Rumors that Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI will leave


There are reports emerging in Argentina that coach Jorge SAMPAOLI will no longer manage the national team.

News is just breaking out now and there’s no further information.


  1. Sampaoli has to go. His biggest mistakes were:

    1. No settled team
    2. Playing 4 defenders and 2 defensive midfielders v Iceland
    3. Croatia game playing 3-man backline and overloading wings with average Acuna, Salvio, Meza etc
    4. Highline defence v quickest player at WC – Mbappe
    5. Aguero, Higuain, Messi, Icardi, Dybala – yet only Messi on the pitch v France supported by Pavon, Di Maria and later Meza!
    6. Messi playing False 9 v France with 2 wingers who should have swapped sides – Di Maria on right and Pavon on left. When playing false 9 you need wingers who are going to come inside. As it was they were going outside and crossing balls to Umtiti and Varane
    7. Playing Mascherano in every game

    France won 4-3 when we made so many tactical, lineup and player choice mistakes. A lower defensive line, Higuain instead of Pavon and Lo Celso in mid would have cut out 2 French goals

  2. That should be the players who should be nominate for the next friendlies
    Guys what do u think of this players If someone know another good players add them
    For the people who say messi would be to old he could play in midfield as playmaker
    1 rulli
    2 pezella
    3 taglafico
    4 bustos
    5 parades
    6 ascacibar
    7 Pavón
    8 lo celso
    9 icardi
    10 messi
    11 dybala
    12 Axel Werner
    13 lucas Martínez
    14 Lanzini
    15 lamela
    16 bataglia
    17 otamendi
    18 ezequiel barco
    19 j corrrea
    20 Martínez
    21 juan foyth
    22 a correa
    23 another goalkeeper
    24 lucas oscampos
    25 Luciano Vietto

    • Icardi the curse of Inter, his one-dimensional playstyle, the main reason Inter is shittier than ever, and neirly every second Inter fan hate him.


    • I actually hoping Messi to retire.. let see what Argentina could do with Icardi.

      This is not about Messi or Icardi, it’s about the regeneration, managers, AFA and an a working program.

      Messi walked during 2-4 yes, but what happened after Aguero came, he saw someone he could trust and Aguero paid the trust given to him. Before there was not even anyone to give a pass to. By your logic Messi already gave up after 2-4 the assist wouldn’t have happened.

  3. Here is how scenario will play out in days and months
    Sampaoli will leave..Argentina chooses a new coach with Captain Messi advice. Icardi and Dybala will not play.. Di Maria, Higuaín, Messi upfront..last shot at Copa19 for friends.. Reach Copa 19 finals and get thrashed by Brazil by 10-1. A new record..Again coach is blamed and coach resigns..Mascherano becomes coach and Messi captain.. they go in WC2022. get thrashed again…Messi and Masche retires.

    Meanwhile Dybala,Icardi,Pavon career is ruined with no chances..Welcome to shitville called Argentina NT

    • I want you all imagine the Argentina team that normally had to play in this WC and tell me if this not a strong team. Romero tagliafico garay otamedi rojo pasedes ocampos messi centurion icardi dydala. What france and what brazil are we all tall about. If we had coach he will pick this team and destroy all. This is my problem that we go in WC with players like biglia macherano pavon meza di maria fazio enzo salvio with no goalkeeper and no coach. And we talk that france have general better players from what? for Argentina second team. Who is better player in the last two years mbappe or dybala. We are all joking of course i a mad and angry and we all talk in this forum. But for what for Argentina selection in this world cup and for the coach. If we had a strong serious coach with balls he will pick the strongest team and play attacking football. I still i very angry and we all sit here and talk Argentina dont have talented players or we are not good team. Yes of course with who we went play with no formation and no plan. Other thing some in this site say Paredes is not good player and no one wants him. You have to be joking me. Arsenal liverpool napoli (ancheloti) want him like crazy pay 30000000 million euro because he is bullshit. Best DM of the future. Start to fucking watch football. Garay icardi rulli perroti paredes ocampos romero lanzini dydala(didn’t play) lo celso centurion (are all super) and we go with meza pavon biglia salvo enzo fazio macherano who play in china world cup. You are all joking here

      • We all knew that Biglia and Mascherano were not fit..But if you drop them than Messi will not play like the game agaist Croatia..Di Maria dropped then he stopped playing ball with Meza…
        Messi has too much influence..Messi retired and was brought back into team because Adidas would have stopped team sponsorship…It is the truth..
        Walking Messi is not suitable for Tournament matches as they are played with high intensity…Team that wins it defend with 11 players like Madrid…Barcelona are handicapped because Messi don’t defend shit…

  4. I think the worst thing they can do is remove Sampaoli really quickly. What is the rush? Why not go and seek a new coach over time in a well thought out decision.

    Copa is a year away sure, but making a lightning fast decision might end up worse off. Also, sadly I’d tell most people that Copa is off the prospect list to win, very doubtful. To me the team is worse off now then it was when BAUZA took over, and has gotten worse continually under Sampaoli. Also now senior players are retiring so adds to the list of things to address. In a lot of ways there’s one year to fix a team before the tournament, sound familiar? Sampaoli had a year and failed.

    When Sampaoli took this job I was happy but also upset. upset because only a bad tactician would take the job. The team was still toxic from three final losses, bad afa management then we have Sampaoli agreeing to enter the mess. I applaude his pride and patriotism but only a fool would have gone for this managers role.

    His formation tactics and press conferences were enough to confirm all of this for me unfortunately.

    What they need to do is hire a program manager with support coaches who have a vision for developing national talent and re building the national talent conveyor belt. We don’t need a system coach right now, the foundation must be fixed first when it is we’ll have very good coaches lining up to coach the national team.

    Some say 5-10 years, I think Argentina can look completely refreshed and fixed in 4-5 years with the proper plan.

    • I dont know why more people are not seeing this. If you change coaches every 6 months why will a good reputed coach want to join ? Simple logic. At this rate they will get a second hand coach who wont care ! He will just get his payment and then leave.

  5. The game against France could have been ended 4-0 for France like we did against Germany in 2010. This time we had the genius of Messi, Di Maria and Aguero saving our ass.

    Sampaoli was even more crazy than Bielsa. Like it or not, Bielsa’s defense system was pretty solid. Sampaoli played attacking football against a team with world-class central mids Kante and Pogba , and expert counter attacking forwards Mbappe and Griezmann while we had an aged midfield and very slow defenders who haven’t played together regularly.

    I saw Tata as someone who are similar to Germany Low in long-term development. But he has been gone now.

    Time for a young modern coach. Now the worrying part is not only players under-performed with the national team but the coaches as well. I really felt for Sampaoli, poor him.

    • France scored 4 goals against us because of .. Messi, Di Maria Masche and Aguero as they will not defend….Now go back and watch the game. Mbappe was defending and pressing when banega miss passed. What was the need of Mbappe to track back. He is already a bigger star then Di Maria, Banega,Masche…It resulted in quick counter attack and penalty. France defended with 11 players. we defended with only those not friends with messi….

      • Icardi moves nothing, defends shit, only stand in the box and wait for the ball, just like Dybala who never defending. Icardi biggest success in his career the 4th!!! place this year in Inter LOL, what a fckin winner, Dybala big UCL flop so far. Pavon rubbish technique.

        • Lol…Messi with best team of the world worth billion dollar team get beaten by Roma 3-0. Roma the 6th in Italian league. Roma plays better in tournament than Barca with moonwalking Messi…

          Icardi carried Inter to 4th…Messi cant carry shit…

          • Messi won 3 champions league when he was Running Messi…Walking Messi won only 1 champions league with help of Neymar…He is not going to win any more champions leagues unless Barca plays through Countinho-> Suarez..

          • Yes LOL at least wait the brazucas fail in this WC, with your Coutinho, Coutinho won zero trophy in Liverpool in 6 years (not even a motherfucking Micky Mouse cup), 0, zero,nill, nyista, what a champion LOL.

          • Yeah ofc, before the Coutinho era Pool won Champions League, FA-cups, mickey mouse cups moron, go and suck your brazils dick, they will cry like in 2014, 7:1 😀

      • Vs Spain ? 6, Di Maria was not there, Aguero was not there, Messi was not there, Meza, Lo Celso defended zero, plus the reality our defenders are shit,Tagliafico played in every game, Bustos, Fazio, mistake-prone Rojo and idiot Otamendi

    • @Mamba
      Messi in 2014-15 when Barca win UCL, he’s already walking Messi. Help of Neymar? Yes, but he’s the best player that year (and almost every year since 2009 bar maybe 2013).

      So what’s your point?
      Sleeping Messi is still better than most of players.

  6. we dont need a TOTAL change
    some of the players will be 31 next copa and their experience will still be vital with the young breed
    if we pick all young players and get raped, ppl on here will say team was too young and no experience.
    we all known quality > age is more important
    banega, di maria aguero mercado, messi, otamendi, will all be 31 next year which is fine. alot of players are still in their peak at 31

    i am still waiting for the following players to retire
    higauin, perez, fazio, caballero, armani, MEZA

    • Are you out of your minds… Brazil with Coutinho Neymar,Jesus,firminho will tear apart this Argentina…brazil will put in minimum 10 goals and we will not have a response as after 1st goal Messi,Di Maria will go in a shell and hide. Age makes players fearful if they are not fit like Ronaldo, Cavani.

      We need Perotti, Pavon,Dybala and Bad boy Icardi upfront…

      • Agree Icardi and dybala should start with Messi as a deep number 10

        Perotti is nearly 30 and old next World Cup
        Pavon has potential
        Meza is rubbish

    • Yes, we do need total change. After Copa start the WC qualifiers. Now is the time to rebuild, not after Copa.

  7. I would keep Sampaoli…just because Messi n company does not like to train hard and to be fast. Messi should retire immediately. Ronaldo at 33 is winning Ballon dor and champions league because he runs and he is physically in top shape. Ronaldo can be still playing at 37 in Qatar 2022. Messi cant run,defend and does not train to be fit like a tiger. in WC Russia have you seen training of Argentina. Messi and frnds did not like Sampaoli because he insisted on training hard and defending hard.

    • You’re depending Sampaoli who is responsible for playing high line defense despite 2-1 lead which came from messi assist. 4-2 down but Substitute farmer meza ahead of world class goal scorer Aguero and Dybala, Benched lo celso for farmer pavon

      • How many games Meza played for Argentina and How many Messi played. Compare their performance against Iceland farmers. Meza won a penalty and Messi couldn’t score one. So who is farmer??. Iceland game was key and Messi did not show up in that game and that was the end of our world cup.

        • if Iceland game really matter then Spain not won 2010 world cup despite lost 1st match against Switzerland. Croatia match destroyed Argentina when Sampaoli played with high line defense and same with France. I bet with anyone if peru, Australia or Denmark took 2-1lead even Uruguay lead 2-1 and defend 30min against France, they never lose but Argentina because of Sampaoli. Argentina Lost because benching Aguero,Dybala and played with farmer meza and pavon accept it or die

          • Croatia match was lost by walking Messi.. If Meza passed to Messi then messi passed back to him.. Messi did not want to play..Messi was the worst player in that match along with Masche…

  8. For those numskulls who obviously only watch Barcelona and have no idea about any players within the Superliga or elsewhere.

    Lo Celso was one of the best defensive midfielders in Ligue Une. In terms of ball recovery, tackles and interceptions he led the PSG midfield. And that was not the role he was brought to PSG for. Allied to that his ability to play box to box, centrally and forwards he is a world class talent. He learns from game to game and has not been overawed in the slightest by the players around him at PSG.

    • Yes Lo Celso is a very good find. He can be better than Banega surely. He needs game time and coach for guidance. Sampaoli can provide that. We need to play like a team.With Messi in team we cant because everything goes through him. If Messi is injured then team has no clue. We have our Coutinho in Dybala. He can take the ball upfront and help our Suarez that is Icardi…This way Messi can still play but we develop another line of attack..Locelso -> Dybala-Perotti – >Icardi….

  9. I would like continuity especially for a coach like Sampaoli who is a very good coach.

    Sampaoli is crazy. He experiments in the biggest matches. There is a fine line between bravery and foolishness. If Argentina had won against Croatia and France with the same formation, he would have been termed as a brave coach and lauded. However, the result was negative and thus he is now termed as foolish.

    I always rated him tactically great, but I doubt it now. Playing Messi as false 9 with these wingers and midfield, playing attacking football against France with these defense & midfield, he is so crazy.

    France is designed for counter attacking football. So if I were the coach, I would have ceded possession to them and fielded 5-3-1-1. Mascherano as an additional CD, Banega as DM cum deep playmaker and Pavon & DiMaria on either flank. Messi just above midfield & Aguero on top.

    • i would prefer you, Malabari Albiceleste, to be our coach in that case, since you are able to point out Sampaoli’s mistakes.

      So Sampoali please fxxk off!


  10. In 2014 right after the World Cup, there were many people on this very site saying Masche would be great in the 2018 World Cup and he would be a critical piece this year.
    As we all know he tried his best but he was not very good. Now, the same foolish people are talking about Messi being important for the NT at 35. These same people aren’t even knowledgeable enough to realize the next World Cup is in November of 2022 which puts Messi at 35.5 years old roughly. The point is after next years copa Messi is done.
    I think Sampaoli is done as well. But NONE of the names being thrown around are world class managers. Gareca Almeyda Gallardo alll are average at best. We need a world class manager.
    And don’t talk about Simeone. That guy is never gonna manage us until he is like 70. Dude has many opinions about his country but his loyalty is to his wallet.

    • Thank you for talking sense. First we need to change our captain keeping in mind next Copa19. Icardi is good choice. Aguero is injury prone and may not be available by next year. Messi and team cant beat brazil which they certainly face in 2019. We need icardi,Dybala,Pavon,Perotti upfront. Choose a young CDM and young goalkeeper like Nigerian ones 19-22 year old so he can be there for next 10-15 years…

      Rumour is going on that Messi may not retire. If he does then Adidas will stop sponsoring Argentina. It will be good we can go to Nike and get rid of Walking Messi

    • Arre Idiot Ronaldo winning balloon dor at 33, messi remain in prime at 33 even decline thereafter still remain world one of the best ppayer if not best. There is huge difference between vest ever and good

  11. My favorite for Argentina coach
    1 Sampaoli (deserve 2nd chance)
    2 Simeone ( best option)
    3 Conte ( suits Argentina team most)
    4 Rafa benetez
    5 Blanc

    • Going by past commentsof yours, favorite for Argentina coach
      1) Mascherano
      2) Messi
      3) Higuaín
      4) Di Maria
      5) one of Messi friends..

        • I hate mache, higuain, dimaria reason for messi failure if messi had Ronaldo mentally then they no where near NT after copa 2015, Messi has soft heart which cost him, had messi choose Spain golden generation but selected choker Argentina. Messi had 100% success ratio in final expect for Argentina where Dybala is red carded choker in final and icardi is title less forever

    • I’m beginning to see why other members laugh at your posts.
      You clearly are like either 9 years old or are suffering from dementia because Argentina has never had a foreign coach.

      ESPN soccer is chalkful of posters like you. You should go there, you will like it there.

  12. Argentina needs an european coach and a european coaching staff. Someone cool,calm, cold and collected, someone with a plan and someone with a long term project (having young players in the roster and not be sacked if we lose a final like with Tata) in his hands. Give that pool of talent which is Argentina to someone like Rafa Benitez and we would be good.

    This being said Im certain that we will see 3-4 different crazy argentinian hot head coaches before the next WC. More of same old

  13. Simeone, Pocchetino know that messi and Mache will select the team.why should they risk their reputation. Sampaoli took a big risk and look what they have done to him.. Sampaoli called Icardi into team, He chose Paredes,Perotti in 1st list but then messi,Masche met with Sampaoli and rest is history…

    • yes with out messi Argentina can be a team with a quarter final material like before and choking final afte final against Brazil that’s why trophy less since 1993, messi alone win more titles than Argentine history of football

      • Mache selected team if messi interfere then higuain never called up and Aguero always played, politician mache used messi as soft target

        • Did you watched Dybala Penalty miss this season, a player super flopped in Argentina 12 games, scored 1goal in last 14th champion league game contribute more than messi lol

  14. neither simeone nor pocchetino will take the team. immediately forget about it pls. it will either be gallardo or almeyda.

    • AFA no hurry to appoint a new coach even Sampaoli regine that’s not 100% certain. No doubt AFA try for simeone but i would like foreign manager like conte instead of own country Menegar. I want some to follow duty not emotional as a fan so foreign coach is best choice and conte must be next Argentina coach if not simeone

  15. Messi and frnds will walk on the field and rest of smurfs in Argentina team will defend. If Argentina fails then our coach and players Lo celso, Pavon, Meza will be blamed but our supreme leader Messi, Masche can not be blamed despite thr 10 years of experience playing in top clubs and failing for NT…lollollol…

    • Don’t put mache and messi same sentence. What meza, pavon like farmer achieved, messi already had two ballon dor. A man won everything in club label but not for NT isn’t his fault, without messi Argentina not even the world cup. There is a ground label problems which is need to solve only a Manager like conte or simione do it

      • Without Messi Argentina would have a team. Simeone will take over if Messi is not there. Only reason Simeone is not coming because team selection is done by Messi,Masche and friends… Russia as a team defeated mighty Spain. We just need to play as a team. Messi is not required not anymore…

  16. Apart from the problems from AFA and not having the best coaches, Argentina in the last 10 years have gone down very badly in one aspect.
    Yes, we routinely produce world class attacking talents.
    But we are mediocre when it comes to midfield and defense.
    We havent produced a midfielder even 80% of Requelme, nor have we produced a CB even 80% of Ayala or a wing back 80% of Zanetti or Sorin.

    My point is whichever manager comes, they will some how end up picking up these mediocre players for defense and midfield. Even if we had 2 Messi’s upfront, it wont be any use, if we cant support the attack with a good midfield and a strong defense.
    Looking at all these, Sabella was the guy with the best common sense. He strengthened the defense and counter attacked.
    I hope Argentina take a leaf out of all these small nations, like Iran Iceland, and strengthen the defense and learn to play sitting back. With our attacking talents, we can win with counter attacks.
    That stat that Messi received just 2 passes in the whole WC, in penalty box is kind of embarassment for a big national team..It says a lot. The only good ball he received in the final third in the whole 4 matches was the one from Banega against Nigeria.. All these speaks a lot.
    We talk about lots of alternative players, but really none of these players in the midfield or defence would walk into another big team’s first elleven (Lo Celso/Meza/Lanzini/Parades or whoever it is being talked here as alternatives)

    • Our dear messi received 2 passes in whole WC in penalty box??? He got a penalty in the box and he missed. Since that moment in Iceland match we declined. Messi went in his shell and Sampa was blamed to deflect attention from Messi failure supported by Adidas and Messi media..

      • Yes he missed and am still angry with him for that. But so did other players. Its a big luck.
        But what guarantee you have that Iceland would not have equalized even if we took the lead. Every Iceland move looked more than dangerous for our school boyish defence.
        Argetnina had the WORST DEFENSE in this WC and the most mediocre midfield too. Its not rocket science to see that.

  17. proble mwith argtnina is too may opinion
    managers, media, fans, pundits, players
    a strong manager doesnt care

    the iceland system was perfect for amatch vs france with 4-2-1-3. sabella system
    the croatia match was just awful as he actually had no clue,

    a good manager with right players would have topped the group and due ot easy draw we would be in final again

    lo celso can not defend

    and as bad as biglia and masherano are now, the BEST they could have done was as double 5 like they did in 2014

  18. Ok lets assume we change coach may be Simeone takes over and Messi is still captain. Will Messi allow Icardi , Dybala to play. If Simeone asks Messi to track back and help in defense will Messi do that?? We know the answer. Messi will remain till Copa19 and try to win it one last time but Do we really think Messi and team can win against Brazil Coutinho,Neymar,Firmino….

    Install Icardi as captain because in shit team like Inter he is still scoring goals for fun

  19. this fraud of coach has to leave! sick of him, a very stupid coach. i have never taken coaching course, i could figure out that leaving space to mbappe was suicidal, we needed to close him down before he is on the turn and start his run, defend deep to leave no space between midfield and defense something sabella majestically mastered against belgium and netherland to limit robben and hazard involvement!

    we were lucky enough to be 1-1 @ half, in the second half why not to man mark mbappe the only france threat, griezman was never to a be a threat. sampaoli fielded 15 different teams in 15 matches! poor preparation and yet with the mediocre selection(tagliafico, biglia, meza,etc…) we have; a very i mean very average coach could have seen france off after going 2-1 up

    people are talking of FRANCE has world beater now, an average coach @ 2-1 would finished off france very easily by bringing kun and later on lo celso. umtiti and varane are very suspect and prone to errors! with kun on the field @ 2-1 umtiti/varane wouldn’t have brought the ball to midfielder with ease. messi as 10 would have been a more cause of concern for FRANCE as all their midfielders would have had an eye on him and thus leave acre of spaces to on running enzo, banega and eventually lo celso had he brought him.

    4-3-2-1 @ 2-1 with lo celso masch perez in mid and banega messi behind kun would have finished france with such ease!! i have never seen such an idiot of coach…. it is as if he was bribed by the french to field such a strange team.

    playing leo as a false 9 was pretty abject… @ barca leo had villa and pedro who are tactically smart enough to take the centre once messi has dropped or gone wide, the quality of the supply with iniesta/xavi and alves was never the same with what we have.

    i am not sure if we would ever have a chance to win it like this time had we finished 1st in group stage, we could have had a clean path to at least the semi!!!

    • Worst coach in this WC. Worst coach of Argentina maybe ever. Our team was a big circus. Not good selection from WC team. No plan every game other 11 every game other formation. We need a serious COACH. To fix our team to make us strong again to fear us. To play attacking football. Who want this circus to continue is not Argentina fan. Brazil i hate them and they dont have super stars but they are serious. We where a circus

    • Dude 2-1 or 3-1. Argentina would have still failed because you had Mascherano aka fighter in middle. Can any coach dare to substitute Masche. Mbappe would have scored 2 more because of that headless chicken

  20. Al.are saying don’t blame sampaoli because he has no time to build a team but u tell me one thing why he has not selected parades battaglia icardi garay perotti Gomez pezella?they r all better than fazio mascherano biglia higuain..and another sin is why sampaoli not including dybala lo celso in his squad?with this team we concead 3 4 goals,but if u think that if parades lo celso dybala played then we concead 10 goals each games? Sampaoli has 3 good player in his squad but he never use them..and main question is your game plan was worst ever…when u got won against Nigeria with 4-4-2 formation then why u changed this formation against female and u apply Messi as false 9 how drastic change within one match…sampolis thinking is not up to the mark..for that reason he has been fired as a coach

  21. Tapia should ask WAlkessi to resign as captain. He is no captain, never talks and has no leadership qualities. Make Icardi our captain and sampaoli as coach, it will mean that Messi and frnds retire and new generation is imposed. we can win copa 2019 with Dybala, icardi, pavon. Messi must go as slow players cant win a tournament.

    • Why Funes Mori ? Just as bad as Rojo. Ocampos is not showing any consistency still to influence games regularly. People are plucking names out of the air without a clue how they are performing. Placente ? He is barely into coaching the u17 where he should stay but he should now manage the seleccion ? Cloud cuckooland.

      Why Icardi as captain. We have two players who organize, cajole and are natural leaders already in Pezzella and Tagliafico and who can see the game infront of them. Icardi as a player certainly.

    • Icardi not win anything at club label forget NT, Argentina always chokes reason trophy less since 1993

  22. Sampaoli would not have been successful if not for bielsa (traitor)

    He was clueless for Croatia game and France game Iceland

    Al because he never stuck to the same line up in 15 games

    With frances firepower Masherano can’t cope on own

    Needs biglia and mashcerano as double 5 and just play deep like Peru and Denmark

    Fact is he played a high line even in the lead to France was suicidal

    And if sampaoli there he will still pick Meza Meza Or anyone else who shines in a 6-1 loss

    As for new coach don’t want know ex player with a suit managing a few good games at riverplate or Boca

    Simeone and pochettino will never manage as they know this current team is shit and will harm their legacy

    Only proven world class player in their 20s we have is Icardi

    • Biglia and Mascherano….lol you have no clue about football. Both were shit in Iceland game. Mascherano was the worst player of tournament. go and check ESPN player ratings for each game

      • both are shit vs iceland but we only conceded 1 goal as opposed to 3 vs croatia and 4 vs france. conceding 1-2 vs france would mean we go through

        both are rubbish now but with the crap we had, it was the best we had.
        problem with iceland game was not scoring, nothing to do with not conceding
        did iceland play like france – lol you have no clue about football

    • Simeone and Pochettino will not manage the team not because it is poor. It is still one of the best squads in the world with plenty of young talent to mould aside from the laterals and keepers. They will not come because 1.AFA interference
      2.the AFA cannot afford to buy out their contracts
      3.Simeone has a project with Atleti and later Internazionale & ditto for Pochettino at Tottenham

      Modern coaches travel everywhere. Bielsa is just that he is not a traitor otherwise Gareca a potential candidate is one for coaching Peru but is not regarded as such because they only made the Copa semi final ? The amount of drivel written here is amazing. Hey Leon is that you ? 🙂

  23. I think we should stick with Sampoli, we make to many managerial changes and don’t give anyone enough time to stamp thrre authority on the team. Also the reason Messi could play as a false no.9 for Barca was because he had Xavi, Iniesta and Busquets beside him. For Argentina he had a 34 year old Masch, a 32 year okd Perez and Banega.

  24. 1st goal: OK banega lost the ball but it was far, very far. Too much space was left. If you try to play possession football then you need players to win back the ball quickly when they lost it. Obviously our players don’t have this.

    2nd goal: Matuidi had all this time to adjust the pass to Hernandez, where was Pavon in the pressing? Too much space was given.

    3nd goal: same, too much space, Pogba was relaxed and had all his time for passing to Hernandez. After there was individual talent of Mbappe but Armani should have stopped the shot.

    4th: French counter attack, no fast enough to win back the ball before Matuidi passing to Giroud.

  25. I am not a coach. But I think we are being very harsh on sampaoli. We are talking about Croatia match. We know Croatia is very good at midfield. They have decent strikers and stoppers. Still we did well upto conceding first goal. And we all know willy was at fault. 1st goal of France we conceded because of banega. At midfield banega got a loose ball which he could not receive, it was a mistake on banega’s part and his mistake leads to a penalty and france got their 1st goal , during second goal lucas hernandez sent a cross. Tagliafico was free, he could have received the ball but tried to do something flashy and could not connect the ball, pavard got the ball and took shot which ended in a goal. If players commit this type of silly mistake then team has to suffer. And that’s what happened to Argentina. I don’t know whether he should be given another chance or not but putting entire responsibility on the coach isn’t right. Our players committed mistake and got punished. Messi could not score from penalty. Is sampaoli responsible for all this. He has atleast tried to do something for the betterment of team. But result was not in our favour. Had sabella been with us we would have got this world cup with back to back copas. Why afa did let sabella go? Afa is equally responsible for this.

    • I think Messi can only play as false 9 in Barca because they played in bloc, won back the ball very fast when they lost it and they had fast fullbacks to cover. In Argentina, he was isolated because our players are less creative(Lanzini and Lo Celso absence). They don’t have that kind of reflex to win back the ball quickly. Actually ex Maschereno the rest of the team do not like/know defending. It’s a suicide to play possession football.

  26. We are asking for Sampaoli sacking without even realizing there is no real alternative ( Simeone & Pochettino are not joining NT for now ).IMO ,for now we should persist with Sampoali . He will turnaround with time & lets not forget he has legacy with Chile & Sevilla . There was too much confusion this time & we don’t even know if Sampoali was deciding or Amigos club.
    What is needed is entire team should be reset ( only romero , locelso, pavon, Dybala, meza, salvio, acuna, otamendi, tagliafico) should be retained. There is no point keeping players now who we know will not be available by 2022 due to age ( read Messi, Aguero, Dimaria, Banega, Fazio, Mercado, Armani etc ) . I am still keeping Romero as we need some GK stability & Ruilli /Rossi or some other youngster takes over post Copa19,
    We need to see Icardi, Ascacibar , Bustos, Battaglia, Mammanna, Funes Mori, JCorrea, ACorrea, Alario, Ocampos , Barco, Lanzini to join the other youngsters & build an attractive model of football which Sampoali is capable of.
    We may have 1-2 years of a tough run ( including Copa19) due to young inexperienced squad – but there is atleast a chance of forming the nucleus of a team which can mount a good challenge at Qatar 2022.

    • in modern times , most successful team managers have spent good time ( 3yrs + ) to start delivering ( i can only think of Scolari with Brazil in 02 & Tite now as exceptions ) . Argentina with 3 coaches in 1 year & all the AFA -player politics , it is not fair to dump everything into Sampaoli’s head. I agree he didn’t show consistency in WC & god can only explain why decisions like LoCelso didn’t play ( but we also don’t know whether it was a Amigos club decision ) . But in current context , we don’t have a alternative . Picking someone from Argentine league can be like Bauza Part 2.

    • What else do we need to see?? He has shown his incapacity with respect to Argentina. He is not, and will never be, a good coach for this particular country. Btw Chile and Sevilla do not present the same challenge, the same pressure, as Argentina. Day and night. Dude is not stable and it’s really there for anyone to see. How are the players supposed to be calm on the pitch, which is important, if the coach is erratic the entire game? Pacing back and forth over and over, a sign of irritability. No wonder Argentina looked disjointed almost every game under him. We need a calm coach, you can be emotional but in a much more controlled way. Prayers that he leaves, it’s past time.

  27. so be it!!! release him as soon as possible. we need a manager with criteria: well experienced, tactically genius, and resolute authority (can’t be dictated by anyone). Bielsa has already signed contract with Leeds United. Simeone can be persuaded as long as AFA can assure him.

    Cholo, your time has come.
    “I am the type of coach that wants to be on the pitch daily and the national team doesn’t offer that. The time between Copa América and the World Cup is too long, although I will not deny that whenever I listen to the Argentine National anthem in one of those competitions, that feeling of being there starts to appear”.
    ” I would like to become the national team coach one with a very different emotional tranquility. It might get bigger, although it is necessary to see if they (AFA) still want me at the moment”.
    -Simeone’s time has arrived

    • he in the past asked if he was able to do it part time but they turned him down, l also he wanted total control over every thing as any coach would/should but alas their is no way the afa would allow that sadly.

  29. We need continuity in coach ,we all thought in the same way.
    But continuity with sampaoli heck no
    1:No clue about the formation or line up
    2: Messi as false 9 ..? between 2 wingers..?
    3: Throwing slow defenders to the likes of mbapee and griezman
    4: dressing room chaos
    5: Nervous walking in lines , which adds pressure to our players too.

    Thank u for nothing sampa

    • instead of Messi being the false 9,, he could have kept Messi in his usual position and play Dybala as the false 9.
      Not carrying Icardi was the main issue. Why use Messi as a false 9 when you have Aguero and Higuain on the team ? It shows that his 23 man squad was not good in the first place.

  30. If Sampaoli leaves, what about Carlo Bianchi. I think it’s unlikely the likes of Simeone or Pochettino will take the job at this point in their lives… Bianchi was one of the candidates for the job before Sabella was given the job in 2011.

  31. Maybe, just maybe we should get an experienced manager from Europe. Antonio Conte will be free soon.

    • Makes sense. He is simeone like & is good national team manager but the proud argentines may not accept plus there is money issue.

    • By the way, I am not convinced that Argentina do not have fast and strong players to at least play like Denmark or Russia. We do not need 11 super stars. I don’t mind calling unknown players from Mexican LX or Colombia Liga as long as they can do what the coach wants. Basanta in 2014 was excellent case. And this time, we witnessed many club football stars failed to shine while the less well-known players played very decently.

      • I Like the Idea of Antonio Conte! As he will be free and fighter!
        You saw it when he was Italian CT I am sure that he would bring Team Work and Quality in our Team

  32. It’s just very sad we left the competition so early. The world cup now has no taste at all especially with all mediocre teams are making the QF for the first time, and I won’t be surprised if Russia reaches the semi final.

    Players are back to their normal exotic lives starting negotiation with their potential clubs and each gets busy with his agent. Messi probably is checking the market to recommend buying players for Barca. We are fans sitting here suffering from the loss and we don’t even get an apology from the team. After the loss, everyone took the plane and left. They will come back in Copa saying they don’t owe fans anything.

    • That is very true, they’ll go on vacation which they deserve and then back to their normal lives. Do they care about what happened? Yes, but what is done is done and they’ll move on.

  33. The new coach need to be someone realistic, starting with some basic and balanced tactical system and find the players that fit the most, before moving to the most optimistic solution. I am sick about replicating this kind of Spain possession football that finish by going nowhere. Fast counter-attack, fast defensive replacement, cutting space by agile move and playing as bloc seems much more realistic and suitable.

    We need also players with better football IQ, who understands game, unlike Otamendi(a great player but with 0 understanding of the game and too emotional) or Rojo.

  34. Finally he did a good thing for Argentina. His work with this team has been really disappointing, far below expectation. The reality is that when he was Chile coach, he just applied the existing system built by Bielsa and most of the players were there before. With Sevilla, he also got a good team built by Emery. Now we asked him to build the team from scratch, it’s a different thing.

    He is inspired by Bielsa and Guardiola, but the truth is today this kind of football is not really working when we saw elimination of Germany and Spain. You need more speed to break the lines, doing 1000 passes is not going to make you win anymore. Besides, the fatal error was that he didn’t realize that our defense do not have the same speed as Alba for example, everyone knows that possession football without fast defenders is a suicide.

    Honestly I will be surprised that he will give up this 9m fee and resign. Maybe the federation is looking to settle a deal with him. But for sure, he won’t quit free.

  35. Good riddance (if this is indeed true). He made several tactical and strategic blunders –

    1. He left several of his best players at home, including his best goalkeeper, and arguably his best striker.
    2. This could be because of pressure from AFA, but he seems to irrationally favor mediocre players from SAF over more talented ones from Europe. This pseudo-nationalistic nonsense has no place in a tournament like the WC. Show your nationalistic spirit by doing what is best for the national team, instead of this pretentious nonsense.
    3. He should have built a “system” that takes advantage of his best players instead of looking for mediocre players that fit his system.
    4. This is related to all of the above. He failed to identify best 11 and settle down on the tactics that gets the best out of them in the year+ he had before the world cup. Instead he kept changing his team till the third game of the group stage.
    5. His team selection for the starting XI has been inexplicable. He has regularly picked old washed out players who have played very little competitive football in the past 1-2 years, and repeated errors from these players cost Argentina dearly.
    6. His substitutions have been all over the place. In the match against Croatia for instance, he subbed out his entire midfield, so the team that was left on the pitch was basically 5 at the top, 5 at the bottom, with no one in the middle to move the ball between them. It was confounding that a coach at this level can make such a blunder.
    7. He has completely failed to adjust his gameplan to the opponent or the circumstances.

  36. Dear Jonnydarko/Dfox1942,

    Taking Sampaoli out is not fixing the we have a good coach ready to take the job?

    Based on some of our folks mentioning the names…

    1. Gallardo – Local league is different than coaching National Team
    2. Simeone – I don’t think so..
    3. Pochettino – No chance..
    4. Bielsa – Yes..but very high work rate…drain the players..Defensively might be weak..
    5. Tata – Forget it..good for USA.
    6. Almeyda – Not sure why we are considering him..may be the cheaper option.

  37. I’m surprised that many of you are surprised that Sam has gotten fired and even more surprised that some here wanted him TO STAY!!!

    WE need a proper manager and not a makeshift one…………… can’t be this hard, most of the other nations have one!!

  38. I was very happy the day Sampaoli got appointed. And credit to him for leaving a successful Sevilla career behind to coach Argentina. However, it is clear that he doesn’t want to change given the resources at his disposal. When a coach is given a job, he is supposed to bring success to the team given the players he has. All this playing a certain style is bullshit. Look at what happened to Spain today trying to play their style. Winning is all that matters. It is also clear that Sampaoli couldn’t even get the team to defend. At 2-1 up, we had the game. You can’t even park the bus? You going to tell me we have worse defenders/ midfielders than Russia/ Uruguay/ Denmark?

    It was an appointment filled with promise but sadly hasn’t worked for the NT or Sampaoli. Tite turned around the Brazil squad and their style within 2 games of taking over. Style comes when you start winning games. Sampaoli hasn’t figured out a style or winning even in 15. I can guarantee that come the Copa America next year he will have tried 10 more formations. Argentina doesn’t have the players to press the other teams. End of discussion.

    As far as players go, we can’t just have a clearout. New players like Lo Celso, Dybala, Icardi and some good defenders need to be integrated into the squad. Messi needs to stick around not just to win in 2019 and 2022, but also to help with the transition. Everybody that wants the players to retire, how do you expect to qualify for 2022?

    • Not about a playing style.
      Actually the style could still be applied if there are players who are well adapt to that.
      Back then with fast young Iniesta and prime xavi, combined with the explosiveness of Messi, teamwork with fabregas, combined with Alves, David Villa, Pedro at front, Barca has proved to be a monster.
      With new players from many style of coaches, it won’t be easy.
      One could still try to train the players to well adapt that playing style but when it is not working, he should stop and think other plans that more suited to the characters of the players.

      • That’s exactly what I am saying. I don’t give a shit about style and most fans don’t- as long as you are winning. You think Russians and Uruguayans right now are complaining about their teams’ style? No. If Argentina had won ugly, we wouldn’t care either. I am starting to grow wary of these managers who talk about style. What style did Zidane talk about at Real madrid? None. He was just focussed on winning. I do not understand why Pekerman or Sabella left but those two guys were the only guys in the last 10 years who knew what needed to be done with the team.

      • Managers are important.
        Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes had the same squads given to them at Manchester United.
        One won the Premier League and the other finished 7th.

  39. This man destroyed the dreams of millions of supporters. He denied the best player of all time a world cup. He should never ever coach a b league club in Argentina!!

  40. Good riddance if he’s gone see how denmark defended against Croatia and we conceded 3 goals in 15 mins twice it just shows how bad and pathetic our defence was

  41. I have mix feelings about letting Samp go I don’t know man but he didn’t have any ideas about what he was doing in the World Cup I’m not dare to say he didn’t have enough tome to build a team but he showed that he couldn’t even read the game on Saturday if he did he should have change the formation in the second half when we hired Samp I thought we was going to be unstoppable I’m disappointed

    • he did but he was too stupuid.. after warming aguero up before half time he never brought him on.. 2-1 up the lack of defensive ability from pavon hurt us… he took away Messi’s natural game as a forward on two different occasions by insisting of wide players and by sticking to them when changes were necessary!!!

      his Chile over the two finals that they faced us defended 90 mins for life… and yet when with Arg his stupid ego prevented us from fielding our best side…

      A deep 4-4-2 with Messi and Aguero upfront and we would have this game against france… Time and again France exploited space behind defense and Pavon… a wide 4-4-2 and we could have actually seen how good they were…

      France is a bunch of yound spoilt players.. we made them great by letting them run at us at with high line by stretching our defense and midfield by putting a wide player all day who did nothing

  42. We all talk about firing the we have the there a replacement for all the positions or we are going to talk Fantasy football..

    • yes we donot have the team of 2010 or 2006 or 2014.. but we had enough… look at teams around the world cup.. think of the later stages of 2014… as the team struggled we set up our defense to be a fortress…

      we had enough players to do that then and now… organizing a def is easy… but you have to stick to a few players and let them grow onto each other… play a 4-4-2 .. he was watching barcelona games every other week yet he failed to see how devastating can be infront of a solid defense… even yesterday.. france had big names but aguero and messi literally scored the easiest goal possible.. one assisted with a cross while the other walked between two so called great defenders…

      he did not have time.. yet he couldnot resist trying to play rampaging attacking football… defense win championships

      you set up your defense strong and then you build your attack.. that we had aguero Messi and banega and Di maria and pavon and dybala he could have concentrated on the defense and let them find a way in attack… once the defense is set up he was free to work with whoever he wants… we missed a solid CDM like masche of old.. yet kranvitter/Augusto Fernández were not considered ..we needed a ball carrier in the middle yet he kept ignoring lo celso/banega.. he is stupid…. his emphasis on width and meza and pavon left us vulnerable and payed by loosing 3-0 then 4-3..

      rumours are he didnot want romero…

      one penalty saved … which he specializes in and we draw yesterday… one goal less conceeded and we draw this game today… HE IS A STUPID ASS>> NIGERIA GAME WAS HIS CHANCE TO SEE THAT THE TEAM WORKED MUCH BETTER WITH THE 4-4-2 AND HE JUST HAD TO LEAVE IT ALONE FOR FEW GAMES AND KEEP HIS IDEAS IN HIS STUPID BALD HEAD>>>

      I know we were weak .. but he humiliated us,,… we got two individual goals and we managed one from luck/ability … he had to trust his players and let them play for their pride,,,

      for all his talk about team players .. he sabotaged their one chance through his stupid tactics….

      salvio defensive weakness against iceland… pavon against france .. no midfield against croatia … i have spoken here before saying we should give him time… his press made me feel he will put Messi Aguero in their best spot and let them play..

      but he was trying to get headlines… making stupid choices which he hoped will shine so he can claim he did it.. just like his book… he is a plague… he puts himself over the team.. i donot see him build anything…

    • Now it is time to rebuild.
      I’m not entirely pessimist of Sampa, he made a mistakes, true, but it doesn’t mean that he can redeem it, realize his mistakes (which me and you as fans could only theorize as most aren’t experts too), and improve from his mistakes.

      Bringing a new coach let fresh ideas come, and the negativity disappeared because there’s no ‘old actors’ to take the blaming. If something’s not right, public should realize that a transition time is always a hard time, so don’t expect big during the next Copa. Our main target is world cup Qatar.

      If it’s still him the pressure would pile on him alone since it would be 2 years by the time the Copa 2019 come and people will say, ‘even after 2 years you still couldn’t do shit’.

      All the prospects has been lined. Like I have mentioned before, the best is to limit the prospect from hundreds players to just around 30-40 and find the correct formula. After that, train to perfect it, maybe modify here and there, not just put a random new set of players every game.

  43. AFA will have a really hard time to find a new coach. Sampaoli’s condition was 2022 regardless of what happens in the world cup. I hope they find someone decent.

  44. think theres a virus going around on whatsapp, say FRANCE IS DISQUALIFIED FOR USING PEDS AT WC…..

  45. Simeone’s atletico contract ends on June 2020, if AFA do not have money to buyout his contract, pls use a temporary coach now and hire Simeone in 2020.

    Only Simeone can save Argentina.

  46. First of all thanks to Sampa that he has given chance to young players dybala icardi taglafico Pavón Lanzini lo celso and many more. He is a good coach he has prove that but he should give us now information why he hasn’t use lo celso although he had good games even good chemistry with Messi why he started Enzo someone who was not even in final 23 squad we need answers now and then we should decide

    • Come on, still need to think about it and decide?

      Only stupid changes the formation in every world cup match, only idiot can leave Dybala on the bench.

      He promised to find out and test how Messi and Dybala can play together, but it did not happen.

      No more Sampaoli please.

  47. France is highly over-rated.
    They scored 2 against Australia. 2-1
    They scored 1 against Peru. 1-0
    They misfired against Denmark. 0-0
    Yet they scored 4 goals against Argentina under this clown’s tactics.

  48. Best news of the day for me, best news. My fingers will remain crossed. With the exception of Maradona most former players are usually good. I hope Burruchaga get the nod. Let wait, I will celebrate if this becomes reality. I also maintain that Messi should take time off from the national team. Go away for two three years and let build around young players. God please help Argentina, I don’t want to have this bad taste in the mouth. Vamos Argentina!! Sampaoli out!!!

  49. Simeone as a manager we’ll play just like Uruguay does. The players and manager will pressure the referee on a daily basis. They’re a mirror version of Atletico Madrid. Uruguay have only conceded 1 goal this whole year, Atletico Madrid only conceded 19 goals, 4 of them at home last season.

    But I doubt Simeone would leave a club whereas he knows he’ll never get sacked. He could be our manager in a few good years but not yet.

    AFA really need to take their time and decide. They always rush on managers without thought.

    As for Sampaoli don’t be surprised if we meet him in the Copa America final once he joins another South America country. I’m sure he’ll love to play us and beat us (again).

  50. Whatever happened behind the scenes we would not know for sure and likely couldn’t trust the media. But for sure Sampaoli doesn’t look to be decent. Read neutral news they are all saying no formation no clear strategy. Worst coach in WC. If Russia can draw 1-1 with Spain, no reason we cannot at least draw France.

  51. Guardiola imposed his style at Barca, at Bayern, and this year Man City.
    Pekerman imposed his style at youth teams, Argentina, Colombia.
    Mourinho did (except for MAN UTD.
    Our coaches couldn’t impose theirs.
    How is it possible that coaches who play different style like almost the exact starting 11 and players?
    That can’t be coincidence!
    If you think just sacking Sampaoli and we are fine then you are fooling yourself!
    The coach must be the boss and he must have full power or we are going to fail again and again.

  52. The team will return tomorrow to Buenos aires.
    except those players that stay in Europe.

    so news about Sampaoli will exist from tomorrow and after.

  53. Sampaoli OUT!!!!
    It’s a little too late, but better late then never!

    Burruchaga IN!!!!
    You need a coach whose jealous for the National Team, who is even willing to take off his suit and play himself!
    Sampaoli is just a fat, tatted up midget who paces furiously around the sidelines and shows no respect whatsoever to his opponent.
    Burruchaga IN! We need a coach who has played the game and wants to win, and pushes players to give their best! Look at Guardiola, Mourinho, Lotupegui, Zidane, etc.

    Keys to Argentina’s future succes (Copa America 2019 & on)
    – Start MAD! Messi, Aguero and Dybala MUST play with each other!! This might not last till the next World Cup, but Iniesta played a World Cup at 34, Klose at 36, Ronaldo at 33, Rafa Marquez at 38, etc. If Messi and Aguero stay fit, they can certainly play at the next World Cup! Don’t forget Messi JUST turned 31, he was 30 when the competition started, so he’ll be 34 when the next one comes around, same age Iniesta is right now and still showing how it’s done! One year younger than Ronaldo currently is and he’s STILL one of the fastest players out there. I truly believe that Messi and Aguero could make it to the World Cup, but it’ll have to be perfect game management for that to happen. Dybala would have to be the one dropping back to help with build-up.
    – New Midfield!! Paredes, Kranevitter, Lo Celso, Lanzini, Lamela, etc need to be playing by then. They can make up for lackluster of Argentina’s recent midfielders.
    – Mussachio and Pezzella MUST be the new CB Pairing, surrounded by Tagliafico and Peruzzi. Bustos had his chance, but was mercilessly raped by Isco time and time again… (and he just took it🙊). Bustos is not secure defensively.
    – I would rotate between Romero and Rulli. Give both plenty of game time to see who is the better keeper. Both aren’t really world class, but they’re the best we’ve got! And put them to play against strong opposition to see what they’re made of!

    In other words, start over!!!
    Other than Aguero, Messi (if he stays) and Banega (must play for Copa America, WC is a doubt) everyone else must go!

    But first things first, Sampaoli Out! Burruchaga In!!!

  54. There’s alot of debate over who could have played. To be honest to debate between icardi or dybala is fruitless , would anyone argue that aguero is a weaker selection than icardi or dybala is an improvement on Messi ?!
    The harsh truth is that while they have been laden with talented towards for 8 yrs – tevez, Messi, higuain, aguero, milito & lately add dybala & icardi & co & team is made up of quality defenders & midfielder’s who get the ball to these talented players. In that area there seems to be a disturbing drought, 2010 & 2014 saw demichelis in the defence! :O There hasn’t been a quality right or left back since zanetti & Heinze retired. The midfield has been hung around mascherano & only pastore & banega have sporadically offered creativity since the years of Veron.
    I can remember an Argentina that produced Ayala, Samuel, pochetino, milito, sorin, zanetti, placente, Veron, riquelme, aimar, gallardo , Ortega, Redondo, simeone & almeyda within 2 or 3yrs of each other where are players of that quality today . Play Messi with that generation & a few world cups would have been ours :/

  55. Sampaoli must go, simple as that, it was the worst World Cup for me and it’s all because of this idiot , his team selection his system and constantly changing everything he could possibly change game after game,, his lack of management skills (it’s not just football you have to manage as a manager you have to be able to convince your best players to play together, after Dybala said something wrong about not being able to play with Messi as a manager he should have said Dybala made mistake and he didn’t mean it in the bad way , he just stopped playing Dybala instead, I could go on and on about the mistakes this manager made, I’m just emotionally broken because of him, we were so bad that we all had this feeling inside that things might not go to plan this time, we as REAL Argentine fans always have these feelings before the games that We can win we will win , with Sampaoli I didn’t have any confident in him, even after we scored the second goal against France I was thinking we need some changes we need to score the next one , first half against Nigeria was our best half we played for a long time just play the same team then man, just play your best players together then man, poor Messi he is probably thinking now I need to play as a goalkeeper as well to get anything with my team, Messi gave us all so much joy that we should always just thank him and be very happy proud that he is an Argentinian, he should be the national pride, after Maradona nobody took us to the World Cup final, such a shame to lose that final such a shame that Messi and Argentina didn’t win the World Cup, even if he play the next World Cup the pressure is going to be huge on him knowing that is his last chance and unless by then we have some world class players to help him,to have solid team all over around him it’s just impossible nowadays to win the World Cup alone with one player, you have to be extremely lucky to achieve that lucky like the way Portuguese won the Europe two years ago, i like reading your comments here during the World Cup or copa time to see what latest news from my beautiful Albiceleste , hope to see Argentina winning every thing and every tournament at every level they compete. Don’t forget people REAL fans always support the team no matter what, don’t blame the players or goalkeepers who didn’t play well or couldn’t possibly play well because they weren’t good enough, IT WAS MANAGER FOULT THAT THEY WERE PLAYING IN THE FIRST PLACE, Sampaoli have to go

    • The Dybala one of the biggest indication, if not THE BIGGEST, of inaptitude, of incapacity to manage. A decent, I won’t even say great, manager would have designed a scheme where Messi and Dybala play together on the field and then practice, practice and practice. He caused us tremendous amount of anguish. Argentina with all the talents on the squad, and not Croatia, should have been the team beating Denmark today and moving on to the quarters.

  56. A best coach is to select players on form and fitness not past reputation. Argentina did biggest mistake, but if past reputation really matters than why higuain called up is a mystery, even Brazilian who hate Argentina criticized higuain selection ahead of icardi. Actually politician mache control the call up as messi soft target, Aguero is messi buddy where higuain is mache/biglia concludes confusion

  57. The Iceland game confused all people
    Biglia Masherano should have both played in France game within banega

    But coach preferred meza and Perez

    • Mache-Biglia cancer for Argentina choose higuain dropped icardi. Parades and batigila should have been in squad instead of finished mache-biglia and higuain selection ahead of icardi crime

  58. Argentina 2022 line up Rulli/werner – Bustos Foyth Pazella Tagliafico – lo celso Ascaliber – messi – Dybala corera – Icardi/Gio simeone

  59. Had Argentina played with this lineup in 2018
    Rulli – marcado otamendi prezella tagliafico – benega lo celso – Dybala messi lanzini – Aguero Sub: Icardi/Dimaria/Biglia

  60. Argentina need strict coach like Simeone or Alegri in order to success. Sabela made Argentine average defender superior where scolari made Silva luiz marcelo farmar and Sampaoli made even worst with Fazio otamendi but messi saved from 7-1 humiliation

  61. Hi guys,
    If Argentina wants to build a competitive team for the future, I think, we need to identify good defensive talents like Veron, Zanetti etc. We need to have fast and solid defenders. We have good attacking telents for the future, no doubt. But defensive midfielders and central defenders are not there. Also recent goal keepers are not even close to world class level. Romero was good for us, but not even a starter for his club.
    So whoever is going to coach the NT, should think about
    1. A coulple young talented goal keepers.
    2. Fast and solid CBS and Rbs.( I think Tagliafico will be a world-class Lb in a couple of years)
    3. A couple of commanding CDMs. They actually makes the difference in crucial matches.

    I don’t worry about CMs, wingers or Strikers. We have a good pool of promising talents like, Lo selso, Pavon, Dybala, Meza, Lanzini etc. Enough playing time will improve them for sure.

    It’s time to search a new Zanetti, Veron, Ayala, Heinze, 2014 version Masherano etc..
    If you know such promising talents. Please share the information.


  62. Tata, bauza, sampaoli were all great coaches before they took over but as soon as they become argentina managers they became idiots of the worst kind how is that possible.
    may be the problem isn’t them but the toxic nature of the job.

    • main problem is politician mache who control everything and make messi as soft target. If messi select the squad the Aguero played against France and higuain never called up

    • whoever comes in for coaching Argentina it is very difficult until good goal keeper, defenders and CDM.
      even if you are playing with neymar, messi, mpabe, coutinho cannot win the game without good defenders and goal keeper. this same thing will happen even if guardiola comes in.

  63. This is how the discussion will go. Don’t laugh its true.

    Tapia: Jorge I need you to go.
    Sampa: I have a contract.
    Tapia: I am really worried about you personally. First your drinking and now a sexual assault accusation.
    Sampa: That sexual assault thing is not true.
    Tapia: Yes, I know, but I hear charges are being filed and there are some people not too happy with you that may cause you some headaches. Jail is a bad thing and embarrassing for your family
    Sampa: Can you help me out with this?
    Tapia: Maybe we can help each other. Hand me your resignation and we will make the sexual assault thing go away.

    • Maradona put argentina on the map but since then he has been a problem for the national team, he cost argentina 2 cups 94, 2010 & his dogs(media) has been attacking messi & sampaoli so they fail and he remains king. Maradona has become like pele.

  64. Perhaps this is the right time to think about a coach who is not Argentine .. think outside box .. my bet on Jurgen Klinsman .. the German mentality needs to be installed in the team

  65. Yes Argentina has worst defense this world cup in their history but Are Denmark/RPeru/Australia has better defense than Argentina if one of them took 2-1 lead i can say with 100% never lose 4-3

  66. Ok if you fire Sampaoli then no good coach will want to join. How can AFA gurantee that next coach will not be fired by Messi and friends. Lets continue with Sampaoli and make Icardi or Dybala our captain and start from there. I think Dybala, Icardi, Lo celso, Pavon will also not be happy with friends club

    • They are not happy with Sampaoli how they treated specially lo celso and Dybala and preferring farmers meza and pavon. If friend club exit messi and Aguero both play together and Argentina never lose but politician mache destroyed

      • Lol Meza, Pavon are not farmers. Its your Masche who was the worst CDM is history of world cups. Arg. Lost to Craotia and France because of that headless chicken.

        • I hate politician mache whk made messi as soft target. Benching world class Dybala, lo celso for farmer pavon and meza Leaving Sere A top scorer Icardi for finished higuain who can’t score in open net is crime, don’t think player trust Sampaoli anymore specifically Rulli and Icardi

        • Why do people seem to hate and blame everything on Messi? Why are some people calling for Messi to retire and that now we should move to Dybala and Icardi, what the fuck has Dybala or Icardi done for Argentina??? I bet you were one of the people begging for Messi to come back when he retired and now you say he should go? Cowards. If a coach does his job properly there is no need for players to rebel against him. Sampaoli was an absolute disaster!

          Mamba07 you are a complete idiot.

    • Why do people seem to hate and blame everything on Messi? Why are some people calling for Messi to retire and that now we should move to Dybala and Icardi, what the fuck has Dybala or Icardi done for Argentina??? I bet you were one of the people begging for Messi to come back when he retired and now you say he should go? Cowards. If a coach does his job properly there is no need for players to rebel against him. Sampaoli was an absolute disaster!

  67. I don’t mind Sampaoli sacked or not but who will the new coach please select players who is capable for world cup 2022 and don’t call up finished player like Dimaria,higuain etc. Yes for part-time success players are in still prime like Aguero,otamendi,benega needed as short time project but try to build world cup squad for 2022 instead of repeating squad continuously as politician mache gone Icardi will get his deserve chance, bulid a team Argentina with messi as playmaker not focal point, the saddest part is in Argentina messi is the best goal scorer as well as best playmaker unlike barca. Messi have to lead to the glory of 2022 with Icardi and Dybala upfront

  68. Don’t know what to think of this.
    Continuity is in my opinion very hard for Sampaoli.
    A teacher who loses the classroom once will never put order, discipline and respect into them.
    He lost the team as soon as he let the players interfere in his decisions.
    Now he has been castrated and it is very hard to imagine that players like Lo Cleso, Tagliafico, who witnessed that and will be part of the future will respect him.
    Sampaoli also made many mistakes in selection, tactics…
    But I don’t blame him entirely.
    He clearly said “this is Messi’s team.After the world cup it will be my team.”
    Reading just now he still is saying “he wants to built a selection according to his desire”
    Who didn’t let him built a team he wanted?
    Tapia says to Sampaoli you do what I ask you too and if you fail I will blame you!
    the players decided a lot of things but who gave them the power?
    Sampaoli was bad but his biggest sin was his acceptance to let people interfere in his decisions. He decided his fate and must go now.
    If he goes now, which is not a sure thing because there is also talk that he will continue until 2019 where his clause will be lowered.
    Although I think he will go.
    We must hire a coach and give him full power. no messi this messi that! no relying on a single player. must built a new balanced team and should never be afraid of youngsters.
    The coach must be the boss.
    discipline, order and respect must be installed.

  69. Sampaoli is a good coach but he should not have picked Mascherano. Argentina needs a CDM like Kante who can run and hold build up play. Masche was used as defender in Barcelona. Croatia, Nigeria and France took advantage of him.

  70. samp has to go and if he has any pride he will offer his resignation without hesitation,
    the man is clearly out of his depth
    hes lost the dressing room
    15 games 15 different teams
    some better players not taken and some who went should not have been at the w.c
    dreadful use of subs
    failure to read any of the games during the game and result as above
    had no plan B-i could go on but we all saw for our selves.

    for Argentina to move on and rebuild is has to start at the top with the inept coach then a lot of players being di maria, hig, caba, banega, and as we know bil and masc have already done this
    but the others need to resign as well and stand down as to not have any new coach feel pressured to call any of them ever again.

    Messi-he needs to now be our playmaker like a requiem or pirlo type of player as Messi has slowed down but with out a doubt has so so much left to offer and we still need him.

  71. We all thought that it was because of the mess left by Bauza we were struggling to qualify for the world cup but we had no freaking clue it was this clown and his experiments destroying us!! This impostor should be arrested because of his sexual assault on that waiter. That case alone should clear the path !!

  72. All,

    If Sampaoli has lost the control over the team…then i think he should leave..He can go back to Sevilla or whatever..But i salute him coz..he left a good paying salaried job for argentina..

    Please for heaven sake…no Tata..he couldn’t handle the pressure of Argentina or Barcelona..younger generation coaches are the need of hour…Gallardo seems to be an option..I do not think Pocchetino or Simeone would agree..Simeone is a guy who wants and national team..not sure if it would work..

  73. The new coach does not have to look for wingers. On Dutch tv they just showed that in international football over the past few years only 1 in 80 (!) crosses resulted in a goal (not counting corners and free kicks). The average number of crosses from open play in the WC per game dropped from 47 in 1966 to 27 in 2018. Teams choose different tactics because crosses just aren’t effective anymore.

  74. Zlatco Dalic was given charge of Croatia in just october last year and croata were a mess. They qualified behind the minnow Iceland playing the playoff and look now they are in quarter final. Sampaoli was stubborn with his ideas. Argentina was last time finalists and players are on good form. There was no necessity of massive change, yet he done so. Because he want to play in his own way.

    The established football force all over the world has their unique philosophy of playing football, so has Argentina. Argentina players are nurtured from the youth level like that way. I don’t see these players will play according to sampa tactics in even 2 to 3 years.

    A good coach is one who understands the players ability and choose tactics accordingly. Not like the crazy sampa who want to impose everything. He need to go.

    A gutsy, determined coach is needed. Gallardo? May be Mascherano?

    • Good coach can not do anything if you have players like Mascherano playing at CDM. We lost this world cup because of him. I was just hoping that he will get REd card in Nigeria match and miss France tie.

      • A good coach must have the balls to drop ageing players like mascherano. He should have picked some CDM instead of biglia so that masche would have been in the bench. Sampa hadn’t have the balls.

        A coward coach is a week coach…

        But, I salute sampaoli for taking this job risking everything. That was true patriotism. He was overwhelmed, unfortunately.

  75. Sampaoli has to go
    He is not in control of the players
    He has his own doubts of them team
    He doesn’t know his best 11

    It’s best to change him now rather than later

    I’d accept Tata back

    So sad we have no crespo riquelme riquelme veron Zanetti

    That 2007 was an awesome team

    • haaaaaaa Man, Tata lives here in Atlanta like a KING, he is fat, well paid and very happy. First class organization, first class stadium, Crazy fans loving the team and very talented team that is top 3 in just less than 2 years of existence , THEY LOVE HIM HERE, he wont go back.

  76. Why change the coach again? I’m not saying Sampaoli is a good coach but do we really need another coach right now? Why can’t we just give the guy some time and see what can be done. No team is doing what we been doing when it comes to fire and hire managers .The biggest mistake they made was letting tata go that’s just my opinion ,it was on that Copa where Argentina started to look like a real team with lovely football we all accustomed to. I say give him a chance to get a team his team personally and if it doesn’t work fine fire him but right now it’s not fair to let him go and unless we get a big name coach out there,names like gallardo not going to bring a damn thing it will be the same all over

  77. Argentina conceded 3 goals against Croatia and this same Croatia team barely got pass Denmark. The Argentina world cup team was a MESS and deservedly got eliminated. A BIG football national team like Argentina leading 2-1 at the world cup with 30 minutes to go then end up losing to France 4-3, a team that never won against them at the world cup. Argentina world cup campaign was a BIG mess with the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland in charge. Not even the Cheshire Cat with his disappearing ability could have save Sampaoli and his Argentina world cup team. Everybody saying Argentina was a MESS, this is just sad man, really sad.

  78. Sampaoli is wasting his time trying to play an attacking style with Argentina. What really annoys me about Argentina playing is the opposition, the opposition always raise their game by extra when they come up against Argentina look at Croatia, Nigeria, and Iceland, even France, they defend like dogs on Messi then the Mbappés run their asses off to get a chance.

    • Chiellini(spelling) said pep ruined italian football with the risky building from the back & highline defense.
      for argentina it is crazy man bielsa who is responsible for that.
      Spain & germany played that style & had great players in every position yet holland & argentina should have won those finals.

  79. 2022 mission WC starts quickly….

    Let’s talk about possible players to be selected before next Friendly

    Icardi Ascacibar Dybala Locelso Pavon Meza Battaglia Tagliafico Bustos Lamela Perotti Kranevitter Paredes Rigoni A.Correa J.Correa R.Pereyra Pezella Foyth Lautaro all should be included in mind…along with all domestic talents ..

    • Perotti is already 29 so not sure if it’s a long term project; Pereyra is injury prone; Meza was disappointing but we’ll see if he can redeem himself, Sevilla are apparently interested in signing him. Foyth an exciting talent but is not getting much playing time at Tottenham ; Kranevitter and Rigoni not good enough.

      • Yeah thats sad. he should have been an automatic starter over dimaria but mad scientist didn’t even select him and went with green pavon , who did absolutely nothing

  80. Many are here taking about friends club, many defending mache but the fact is messi is a soft target and mache is politician. Make some common sense if someone cost you, will you want him again? Had Higuain scored messi already won 3titles, cr7 won because eder scored not even played that final. What Maradona said seems true that messi doesn’t have leadership quality can’t make hard decision, messi has soft heart which cost him unlike Ronaldo who always wanted what is best for him. If messi have strong personality, dropped mache from playing XI, Start his best friend Aguero and select Icardi instead of Higuain. There is no friend club, there was the politician mache and soft target messi.

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