Argentina starting eleven against Croatia confirmed, Maxi MEZA starts


Argentina’s starting line-up for the match against Croatia is confirmed and Maxi MEZA will start.

Three new faces who didn’t start (or even play) for Argentina against Iceland have found themselves in the starting eleven for the second match. Gabriel MERCADO, Marcos ACUNA and Enzo PEREZ will all start for Jorge SAMPAOLI. In a 3-4-3, here are the eleven:



  1. Guys,

    I totally disagree with all those blaming Lionel Messi.

    Messi is just a victim of AFA (I am Kenyan but I do know that AFA led by the octogenarian Hulio Grondona is a big letdown) and some bad coaches.

    In Barcelona, they use a system and players that will complement Messi.

    In Argentina, the coaches are clueless as to how best to utilise this freak of nature and yes, Messi is a force of nature.

    I watched all Argentina world cup qualifiers including that hat trick over Ecuador even after having conceded a goal thus going down 0-1.

    Without Messi, it is possible that we would NOT have been in this world cup.

    In 2014, Higuain missed ( I think) two chances. Two!

    If Messi’s career is going to be defined by this World Cup and these two games, then, the world is really unfair and it really is.

    Messi is just frustrated and it is showing. He can see Portugal rolling with a second tier team but not his own team.

    I thin k you guys (Argentina) used to have a guy Hugo Tocalli (junior team coach) who brought up all these guys…………Aguero, Di Maria, Banega e.t.c.

    May be such a guy could be used. I tdoesn’t have to be a big name like Diego Simeone or the Tottenham guy.

    Argentina will be very foolish to go down without having Messi win the world cup.

    Messi should by now be a two time WC winner- Germany 2006 and Brazil 2014.

    At worst, we’d have won one of them……..whichever but Germany upstaged us.

    Finally Argentinean fans, friends and Arentinean citizens,

    I come from a winning country…………..KENYA!

    We play horrible football but alongside our Ethiopian neighbours, we RUN!

    That is why I say that the only day I’ll stop supporting Argetina is the day we make it to the Wrold Cup which is most likely NEVER!

    So, in kenya, our athletes are coached …..yes by a few foreign coaches but the majority of our coaches are our very own…………..guys who’ve run for us and won medals in the Olympics, world championships, big city marathons e.t.c.

    The best marathon coach (arguably) is a guy who won silver in the men’s 3000m steeplechase in Barcelona, 1992.

    He has several medals …..perhaps five international medals, one gold and about four silvers.
    His name is Patrick Sang.

    He coaches the best marathon runner perhaps in History……….the guy who tried to break the two hour marathon last year.

    ….and it is not one. These are guys who’ve been in the trenches and understand the science of running.

    We have our own home grown coaches who know the territory and understand the trade.

    Honestly, i know more about running than I do football but to me, the way Argentina plays is just beautiful.

    So, my question is, why not bring in some of your former players as coaches?

    Diego Simeone, Riquelme, Pablito Aimar, Batistuta, may be Crespo…….

    why not bring them on and try them out?

    Guys, let us not lose hope. Personally, I will not.

    All the best guys and all the best Argentina.

    • That’s well said! I wonder if these coaches ever watch and analyse how Messi explodes for Barca. Any fool can simply tell from those matches that Messi needs to play some quick passing football. When he let’s go a pass to Jordi Alba, the next moment Alba will cut back that ball in one touch in the 18 area. He doesn’t even look because he knows Leo will be there waiting. I agonizingly watched Messi raising his hand in a match against Iceland, calling for a cut back from Di Maria, Meza, Taglifico but it never came. These guys would try to run with the ball then just cross in front of goal! Messi drops behind defenders, leaving himself with enough space to bury the ball, in an unmarked position. I wonder why can’t coaches tell other players how Messi plays? I pray Nigeria will help by beating Iceland!

  2. As soon as Samp trotted out Biglia and Mascherano to man the midfield against Iceland, I knew we were fucked. Everyone knew that wasnt going to work and surely it didnt. Since he has tried a new formation every game, i had a feeling he go crazy and change up the formation for Croatia. Yup, he did. Going for 3 defenders even though that formation has been a shit show every time he has used it!
    It’s easy to see the players dont trust Samp. How could they? I would be bewildered if in the second game of the WC he flips the formation on its ear. Go back to the Haiti lineup if you dont want to lose against Nigeria, although that is not a guarantee

  3. Where are people who said Sampaoli knows

    Where are people who said we will win 3-1

    Where are people wanting change formation

    I am here still realistic and pessimistic

    • Dammage 7 the damage is already done. Ok they are wrong about Sampaoli. I guess you and i know better than Sampaoli, we are not hired to coach the team and we cant change shit. Sampaoli knows nothing. Does that makes you happy? What difference does it make??

      • shOvwar
        It makes me happy when people are REALISTIC and not dillusional. All this talk of being positive only shows how little people who say this know about football.
        Football is a game of intuition, intelligence, timing, and tactics.

        It has nothing to do with being positive or negative. But just being positive for no reason shows ignorance and lack of knowledge.

        Give me a reason to be positive about this team and the coach and I will be positive. But 10 goals in 2 games and saying be positive is foolhardy

        • Exactly

          How many of these guys were there when Delgado scored in 87 minute before Adriano scored in last second

          I witnessed some awesome Argentina teams dominate every match in South America except Brazil

          Qualify with ease with some bielsa as an example

          Im realistic and pessimistic due to the past

          We will always be chokers

          The keeper cost us both games here

          Then the coach

          That’s it

          I felt for that Argentinian kid crying after the 3rd goal even the English commentators did

    • I am here to say. current team of Argentina is not ready for his tactics and formations such as 3-3-3 / 4-2-3-1 / 2-3-3-2 / 3-3-3-1. the said formation can use with club level river plate, boca, chile, peru and england those club and country can adopt in the above formation but not Argentina.
      current set of players wanted to play slow football with 4-3-3 / 4-4-2 formation. in this formation is using barca, juve, mcity, psg. if the coach suddenly ask them to play the above formation how can they?
      2) there is no proper midfield creativity in current team what we had last time(gago). we have such players but arg failed to make them in the squad (pablo perez, banega, celso, parades, kranvitter). kraneither, this guy more better than mascherano. he always taking the ball forward fearlessly with his skills but coach didn’t use him.
      he did not select garay, ruli,
      why most of the European club are not choosing Argentina players because of they never use their sense while on the ground.

      news coming up
      sampaoli is going to use 2-3-3-2 for Nigeria game

  4. For the Nigeria Match:

    —Salvio————-Lo Celso—-

    Meza subbed in Later

    Not worried about winning

    This Young players need WC experience.
    We should play Dybala, Pavon, Lo Celso, Salvio and Meza in this game to give them WC exposer.
    You never kno this might even surprise us.
    We have the players we need a team
    Vamos Albiceleste

  5. And once Sampaoli is gone, we DO NOT need to hire a manager right away. We should interview managers.
    ANY candidate that talks about Messi or building ANYTHING around ANYONE over 25 years old we should tell them to take a hike.
    I think we need a coach that is smart and professional. Not a goon like Sampaoli who has the brain capacity of a monkey.
    Look at Gallardo, look at Sabella again and maybe a couple more young managers with brains.
    Forget about guys like Poche, Simeone. AFA will never pay the money for them. And be very careful with weasels like Veron who will try to get that job through politics.
    And it’s long overdue Argentina look at a foreign coach.

  6. As long as Messi is uninterested to play, there is no hope.

    All it needs is to figure out why is he that uninterested (from the anthem). That’s all.

  7. If Nigeria and Iceland draw, that’s the best scenario for us
    If Nigeria wins, that’s the second best scenario
    If Iceland wins, they just need to play a draw game with the already qualified Croatia.

    Now the test is on us. Do we have the mental strength to beat Nigeria?
    The team has one last chance to breathe. I hope they just won’t give up.

    In WC 1974 we also lost the first game and drew the next game but we still qualified.

    If we beat Nigeria, and qualify then anything is possible, even if we have to meet the mighty France in the second round. Most of you already give up, I still have hopes.

    I hope Nigeria doing well tomorrow.

    • If Iceland wins tomorrow, still we have a chance if Croatia beats Iceland. In any case, Argentina has to win against Nigeria. Can we?

      • if iceland wins, crotia needs to beat iceland by large goal margin. so best is if nigeria wins.

    • I am with you but I am afraid of a mental collapse in the camp. Who can calm the atmosphere at the moment? The players seem not to agree with Sampaoli and even with each other anymore.

  8. I’m thinking that Ecuador sold the game to Argentina since they wouldn’t qualify anyway so there was an arrangement to let Argentina qualify with the help of Ecuador like some pundits mentioned. I believe it now because the team is very weak.

  9. Playing 3 backlines is risky always. But I don’t think that was the reason we lost. Croatia played better and used good tactics on the pitch and pressured Argentina. We were on the backfoot many times but still neck to neck until the blunder. There you go. Then you are under pressure to score. Space opens up for Croatia. With 3 backlines it will be much complicated. I don’t point to any other player except Caballero. All other players had good and bad moments. When Enzo out, Modrich unleashed. A path opens through the middle. Enzo should have buried his chance. Almost all played poorly. I could not see a cohesion among the team. I know its difficult when you use a new system and new players. There was no midfield. There were defenders & attackers and no midfielders who control the game.
    Sampaoli believed in Caballero we didn’t. Sampaoli sends Higuain for Aguero..! Where is Lo Celso/Banega when you clearly lost the midfield battle? I don’t think this could have changed the whole outcome but result could have been better.
    These 3 goals lose is another issue. Goal difference would be an issue if Iceland and Argentina have 4 points each (BIG chance). Everything seems lost…!

  10. Being an Argentina supporter has been an eternal curse over the years. I was 8 years old when Maradona lost the WC 90 . In 94 I was very bitter when Maradona was kicked out and we lost abruptly against 5omania.1998 Bergkamp shot us in the chest in the last second in 98 and in 2002 we had an unbelivable team but Bielsa insisted on not playing Batigol and Crespo in the same team and it cost us .2006 we coud ve won against Germany, Messi was not included and we conceded in last 9 minutes where we could be won the game with a little bit more concentration. 2010 and 14 Messi was his absolute physical peak but couldn’t lead the team. In 2014 I knew that was his last chance to win the WC. In that final before the match I felt we were tired. In fair honesty we played very decent and we had chances but Higauin and Palacio missed some unmissable chances and when. we lost I knew it wants meant to be for Messi. I had very low expectation for this world cup but in fair honesty I expected that they would reach the quarters at least. When Messi threw that penalty away I knew we wouldn’t recover form that draw. When this line up was announced I knew the best we can hope for is a draw . I was very worried this GK would do a surprise mistake and indeed he did a stupid mistake that cost us the world cup. Its an eternal curse that would last till God knows when

  11. Ronaldo deserves Ballon d’or because he doesn’t care about playing with his buddies as he cares to play with strong players around him. Messi wants Caballero, and he got a nice gift.

  12. When the anthem was on Messi was rubbing his head. Messi was standing still for most of the match when players around him were passing the ball looking for connecting pass. The guy is a nervous wreck when he plays for Argentina. Messi is GOAT of Barcelona. Maradona is the GOAT of Argentina, Ronaldo is on his way to become the GOAT of the world. It’s over. This season will start the decline of Messis form in barca too.

  13. Watched the game from home very disappointed. I think I could have done a better job Sampaoli. Pick me next time. Come on boss you got to give me an extended run.

    Go well against Nigeria. I have to go Wanda Nara is calling me.

  14. That was really tough… I suffered from hypertension during the match… although I might not be that good in performing thorough analysis and providing detailed evaluation for the team performance… I know that I have enough passion to keep adoring the albiceleste… I feel Argentinian more than ever before… it is time for real reforming in the football association…

  15. AFA is responsible for this. You stupid corrupt assholea you had once in every 100 years player in Messi and you blew it away. AFA is the one responsible here nobody else. Fuck you AFA. FUCK YOU!!

  16. Are people so FUCKING DILLUSIONAL on this site that they don’t believe their eyes?

    YOU REALY want this team to advance to get embarrassed against a good team?
    People laughed at me on this very site when I said this team gave up 10 fucking goals against Nigeria and Spain in 2 friendlies. Now 13 goals in 3 games. 13 goals in 3 games.

    Who is actually dumb enough to think this moron will Sampaoli will win anything?
    Please don’t embarrass our country anymore and take some time to learn about football instead of just rooting like a fool.

    This team can’t beat anyone. The defense can’t stop anyone. And why is anybody on this site confident that Caballero will not start again? Higuain was our first sub. The man has no clue.



    • well said san isidro if we draw (not lose) to nigeria and exit the world cup now ..yes it will save us from a further whipping ..the new era must begin with a total wipe out ! i have not seen such a disjointed argentina team ever ..and i’m old enough to know (my first world cup was 78) so sad feel gutted !!

  17. Being Positive or Negetive does not change the result. But being Negetive is being Stupid. Your hurting yourself. Why be negetive if supporting a team. I ll believe. If my team lose my life is NOT depended on it. I still go make money next day. U guys feel like if u be negetive the coach will come here and listen to you and chsnge the formation. We all want Argentina to win but it does not change our lives. So Y would i suffer by stressing. Sorry I am not a loser. I am always Positive if things does not go my way I rise again tomorrow. Fuck Negetive. Its not even good for your health. Argentina is still the same to me as it was in the 90s. Nothing changes. I am still positive we will win one day. And i ll keep supporting.

    • Debate able point but I don’t think ronaldo could have done any betterwith this coach. The coach is a joke, no system. Anytime anyone says Messi didn’t do this or that or he rubs his face or whatever I think, yeah of course he does. He’s thinking look at this mess I’m in.

      I barely know anything about football and I can see with my own eyes it’s not working.

      Mascherano is coach by Saturday

  18. Lets Go Albiceleste! Nothing is lost until it truly is. I am not talking about hope but logic.

    Try till the end but as someone said, those that are in charge of AFA that are not in argentina you all better get your shit together. This bad performance is not the problem, but a symptom. The problem is back home in Buenos Aires in the climate controlled offices of AFA.

    Vamos Albiceleste! you cannot suck three times in a row 🙂 so let us GO!

  19. Just want to know where are the stupid positive fans who cheered for Sampaoli and friends club?
    Messi selected his players and the goalkeeper, so don’t tell me he was forced to play with them even if he knows they are all crappy players and goalkeeper. No he knows but he was fighting to keep their spots. Probably he was upset because his buddy Di Maria wasn’t there.

    This is a blessing in the disguise, end of Friends Club era, come on Dybala and Icardi, the future is yours.
    Wanda and Icardi must be celebrating now, Cheers Sampbaldy!

      • People who are negetive and stress on Football and hurting their health, business and lifestyle are the real Stupid. Team lost. No problem we ll be back again. Support the team thru highs and lows. If u cant then dont support.

  20. We should be grateful that Argentina luckily got selected for Russia.
    When I said AFA has huge corruption, no one agreed on that.
    When I said with these old bunch of slow old names will ruin dream of billions of fans, no one agreed.
    The problem is ground reality of argentina team and management doesn’t go down our throats.
    We believe in dreams.
    Though believing in dreams is bliss for some blind fans.
    Same old of bunches should Play in Qatar if qualify for WC.

  21. Last game -give this players one last chance


    Ansaldi □Fazio □Rojo□Tagliafico

    □ LOCELSO □ Banega □Dimaria

    Dybala ■ Aguero ■ Pavon

  22. i don’t know wats worse the fact that half time comes we are playing badly and sampaoli doesn’t change the formation or the fact that after that first goal the whole team just switched off… the passing the movement everything just awful…. idk that we will make it to last 16… but if this is how we are gonna play is better to go home…

      • i feel so sry for messi… ronaldo doesn’t get the same sort of treatment from portuguese fans as messi does from argentina fans… he’s blamed for every mistake… when they play badly it’s his fault…. but reality is none of the coaches so far have managed to get the best out of messi.. and building the team around one player is a mistake.. coz we never seem to have a plan b….

  23. Let’s go home guys!
    Sadly our future doesn’t look bright either.
    We will probably hire Gallardo as coach.
    He likes oldies.
    We will have the same debates.
    experience vs youth
    home based vs european
    “past achievements”
    “We have no time”
    Nothing will change.
    We have to understand that we need professionals, the best in form players and field an balanced team no matter how old, where they play, or what they did in the past.
    We need to start build a team for the next world cup NOW.
    It doesn’t matter what we do in the next copas – stay on course.
    nothing will change though.

  24. Sampaoli, Caballero, a generation past it’s prime, an absent Messi. All to blame but this is really a symptom of a corrupt FA thatsquandered talent and paid no attention to it’s program. You can’t have 3 coaches and hire someone with 3 months of qualifying and expect results. It makes me sad for the players but perhaps they needed to see rock bottom. Thanks for the memories.

  25. Unfortunately this had to happen for things to drastically change for the future and if it is any consolation, we are not the only nation to suffer such a painful and embarrassing defeat …..France 2010, Spain and Brazil 2014……etc
    Lousy coaching seems to follow us around and hopefully they can find a proper replacement and NO, I am NOT going to apologize for being positive nor AM I going to HIDE because I really don’t give a damn what others say because NONE of what was said here HAD any bearing on what happened today in Russia …..all that positive talk and support did not make Willy make that @#$%^&*()$%^&*( pass that resulted in the first goal.
    We can still make it but with all honestly, sometimes it is best to call it quits and move on and I’m talking about the players not us as fans because they had enough.

    • I don’t want to question the playing ability of Messi but he doesn’t deserve to be a leader of this team. The team has no direction, no cohesion. Shit all over.

  26. Crying man…I m crying

    Sorry friends we had a bad dream
    Reality is worst….
    This is hurting and will hurt for years…
    We deserved this defeat..playing really bad compared to Croatia
    Hope Sampaoli will be sacked …

    Maradona was even better

    Cabellero fucked the mentality of all
    Enzo Perez fucked too

    Oh god it’s an end

  27. Wheres stupid fans who defends stupid coach sampaoli are hide?please dont hide, hha.. shame of u shampaoli fans! shame of u messi friends fans!!they are destroying argentina football damn!

  28. Willy’s mistake changed the game. But already before that dumb moment we were not playing good. Sampaoli coached 12 matches and never fielded the same 11 players. He keeps changing the team and players. There is no system, no coherence, no nothing. The team is a complete mess. Even if Nigeria wins tomorrow, I still cannot see us progress. This was so terrible. The worst defense in decades. And all those fouls, the dirty face of Argentine football.

    Messi already had a headache during the anthem. He was walking and looking at the grass. What is wrong with this man? Keep your head high, lead the team, go head first into battle. We know he is not a leader, but his body language reads defeat from the start.

    Messi, Di Maria, Aguero, Biglia, Mascherano, Romero and more will quit the team after the WC. We have to rebuild from scratch with Dybala, Icardi, Pavon and LoCelso. I hope we get a new coach because that nervous wreck on the sidelines does not help. Simeone is unavailable. Maybe Almeyda who did well with River and in Mexico.

    The last 20 minutes were a disgrace to watch. I will remain a fan until the end, but this team has been broken after the Copa Centenario final. It’s over. Move over and start with a new generation.

    • To all you fan of our Argentina. If even Willy didn’t do this mistake i will say this is the worst Argentina team i have seen. I watch From wc 1982. Forget about the players this team has no plan no systems nothing. If Argentina want to be big again have to have a real big trainer. Its time for a new era. I have seen huge players and great teams of Argentina i have seen great leaders but today this was a ghost. Messi is the greatest player alive but he has so much stress that he cant perform. But the problem is the trainer his selection for this WC and his selection for the games. This is not Argentina

  29. This is so sad. Hope this time everyone quits for good. Give everyone a chance to say farewells in the Nigeria game.

  30. worst goalkeeping error ever…. and the formation is stupid, we were defending with 5…….no trackbacking by salvio…. after that first goal passing when to pot…..and higuain for aguero?????? where is the pace???? aarghhhhhh bad tactics by sampaoli and wrong players for this formation.

    • The worst day of my life. Again…… Again after wc final 2014; and 2 copa finals. i am sad as i was when my father past a way. So sad. I have priviliage to watch Lionel Andres Messi. Far far best footballer ever. And sadly, in this moment, probably the sadiest footbaler. Is there any chance yet???? God i hope there is. But……… i dont think there is one. Croatian (my fucking country men) want play so serious last game. Coach dalic cinfirm that he will go with sub last game. So, maybe is better this way. We need to re built our football from basic stages, like germans did. Afa is so bad that i dont know how far this patethic situation can exist. …….. so so sad. Leo thank you for ever. Dont bother with statistic and tropheys, they are not important. Its is a game that metters. And in that game….. no one ever was like you little men. Be proud….. So long my argentine friends. I love you but now i have to take break from arg natrional team…… also from football. This was too much

  31. I have been so harsh here to the members who were “negative”. My Love made me blind, as always.
    You guys were right from the beginning.
    I apologize to you. This is not the end of the World.

    Messi should move on. He deserved a World Cup. But Life is like that. May be in 2022, who knows.

    I don’t want Nigeria giving us any Mathematical Hope. We don’t deserved to play this world cup.
    Let’s all just move on.
    Our World Cup is over.

  32. You know what the problem with our team? This team is built around the oldies: Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria, Mascherano, Biglia, or Romero. As much as you don’t like those players, but these players lead Argentina since World Cup 2010, some from even WC 2006 (Messi and Masche).

    Then they started the game until the LAST FRIENDLY GAME vs Haiti.
    Suddenly in the World Cup, these players are viewed as trashed, cancer, bla bla bla because the public pressure wants a change.

    Sampaoli does what the public wants. He puts what the crowd wants, the Boca heroes, Independiente heroes, Juventus Jewel. The oldies start to lose their confidence and feel unimportant. You could tell easily from the first minute that Messi was uninterested in playing. So this is why it is happening.

    You can blame Messi and friends thing, but this is the fact. Messi’s been around “his friends” forever.. Even in the airplanes, they take pictures together. You can’t force Messi to “divorce” them and expect Argentina to play good!

    • If Messi wants to play with friends only let him play as Messi NT or Messi FC. This is Argentina. They were cancers. If he is not interested don’t play him.
      Almost everyone pointed out here whats our problem. Almost everyone pointed Caballero as the weak link. We requested Messi needs a partner. Lo Celso was the best we can utilize. Banega was second. But never happened. Some of us suggested Fazio in the middle and Otamendi and Tagliafico on either side if we go for 3 backlines. We are not a coach. But that was major points to consider.

  33. I told you guys it wouldn’t matter as long as Willy was GK. That game was even until the bald fuck messed up again. All three goals in this WC are on him and that’s Sampaoli’s fault for playing him.




        • Being Positive or Negetive does not change the result. U guys feel like if u be negetive the coach will come here and listen to you and chsnge the formation. We all want Argentina to win but it does not change our lives. So Y would i suffer by stressing. Sorry I am not a loser. I am always Positive if things does not go my way I rise again tomorrow. Fuck Negetive. Its not even good for your health. Argentina is still the same to me as it was in the 90s. Nothing changes. I am still positive we will win one day. And i ll keep supporting.

    • We are here. What would you nay sayers help? Did Sampaoli or AFA listen to you? What did us positives do harmful to the team?
      Enjoy your little victory over the positives here while it last man.

      • Thats the spirit. Life is short and you have one shot at it. Enjoy it with positivity. Y be Cry Babies? Its always positive when you support a team. If u are too weak to be positive than dont support.

  34. This is a wake up call for all the Argentina fans.


    No idea of how to form a team.
    No idea of a goalkeeper
    No idea of defense
    No idea at all.

    This is nothing more than a team that has NEVER played a 3-5-2 all of a sudden doing what some moron thinks will work.
    Every shot is blocked because the players are slower than shit. An absolute embarrassment to the country.
    As I mentioned before earlier in the day. THIS BASTARD SAMPAOLI GOT EVERY EXCUSE IN THE BOOK. WHEN HE TOOK OVER THEY SAID NOT ENOUGH TIME, TEN GAMES, BLAH BLAH BLAH BULLSHIT. TITE took over Brazil and they never looked back. Sablella took over Argentina and we never looked back. Same 11 guys basically for 2 years. THIS MOTHER FUCKER CAN’T EVEN TELL THE GOALIE HAS NO CLUE. ITS LIKE A BLIND PERSON IS DECIDING WHO PLAYS AND WHO DOES NOT PLAY.


    • It’s not Caballero. It’s the man who put him to play. It’s the man who thought that Dybala can’t start. In WC 1994 Alfio Basile played Maradona, Batistuta, Caniggia and Balbo as starters and they were great untill Maradona’s disqualification and Caniggia’s injury. Sampaoli is the only man who destroyed Argentina twice, as a Chile coach and now.

  35. Arg always used to play slow game they never play attacking. I understood the team not even coach did not.

  36. Hopefully this is the end of this fucked up generation! The most stupid generation of Argentina history. Knows shit about football. Flops after flops coming since 2008.

    Adios Argentina! Messi you are unlucky to born in this generation. It’s not for you.

    • messi is not problem AFA is problem they did not know what type of coach will suit for this generation players in current team. if he want to attack then attack minded players should be there. why did he choose mascherano, biglis, aguero, higuain.

  37. 0-0 at halftime. I wanted this to coach Argentina, like many other fans really, but I did not expect him to disappoint me as much. Team looks uninspired. Unable to create chances. And you have LoCelso, Dybala, Pavon, ALL VERY DYNAMIC YOUNG PLAYERS, on the bench???? What a real madman, cannot think clearly. Hope we win anyway but as far as winning the Cup?? No way if he keep underusing what he has.

  38. This moron mother fucker Sampaoli can’t even choose an average goal keeper.
    As I said. Alfio Basile is now coaching this team.
    What a fucking joke. This douche bag caballero couldn’t stop a 5 year olds shot

  39. anybody is there who has supported sampaoli. he is getting nervous in between lines. he do not know which formation will suit for Argentina, lack of player selection,
    only 2 arg defenders are there against 4 crotia front

  40. Let me say it again. The likes of MEZA, TAGLIAFICO, or SALVIO are role players at best!

    Even the commentator here says the same. STOP OVERESTIMATING THOSE PLAYERS. Only here those players are viewed as “WORLD CLASS”. Only here you guys think Tagliafico is as good as JORDI ALBA, or Meza is our next big thing like Mbappe.

    You guys create your own fantasy futbol here with your amateur scouting!

    • Meza is very unpolished. He has at least 3 chances tonight.

      But the main blame is the system and coach. This was a random 1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1,1 . Everyone running around by themselves.

      This was due. I’m in England and the humbleness around the team after humiliating euro has been a great change of pace for the team. Argentina will see sun again. I have hope and faith. I think Messi back up for Dybala backup in 2022. Although he’d be 35 then.

  41. Let me say it again. The likes of MEZA, TAGLIAFICO, or SALVIO are role players at best!

    Even the commentator here says the same. STOP OVERESTIMATING THOSE PLAYERS. Only here those players are viewed as “WORLD CLASS”.

    • we need to replace 3 player in the middleand change formation to 4-3-3/ 4-4-2.. opposite players understand our weakness.
      Croatia changed their formation.

  42. I am still saying this formation will not suit for messi and Argentina.
    he has to use 4-3-3 or 4-4-2

  43. In my 3 decades+ that I follow the NT I have never seen such a sloppy Argentine defence.

    Fazio and Ansaldi are a must.
    Even Stevie Wonder can see that.

  44. shaky defence. sampaoli should go with 10 players in defence.
    if the ball goes to their place they wont come for attack. due to lack of midfield.

    croatians are arrogants. they playing like monsters. referee should show red card to rebic

  45. struggling to move the ball forward due to lack of midfield. no use of meza, salvio and acuna. immediately replace with banega, celso and get one centre back fazio

  46. Wow, first attack, FIRST ATTEMPT, for Croatia and a decent chance already. Why Sampaoli is so stubborn??? Why the heck would you have three in the back?? Argentina might win this game but for the first I really have doubts as fad as going deep. A contender cannot look this shaky on defense. Play four in the back please, FOUR!!!!

  47. ball movement is very slow. there is no midfield creativity.

    argentina should go with 4-3-3instead of 3-4-3

  48. I have nothing more to say.
    The boys will give it all, their lives will be on the line
    And watch out for my fashion sense.
    Vamos Messi
    Vamos Argentina
    We will win
    Argentina till I die
    We will fight till the last drop of sweet and blood

  49. Vamos Argentina, F@#K the pundits, the media, the keyboard-warriors and nay-sayers. Do it on the field – you have everything to prove to non one but your own selves.

    You keep the commitment on the field, we’ll keep the faith.

    Godspeed Albiceleste!!

  50. First post here!

    Excited for this game. Hope the defense holds, Messi was dropping way too deep to shore up the defense. We need Messi to be the playmaker.

  51. Messi and Aguero can score only goals in this lineup, very little creativity, the whole world will laugh on us if we fail with Meza, Acuna, Tagliafico, Salvio, Enzo, and they are right, Argentina has world class talents but not play with them.

    • Which players are world class we have not here: your favourites like Di Maira, Biglia and Higuain? Everyone knows the “class players” are not in squad because of their consistence in poor performances. Nah, whole world will not laugh at young and new player but at the most famous if they will fail. You know that very well. Stop with this specious logic.

  52. the time arrived.i don t care now who is finally starting the game.
    i want to see all the players give everything they have for the win.

    play as Argentina and the win is ours.

    even with 1-0. i don t care who or how.
    i want the 3 points today.


  53. I am looking at both teams lineups.. ours is definitely more attack minded.

    Looking at the Croatia lineup, they may be secretly looking to park the bus.. they have nothing to prove against us and technically even a draw will suffice for them

    We MUST score first somehow to get them out of formation.

  54. Argentina have a weak mentality as seen in all finals since 00s

    Teams like Mexico Croatia Japan Senegal all beat Croatia in tournaments

    But all countries try harder vs Argentina

    I promised myself after 2016 to have N emotional break from the NT until the World Cup

    But again emotions run very high

    Even the negative people on here like me, trust me we Love the Argentina NT. but years of failures changes the way you look at it.

    Coaches makes crap choices

    In 2005 confederations peterman left Samuel Aimar Tevez maxi Rodríguez galleti on bench

    And decided to play Figueroa and Delgado upfront with Bernadi cambiasso abd sorin in midfield – riquelme on his own

    Fans of my era don’t forget this

    • I don’t know i belong to your era.
      I was 13_14 then. I remember it. We lost all tournaments before and after it since 1993.
      But still I’m hopeful for miracle like you guys. Negativity is ok. But just before the kickoff blaming sampoli Calling him names. Bitching for Dybala Lo Celso Pavon. That to in block.
      That seriously damaging the mood in the blog. Afterall this is a time of grand festival of football.

      I’m not blaming any individual. Just requesting all to wait till final whistle atleast

  55. You guys and myself included, wanted Biglia, Di Maria and Rojo dropped after the first game. Now since that has been done, I still see people on here bitching. I want Pavon/ Dybala and Lo Celso to start too, but Sampaoli sees something that we don’t. Enzo is starting to provide the balance to the team. Remember that he was the second best player, behind Messi, in the game vs Ecuador. Pavon/ Dybala will likely come on for Meza if things are not going well. Lo Celso might come on for someone else if we are winning 3-0. Lo Celso started in the game vs Spain and where did he go that day? He got overrun badly. It is about putting best team on the field. Best players on the pitch do not necessarily make the best team. Today’s game is going to be tight and tense. I think Argentina will win 1-0 or 2-1.

    • I’m not bitchting about anything
      Just saying in every other country, the named player would be starters for sure..
      For me just Meza didn’t show up so far. I really expected Pavon or my preferred Dybala to play and get a shot.
      I still believe that we are gonna win today hopefully a great match and we win by two… 3:1 or 2:0

      Vamooooos Argentina

  56. Sampaoli failed to build a team and now he has realized it.
    It’s too late now.
    There is no planning involved just improvising.
    We must depend on role players who are willing to run an extra mile and fight.
    We will play team ball and every time we played like a team we went far.
    Yes there is no creativity and it can backfire but this is our only chance.
    Lo Cleso, Dybala, Pavon should be our subs.
    Goalkeeper is a problem though.
    Next time we must prepare better, and right after the World cup we must renew our team.
    All I care now is winning.

  57. All the seniors in this group. I have been here only from 2014 Qualifications time. The time of Fantastic four. That too with different account. And what i used do was reading your valuable comments & the updates from Admins.
    I respect you. I suggest Admins to give you some special considerations in this blog.

    But, please, some of you are spreading all the negativities just 2 hour before the kick off. I respect you people, but what kind of joy or whatever feeling you are getting by doing this in this last moment.?
    Telling this team is that n Sampoli don’t know anything blah blah blah. Are you going to watch this match, i seriously doubt.

    Please stop your sad stories Juniors or Seniors, please. Try to make this a good place. Some being here for a century & others coming just for World Cup is no justification to your this kind of public exhibition of cheap frustration.

  58. It’s really pity that we don’t have good goalkeeper since 2006. However, let’s pray for our team and accept the challenge that today game is a do or die match.

  59. I told my albiceleste friend , I’m so tensed & nervous.
    He replied , “No probs bro, how many times we had lost” 😂😂😂.

    Be cool & Support Argentina, friends.

  60. San Isidro,
    I have been having real painfull migren today here in thailand for more than 12 hours ! First i thought it was because of local thunderstorm which just keeps pressing and circling around and doesnt seems to ease up like my migren too doesnt seems ease with any painkillers, but now finally when our midget have confirmed our line up i think my migren will just keep on getting more painfull and right now i dont even know if win from us will ease it up ! But i have had migrens many times before too so is nothing new to me, but it seems to be totally impossible to figure out what on earth is sampa doing and what is going through in his mind right now, if he have a mind at all, lol, and i think he even dont know himself too which is the scariest of all possible scenarios, now and after, just wish that win for us today will give boost to our players obviously, but what i would like or let’s say it more in this way that a win for us today will woken up our midget somehow and everything will start finally to make some sense ! Which quess is just unfortunaly my own fantasy !

    San Isidro,
    Sampaoli is an awful coach. Enzo wasn’t even in the original 23 and he starts today. What does that tell you? The man has no idea and is completely confused.
    Do you want to know why he doesn’t play the big names from big clubs? Because he is a small man with small ideas and small dreams. He can make an average team good but impossible for this mental midget to make a good team great.

    • The problem with our 3-5-2 is tagliafico is not a center back, neither is Mercado really.
      In 1986 creative midfielder was Maradona and Valdano was forward. Who is creative midfielder in this 3-5-2 if Messi and Aguero are forwards?
      I hope I am wrong. Maybe Messi will perform miracle and we win or draw. Hopefully he will but I am worried.

      • Also,
        Everyone here should believe me if Argentina does not make it to knock out round Sampaoli will be fired for sure. 100 percent for sure. So no big projects for mr skinny jeans.

  61. Okay I’m freaking out.. I’m going to watch the game at my brothers in law who is Croatian.. It will be 22 Croatian and 2 Argentine fans (wife and I, wife has no choice ) .. I hope we get a Win.. they are confident Croatia will win after last performance vs Iceland… if fans think this way, I’m sure the players are..

    Argentina let’s play as it were the final

  62. I am waiting to see Meza’s exquisite turn today, like the one he did against Spain. Very few players can turn his marker like that. A sign of top quality.
    Vamos Argentina!!

  63. Regardless of what happens today and how confusing Sampaoli has been, I hope he stays as our coach until the next Copa. We need some continuity and Samp did well as a manager before he took the NT job.

  64. I think tagliafico’s lack of height may be an area of concern. We are playing with only one proper stopper. Tagliafico and mercado are more of side back than real stoppers. Let’s what destiny has in store for us. Anyways vamos argentina.

  65. Caballero again. Sigh. No matter who you pick for the other 10, Croatia is not like Iceland, they will attack. And Caballero will fail to keep the ball out of his goal.

    It takes a special kind of moronic thinking to keep the best players on the bench, or better, out of the squad, in favor of second-rate and reserve team players.

    • It will be Caballero’s last if he doesn’t perform well. There will be many long range shot, if some of this goes in we are doomed. We have to somehow block the shots.

  66. Same old players who didn’t perform in da qualifiers☹️ Why not try lecelso dybala pavon 🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️🤦‍♂️ Now who is gonna create chances ?? Again messi alone..

  67. This squad will lead Croatia in first half.Acuna and Enzo are good addition.Acuna will provide width so it can open up space for Messi.Enzo is very good on build up and creating chances.He is plain but very effective always gives his 100%.Today Messi will score ahead of Augreo.Messi brace,Augreo single goal may be.But we can even concede one goal.3-1 is prediction.Our weakest link is Caballero.

  68. This formation makes absolute sense..we do not have world class defenders…i think we should give some room for Sampaoli to do what is right..Atleast he is no Bauza..

  69. This formation will work if we score first like Iceland game,if they score first then Sampa will be in panic mode and will throw Pavon or Banega Di Maria in last 30 mins

  70. Ashrafulbari,
    The answer to your question is simply because AFA doesnt have money a enough to hire simeone or pochettino or any other good coach at the moment and i dont think they will have also in the near future because they are basicly bankrupted propably of many reasons, but mainly i belive personally because of corruption and the economic crisis with IMF which must still be effecting the country itself even it’s quite a time go when it happen ! But i think our true born argentianian fans( i mean argentian’s ) can for sure give u much better and detailed answer than mine ! all the best to u and to argentina itself !

    I don’t know what’s wrong with the Argentine Football Association? Why do they hire coaches who had been sacked previously either by the club or national team? Gerardo Tata Martino got sacked from Barca AFA hired him, Sampaoli got sacked from Sevilla AFA hired him. Why not player’s like Diego Simeone or Zanetti? I am a big fan of Albiceleste from my childhood, World Cup 1994, I consider myself lucky enough to witness the last international goal of Diego Armando MARADONA against Greece live. We lack heavily in defense. Look at Atletico Madrid, Simeone build a formidable defense along with a good attacker. Why don’t AFA President hire him? This type of defensive minded coaches are killing Argentine national team. Feeling gutted.

    • Samp did not get sacked…He was doing great in Sevilla…and Sevilla did not want to let him go….I am no fan of Samp anymore though…but really hope he changes that for me….Go Samp today !!!

    • Samp not sacked.get your facts right.he left the job because of argentine national team coaching job

      • Because of fan like us garray like many other great players and coaches doesn’t want to get involved. I would not wanted this type pressure on my back.

        • Sampaoli is an awful coach. Enzo wasn’t even in the original 23 and he starts today. What does that tell you? The man has no idea and is completely confused.
          Do you want to know why he doesn’t play the big names from big clubs? Because he is a small man with small ideas and small dreams. He can make an average team good but impossible for this mental midget to make a good team great.

    • Hi Ricky! You could always use the Reply button in response to other bloggers post/comment. Copying the same post again is a bit redundant you know! Anyway, happy blogging.

    • Sampaoli was never sacked by Sevilla. AFA actually had to pay the Spanish Club because he was still under contract. Those are plain facts. He was perceived to be the savior, everybody, at the time, almost badly wanted him to be Argentina coach. The jury is still out, waiting for the verdict.

  71. Messi scored his first international goal against Croatia. Hopefully he can score a few today. Fingers crossed for a win today.

  72. Enzo Perez, Mercado will be effective both ends. They both not only physically defensive wise. But also threat in opponent box.
    Wrongly selected Rojo and Biglia should sent back home so that you can bring Ramiro Funes Muri and Rodrigo Battaglia in place of them.
    Today the Argentina as a team on the pitch will show their true character both attacking and defensively and will keep Croatia under pressure and vulnerable in their box. Let’s see.
    And Sampaoli should give chance to dybala in second half in place meza. So that he can produce create or score goals. That will boost Argentina before facing Nigeria.

  73. Hi Guys, Those who aren’t confident in this lineup or us not winning, pls stop commenting until the final whistle is blown; It is done, the team is fixed and no use of ranting for any changes; Let us hope that we will get a good result with bit of luck;

  74. For me it is simple:

    1. Alejandro Sabella is a very defensive minded coach, so he used attacking players for his formation, remember fantastic four? Even when Aguero was injured, he still used fantastic four theory: Aguero was replaced by Palacio or Lavezzi. So it was it was Di Maria, Palacio/Lavezzi, Messi, Higuain starting.

    I remember Sabella said he won because used Palacio (an attacker) against Switzerland instead of a midfielder. It was Palacio who stole the ball from a Switzerland player that resulted in a deadly counter attack for us that resulted in Di Maria’s goal.

    If Sabella had used 9 defensive minded players plus Messi, we would have been like Iran or Iceland.

    2. Jorge Sampaoli is the other way around. He is a very attacking minded, possession based maniac coach. He can not use too many creative players with limited defensive skills in his starting line up because we would be weak against counter attack that way. For that reason, I understand why he is using this 9 defensive minded players line up against Croatia. It is because those 9 players will not forget to defend at all while at the same time we will keep the possession most of the match.

    I am not saying the strategy will be a success, but I am saying I understand what he is doing.

    If Sabella tells his attacking minded players to defend; Sampaoli tells his defensive minded players to control the match (attack mode).

    The only thing that I disagree with Sampaoli is that he seems to be in panic mode. For me the likes of Meza or Salvio or Tagliafico are role players, not guaranteed starters in a tournament like WORLD CUP. Right when the 23 players were announced, his best 11 in practice was: Caballero; Ansaldi, Fazio, Otamendi, Tagliafico; Mascherano, Lo Celso; Lanzini, Di Maria, Messi; Aguero.

    These 11 never gets a chance to prove themselves (well with the exception of Lanzini of course). Sampaoli should know that we are strong, no need to panic.

    • Sampaoli is a nervous wreck and u can see that he has spread that virus to his entire squad. They all seem to be playing with a heavy imaginery load on their backs. Sampaoli is an over hyped con artist. Kinda like the Ricardo Darin role from Nueve Reinas. He took over an excellent squad n rode his luck but in the second half of the season when he also made a few signings of his own then his true Colors came to the fore. He talks loads of shit but never bothers to walk the talk. I cannot believe this guy is even allowed to get away with such fraudness in broad daylight. In Messi I trust n nothing else. I really feel bitter that the greatest player in the world at his prime has to play under shit brains like Tata, Bauza n this dirtiest shit of them all Sampaoli. This world cup has 5 Argentine coaches and after 7 matches none of them have registered a win and 2 of them have already packed their bags.

  75. It appears that the substitute of Di Maria is Enzo/Acuna. Strange!!! Last game with Di Maria we couldn’t open the goal. How can we open with Enzo/Acuna? Probably we will play defensive football. Especially worried about the defensive performance of Tagliafica and Salvio.

  76. I don’t know what’s wrong with the Argentine Football Association? Why do they hire coaches who had been sacked previously either by the club or national team? Gerardo Tata Martino got sacked from Barca AFA hired him, Sampaoli got sacked from Sevilla AFA hired him. Why not player’s like Diego Simeone or Zanetti? I am a big fan of Albiceleste from my childhood, World Cup 1994, I consider myself lucky enough to witness the last international goal of Diego Armando MARADONA against Greece live. We lack heavily in defense. Look at Atletico Madrid, Simeone build a formidable defense along with a good attacker. Why don’t AFA President hire him? This type of defensive minded coaches are killing Argentine national team. Feeling gutted.

  77. @ gonzalo, agreed with you as always, you know some followers like me who does not talk much always follow your comment to get know about the local players and oh god, meza impressed me lot, most exciting thing of this boy is he can cut inside and as well as hold the ball, but i think needs improvement in final pass.
    @campeonese, like i am also huge fan of pavone, he is our trump card and do well again the tired leg, but obviously deserve more than 15 min, i thin he should be subbed on after 60, do the things he does best.
    @san idriso, i know you are a huge fan, so you are dissapointed, believe me, we all are, i m disaapointed for last 5 years after joining the site, and have all the right, but whenever argentina play, there is a clinvh of hope always come to mind, so to all the fan, thats why they are positive, but againg, you have al the right to be dissapointed
    Missing the wise comment and analysis of maoun and kid, they are not posting regulerly as before.

  78. Let see the game first than judge sampa i remember when bauza failed all Argentinians had been protesting for sampa even journalists whom are disturbing the team currently and it helps nobody here
    Let the players do their job the coach too don t you see how they were against Iceland all players were shiting on themselves as soon as they get the ball even messi i think that argentina is 10 time better when they play to play not to win cause when they focused on that they forgot their own play their own talent and strength if they will play fearing argetinian people they will took their bags from tonight
    Be patient and support the whole team please

  79. All I see here is rush and mode for some players and brainless crowd that is driving the mode. It’s going cyclical to claim for some players. Of course till their first fail.

    Now it’s already third rush for Lo Celso. The first was before Olimpic Games. Not many remember both Lo Celos and Pavon where there. Maybe the same people were criticizing them during Olimpic Games because they were not shining. The second rush for Lo Celso was not long ago. It lasted till his game against Nigeria If I remember correctly. After that game I saw here his critic dominating: “he is too weak defensively” or something like that. Now it’s also second rush for Dybala. I see young capricious fans who want immediate effects and gratification. If young player is not impressive at once he will take another name to hype here. Till his first mistake of course.

    • Yeah yesterday some of them wanted Lo-celso to play as attacking mid just behind messi and aguero
      – Loceslo 😀 😀
      Locelso is good but we have to tighten our defense. If enzo fails today even if we win then Locelso will come in. If we had good defense it would be madness to leave Loceslo out but Sampoli had already hit his foot with an axe when he selected Rojo over Pezella.!!

    • What I mean: Lo Celso, Meza, Pavon – all they are real talents. I watched them countless times in their clubs and still I’m not sure which of them should play and wheter they will show their potential during this WC. Some people know all that without watching them in any singel game behind NT.

    • Anyone know the Croatia lineup? I’m ok with ours, we have game changers who can come off the bench. It’s just a question of if Sampa gives them enough time to make an impact. Hopefully Willy has a better match today.

    • Meza for pavon is not that bad…hopr he will click today….pavon will come in worst case scenarios for sure.even in place of salvio.
      All of a sudden some people are saying meza is not good and bring in pavon.most of them were praising him after the game against spain…
      All over mercado for rojo enzo for biglia and acuna for dimaria all look good additions.i am really hopeful to see a solid performance..

  80. Ok can someone please tell me why Paredes and Icardi didn’t go WC. Second why today dont start locelso and Pavon Dybala. We need to win this match. Plus is Argentina a football team that has midfield perez acuna salvio and meza. Are you joking me. This WC team should be. Romero andaldi Otamendi macherano rojo defence. Paredes locelso dybala midfield. Messi aguero pavon attack. This is Argentina with sud icardi lanzini correa. Enough with the bullshits.

  81. He’s planting a defensive line up so sampa’s goal is to park the bus and get one point.
    We are having about 8 defensive minded players. So that means 2 buses will be parked infront of one scrap trailer (Caballero) to protect him from falling apart.
    Not sure Sampaoli plan to get one point will go through. Croatia is happy to see this line up.

  82. He’s planting a defensive line up so sampa’s goal is to park the bus and get one point.
    We are having about 8 defensive minded players. So that means 2 buses will be parked infront of one scrap trailer (Caballero) to protect him from falling apart.
    Not sure Sampaoli plan to get one point will go through.

  83. the front three like A MSN of barca.may be meza play like A neymar.if meza click today that will be real booster for well as dybala;lo celso

  84. Badly tight pants .. where are u hiding time to show your round head and face the music !!
    On a serious note I trust sampoli .. I watched the Iran vs Spain game and we played better than Spain against a better defens..
    If messi had converted that penalty every thing would be rosy …
    He is showing intent or panic cannot be sure but the fact he has done away with dead wood is heartening..
    I just want Sampa to believe in HIS system n get the boys playing the way they trained ..
    Individually the croats have a world class mid field.. we have 2 warriors s in mash and enzo .. our strikers need to be take their one and only chance of necessary .. cannot miss sitters and penalties just cannot happen..

  85. I have nothing against Meza, he is a fine player, but Pavon is a world class. I also don’t understand why Lo Celso doesn’t start again, beside the fact he started in friendly matches and was one of the best Argentina players. However, I hope this will work and Argentina will finally become world champions. If we fail to qualify for the next round, Maradona will be right, Sampaoli shouldn’t dare to go in Argentina.

  86. There is no point in now complaining about the eleven now, Lets hope whoever is starting for us plays with their maximum effort, All the best to all.

  87. Meza is great player. The people who are so much convinced that Pavon should play instead of Meza these are those who know about him the less. I don’t see poeple like @Mamoun – who is local league follower – protesting against the Smapoli choice. If anyone watched Meza and Pavon a lot he know it’s hard to choice between the two. YOu may be Pavon fan as @campeones18 and prefer him over Meza but still it’s hard to say which of them will be better the more they are different players to different tasks.

    There’s here about 500 comenting poeple and 1000 voting. After WC will be here about 20 commenting regularly. The new – holiday fans – have not even time to be here whole year let alone to watch Meza and Pavon regularly to know enough about them to write about them knowingly.

    Meza is outstanding player I know that. I don’t know though wheter he will show his full potentiall today. The same with Pavon. If Meza will be weak today he will not play more in WC probably but still he will go to Europe and within some time probably shine in European club. And then will back to NT while some people will surprised becuase they already know (after his one everage) game he must be weak. But the pople don’t know about him nothing and they don’t know almost every young player needs some time.

      • @ashraf, i know why us ask about Meza in Left side.

        But Trust me, this won’t be a 3_4_3 where Meza has to operate as Di Maria. He will be meant as a creator & runner from middle in dense 5 men mid. Acuna is there in left, Salvio in right. Let’s not worry about Meza much. Boy will be fine in attack. And also about our attack… I’m only concerned about the defence, back 3, mercado & tagli.. & Caballero…. Hope they won’t be vulnerable..

        We are capable of scoring goals. This is a great style, i hope it clicks well.. i believe this is a world cup winning set up.
        Hope it works. Vamos Argentina.

    • Gonzalo I have been reading your informative write up a about our local boys and u do seem to have good knowledge about the league.
      From the game vs ice land what meza did the entire game Pavon did in 20min ( exaggeration a bit ) but Pavon was far more confident and fit right in .. I also understand meza is more versatile and has played all over the pitch ..
      So maybe based on the 20 min of the performance Pavon put up posters want him and it’s understandable.. at the end of the day Pavon or meza I have a feeling Sampa is reclaiming his gonads back and that’s a good sign ..

  88. I really hoped that Samp will field Dybala today. He is needed for the team today. All down to luck and Messi now. As always Argentina coach always find some brain fart logic to keep their best players out of starting 11. Of course, would be over the moon if we still squeeze out a win, but this team wont take Argentina much far in to the tournament.

  89. Sampaoli is obviously nervous. It is so unlike him to make so many changes within the span of a game. What it means is that his “Bielsista” system (that worked so well with Chile) is not working. He is now playing virtually anti-futbol with 7-8 defensive minded players. No creativity and attacking flair left now. Ideally, he should have played Lo Celso in place of Enzo and Pavon in place of Meza. Also Daybala should definitely be a sub who would come on in second half. That would have shown their attacking intent to Croatia and the rest of the world.

    It is risk takers who win in the initial phases of any world cup. Only after Round of 16, teams need to be cautious. This is a simple philosophy of any world cup till now and Sampaoli is not paying heed to it.

    Yet, Argentina may still win this match and the group (I certainly hope so), but what this team needs is a bit of flair beyond the great magician Messi (Never forget that Burruchaga, Cannigia and Voldano added great flair beyond Maradona in 1986 and 1990).

  90. I know some of you are very disappointed to see no ROJO( trust me we are better off without him, his world cup experience and height means nothing ) in the team, some wanted Dybala and Pavon to start. But we can do nothing but support Sampaoli now. Modric played vital role in Madrid’s 3 back to back Champions league win. He doesn’t score much or assist but he controls the midfield. If we are able to clip his wings we will win this game. All the positive thinkers who joined this site few weeks ago and all the critics who have been around for 2 world cups or more 😀 we are all rooting for the same team. If we win this we will gain much needed confidence and will beat any team that comes in our path!! lets all pray today is not where our world cup ends. VAMOS ARGENTINA !!

  91. Irony is I think the same starting 11 vs Iceland would do better vs Croatia as they would not park the bus

    Also Sampaoli wants the Ecuador game – then should stick with di Maria

    Expect humiliation today

    I am happy to be wrong

  92. I would rather
    Salvio/Pavon-Mascherano-Lo Celso-Tagliafico

    I can’t see what Sampaoli has against Dybala. All the teams are playing their best players, why can’t Argentina do the same?!!!
    MAD would send fear to any defense like MSN did!
    I hope Dybala comes on as a sub and changes the game on its heads to finally show the manager that he needs to start!
    Also, Fazio is one of Argentina’s best defenders but for some reason doesn’t play. A wall of Mercado, Fazio, and Otamendi would be difficult to break!
    Vamos Argentina!! Wake Up Messi! Play Dybala for crying out loud!!!!! Play Fazio too!!!!!! Bench Caballero!!!!

    My prediction…
    ARG 2-1 CRO (maybe 3-1 depending if Dybala comes on)

  93. Where is Meza playing in a 3-4-3? Left I guess and Messi on the right. Pavon played left last match and did well. If it’s 3-4-3 logically it should have been Pavon instead of Meza. But logic and Argentine football are not compatible I guess.

    • I think it’s more like Messi and Meza will drop deeper with Acuna and Salvio providing width. That way instead of Messi dropping deep all the time, Meza can share the burden and carry the ball forward. The key is to use the width since Croatia has been reported to work with a three in the midfield to suffocate Messi. As long as the main man finds space in the wing and the transitions are a bit quicker, things can go our way.

    • Meza will play like a playmaker. It will be more of a 3_5_2 with Meza operating in Inside. With Acuna & Tagliaftico there is no logic in starting match with pavon. What Argentina need in midfield is a creative player a hybrid midfielder, not a pavon dimaria kind, in this formation. Because there is acuna & salvio.

  94. I wonder why Rojo is not playing in Tagliafico’s place that’s his natural position. Especially Croatia are a tall team. Anyway VAMOS CARRAJOO!!! We will win comfortably

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