils will steamroll various teams. Which defender is gonna stop the tank Lukaku?

      Someone wrote here that Belgium are capable of beating Brazil. He was right.

  17. Savio/Merc——Oran—Rojo—Tagliatelle
    —Mach—Lo Celso—
    Meza——-Messi——Di Maria
    Lionel Messi operating in his free role, Meza’s position on the field is equally loose and it will be the interchange with the Argentina captain that will be key. Biglia ball winning capabilities but Sampaoli concern is if it comes at the expense of Lo Celso a creative outlet is lost and Messi will be forced deeper to receive the ball.

  18. Enough of training guys, take a break now. We can’t afford any single injury now. Just stay fit. On paper this team has much better defense and attack compared to 2014.Specially the inclusion of Lo Celso and Meja will have huge impact on attack I believe. The moves I have seen from Aguero these days reminds me of his old days. Only thing worries me is the absence of Romero and team chemistry in the defense. I think if we can some how cross the group stage, this team will play great and certainly challenge any one. I wish our mid fielders could score as well to less the burden on messi. Finally, we are at the very end of a long journey of this generation. I still remember fondly those anxious days of qualifiers. Thanks to all these players for whatever they have done. You all are part of my life..

    • this 5 days is vital.i really want to see armani start.lo celso start.dont want to see masche-biglia pair.aguero start.we hope we somehow improve our defence

      • let s play first game against Iceland and after we will see game after game.
        against Iceland i don t think Biglia will play. Iceland is poor team offensive and i guess we will play with more offensive minded midfielders.

    • We have to come to reality.
      I also dream about a Messi Dybala team, about which we can talk non stop.
      But the problem is it’s almost impossible as of now. Even the “mad” Sampoli is being pragmatic, understandably.
      So let us also try to accept that reality.. anyway Dybala i hope will come from bench so often, especially since lanzini is gone & perez is taken for some other role… And a 100 Million boy coming from bench to attack against a tired defence, it’s not that bad no??

      • Yes I don’t think we have a quality goalkeeper.they all are mediocre at best.looks like Armani just a little better but not that much.but the problem with caballero is he often can’t guess properly and hardly try.positioning is vital for any goalkeeper

  19. Heard that sampaoli is confused in placing a partner for messi or for masherano. So in starting 11 there will be Lo celso if he is wants no.6-messi link up else Biglia for covering mascherano

      • Yeah. I don’t want to see a slow biglia n Mascherano.. in the first match.. let the fast guys do it, at least for the first match.. we should seal it in first half, then if needed let oldies come

  20. “blame Di maria even if he gives assists and Higuain even if he scores goals in every match”

    That’s interesting. Higuain scoring every match????!!!!! How many Di Maria assists of late?!

    • they prefer players more than the good of the team.
      it’s really frustrating, testing or not it seems Sampaoli hasn’t learned much from Spain game and is going to field almost the same team.
      I liked the other team with Meza and Lo celso, just put Ansaldi instead of Mercado and Aguero instead of Higuain.

  21. I am hoping we play good football thru out the tournament…Looking forward to see these line-ups:
    1) Armani
    Enzo-Lo Celso-Biglia
    Messi-Di Maria
    2) Armani
    Enzo-Lo Celso
    Messi-Di Maria

    Anycase, I think a more pragmatic approach would lead to this 11:
    Meza-Mascherano-Lo Celso
    Messi-Di Maria

  22. Caballero;


    ________Mascherano______ Lo Celso______

    _______Meza_____Messi_____Di María____

    _____________Gonzalo Higuaín________

    It is almost certain, unless if there is any unfortunate events, this will be the starting eleven. Arguably this is the most balanced set up one can make out of our 23 men…

    Role of Number 9 is debatable, with an Aguero who has been pretty good in recent games for Argentina & of course, more talented than Higuain. But said that, Pipita have his own plus points, he is proper No 9, he is tall, better in air (we have Di Maria, if he is that old dude, this 2 can seal the match in air, at least in the group stage) … And since we lost Lanzini, Defensive consideration is also coming to the picture, with Aguero’s ability is poorer, Higauin has a plus point there as well..
    But still i would personally love to see Aguero starting n Pipita coming after 65 Minutes….

    And also the RB, Salvio, Ansaldi all makes the selection complicated. I have no clue, how Sampoli is planning to use Salvio & Acuna.
    Are they just backups to the respective Full Backs??
    Or can we see them in some other roles, considering their versatility? Can’t say. But one thing is sure, these two “Backups” definitely makes our squad richer..

    Now with sticking to this Lineup, which is reportedly in the mind of Sampoli, this will be an exciting attacking team with 2_3_3_2,

    Two line of dense midfield with,
    Masche as the anchor who can provide long balls pretty smoothly (yes he didn’t lose that yet) , Mercado as a Watchman of the right side, A dynamic Left sider in Tagliafico.. completing the first layer. With Locelso, Meza, Di Maria making it “a rich midfield” in any standards…And this will be the most balanced midfield Argentina can ever gift Leo Messi, at least on paper..

    I hope this set up with, Higuain joining in defensive duty is a perfect balanced side, capable enough to defeat any team, if they all performed the best of their career…

    In every recent tournaments we started with a not so attractive game. I think that will be changed this time. Sampoli had done his work properly.
    Now it’s all upto the players.. i am expecting a very exciting game from our team. A veey good attacking side with high possession & good balanced defence.

    I think Argentina will surprise our fans & Shock the critics this time..

    vamos argentina!!!

    • I like this thought process…let’s hope we play good offensive and dynamic football. All the previous teams had some spark on occasion and they never really retained it for a sustained period. I hope this change in tactics and new personnel would give us good football.


      • If so, it’s more exciting.. no doubt. Especially the Salvio spot. I don’t know how Mercado will do in the system, at least we have seen salvio & we know he attacks well… Wil c

  23. Messi and Aguero’s fitness is more important than anyone else. Higuain should adapt to involve in possession type of play otherwise he should not get any chance to play in starting 11. Dybala or Aguero should start on front. Di Maria will always get space to run fast in wing but he has to take advantage by assisting for goals consistently. Meza will play in midfield but he will get more chance than any other player because of his pace and quick movements with the ball.

  24. Well I can understand Sampaoli’s logic, actually Meza has less defensive abilities than Lanzini. Di Maria cannot take the role of box to box midfielder of anymore, he can only focus on attack now. Higuain may help on the pressing and that’s. Against big teams, you got to have a solid defense.

    Only problem is that as masch and bigkua stay very deep, the team may split into 2 when it attacks, like 1y ago. He tries to compensate that with more attacking fullbacks like Salvio.

  25. My friends .. if you undetstand Soccer coaching, you understand the line up today… those three players will probably be the substitutes given the flow of the game… he wants the potential subs to play with the 1st team as if it is the game! They need to have chemistry with the 1st team as well…
    -If we go down 1-0 or 0-0, we bring in salvio for Mercado for more offensive line up!
    – if we are winning and want to sure upnthe defense, we bring in biglia for loCelso
    – and el Kun is coming in for higuain in minutes 66-70 regardless
    Understand now?!?!

  26. Bottom line is this: If Argentina struggles to win the group or at the very least hangs its hopes on other countries stumbling then they have no business going forward.
    Having said that, we all remember how the group stage went the last time around when many expected ARGENTINA to steamroll Iran, Nigeria and Bosnia when they really barely squeaked by. The team got better as the tournament went on and NOBODY expected ARG’s defense to shine when that was their weakest link.

    People here and around the world can predict all they want and it means absolutely nothing, zilch, nada.
    Strategy, proper formation, discipline, and sticking to the basics are the only things that matter.

  27. I’m a huge fan of Kun
    But let’s not forget the stats of Higuain
    WC 11 games 5 goles as many as Messi

    I really hope Lo Celso starts and to see some of Dybals


    • Also dont forget that last time Higuain put a ball in the net was 2 years ago for Albiceleste. And Kun scoring whenever he is in the Starting XI. The WC stats you are talking about was 4 and 8 years ago respectively. The current Higuain did not fit well with the current team or you can say he is passed his time or not in form. On the other hand Aguero is fit and scoring goals plus compatible with this team. Anyway i still support the XI Sampaoli will play. Hopefully he has a plan for Higuain I hope that works.

  28. Ummmm…. I hope he remembers what happened the last time Mascherano and Biglia played together against Spain Right? Hope this is just a trial! Also, I hope Aguero starts ahead of Higuain the whole tournament! With the exception ofRB which is debatable and without the Masch-Biglia duo, I’d say that line up looks pretty good IMO. I’ve always been saying Meza should start and him at one wing with Di Maria inanither looks pretty good! The only way it would look better is Pavon in place for Di Maria but it looks rather interesting this lineup! We’ll see what happens later tho in the 2nd training session.

  29. Its interesting that while we debate what the ideal combination should be-and try to be the coach of our team, some experts in the U.S. on Bein Sports believe that Argentina would not get out of the group, it will be Croatia and Nigeria that would go through, they have a theory behind it but its ok I am not bothered, I believe that all these things are based on the issues with the squad and lack of match preparation etc. I think Argentina will surprise its critics. Check their analysis just for the heck of it. VAMOS ARGENTINA !

    • They can all eat their words while we qualify for KO as group leaders winning all matches convincingly.

      I think we will score goals than the last time around.

      • Yeas.
        And it will be good to be an under dog in a tournament. There are so many positives about being underdog.
        If some experts in Bein Sports, think Argentina is an underdog in our group that is even good for us. Let’s surprise all. Though, no one take those idiots seriously.

        ( I guess for them, Jokes like London Dono** something is a football legend)

  30. Argentine midfield

    Enzo– Masche –Biglia
    Trio is back

    It just sampaoli is trying different combinations according to situation

    I think Locelso will surely Start

    Mercado Ota Rojo Tagli
    Locelso Masche Meza
    Messi kun dimaria

  31. All teams put out their best 11 in their last friendly. If sampaoli is still testing combinations just 5 days before the world cup, it only means he is reading this group and has gone nuts. If the idea is to confuse the world one can only hope his players at least have clarity.

  32. The Biglia-Masch double pivot again????? You know I’m not gonna panic because this is a training lineup and (hopefully) nothing more, but a very smart man once said that trying the same thing and expecting different results is the very definition of insanity and the biglia-masch double pivot was such a spectacular failure during Bauza’s tenure and in the recent game against spain that it should never, ever be tried, not even in training.

      • @Elpipita..I think he is only trying different formations and combinations. If he is seriously thinking of using biglia and masch in our main formation as double pivot might as well start Banega too right ? But there is no better formation than Banega-Masch-Biglia to slow down the tempo of a game if we are winning. I also fear we might endup like Germany game in 2006 where we tried too early to defend 1-0 lead with this kind of formation .

        Also Higuain fan boys jumping like rabbits because he is starting ahead of Aguero is not because he is better or he is the right man for Sampaoli’s tactics. Anything Higuain can do Aguero can do it better. He is saving Aguero for the later stages in the tournament. We can’t afford to have Higuain choke and deny the greatest player of all time a world cup. If he chokes too early in the competition like he has in the last 3 friendlys, then there will be immese pressure from the press and fans to bench Higuain in the group stages, I won’t be surprised if Dybala starts and Kun comes in as a sub. However I don’t want to see Higuain choke. I want him to score goals and help win this world cup and prove all of us wrong.

    • We must Just grow up dude.
      A coach whoever he is will try all the possible formations, for all the circumstances.
      This thing he did for some time today, this is one among the 10 or 15 set ups sampoli tried. Even during Match they change tactics from minute to minute depending on the situation. And they need to be prepared for all.
      This is not EA sports game, to stick with 2_3 line ups & play.

      We amateurs & outsiders got a glimpse of the training or got some leaked information & we are commenting based on that.. & Calling players and Sam all kinds of names.
      Sampoli is a very professional manager, he knows one or two things about coaching a team.
      & He migh have known how to win a tournament..

      I will say,we EA Sports managers, should just support the team, instead of calling Sampoli names.

  33. Sampaoli has taken 23 players he is checking the combinations and you never know in which situations which combinations would be required. I am sad to say I am really worried about some of our supporters football acumen based on the posts

    • Yessssss one smart person all I been reading for the past weeks is stupid crap- my brother talking shi* he lives in Argentina saying we are nothing and going to loose. Everyone who doubted the team will he shocked. You can’t just okay the same lineup very game. We have a deep bench no just the starting 11. Other nation would kill to have aguero dybala pavon in the bench. We will win the world cup because of the subs we uave.

      • We have to use our best option in the starting xI.
        We had a stronger bench in 2002. Pablo Aimar, Hernan Crespo, Claudio Caniggia. etc. They could only watch from the bench while the team was eliminated. It was too late when they were super subbed by Bielsa.

        • in 2002 we had super bench and super starters.
          actually we had one of the best squads ever.

          we DID NOT HAVE COACH !!!!
          we had one maniac person pretending the coach !!!!!

  34. Jokers will come now with their
    Sampoli is idiot, Messi’s Friends Biglia Masche is back bla blah smelling shits.
    Respected idiots these are just a coach trying all possible set ups for all different circumstances..
    Don’t become a laughing stock by yourself with crying for these kinds of small matters.

    • No one is saying sampoli is an idiot after whatever he has achieved with chile and sevilla. But what kind of tactician sampoli is if he is not able to build a connection between messi and dybala after lanzini got injured. I think if couthnio and neymar can play togther then dybala and messi also can play togther. We don’t want a creative player and a long shot taker dybala to be on the bench.

      • i believe without be sure that this is the reason
        but i think the reason is that sampaoli don t want to have 2 players in midfield that don t run to defend.

        Messi rightfully don t run to defend. just we can t afford one more players like this.

        this is just my guessing. maybe i am wrong.

      • Countinho neymar & Messi Dybala are different.
        Dybala is at his best a second striker. He’s a good dribbler & shooter that’s all.
        But we don’t need that by compromising team balance & defence.
        And the last season of dybala was very bad in his standard. He performs poor in big matches. Biggest example was real Madrid match. He was pathetic then..

        I am not saying he is an average player.. he’s a great player. But not that great like messi, so that we can sacrifice team balance n other tactics.
        That’s the problem, in that sense to replace lanzini, any coach in the world would have taken meza or Lo celso ahead of Dybala.

        And of course Sampoli must be trying all the different set ups, including messi with dybala.. they are professionals, expecting them to reveal every minute details of training to press is foolishness..

        They are informing the press, what they want outsiders to know about the team. That’s all.

  35. One centre back is missing. Is it Fazio or Rojo?

    Secondly after Lanzini got injured, Sampaoli could try Dybala. I know, he plays very similiar position as Messi, but is it wrong? Although there is small chance it will work, I think we have nothing to loose and potential chemistry between these two would be phenomenal. They are very inteligent with similiar thinking. If they dont score, they will at least take on 4-5 opponents, so Pavon/Di María on the left side could have more space to try something dangerous.

    • it is just tests my friend. Sampaoli is just doing his job.
      he is testing every possible combinations with all his players.
      this is the normal thing to do.

      who will play in end is other matter.

      in my brain Mascherano and Biglia can play together only if we are in knock out stages and we try to keep our lead in score last minutes.

      • This is not 2014 & they r not the same; & none of them r holding midfielders to keep the ball & run time out the time; Training’s r different & the actual match is different;
        In other news, this combo might start against Croatia;

  36. Hey Gonzalo, my country’s biggest club the Ferencváros signs Matias Rodriguez from Chacharita. Which type of player is he? Finally a good argentinian prospect in this shit league, maybe i start to watch some matches live again. (EL-Qualification).

    • This shit league give out all but Messi current NT players. It means all our NT is shit for you. Thank you very much. Better keep your abstract stats instead back watching live matches again.

      • shit league=hungarian first division, but dont need your answer moron, btw i know why you fear from stats, stats always unmask your incompetence, keep in your conspiracy theories and pedophilia. Btw if Meza will start i expect goals and assists, creating chances from him, as the attacking midfielder of the team, not alibi passes, but i have a hard feeling even in the group stages only the same persons will create danger. (the old buddies,plus maybe Lo Celso and Pavon, maybe…) and you will talk about Messi-dependencia and fat Pratto :D, blame Di maria even if he gives assists and Higuain even if he scores goals in every match, and protect your favourite players impotent performances too,

        • Hahahaha!

          You expectate goals and assists from Meza because of what? Because he is new player? Everyone knows that benefit of the confidece should be given to the new unexperienced players and the highest expectations to the stars. Players like Di Maria, Higuain and few others are playing long time on credit that they will finally scoring and assisting despite poor recent times – and you say that Meza is the first who should score now? Hahahaha. If MEza had all the matches Higuain had without goal (since 2 years?) he could have score many goals and made many assists.

          Meza is your biggest enemy now because he is the local league man. But that’s youre private campaign against heart of Argentina football it is the league as the only source our players are coming from. We hear again and again as another talents from Argentina league are on road to Europe (the stream is apparently growing). There’s abundance of young outstanding wingers, forwards, centerbacks. We have also possibly better fullbacks to emerge soon than it was in last years.

          And all this want to deny only 2 people here. You and KidultHood. But that campaign is ridiculous as still new and new youngsters are drawing attention European clubs and our coach.

          No one who is fighting Argentina league can be real Argentina fan. Such behaviour is pure self-contradiction.

          After You started to talk that Argentina has nothing worth to add to famous old guard (from 2014) many new players came to NT: Armani, Mercado, Tagliafico, FUnes Mori, Salvio, Lo Celso, Meza, Pavon, Lanzini, Pratto, Benedetto, Alario, Nacho Fernandez, Papu Gomez, Joquain Correa, A. Correa, Dybala, Icardi, Paredes, Kranevitter, J.L.Gomez, P.Perez, Rigoni, Acuna, Bustos, Mammana, Guido Rodriguez, Acosta. Everyone knows there’s massive talent here but you will still deny. Make your personal war still. The war is long ago lost.

          • So make your special expectations also to other player that you hated as Salvio, Tagliafico, Dybala… Also for Lo Celso – he left local league so recently though.

          • Lo Celso was half the player one year earlier in Argentina, the european and Champions league experience is cruciual in 2018, when gap get bigger and bigger between leagues, Real Madrid and Barcelona win everything only cos the best players play there, and i think he’s not ready yet for a WC, 1-2 years still needed to improve into a world class midfielder, prove himself on the highest levels. Now only a world class material.

          • So again you want to say it’s just Europe is making good players. Great.
            Just like Tagliafico who was shining since his first game in Ajax. That means: before the first game he was weak local league player and suddendly after debut in Ajax he became good one. Just because he spend few days in Europe?! That’s interesting logic.

        • “blame Di maria even if he gives assists and Higuain even if he scores goals in every match”

          that’s interesting

          How is Higuain scoring every match?????!!!!!! He is not scoring every match!

          How many assist of Di Maria recently?

        • And just don’t try to promote any new player coming form Argentina this year pretending for friend of this football nation as we know according to you we have no future after 2014 generation.

        • Meza didn’t scored against Spain and have no assists and still was best player in common opinion so your expectations no means in final players ratings.

        • I don’t want to fight anyone at the beginning of the WC. I ask the last time: do you want peace without going back to past?

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