Unofficial: Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI out today, rumored names


Some unofficial news as I am hearing that Jorge SAMPAOLI will be out as Argentina coach today.

The confirmation is expected to be made today and the two possible candidates to replace him are Marcelo GALLARDO and Ricardo GARECA.

This is from what I am hearing from different sources.


  1. To be honest, This Argentina team is very average. Messi makes them slightly better. If it was not for Messi, Teams would easily steamroll us over. Its because of Messi our opponents has to keep few players on him instead of going all out on us. Ex: Spain 6:1 Nigeria 4:2. And Remember Messi created the last 2 goals against France out of nowhere. Walking or Running does not matter. With Messi we still have some creativity and punch. We still need him for our upcoming generation.

  2. Here we are again the circus has started, How many times we have been through this Coach finding drama, Since Tata Martino left first we were discussing possible names then came Bauza, then Sampaoli came, Now we are back at it again, Its like a Cycle tire going round round round. Funny thing is there is a Freaking World Cup going on. Dammit. I hope we find someone (Whoever it is)Let him be the coach for at least 4 years, Even if we don’t play well in Copa 2019 let the coach continue. Every coach needs some time to build a team. I don’t have anything to say about the proposed names by the way, Had huge hopes on Sampaoli.Well that didn’t end well at all for us till now.

    By the way i think England will beat Columbia, They r great in set pieces,They have added some variants in set pieces, England is looking good i guess. I think it will be France-Brazil and England-Croatia Semis. This WC is above all predictions by the way. Its been crazy. The smaller nations are getting better and better.

  3. MundoMessi1

    • There is more hate on this forum aimed towards Messi than in a Real Madrid, Portugal or Brazilian forum. Some of you really think Argentina is better off without the only Balon D’Or winner we have had since Maradona??? Batistuta, Redondo, Veron, Aimar, Riquelme or Crespo never won a Balon D’Or and now we have a 5 time winner and many of you want him out. Unbelievable. Have you forgotten how he carried Argentina to 3 finals and to qualification for Russia??? People say its because of him we don’t have a team, Messi & Friends and Messi slows the game down…idiots. Did Messi slow it down when he played with Riquelme? Yes, Messi is a different player now but people said Riquelme slowed it down too much but right now we would kill to have a player like Riquelme in our team. When Messi is gone, some of you will cry for the shit you say about him. Any other country would treat Messi the way he deserves to be treated, but Argentina fans crucify him yet when he works his magic and saves Argentina you all scream his name and say he is the best, such hypocrites!! Argentina will be fucked without Messi, we are an average team without Messi and even with new players we will not be as good if Messi is not in the team.



        • against European teams slowing games down is the best thing we could do… think what had happened had our players were not caught on counters and were not chasing a 19 yr old speedster… they had one tactics through ball behind the line and run to it… we needed to control sit back and play organized game.. why chile peru play that way is because pace is all they got.. many o our players can dribble past multiple players when closed down and create their room… whats so great about pace…when teams fall deep there is no space for pace..

          I get it when a few players can put the field ablaze … he went for a past transition tactics which takes out Messi, aguero masche banega from the game and makes out defense vulnerable


      • It was not messi fault. It was sampaoli finished. 18 games 18 different formations 60 players. No chemistry no plan no tactics. Very bad team selection for this WC. Very good players left out. In the game with Nigeria you find a good chemistry and in the next game YOU fucking change everything. What serious coach will do that. What serious coach will leave home ROMERO ICARDI PAREDES ASCADAR CORREA GARAY AND OTHERS. WHAT COACH WILL NOT PLAY DYDALA OR LO CELSO ANSALDI AND PUT ENZO MEZZA SALVIO YOU ARE ALL LOST YOU MIND SAMPAOLI NEED TO GO AND GO TODAY

      • I don’t think anyone doubts whether Messi is the best player on the planet today. The abrupt comments are because of the anger for the early elimination from the WC, I believe. But still, and without any prejudice, being the best player in the world does not necessarily mean that you are the best player when you play for the national team. Admitedly, Messi’s performance for Argentina, despite his contribution so far, is behind his performance for Barca. I think this is obvious. It could be because the formation does not help or his teamates expect everything from him or because he is too tired from the countless games in the season before the WC.
        But it occured to me when watching the games, that BArcelona’s way of playing is quite unique and the role of the players in this game is specific and always the same for many years now. So Messi knows evry time what he must do and his teamtes also know what they must do to bring out the best of themselves and Messi.
        But how could someone do this with Messi in a different team? Is it possible? No other team plays like Barcelona (I am talking about the feneral mentality, not necessarily the result), so how could it be done successfully? At the end of the day,I think that Messi, being the football genius that he is, should try to adopt more to a more common manner of playing. But in my opinion, he is trying to play exactly like he plays is Barcelona, when the rest of our team isn’t.

      • Agree with you completely. These people are insane without minimum footballing knowledge. To be honest, you don’t deserve Lionel if you are like so. You will only understand it, the day Lionel will hang up his boots forever

    • thank you.. he had one year one year and one task build a defense … with this team there was always a goal we could score..he choose to reinvent the game for the team… we scored two simply out of individual brilliance against france .. one against nigeria … yet he could not eat his ego

      • I wouldn’t go that far to say that it is his ego. It is difficult to change one’s mentality after a lifetime of playing in a specific way. For the other players it is more easy, I believe, because the footaball mentality in their teams does not differ dramatically. Perhaps, he simply cannot do it.
        Along the same lines, the other Barca players do not have the same problem in the national team, because lately REAL has been trying to play in a similar way and almost the entire spanish team consists of REAL and Barca players.

  4. To FuckNeymar (hope all of u got whom I meant),

    Imagine what would be the final scoreline if we replaced Messi with Dybala (our second best player). We would have lost 7-1.

    Messi was the only reason why we didn’t concede more (or France didn’t attack more) and we scored a couple.

    • dude abuse will not take you far…Dybala is better than Messi now. Mascherano is reason why we lost this world cup…We lost 6-1 to spain that was not good either…

      • In your dreams dybala is better than Messi. Looking at some of the Argentine fans I think Messi shouldn’t have comeback from retirement and I would have seen how the rest would have shitted in their pants and would have been disqualified in qualifiers

      • Cheek ucl performance of both Dybala and Messi last two season expect a brace against barca totally flopped where messi in top despite quarter final exit

      • On the football pinnacle Dybala in UCL 26 matches 6 goals, 0 assists (1 good match in his whole carrer)-Messi 125 matches 100 goals 33 assists.

      • Babe just look atvthe price tag. At dybala’s age Messi already considered as the best and he maintains the high standard for long time. Even Pogba admires him. Of course Dybala being Argentinean I hope the best for him. But I suspect your motive is bring down Messi so that your Neymar can take over the throne.

      • @Mundomessi1, dude I Seriously doubt your sanity!! Hope this kind of insanity is not contagious. People who say Dybala is bettter than Messi, need immediate mental treatment. That’s the dark side of internet and social media! Anybody may have his opinion, doesn’t matter how retard he is!!!

      • Dude…you need counselling to say the least. Dybala is talented without a shadow of doubt, but to consider him better than Leo…you would have to be straight up delusional. Even on his worst dayLeo is 1000 times better than Paulo.

  5. Hopefully Sampaoli being sacked is the first step in correcting the problems this team has had for some time. For 12 years Messi has basically carried the AFA and covered off the absolute incompetence and corruption that exists. The AFA is a laughing stock in virtually every publication world wide. Hopefully somebody with a little bit of pride can take over and say we need organization and enough of producing 100 forwards a year and not a single defender, midfielder or goalkeeper. The fact that in 12 years we haven’t been able to produce a single goalie to compete with a career back up in Romero is astonishing and frightening at the same time.

  6. Argentine media should invite Sampaoli for some brief interview after the dust settles. I really want to know why he persisted with playing high-line pressing game with the team he selected for the world cup. The reason we had a disastrous world cup qualifying campaign was due to our aging midfield not able to create and keep up with opponents and after the Spain and Nigeria thrashings even Batistutta came out in public against selecting Mascherano for the world cup but why did Baldy went with Biglia and Mascherano midfield. Why did he not look for better defenders when Otamendi, Rojo , Mascherano and Mercado were leaking goals left and right?? The only thing I don’t want to blame him is for goal keeping fiasco. We never tried any goal keeper for last 10 years other than Romero and by the time he held the office it was too late to look for a new goal keeper. Has the quality of Argentina league declined so much that we can’t even produce an average goal keeper in a decade . Armani is the best we can produce in a decade???One of the reason friend’s club stuck around for so long was local league wasn’t able to produce any midfielders and defenders that caught interest of big clubs in Europe. How many players we have playing in top 15 teams of Europe? Other than friends’ club we have hardly 3-4 players playing in top clubs and Baldy decided not to pick them for some so called unknown reasons.

    My heart breaks watching how all the power house teams are struggling this world cup we had such a golden opportunity to win it but Fraud gay bald fucker Sampaoli’s crazy experiments cost us big time. No matter how old and slow our team was a proper manager would have not only topped the group but also beat France easily. These oldies have been playing for over 10 years now. Why change their style with high-pressing madness why??? His experiments yielded nothing during the qualifiers and leaked so many goal in the friendlies and you still continued your madness. Yes I am mad at Masche for his dictatorship and not retiring after 3rd final failure. I am also mad at Messi for his love for washed-up Masche and some friends which will forever label him “best club player ever” but the biggest criminal is no other than the bald fucker. This team could have easily beat any team if we had sit deep and attacked done the basics right. He instead of playing to the strength of our team went for full high-pressing attack and conceded 9 goals!!! This maniac was obsessed with his high-pressing crazy tactics which cost us dearly!!!

    • The first 50 minutes of the croatia game before willy blunder was pure sampaoli but the players didn’t wanna play that way so he had to change which undermined his authority.

    • I am more interested on listening to Sampaoli explanation about what happened than to name of the new coach. AFA must not be rush. Retrospective meeting with the management board and probably the players need to be done now.

    • just curious was romero fit half way through the group stages to play??
      i heard someone in ESPN say so..

      I know Romero is no Nueur.. but he is a huge upgrade on the GKs that played…their gloves need to be burned yesterday

      • Absolutely, plus he is a leader in the backline as well. All he wanted was 10 days to report to the camp, but Sampoli wouldn’t allow that. He wanted players with playing time on the field, and in spite of the fact that Romero didn’t do too badly in the handful of matches he was played by Mourinho, he was benched by ManU, hope De Gea’s lackluster performance is an eye opener for the coach.

  7. MundoMessi is a Brazilian agent who wants to shit on this site.

    One who just doesn’t have the balls to give a proper name to his profile. It should have been MundoNeymar or MundoCR7

      • Yeah, I noticed. If this forum is not moderated and trolls like himself are not removed soon after they appear, genuine fans may start distancing themselves from this site.

        Hope Roy & team act before it’s too late.


  8. That is arguably the best game of the tournament so far. Two teams givin their best ( unlike a one sided match that didnt show on the scoresheet). Feel sad for Japan, they were simply stunning. Tactically got the better of Martinez’s side. Exploited Belgium’s weakness in Vertonghen( overrated) perfectly. But in the end, quality rescued the Belgians.
    And now for the quater final game for the Brasilians they don’t even need to start their engine let alone shifting it to 1st gear from neutral. If it had been Japan, they would have to give more effort; but now it’s Belgium they don’t even need to worry. The defence led by worldclass (but always injured and not fully fit) Kompany, decent Alderweirld and overrated Vertonghen will be a feast to Brasilians. And add to that Belgium will play into Brasil’s hand by controlling possession ( as stubborn Martinez won’t change it ). Also there is no need to worry about their disconnected attack and debruyne in a more disciplined role. As far as the result is concerned, can’t see anything other than a 3-0 or 4-0 Brasil win. The team didn’t even need to to shift to 2nd gear in this tournament and Alisson never ever troubled(not a single decent effort he had to save) except the highly controversial goal they conceded.
    In the semi’s, it will be also be a piece of cake if it’s either France or Uruguay. Both team would’nt make much of a difference to this Brasil. I think Mbappe might get the better of Godin in the quarters but will be a ghost against Brasil, either in Casemeiro’s,Miranda’s or Silvas’ pocket he will be. You can’t beat Brasilians by pace. Miranda and Silva have enough pace to stop any sprinters.
    The only game Brasil will struggle is the final if it’s England. It will be tough against the English but they’ll win anyway. The biggest upset of this tournament would be if this fine Brasil side fails to lift the trophy. They have to win it.

      • I know, but wasn’t able to keep quiet after seeing their performances. So many here spoke shit about them ignoring how wonderful our side was! Some even think we would have won this worldcup where actually the side overachieved gettin a flattering result at the end.

    • absolutely. I made a similar comment on this thread. You gotta give it to them. Intelligent moves full of common sense and they paid off. by no means they are great coaches, but they know how to do the basics right and have a plan for every situation and opponent.

      • While our great tactician fielded the most attacking team we have fielded ever, 4-3-3 with Messi as false 9.

        Btw, I must admit I was a Sampaoli fan and trusted him even after Croatia match. The team against France looked suicidal at first glance.

        What if Sampaoli put, 5-1-3-1:

        DiMaria – Lo Celso – Messi
        Tagliafico – Fazio – Mascherano – Otamendi – Mercado

    • Beating this Argentina side is hardly a big thing, is it? And in Martinez’s case, he got lucky today-he was tactically outclassed by the Japanese coach. Wait till you see his side getting thumped by Brasil.

      • Martinez had a plan B for Japan and it worked.

        That shows he is a very good coach. That’s how you change the game.

        • Yes, in the end he got the result as it is all that matters. Fellaini had a great influence and so too Chadli. They got the job done, yes, but it could have been a very different story if that fluke Vertonghen goal didnt happen. Clearly Japan were the better team tactically and Belgium just got saved by quality. This game prove nothing about Martinez and his Belgium side(merely a group of individuals). Wait till he gets exposed and thumped by Brasil on Friday.

  9. Casemiro wouldn’t be able to play for them in the quarter finals due to suspension. Huge loss for brazil against Belgium. The Belgians could take advantage of the lack of composure that he usually brings in their midfield.

  10. I want Pekerman back, he is tue best coach around who can take the team forward.

    oh how about Garay, why is he not being called to the squad?

  11. Look at the goalkeeping standards at this tournament. Amazing!!!
    and we didn’t even have an international standard keeper in the squad… unbelievable. what has ARG football come to? I really feel bad for the team I have loved for so long….

  12. Pew almost thought Brazil got a wild card to semi final. I don’t give a damn about the winner of this world cup as long the Brazilian team and england gtfo

  13. Now Brazil can’t run with the title, Belgium will make their QF a nightmare and their game won’t be a walk in the park.

    That’s how you play your subs: Chadli and Fellaini and boom one goal from each. Our super subs: Dybala and Lo Celso restrained to their bench.

    • I am not sure.. Belgium took height advantage first 2 belge goals came from headers..not sure if Brazil will allow that..but these 2 teams played with lot of heart..congrats to them..I hope Brazil looses but Belgium is known choker…

    • yes, absolutely.. and some people on this site were pointing out Roberto Martinez as a shitty manager. It’s all about common sense at times. Today he kept his side in the WC with 2 smart moves. Must acknowledge that, even though I also don’t think he is that great in general!

      • It is their players who deserve all the praise…they were 2 goals down but they never retreated..they showed courage that Argentina could have shown after that stupid cabellero mistake…our players stopped playing and best player went in shell..No coach can teach you to be brave.. If your captain is down and out then whole team goes down…

        • that is true. But having said that.. ARG players were a bit clueless about what their exact roles were with constant change in formations & starting 11. That didn’t help. I don’t think Belgium has that issue. So, however good the players are, coach plays an important role in football. At times, he just has to do the basic things right & leave it to the players to do the job on the field. Sampaoli FAILED to do that. He made the situation more complicated. I agree that our captain led the surrender against Croatia which was baffling!

        • yes, even without material evidence, I personally agree with you on this. So, what was the need for Sampaoli to leave Sevilla & take over ARG, only to become a puppet and get bashed by media, pundits and fans.. He had good life & healthy salary in Spain… He has to take responsibility & step down now.

  14. Detractors/Haters: STFU and get off this site if you have no real inputs other than coming-up with the friends club, somebody did something else along with your superstitious BS.

    Argentina Fans: Let’s just hope we get a coach who’s tactically sound and who can help football in the country get better (youth setup, play style etc) and develop a philosophy within the NT that has diff. facets to it’s play – sound defense, gritty and creative in midfield and excellent in overall attack. I think AFA’s ultimate goal is for fans enjoy watching their team play the right away. Winning trophies is a bonus…I will never forget how the team played in ’06. Winning the trophy would have been awesome but will never question that team.

    Sampaoli: You screwed the team and the fans, big time with your in-game decisions and tactical setup. We appreciate your courage to take-up the job but unfortunately, your level is not upto par and we can’t continue to be demeaned and be a laughing stock in the football world. I never thought I would see Argentina losing by big margins and this team repeatedly did it and you got to take the full responsibility for it. Just go away and find a role somewhere else for your own good…

    Future Coach: Pekerman (will let him do his thing even if it’s for 2 WC cycles as he will also help the youth setup in the country working), Bielsa or Gareca. Pochettino is too selfish and wouldn’t care for the country and so is Simeone.

    Team: Messi -> You weren’t utilized properly, Mascherano -> Thank You for the services but you should have left within a year after ’14 WC, Dybala -> Very selfish and doesn’t have the balls, Aguero -> Hide and seek…We hope you will be decent enough for another go, Higuain -> Sorry, it’s over, Icardi/Lautaro/ – Welcome, Lo Celso, Paredes, Lanzini, Ascasibar, Kranevitter – Welcome, Fazio – Done, Rojo – Stay, Tagliafiaco – Stay, Otamendi – It’s over, Caballero – STFU and Retire. What the fvck are you still waiting for – to play a few more games for NT?



          I heard that before. Martino, Bauza, Sampaoli were good coaches until they got Messi.

          My choice is Gareca as well. But he will do good things only if Messi left. If not he will become another Messi idolaters. Martino had succes with Paraguay, Sampaoli with Chile, Gareca with Peru. These are lower teams that never had available player like Messi. If Gareca will be given the chance to have such player he will lost his tactician mind and become another puppet. We will not develop. Messi must retire no fo at least 3 years.

          • Not sure why there is so much Tata hate. He inherited a team depressed from the 2014 WC. Got them to win some qualifiers. Got to two Copa finals only to lose in finals in PKs (more choke jobs from Higuain). Do you guys remember the Copa matches? We played beautiful football and blew some teams out and won tough games. I wouldn’t mind him coming back. If AFA actually paid him, he’s probably the same coach and we are still playing in this WC.

            Someone please tell me why he was not good.

        • This is 100% right…I cringed the moment Sampaoli started sucking-up. This coach is a fraud, man.

          • Shows that you are a fvking scumbag who has nothing to offer other than rile-up folks here just to satisfy your ego. Brazil or whoever may win it now but always remember that a 7-1 has happened and neither of your loverboys CR7 & Neymar are real footballers. They are just divas waiting for their shtick…Absolute garbage in terms of offering any value to the sport other than let people like you lick their balls b/c of your own gender identity issues. GTFO!

          • poli: the team got its self to the 2 finals but tata made a few crucial mistakes being after w.c 14 the team need refreshments “youth” to keep the squad on their toes but he failed to do so and today we are still suffering from this, he was out thought in the 1st final but failed to learn from it and in the 2nd final was out thought exactly the same way.
            tata was shit with subs and we could like cloth work know in the 65th min he would take off a striker to bring on a striker no matter what was going on the field of play, tata was an average coach but not a good coach and his mistakes cost us 2 copa titals and also cost us, as i said today we are still suffering from the lack of youth because of him in after the 14 w.c.

            note after 2 copas finals how many teams wanted his services? none in the top 5 leagues and today hes in the u.s coaching.

          • youre right, Messi has 5 ballon dors, Neymar has none, Messi doesnt roll around like a bitch, Messi stays on his feet, neymar dives 30 times per match. Messi is better playmaker and goal scorer, the list goes on. you’re right messi is not neymar, and neymar himself would admit.

        • Another scum on the site…change your psuedoname to your real name: cr7dkskr or neyballslkr. Fvking scumbags!

      • I am a fan of this Argentina NT since ’94 and never saw the team play like this…On top of not winning any trophy, this kind of BSttry is heartbreaking. I don’t know what people who are passionate about the game does over there but wtf are these barrabravas doing in not putting any pressure on AFA to get their act right?

    • @haslin I love seeing our team play attractive football, it’s entertaining but we’re world elites in football and to be a world elite you need to win trophies. We haven’t won anything major since Copa 93. It’s embarrassing. We need to be aiming for a trophies not just entertaining football.

      • I agree that winning trophies helps and that we are underachieving big-time for various reasons. I don’t think with the current setup we are part of the elite teams if it goes like this…I can’t remember the last time when opponents were taunting us and we didn’t have an answer to them – loud and clear. Balls with style is what will kick those arrogant yahoos and show them their place….A purge is needed and barring 4/5 names, we should look ahead.

  15. Belgium on its way to out of the world cup… that means brazil will face japan.. damn they are so lucky.. despite of their rubbish game and neymar’s acting.. they will reach semi… thats heartbreaking for me… i cant handle it

  16. Are you serious my friend?
    copa next summer is not that important?

    i don t know if you are world cup fan only but for all Argentinians the copa america next year is very very important.
    we want to lift the cup inside Brasil.
    to do what we fail in 2014.
    some of us we wait to go there and make Brasil humiliate.

    after that exist 3 years for world cup. enough time to create something good.

    This is big dream for all Argentinians to lift cup inside Brasil.

    in same time i agree with you for young players and world cup.
    just for that exist till 2022 two U20 world cups which is very important.
    2019 and 2021 U20 world cups exist.


  18. Now Argentina is at the same moment as in 2002. Same disaster on big tournament. Bielsa had to purge his old generation after WC and our coach must do the same now. No palliatives and hald-measures. Now purge. After WC 2002 Bielsa had Olimpic Games within 2 years and he was able to win the Olimpics and almost Copa in the same year – with almost the same players. Since first months after 2002 disaster he started to build team around players that will enough young to play in Olimpic Games. He called up Mascherano in 2003 straight from River reserves.

    Now our coach should do the same. Copa next year is not that important to delay incorporating any interesting young player. Copa is not the aim. The only aim is WC 2022. Now We need incorporate several players that will U-23 in 2016. Lautaro may play om Olimpic Games Ascacibar too. Matias Vargas, Foyth as well. Maybe few others from names like: Cristian Romero, Lucas Robertone, Ezequiel Palacios, Joaquin Torres, Ezequiel Barco, Colombatto, Nicolas Gonzalez, Zaracho, Lovera, Lodico…

    We should play with youngsters since first friendly against Colombia. We may lost initially few games but it doesn’t matter, the final ends justifies initial suffers.

  19. Brasil, decime que se siete

    Quedar afuera del mundial

    Te juro que aunque pasen los años

    Nunca nos vamos a olvidar

    Que Neymar te abandonó

    Que Alemania te goleó

    Qué vergüenza que me das pentacampeón

    Te pusiste la de Irán,

    la de Suiza y Bélgica

    Cómprate la de Alemania en la final !!!

  20. lately as i have see exist many Brasil admires in this site.

    i will keep my patient for now and i am saying to those that support Brasil because Argentina
    eliminated that no true fan of Albiceleste can support brasil.

    so guys if you really are fans of Argentina stop posting things like you want Brasil win the cup.
    the blood going up to my head from ungry when i see this kind of things.




    • oh man.. Japan is giving them a run for their money & we expect this team to beat Brazil!! things are not looking good at the moment 🙁 Brazil MUST be beaten. Can’t see the cup in their hands!

          • Amazing fightback from Belgium. They woke up after conceeding 2 goals. But good that they did. It’s not going to be easy for Brazil now. But Belgium can’t play the same way against Brazil during the first hour or so. They will have to defend much much better.

          • Belgium’s defensive midfield was horrible. I think Axel Witsel was playing at DM. I am not sure if he is actually a DM. Still better Belgium than Japan. Brazil would just walk past Japan.

    • What is the problem with all of you. You don’t see that the last years we dont play like Argentina. Fast passes 1-2 possession beautiful football. Argentina football is art fantasy magic. Where is all this. We play the last years with macherano biglia enzo acuna salvo in midfield and only messi di maria and some times lavezzi (higuain forword) my friends this is not Argentina. We need a coach to bring back our football too bring in the team creative football the magic. We have the players just they dont put them play. This selection of a team it was the worst ever. I still remember 1990 where Maradona wanted his friends to play and we left out super talented players that went in copa 1991 and destroyed everyone

  21. Mark this post. Icardi and dybala will not play for NT till Copa2019 whoever the coach may be. Team can not be rebuilt unless old guards are completely replaced…

  22. Lets get one thing straight. AFA will never hire a foreign coach. Argentina produces some of the finest coaches in the world still. They just need to hire a decent one and let him bring in the youngsters with some experience around them for 2019-20 and see who else emerges. Gareca’s system could see Messi roaming free as a winger as it does not rely on focusing play constantly through the middle. It also relies on a good focal point nine prepared to work hard. Icardi can do that.

    • Gareca system will have Messi roaming free.. what Messi is doing now… you can not win tournaments by walking…Peru style requires continuously moving the ball and players towards goal…. In Argentina.. ball will have to stop at Messi feet and then it will slow down. Gareca, pochettino, Simeone system can not be played with Messi. Mark this post then let me know….

  23. Before Sampaoli decided his mad experiment with a high backline and not playing percentage football at the back we were not conceding many even if we could not score at the other.

    Gareca’s model would be similar to Sabella and you do not need players with electric pace to implement. It can be two or three passes into midfield and then a quick ball into the channel before looking for your striker, secondary striker or box to box midfielder. It worked well for us in 2012-4 and the younger players will certainly add speed.

    Lo Celso carries the ball rapidly but under control and likewise Asascibar. Someone like Caseres or Paredes can hit both wingers with accuracy or a strong nine prepared to hold the ball or run into a channel off the two opponents centrebacks ie Icardi. Fullback wise Tagliafico needs to become better attacking wise and crossing wise while Bustos needs to learn his defensive responsibilities.

    It cannot be that hard to teach a lateral to close down on an opponent. Not to tuck in excessively, to learn when to come forward, when to cover your centreback and how to position yourself relative to your opponent. Someone can teach Bustos that. Attacking wise he is excellent.

  24. What a team Brazil are. Except Neymar, countinho other players are not that good still they play with heart…they dont go in shell when they are one goal down. they dont complain about coach, formations. I hope they win because if they dont then it will be France vs England final and we know France will choke…We cant let England win at any cost…

    • you don’t want England to win the WC which is understandable, but what is NOT is wanting Brazil and the chicken-head and his bullshit antics to win it!!

      Look all the way to the top of this page, it says, “MUNDO ALBICELESTE” not FUCKING Seleção, DOES IT????

      All you brazil AND Christina lovers, take a hint, PISSOFF btw, NO ARGENTINA FAN WILL EVER WANT BRAZIL TO WIN ANYTHING, NEVER MIND THE WORLD CUP, and if you do NOT know that simple fact then you don’t know SHIT!

    • If you were a genuine Albiceleste fan you would not constantly be admiring the Brazucas. Always cheering against us perpetuating the myth of joga bonito. Even after being smashed in their backyard 7-1 cheering on the Germans. No shame at all.

    • What is wrong with you, are you a fan of Argentina or Brazil, how can you ever say I hope Brazil wins and you call your self Argentine fan, fans like you make me sick, for God sakes,, we always support Argentina and only Argentina no matter what no matter how we play okay, it’s in the blood so if you want to support Brazil off you go, Brazil is disgusting Neymar is disgusting Germany England disgusting we don’t support these teams at any time, we never say I hope these teams win okay my friend, hope to see our beautiful Argentina start to win every thing and every game at every level very soon

    • What is wrong with you, are you a fan of Argentina or Brazil, how can you ever say I hope Brazil wins and you call your self Argentine fan, fans like you make me sick, for God sakes,, we always support Argentina and only Argentina no matter what no matter how we play okay, it’s in the blood so if you want to support Brazil off you go, Brazil is disgusting Neymar is disgusting Germany England disgusting we don’t support these teams at any time, we never say I hope these teams win okay my friend

  25. I always liked Gareca, imposing figure and seems to know his stuff. Honestly, I would love to have Pekerman back as the HC, just look at Colombia and the instant improvement the min he took over and that goes back to 2014 WC qualifiers.

    • Sometimes I dont know whats going on in people mind. Will Gareca be able to convince Messi to run like Peru players do…If Gareca is smart he will not touch this job….

  26. If Argentina want to win, please select foreign coach even i don’t mind if he is German or Brazil. Argentine coach put extra pressure on him along with players. I want a professional coach by his duty not emotional towards Argentina. Now conte is best available option, Simeone looks great but i fear him not turn into Sampaoli part 2. Blanc or Rafa benetez are also good options

  27. Gareca counters from deep. He does not play a high line and try to force turnovers in and around the halfway line which is playing with fire when you have a high line.

    If you have watched his Peru over the last couple of years they despite more limited resources have played smart astute football and break with speed and purpose from deep, the antithesis of a Sampaoli team. And his teams are robust not just on the pitch but in their heads.

    He will foster team spirit and is not afraid to bring youth into teams as his Velez Apertura winning side showed players like Canteros, Maxi Moralez, Cristaldo. And what is this obsession with height of central defenders.

    Nauhen Paz is an elegant defender a number two who relies on reading the game . Technique is just as important as sheer height for heading ability. Some of the tallest players tend to be the worst jumpers.

  28. The REAL Argentina manager for the last 14 years was Mascherano. He was a dictator and cost us trophies.

    All you lot you can respect Mascherano for what he did, I do too but I’m not going to blindly ignore he’s dictatorship. He’s the reason we never won anything with our golden generation.

    Whenever managers find talent like Lo Celso. They never end up playing. Lo Celso creates more chances for Messi. Of course the former manager Mascherano doesn’t want people to take his crown so he tells his assistant manager Sampaoli who speaks on his behalf not to play him.

    The Argentina “managers” were just assistant coaches, an assistant coach to Mascherano: the [former] manager. Now he’s left we might actually start seeing a change.

  29. i was glad he was appointed but it proved he was living off bielsa

    gallardo will be rubbish as will gareca

    only one who can do good are bielsa and pekerman (but he is not a colombian citezen)

    • How do you know that Gallardo will be rubbish. Is this just your prejudice or based on fact ? He has done a pretty sterling job with River and was being looked at and still is by several European clubs. My sole criticism of him would be his reluctance to bring in players from the River cantera. No one outside of Quarta has established themselves in his team.

    • All europeans will trash non european players..they want France and England final. I want Brazil or Belgium to win, they are better than England and France.

    • Scientifically 26-27 is the best age for attacking players to peak. We have seen Maradona (26), Zidane (26), Ronaldo de Lima (27), Iniesta (26), Mueller (26) won their world cup at their peak. Messi should have won it in 2014 at 27 years old. With that said, Neymar and Coutinho are in their prime to win something with national teams. As much I hate too see that happen, I am feared that will probably happen. Can’t suck more to see the Yellow lift the cup.

      • Xavi lift the world cup not innesta, Lahm lift the world cup not muller, now we can see Germany and Spain after xavi and lahm

  30. Worst player of WC2018 was Mascherano.. you can check stats.. blaming coach for Mascherano is not good. Without good CDM both Otamendi and Rojo looked bang average…they were exposed and hence you could see frustations of Otamendi. do you think player coached by Guardiola loose head that often…

  31. I think it’s the right decision to replace Sampa. To be honest, I was glad when he was appointed but frankly he did not live up to my expectations. During one year, he did not accomplish anything other than collecting fan pics and watching high profile matches. He’s a chump!

    However, what worries me is that AFA announced just ahead of the world cup that they would stick with Sampa no matter the results and that he was a long term commitment (over wc2022). If they decide to sack him now, who on earth will have balls (or brains) to trust AFA and take the job as the new coach of Argentina? A bad Copa 19 or a couple of losses in friendlies can be argument enough to be sacked…

    If Argentina wants to become a superpower again, then replacing coach will unfortunately not be enough, I believe. Now, I’m not that familiar with how things have been run at AFA in the past but I can imagine that it has been more or less chaotic time to time. We are after all talking about Argentina. Taking this under consideration, I can only express my admiration for what Diego and Argentina succeeded back in 1986.

  32. Before world cup started, Sampa met with Messi to discuss all possibilities and how they can approach this world cup, and the plan was to build a team around Messi, both claimed it was Messi’s team. Messi asked for certain players to be around him and go to Russia even if they are unfit like Biglia, rojo, romero and Otamendi who didn’t play for months before world cup. He was ok with players who were subs in their clubs to make the starting 11.

    Look, if Messi was genius, he would say to Sampaoli, I want the best midfielders and defenders with me regardless if I like them or no, I need to put my personal issues aside and think on a broader horizon, I need Icardi instead of Higuaín, I need better defensive midfielder than Mascherano, I need some young midfielders and fast players who can counterattack. Messi, all cared about was taking group of his friends so he can enjoy their company in the plane and during camp time.

    I’m not sorry that Messi ended his career without a world cup. He preferred to be around shitty players and benched or sent home the ones he didn’t get along with. What is the price of Dybala or Icardi today I wonder? none of them played in the world cup or given a good opportunity? pathetic.

    • “What is the price of Dybala or Icardi today I wonder? none of them played in the world cup or given a good opportunity? pathetic” – very true.

    • I can’t stand this “Friends Club” shit anymore. Where is the friends club? Who are the members of Friends Club? Any proof of Messi deciding squad? If it was all about Friends Club, why we had 16 different squad? Over 70 players called up?
      First i heard Messi Wants Aguero and Higuain. Then i saw none of them started against France. i hard Biglia is there because of Messi. Then I saw after first match, Biglia never played a game. You said Banega is there because of Messi. But i saw he didn’t start for first two matches. When he started ,bhe did better. You people keep on saying Rojo is one in the friends club. Bashed him after first game saying he’s only there because of messi. Again we saw he was dropped. When he saved us against Nigeria, you started praising him. I saw you same people being unhappy when he was subbed off against France. You constantly saying Maria is Shit. He is there because of Messi and should be replaced with Meza and Pavon. Then we saw Meza and Pavon had their playing time also. Maria scored a stunner and played better than Pavon and Meza. Now you say, Meza and Pavon are not ready yet.

      Now please tell me, who is Messi’s friend? Whom Messi wanted to play with? Do really Icardi and Dybala aren’t with team because of Messi? When they had chance ,what did they do? If Messi decides team, why Aguero and Higuain didn’t play last match? Or Meza, Pavon , Fazio and Armani are also in Friends Club now?

      Truth is after Croatia match, player said they are not ready for possessional football with 2-3-3-2 or 3-3-3-1 formation and no luxury of time to master it. No more experiment, they want go back to the basics and correctly so.

      Argentine fans are more confusing and shitty than Argentine Managers. I haven’t seen a worse fan group than what Argentina has. Ridiculous and without any footballing Sense.

    • The loss against France was solely due to high pressing of crazy sampaoli using old washed up midfield of Masche, Enzo and Banega and defense. Had he dropped back his mids and defense to cut down any space for the french they would have leaked goals in counters and we’d have won. Baldy couldn’t even get basics right. There should be no debate on Messi’s love for his friends especially Mascherano is the prime reason he could end up without a world-cup.

      However, If Christiano Ronaldo keeps his fitness and form ,his competition with Messi can still go on for 2-3 years , Messi could still be in good shape in 2022. These two’s get the best out of each other. If Messi can at-least maintain the fitness of Mascherano (2018) also he will be more than useful. He can be a good play maker for us. With proper team Messi’s skills can still be utilized at the age of 35. But it all depends on Messi . If he wants to play the 2022 WC he will maintain his fitness and form , if he doesn’t then some one else will fill in his role.

  33. Don’t blame the players, Blame this useless coach who allowed France to score 3 goals in 10 minutes after taking a 2-1 lead with 35 minutes left.
    WE had this game if he had the common sense of a 10 years old by switching to 4-4-2 after we scored the second goal. We should have invited France on and hit them on the counter using Aguero’s fresh legs and messi and Dimaria dropping deep to feed Aguero upfront. How could he gave mbappe the space to run after seeing how they hit us on the first goal? it was too obvious that WE needed to close that space right from the first minutes of the game.

    • Unfortunately we don’t have the personnel who can counter attack, you are talking about players hit their prime 4 years ago, but not this time. You need the right players to counterattack for you, only young fresh legs can accomplish this with athleticism and stamina. Di Maria and Messi were an example 4 years ago and no one else.

      • I’ve said that long ago. No one should expect from 30-32 years old players they will fight as 22-25 years old that didn’t won anything in club. The more burned out players of destroyed spirit as they lost many finals and, on the other hand, satiated of club secceses in Europe and their big money.

        No one is surprised because of Iniesta, despite his skills, had nothing to offer more in this WC but Argentina fans are surprised that our generation has failed. They should have been retiring long ago.

  34. As a Argentina fan I was releived to see the team eliminated with 3-4 scoreline. It could have been 5-0, 6-0 if France was a good team. Among the 32 teams, we were the worst. We couldn’t attack, we couldn’t defend. We were slow, unable to react, unable to offer anything. The reason: we had the best coach in the world. If we keep Sampa as a coach we will be surely at the level of San Marino or Haiti. I think that Sampaoli should pay for causing emotional distress among the argentinean population. Sampaoli is by far the worst coach that NT has ever known. Even Maradonna, Batista or Bauza are better than Sampaoli. As a leader you have 23 players how you only speak about one player? Everything comes and goes by Messi. If we keep Sampaoli I believe that no one except Sampaoli would trust the team.

  35. I always thought Mexico can’t beat Brazil this time around because they don’t have a width in their bench. Their good 11 starters ran out of gas after the first game against Germany and didn’t have subs to help the starters. I though solute them for knocking out Germany out of this world cup, without them, Germany would collect enough points to get them to next round, and we all know once Germany in the knock out stages, all luck stars sing for them.

    Don’t worry about Brazil, either Belgium or France will end their journey, and remember: World cup in Europe will be triumphed by a European team.

    • Only European Coach would accomplish that as we all try to say that. If he’s Argentinian, he will make early promises but once moment of truth arrives, he switches to use safe path: Higuaín, Aguero, Banega, Di Maria, etc and build a team around Messi.

  36. Come on. this was Messi last world cup and he did not play well, he could have played with heart and smile. Look at Croatia, Denmark, Russia.. do they have good players.. coaches are also bang average..but their star players are giving everything. Rakitic, Modric giving everything for their team. We changed coaches, technical staff, AFA to suit our star player still results were same…Now what can we do… change coach again. why not change players, change captain…

    • With all due respect…Come on, man. Samp had a FOURTH different formation in FOUR games. that is absolutely bonkers. he had us play a knockout game WITHOUT A STRIKER. How did that work out? Pavon making crosses into no one in the box. Way to take advantage of those runs. Messi still had to track back for balls.

      A false nine may work if you have creative midfielders. Banega did his hot and cold routine where he was cold this game. Perez was good on the ball but still was too slow to push the ball up field. Mascherano had a nice first half, but added nothing in attack. We have a very good playmaker in Lo Celso, who starts for PSG, rotting on the bench. Another creative player in Dybala stuck on the pine too.

      We keep saying Messi friends. Maybe it was the opposite…he saw great players wasting away while mediocrity was on the pitch searching for ideas. I still do not know why Samp did not force the issue with Dybala in qualifying and friendlies. You need some time to get accustomed to NT play. No need to give up just because there was some confusion.

      The WC is not the time to think on the fly. Samp shit the bed. End of story

      • totally agree with this
        the croatia formation was perfect for iceland
        the iceland formation was perfect for croatia

        conceding 3 goals in 10 minues playing a high line was awful

        france 2nd goal was just awesome no one saves those
        keeper should have saved 3rd and the 4th, well ive seen that so many times before (vs germany 2010) vs brazil (2007)

  37. I think…we should wait and decide on a good coach..rather than hurrying things..

    What is the urgency? Are we trying to help local/europe club with time to find another coach?

    Crazy and madness as always..If Sampaoli needs to be fired..he can be let go…but do not appoint any coach without thinking…

  38. Football is a very easy game for coaches especially if u r south american. Make ur defense rock solid and pick a good goalkeeper. Then let the attackers and midfielders play. They will surely score for u, if not ur rock solid goalkeeper will rescue u in tie breaker. Bravo Tite for understanding the simple tactics.

    On the other hand, if u r sampaoli then talk some nonsense like 1-2-3-7 or 3-7-12 or something bizzare, what no one understands, not even himself. Then play high line defense against a formidable attacking team like France after leading 2-1 and crush out…

    It is the manager who wins cup by tactics and formation after the emergence of Rinus Michels, not pele not even Maradona…

    Sampaoli must go. If he could instill confidence in defence and gave second chance to Romero then we would have playing the quarter…

    • Cannot understand Sampaoli’s mind. Worst coach since Maradona. At least Maradona gave some entertainment. I feel stressed just seeing Sampaoli on the sidelines looking mad and desperate.

  39. Well Otemandi should be excluded. Good defender but horrible in this world cup. Easily should have been red carded against Croatia. Same against France. Zero discipline. Worst is the way he reacted in the Last two additional minutes. Zero percent football sense. Same for Mercado. Totally horrible undisciplined show from our defenders and also from Don Mascherano. Also Otemandi will be 34 by next World cup. We must find three players for every spot. Unless we drop the seniors we never going to find that. Romero, Don and even Messi are examples..

  40. Many chelemon Brazil fans enjoying here from different IDs, don’t worry get ready for cry in quarter, i remember every name here who are saying Brazil win the world cup its my open challenge Brazil eliminated in quarter, see you pseudo id

    • If team plays well then it should win right…Brazil as a team are playing well. they have countinho, Neymar both are good. They are future of Brazil…our futures like Icardi, Dybala, Lo celso are on holidays…

  41. I’ve been a die-hard Argentina fan for 30 years (from the moment I started to understand the meaning of ‘supporting’ a team) & follower of this site for quite a good time. I never opted to post something cause I thought it wouldn’t change anything. But today I’m really frustrated with the ‘ultra-expertise’ of the fan base here. I’m overwhelmed by the level of stupidity of a lot of the supporters here. For fuck’s sake – don’t just put something because you know how to type and you (unfortunately) have internet access!! I have no doubt almost all of you are a true Argentina supporter by your hearts. But that doesn’t provide you the license to put whatever comes to your mind, against whoever you like to. People follow your comments and they could be misguided by your bullshits. I absolutely agree that there were some brilliant analyses by some of us which really enlightens us as a group. What I’m really worried about is the bullshit opinions that utterly means nothing. Unfortunately, they are not less in number! This is a fan site and you have complete freedom to post/reply whatever you want. But what I urge to all of you that plz take a moment to THINK & have some minimal PERSONAL RESEARCH before commenting/replying to anything.

    We all here are the supporters of a Talented, Passionate & Great football team. Plz be calm & patient. Let’s always have the hope & respect for the team. We are the best. We’ll always be the best – We’ll never keep our heads down. Peace!!

  42. The people who say Sampoali should not be sacked for the sake of continuity does not understand one thing. Sampaoli is the very definition of instability and discontinuity. 15 XI in 15 different matches. Maradona was not that mad.

    Sampaoli should be sacked because he lost the respect of players.

    Sampaoli should be sacked because of his embarrassing press conferences which include glorification of messi with new adjectives.

    We had defensive stability with Sabella, Martino and Bauza. With Sampaoli , passing improved from Bauza where we could barely complete 5 passes together, but defense collapsed completely. It has become a laughing stock.

    Sampaoli should be sacked for his stressful running between the boundaries of dugout.

    He should be sacked how he dealt with Lo Celso.

    Sampaoli should be sacked , there is no question about it. Just because you are in neck level water does not mean you have to accept someone pouring water on you.

    The End.

    • Lol hard to disagree. Sadly this is the cycle we are trapped inside.

      Please give us some update on our midfield options other than Paredes, Ascacibar and Lo Celso. Is there any upcoming ones at local league?

      How is Gareca and his formation?

    • mafioso: agreed totally but ill add to it a little-if samp had any pride in his self and respect for us the fans and Argentina he will save every one the trouble and simply offer his resignation, that is what a real man would do as he has failed with distinction.

      • @pablo.d,
        He is a very passionate man. He has his dream and pride of leading his country, you know. I feel for him even though he has failed miserably. I think he’ll resign ultimately.

        • imtiaz: that i also agree with, i also feel sorry for him as with out a doubt he has passion for us but sadly for what ever reason he is just out of his depth with us, i hope he does the honorable thing and walks away.

          things might have been so different for us all if it was samp instead of bozo selected back then as he would have has a lot of time to try to do exactly what he wanted but we will never know now, as i said samp has burned his bridges, had his time and it would be crazy to keep him.

  43. That should be the players who should be nominate for the next friendlies
    Guys what do u think of this players If someone know another good players add them
    For the people who say messi would be to old he could play in midfield as playmaker
    1 rulli
    2 pezella
    3 taglafico
    4 bustos
    5 parades
    6 ascacibar
    7 Pavón
    8 lo celso
    9 icardi
    10 messi
    11 dybala
    12 Axel Werner
    13 lucas Martínez
    14 Lanzini
    15 lamela
    16 bataglia
    17 otamendi
    18 ezequiel barco
    19 j corrrea
    20 Martínez
    21 juan foyth
    22 a correa
    23 another goalkeeper
    24 lucas oscampos
    25 Luciano Vietto

  44. Its too sad that all young stars are shinning this world cup raising their market price and get popularity while our young talents like Dybala, Icardi and Lo Celso are watching the world cup slip under their feet which are leashed and anchored by old school coaches.

  45. Sack this bald man Sampoli.Fuck you Sampoli.He does not have basic understanding of game.This bald shit destroyed everything.AFA is also responsible for their corruption charges.Tata Martino was best but they could not pay him.Now what good we can expect from this team Sampoli’s player selection made us knocked out.He was hell bent on making winger into fullback.Lo celso Ansaldi Erik Lamela Ascacibar Lanzini There was so many talent in midfield but he ends with Salvio Acuna Biglia.
    Oh god help us relieve us.
    Messi deserves better but they distroyed everything.On attack we had worlds best player sadly all were benched.Pavon was good when used as sub .he should have been subbed at Half time.442 would be best but Alas nothing happened.
    This mad scientist who lives in his imaginary football world no wonder he is pupil of Biesla.Like teacher like student both are shit.

  46. If you really want a good team, drop Messi or it will be all over again. Pass the ball to Messi, Messi holds the ball, opposition dispossess Messi and we lose the ball. We tried Messi with different formations, player selection, game plan, different coaching styles, We put Messi in different positions, the result was the same: Messi reliance, and we end up one man show, not a real team. This is my opinion.

    Also none of the coaches candidates are good, we need time to get the right coach.

    Only Belgium can stop Brazilian run.

    • Lunacy. If we want a good team, hl then the team with Messi needs to learn to operate as a single unit, give passing options, etc. It’s not freaking messis fault that players just sit there and state at him. Why aren’t they pressing and giving him options to pass or 1-2s. Yet this is all Messi fault?? Goodness,

    • Messi fanboys dont understand this. Like it or not, way Messi plays it makes team dependent on him. If Messi slows then team build up slows down. If messi is fast then team plays fast and score goals. We have seen over the years with Barca and Argentina….Now messi has to slow down due to age. He can play as midfielder but will he have good relations with Dybala, Icardi..

        • Kvindrs: I don’t want a team to be qualified in the dying minutes. I would rather have a solid team that top the group and use last qualifier games to experiment with new players after guaranteeing the qualifying. Also, Messi doesn’t help with building cohesive team since he never plays friendlies due to his Barca commitment, expect more injury breaks from now on as he’s aging. Messi is not always available for our qualifying campaign but he arrives in the last minute and demands a team to be built around him and with personnel of his selection. Been there, tried that, not working for God’s sake.

        • LOL

          So how Argentina qualified to WC 2006, 2002, 1998, 1994, 1990, 1986 and so on without Messi. Stop talking absurds Messi fanboy.

      • @Mundomessi1 – Well, if that is Messi fanboys thought, your’s really is a Messi-hater thought.

        Just a simple question – did Messi ever demanded that the team must have to be evolved with him? Or he refused if the formation is not per his liking?? Plz don’t speculate and believe whatever you hear from here & there. It is the coaches who chose to form a team that evolves with Messi!! Have a good coach with balls, sound understanding of Argentina style of play, tactical brain and most importantly, SANITY. Messi will play wherever the coach needs him to play with his full heart, ability and passion. Doesn’t matter how big a player someone is but it is really unfair that you cripple that person and ask a WC from him, absolutely by himself!!

      • Hi Messi hater, fyi Messi was not participating in quite a number of matches in qualifiers and friendlies due to various reasons. It should have given ample chances for other stars to shine. Right? What happened is the team failed miserably and caused humiliation over humiliation that we need Messi to saved us in dying minutes.

        Just see the stat, how many qualifiers we won without Messi. Now the team is much weaker due to lack of quality GKs, defenders, playmakers… before we have many many. Nowadays big names all are forwards.

        Messi is an easy target for hater that’s blind.

  47. Good coach doesn’t need 4 years to figure out the advantages and disadvantages of the team, He should have played according to that.. Instead he keep on saying about messi team and will make him happy and blalalaa..Is this football match or what???, 11 players are there messi is just another player. We haven’t heard any coach told like this about CR or neymar or any star player. Be a coach dont be a puppet.
    Next coach should have balls to impose his ideas not think about 1 r 2 player.
    Everyone should defend, Pavon 22 but he is not tracking back in france match.Even dybala wont defend much.
    Coach should be clear in his ideas and should throw anyone out of the team if he is not fit in.

    • The joke is he made Messi unhappy the most. I got suspicion he used Messi to deflect blames. Good coach would say yes Messi is best but we have 10 very good players and our game plan will not only focus on Messi, we have plan A,B,C etc. Pleasee if your aim is only to make Messi happy you have failed big time…what a joke.

  48. That should be the players who should be nominate for the next friendlies
    Guys what do u think of this players If someone know another good players add them
    For the people who say messi would be to old he could play in midfield as playmaker
    1 rulli
    2 pezella
    3 taglafico
    4 bustos
    5 parades
    6 ascacibar
    7 Pavón
    8 lo celso
    9 icardi
    10 messi
    11 dybala
    12 Axel Werner
    13 lucas Martínez
    14 Lanzini
    15 lamela
    16 bataglia
    17 otamendi
    18 ezequiel barco
    19 j corrrea
    20 Martínez
    21 juan foyth
    22 a correa
    23 another goalkeeper
    24 lucas oscampos
    25 Luciano Vietto

    • I dont think Lo Celso, Pavon, Icardi will get any chance till Copa19..Rest of players are not that good. My assumption say that coach will be another argentine…team will be like this for Copa19..Romero,otamendi,mercado,Rojo,tagliafico,Banega,Biglia, Meza, Messi,Di Maria,Higuain/aGuero.
      Biglia has to come out of retirement..

  49. Yes he sucked big time. But as much as I hate him, for the sake of continuity and just to find out if he is indeed the real deal, what do we have to lose? We’re already in the pits, doubt we can go any lower (actually even if we do so what?), Mascherano and Biglia are already calling it quits, I’m also not sure who is really willing to take over and whether he can really do better! So why sack him? We have 20 million to spend?!

      • goodness, your analyses are pure idiocy. You think sampaoli is leaving to please some fans? you’re really smart, maybe you become a sports journalist.

    • Nooo, do you still think he’s a real deal? Came on! Did he not have chances in qualifiers friendlies and did he impress? A good coach may not give instant result but will know which direction he wants. He’s keep changing formation means he has no clear idea.

  50. Fuck AFA , Sampaoli,Arg players with no exemption…… look at our rival Brazil .. why them not us ?without Spain and Germany our road to the final was extremely easy !! Dummmn when we conceded 10 goals in 2 friendlies in March 18 we should have sacked and sucked Sampaoli.!!! Fuck u all

    • You are blind or what you think Brazil has a good team. They are a joke. The moment they play a serious talented team they are out. BELGIUM IS COMING NO WAY THIS CIRCUS WILL PASS. HAZARD IS BETTER THAN THIS BRAZIL TEAM ALONE IMAGE THE HOLE TEAM

      • No way. Brazil has a very strong back line and everyone understand their role in the team. I really hope they lose against Belgium, but it seems they are marching for sixth star.

      • Belgium will fuck Brazil. neymar is an actor who is cheating the referee to get free kick.
        he is not a world class player.

  51. Brazil has a solid back line. Mexico have the ball but all they are doing is huffing and puffing. Just one shot on goal.

    If only we had that we could’ve won against France.

    • Yeah! It pains me just to watch and see them win. Thoughts keep going back to our game….I’m still down, bitter, sad and disappointed. Really respect all of you… I simply don’t know how you guys are able to get over it so quickly….

      • @PAimar,
        It’s better to accept and anticipate disappointment quickly. Argentina has a knack of breaking heart. It’s an added package that comes with supporting this team. Rather get used to it and learn to move on quickly. I dreamed of the 2006 team too much and it gave me nightmares for years. 😃

    • Belgium will fuck Brazil. neymar is an actor he is cheating the referee what he did on WC2014. they are not like champion.

      • @imtiaz @Godblessargentina but for how much longer? Been supporting them since I was 7, didn’t know much about soccer then but that was the last time I saw them win the Cup… devoted, loyal, in love with Argentina and La Albiceleste since then… happy to see them as Olympics champions then… want to see both of them as World Cup winners but as fate and luck would have it, no. I have bounced back so many times… first the World Cup then the first to go bonkers and rant on the old MundoAlbiceleste forum when Tevez missed the penalty during Copa, then the World Cup, then the Copa and the Copa Centennial then now the World Cup again. Why?! I know I’m not alone. My girlfriend then wife then mother to my kids simply doesn’t understand why am I so obsessed with Argentina… and it’s hard to explain to her. I think most of you understand how I feel… will I ever see us lift the cup again?!

  52. I am New here , reading all comments from you guys since few months and Arg fan Since 2006 .
    I May not be genius like you guys .
    But one thing AFA needs Is consistency with Right coach .
    Learn From uruguay and germany .
    Doesnt Matter whoever comes – let him stay even he loses copa19,20 etc ….
    The Entire Generation Should Be New …
    This Was A Talented Squad …
    But , Talent Never Win Hardwork Until It Works Hard .

  53. 18 years old Nehuen Perez, Argentinos Juniors defender (was in Russia with other youngster to spar with seniors) to Atletico Madrid.

  54. Mundo Optimist have you already forgotten Sampaoli’s blunder in 2 days that you want to give this imbecile 4 more years!!!!!!!!!! Here let me refresh your memory. The reason we almost failed to qualify for the world cup was his experiments but Here are Sampaoli’s blunders after we got selected for the world cup.

    1)Not able to gather balls to drop washed up aging Masche from 35 player provisional squad
    2)Letting Masche influence the 23 players squad selection,
    3) His various Starting Xis, his formations , his substitution and its timings,
    4)His constant pursuing of Meza and Pavon when you have Dybala and Locelso in the squad
    5) His inability to read a game and keep pressing high with slow defenders and finished Masche as our pivot
    6)Not learning anything from Croatia’s exploitation of our flanks because of our toothless high-line pressing
    6)Starting with Pavon and dropping Higuain against France because of which we had no presence in the opponent’s box to threaten the french keeper and their defense. False 9 Messi back in midfield but no one to pass to in the box,Dimaria unable to get one cross right, his experiment Pavon contributes nothing in attack and defense ,slow midfield of Enzo,Masche and Banega gets exposed .
    7) Subbing Rojo with slow Fazio and still pressing high
    8)Instead of dropping deep and defend the 2-1 lead he persist with high line pressing madness!!

    Had we gone with traditional 4-4-2 formation without pressing high and done our basics right we would be in the right side bracket with easy route to finals. We could have won the world cup but imbecile Sampaoli along with help from Mascherano made sure we get knocked out in the 2nd round. You either die a hero or live long enough to become a villain and Masche became a villain after this world cup!!!

    • Well said. I’m dumbfounded by people who think we should continue this imbecile as you rightly call him. Somehow, someway, after he has shown all that inability people still want let him keep on torturing us. Defense looked so porous nobody feared Argentina any more, even freaking Island threatened over and over. Get him out!!

    • Totally agree with you his defensive play were desastrous he s not able to understand the game, never do the right subs and letting great players without one minute on the field. He s a mess. I was so happy last year when he comes i thought he was the good one for us but i was totally wrong very far from reality

    • Exactly. I totally agree with all of your points. Mascherano is the real cancer of our team, although he played with his stupid heart. He just has no brain at all and provides no real help to this team. I saw some fans want him to be our coach??? Are you fu****ing kidding me? He is the most stupid player in our squad IMO. But he thinks he is the smartest one so he keeps talking as a leader???

      After Mascherano’s retirement, Messi will have his new friends. Before that, Mascherano controlled Messi’s friends circle.

    • No more Sampaoli. If in doubts, rewatch the qualifiers + recent Argentina WC matches. See if we have any structure.

      Not sure about Mascherano. I’m a big fan of him although I do think he should retire before for his sake and our sake.

  55. This is music to my ears!
    Let’s not forget Argentina’s goal aggregate since Sampaoli took over (including friendlies)
    ARG 1-0 BRA
    URU 0-0 ARG
    ARG 1-1 VEN (last place Venezuela)
    ARG 0-0 PER
    ECU 1-3 ARG
    ARG 1-0 RUS
    NIG 4-2 ARG
    ARG 2-0 ITA
    ESP 6-1 ARG
    ARG 4-0 HAI
    ARG 1-1 ICE
    CRO 3-0 ARG
    ARG 2-1 NIG
    FRA 4-3 ARG

    In 14 game since Sampaoli has taken over, Argentina have scored 21 goals under Sampaoli, but have also conceded 21 goals, making our GD 0!!!!!

    If you need more evidence as to why he needs to go, just watch Argentina play, and that should be enough for you!

    Whoever takes charge, it’ll be interesting what happens, seeing as Mascherano and Biglia have retired, they IMO are the reason why Argentina haven’t won anything yet (that and Higuain). The new coach will HAVE to get a new DM. With a new DM, we’ll see how Argentina as a whole will play!
    Also, hopefully the coach will play Dybala! He is the future Argentina has! Messi and Dybala NEED to play together!
    Other things like midfielders, defenders and such, that’s up to whoever the new coach will be! So there’s reason to be optimistic!

    My Lineup for WC 2022:
    Lanzini-Paredes/Kranevitter-Lo Celso/Lamela

    If Messi is not there, then:
    Dybala-Martínez/Icardi-J. Correa

    But first things is first! OUT SAMPAOLI!

      • Ummm… no disrespect… but Werner is a bench warmer too 😆

        Romero was the hero against Netherlands
        He is VERY reliable for Argentina in penalties… might not show up for Man U, but at least he turns up for Argentina! Can’t say the same for Messi.

        He WOULD have been the hero for Argentina in the Copa America 2016, had it not been for… guess who? Messi!!!!
        – Copa America 2016, you can’t blame the team, can’t blame Claudio Bravo, can’t blame the referee, NOBODY! It was ALL Messi! He alone was responsible for choking that penalty that would’ve won his first International Trophy.

        Romero Is Reliable for Argentina! Can’t say the same for Messi!

        The contest for GK would be Romero vs Rulli. Either is good, but Rulli IMO has a lot of catching up to do to overthrow Romero.

        • Romero is the best if compared with Willy and Armani. But compared to other countries he is not among the best, see how’s The recent penalties, good GK can saved 2-3 penalties. For now though, no better choice dor Argentina.

          Btw, disagree to blame Messi. The disaster is defending. Easily conceded within minutes. But even this is not truly players mistake. To be honest, the coach doesn’t have a clue..

  56. I dont think he was given enough time. But with that being said, the coaching decisions – multiple formations, player changes, ridiculous subs in a world cup – are completely unforgivable.

    I wish it could be Simeone but he wont take the job. My choice is Gallardo

    • He is ridiculous coach..he use different formations in every match..he doesn’t have a positive mind.he is totally lost his mind.he can’t handle pressure.plzz sack him immediately

  57. Pekerman has not been involved in Colombia’s under age sides. He would be welcome in the AFA as a technical president to review youth football.

    Who cares what Gareca looks like ? His Peruvian team are like his Velez team solid throughout and a countering team that brings the ball back to front with speed and flair. He also is solid in his preparation and also on the mental side of things. Colombia are also interested in Gareca.

    • Pekerman is the best option Argentina could get based on a tried and tested option. 2006 was the best team we had, but that last minute change to replace Riquelme with a holding midfielder like Cambiasso was ridiculous to say the least, that’s where we had to press the game and choke Germany by the scruff of the neck. We had a 19 year old prodigy like Messi warming the bench during that game. I just hope he has learnt his lesson, and he would be more than welcome in these dark days.

      • There will not be a coach uses a young player. They all come, make promises to use talented young players but then start calling Higuain and co. Building team around Messi like he’s 20 years old not realizing messi is getting older and will soon move to MLS.

      • Yeah that game, that game man. Argentina was, and played like, the best team in the tournament. Pekean has admitted that that was a mistake. 19 years and explosive Messi was on the team and available. Geramany was lucky, they needed penalty kicks to move on, in their own home. You reverse the role and Germany would have won three four goals away. Once they have you on the run like we had them, they don’t bail you but rather bury you. They did exactly that in South Africa, go up by one and end up winning by four.

    • “His Peruvian team are like his Velez team solid throughout and a countering team that brings the ball back to front with speed and flair. He also is solid in his preparation and also on the mental side of things. Colombia are also interested in Gareca.” -> no offence but didn’t many of the people here say the same of Sampaoli and Chile and Copa winner not the least!

  58. haha i wanna give this joker @mamba some attention.

    First of all its a free country and you can openly come out as gay and accept that you have a huge crush on Cristiano Ronaldo. You like him being fit huh? Nice! Drool over his pictures and jack off over his penalties. This is about Argentine football and not about your gay sexual fantasies for CR7. Bye sunshine!

  59. Please Admin kick Mamba007 out of this site he is obviously no fan of L’Albiceleste…

    He is a Cristiano fanboy and needs to be removed…

    I love l’Albiceleste no matter what it hurts me to see haters and fake fans on this site please remove Mamba007

    Thank you

  60. I don’t care what people say about Leo, he is still the best in the world, and the best Argentina has had since Maradona. The generation that would walk out on everyone post all this hate didn’t win us a trophy, but they gave us a lot of hope across Copa time and again, and in the last world cup. With Masche and Leo(atleast for now) out of picture, let’s see who evolves as a leader. I am disappointed about Giovanni Lo Celso been denied an opportunity, but I never thought for once, Mezza, Pavon or Dybala could have changed our equation in the world cup. It was our back line that hurt us big time.

  61. It s true that changing sampa will cost us continuity but which one ?? I dont see it at all in one year he has n t accomplished anything except the worst team in the world cup not even ten passes guarantee.
    Morocco were playing better stop with this. And messi need to leave us i m very thankful to him and he was the best for ten years but we have to stop this now he just could n t be the messi we expect time to give the team to other hands dybala lo celso lanzini. If lio will stay he just gonna to lose the copa again and it will increase his pain and frustration he couldn’t win with argentina because he s not able to run around the field like a dog needing the win absolutely. He s kind of guy as we ve seen against france or croatia when he s loosing you dont feel it he has never been that guy which transforms to a pitbull to grab the victory. I m not a hater messi is the best that i ever seen but whatever all the talents he got , he doesn t get the most important thing in football LA GRINTA

  62. This is bizarre, first Tata martino is sacked for not winning the trophy, not withstanding the salary issues that he had with the association. Then they bring in Bauza in the interim, a ploy which was a failure, then they bring in a successful coach with Chile and Sevilla, but unfortunately Sampoli kept on changing the formation and tactical strategy against all teams without sticking to a basic plan. But now the time has come to first allocate funds to the association across the primiera division to make younger players stay, form a collaborative project with the best pool of players with one and only goal – World Cup 2022. Now if Sampoli leaves, are they going to pay him the 16-20 million for nothing? Or stick to him and see what he has to offer for a year. Remember what Crespo said about Sampoli: He is a coach for the long term, wasn’t the best option for world cup.

  63. Not Gareca please. Players will have nightmares, his look works more for a horror movie than sport coach.

  64. Best of luck with changing coaches every 6 months. No GOOD SANE THINKING REPUTED COACH will tarnish his name by joining in this madness of AFA.
    Sampaoli should have been kept for 4 years in my humble opinion. Let him be an idiot . Let him fail. At least give some consistency.
    The only people who will join will possibly be not self respecting POS.
    Get a good fucking coach and give them AUTHORITY.
    Let him fail but give him priority ! HEavens Sake !

  65. what about Masche the leader. He can be our coach. Masche has balls and he can bleed for the team. we need more balls,blood than quality and formations…

  66. pekerman is the only man>>>and veron is the only hope for leadership
    he is the one coach we ever had who had a long term plan and who worked for the youth
    but because of one mistake we get rid of him instantly
    so he can develop Colombia instead
    its just a dumb circle

  67. Why they rushing? No one can give u instant success. But, sampa lost it not by playing poor, he lost it by the way he selected players. Complete insane…

    • @guled have no back yard to play but get ure point.

      Here is mine, Bielsa did horrible at WC but given the chance won the gold at olympics.

      Pekerman teams play great football. Sure he made a stupid mistake but lots of good coaches learn from the n become even better.

  68. any coach without the experience of European football will be disaster…… Ricardo GARECA is good coach but you saw how Peru suffered in world cup …

  69. This is such a farce why sampaoli says in press he will continue and tapia didn’t tell him right after hey don’t make a fool of your self. I don’t see any path in our planning. Just ridiculous.

  70. Come on.. when we are going to many humiliations we need to realize the reality.. insane.. beyond words..we need someone who take us all the path to glory.. not up to second round or qf ..if players are really concerned for glory.. they need to spend something from their own pocket ..we need someone like Ancelotti or Conte.. even Wenger is available..Simeone or Porch won’t come to the picture for next 12 years..why don’t we try for European coaches.. all our star players live a luxurious life in Europe..why don’t they spend 5 percent of their annual revenue to pay some respected coach.. unless the FA clean up.. the country Clean up..we can’t expect a miracle.. the biggest loser is we.. the fans..

    • ppl keep bringing this up
      never gonna happen its considered a disgrace for argentina or brazil and so on to hire someone from outside like smaller countries
      its tradition not gonna change
      and after all its Europe who is responsible for part of whats happening with them stealing our young talents and spoiling them and draining them
      they use us to strengthen their leagues while destroying out teams in the process

  71. this is fully garbage to select gareca, gallardo and conte.
    there is no initiatives to be taken before signing new coach. there is no analysis of local club structure, youth programme. first remove bullshit corrupted tapia. he is a very big dump yard. I am requesting U17 players please f***k tapia ASAP.

  72. Honestly, just give me some continuity here. Let the coach have the next 4 years to pick a group of players to work with and build a youth system. I honestly don’t care if it’s Sampaoli, Gareca or Gallardo.

  73. i highly doubt that any coach has the balls to not call up the old rooster anymore. as long as these guys dont let go of this team they will be called up again and we are losing even more years to build a new site that can play football. i want all Players of the current rooster to retire. all but the yopung players.
    this the future
    bustos foyth mammana tagliafico
    paredes ascacibar lo celso
    icardi Martinez

    and we need a Coach with the guts to do so!

  74. Sampaoli could be an ideal coach for us. He has European club experience, which is crucial for us. I would pick GALLARDO over GARECA, since he is young and more familiar with our young player training system. We will try our best to win Copa 2019, then try young players in 2020 and then build 2022 formation during qualifiers.

      • We somehow need a champion to boost our confidence. If we want to plan in a long term, we should invest in our U12, U15, U17, U20 system. This is what Germany did since 2000. For the national team, I think we can try to win Copa 2019.

        Goalkeeper and Full Backs, I just can’t see someone can be trusted in 2022 at least for now.

  75. AFA could try to lure Antonio Conte.

    But what is the rush?
    Think what needs to be done for the whole structure, youth programs etc.
    Then compile a profile and see who could fit that profile.

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