Meeting presently held in Argentina between Jorge SAMPAOLI, TAPIA, ANGELICI


A meeting is presently being held in Ezeiza between current Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI, AFA president Claudio TAPIA and AFA vice president Daniel ANGELICI.

It’s the first time the three will meet to discuss the issue.

Per rumors and reports, Jorge SAMPAOLI would like to stay on as coach of the Argentina team but the AFA is apparently looking to get him to quit. We will keep you updated on the latest developments as they are released.


  1. “Friends club was media speculation” – Beccacece, former assistant coach of Sampaoli at Argentina NT.

    Take that YOU bitches.

    “The things that happen are there, I maintain intimacy and respect for the collective and doors in. What they say about the club of friends are speculations of the media and the people who think … I really feel that I have, with what I have received not only from the 23 players that were in the World Cup but with all those who were throughout the process, it was a very close, very direct link, and I take this opportunity to thank them because I have I felt a lot of respect.”

    • Sampaoli could convince Messi and Mascherano to take Salvio, Ansaldi, Dybala, Fazio to the wc. But he couldn’t convince Messi to take Ascacibar, Paredes or Pezzela? Judging by Messi’s body language, he knew what was coming when Sampaoli switched to 3-4-3 without proper preparation. Samp could convince Messi to play 3-4-3 but he couldn’t convince him to pick a proper team? What the hell Ansaldi was doing at the wc? Salvio at RB? This friends club thing never really adds up. Only Icardi’s exclusion can be explained by Messi and Mascherano’s influence. Sampaoli failed to adapt to the lackings of our squad. In stead he resorted to praising Messi so kuch that it almost looks like a ploy to divert some blame on Messi’s shoulder.

    • Most in the media are Albicelste haters. do you remember when they accused lavezzi of smoking marijuana? how could a world class player do that on national duty? the media puts soooo much pressure on the NT. mostly lies lies just for more viewers.

  2. As I watched the Argentina and Iceland match today and wondered why there were no black players in the Argentinean team when other South American teams had black or biracial players, I remembered a conversation I had last year.

    It was while I was on a cruise from Florida to the Grand Cayman Islands in the Caribbean.

    Between an Argentinean doctor and myself, who had walked up to me during lunch one day and struck up a conversation with me.

    There was no hiding the attraction.

    We had bonded much to the chagrin of her three Argentinean friends.

    On the deck of the ship that day, she kept going on about how she loves black men and looks forward to traveling so she can meet them.I asked her.

    “Don’t you have black people in Argentina?”She said with a matter of fact candour.

    “No. A Long time ago, after slavery, we killed them all.”

    I was taken aback.

    She smiled.And continued.

    “Very bad. I am ashamed of my people. It was very systematic though. Very well thought out. First they forced most of the men to fight for Argentina against Paraguay. They knowingly sent them into battles that were poorly planned so that the Paraguay army will do for them what they couldn’t themselves do. Kill the blacks. Most of them died there. The remaining of them they forced to live in this province were there was a plague. A disease that the government refused to curb so that it can also do for them what they couldn’t do. Kill the blacks. The refused to set up hospitals, clinics, adequate shelter, food outlets, nothing. They created the best environment for the disease to thrive. It killed the rest of the men that had survived the war. The darker you are, the higher the chance they will send you to that place to live or to the war to die. The lighter skinned women they forced them to sleep with the white men, so that their children are biracial, then they forced the children when they grew older to sleep with white men, so that the blackness of the skin of the children became whiter and whiter until there was no longer any visibly black people seen. It was so bad that blacks fled to Chile, Peru, Bolivia, Brazil and even Paraquay where they were better treated even though not as well as they should be treated as human beings deserving full equality. Atleast those ones did not want to kill them and accepted to give them protection and a means of livelihood. As a matter of fact in Chile, there was a city called Arica where Black people were so accepted and respected that in the 1700s two black free man, one called Anzuréz were elected mayors. But the white colonial masters from Spain came six months later and nullified the elections, they were afraid of other cities giving black people too many rights. But the blacks who had found succour did not complain, they sent word for others to flee Argentina and come join them. Afterall what was cancelled elections compared to certain death?”

    Then she went silent as though trying to replay the magnitude of the crime in her mind again. Then she said it in a sombre tone in order to drive it home to me.

    “The ones the Argentineans did not kill through war or disease, and rape and impregnate, fled the country and ultimately we got rid of the blacks.”

    I listened in rising sorrow.

    She continued academically.

    “So although they abolished slavery in 1815 in Argentina, it continued until 1853, after that the main preoccupation of the leaders was how to get rid of the black slaves and their descendants. Our president who ruled us from 1868 to 1874, Domingo Faustino Sarmiento, wrote in his diary in 1848, this was long before he became president and slavery ended that – ‘In the United States… 4 million are black, and within 20 years will be 8 million…. What is to be done with such blacks, hated by the white race?’ – It shows that he was already thinking of how to eliminate black people before he became President and when he became President, he succeeded.”

    “Didn’t the world say anything?”

    “No. They ignored it. I am sure most of them wanted to do the same thing but failed. At that time, they admired them. I remember when I will go to Brazil as a child, my father’s friend will say in disgust as he looked at the black Brazilians – we should have had your guts and finished them off. All of them. Make Brazil white just like Argentina.”

    “And the Europeans?”

    She laughed.

    “It is an open secret, just like King Leopold and his genocide in Congo. No one talks about it, but they know about it. Atleast the older ones do. The younger ones not so much. Why do you think all the Nazis ran to Argentina after World War 2?”

    I was silent.She continued

    “Because it was the perfect place for the most evil racists in history to live.”

    Then she looked out to the infinitely blue sea around the ship and sighed audibly before she continued.

    ” Sadly, to some extent, it still is welcoming and accomodating of racial hatred. We took the Tango from the African slaves and made it our own. In Argentina, not one person will tell you the true history of that dance. They don’t want to associate it with Africa. In fact if you ask them about black people in Argentina they will tell you that there has never been black people in Argentina. They teach them in schools. They rewrite the history. They make it all white. And as I said it is all underneath the surface. They never come out and say we hate black people. Argentina is only for whites or anything like that. They have just fixed the country to only be for white people.”

    I looked at her friends, Argentineans like her, who were lounging on the chairs on the deck, clad in their tiny bikinis, drinking pina coladas and smiling.

    She followed my gaze and then turned to me.

    “Don’t be fooled by all those smiles, scratch the surface and you will see that all they want is for you to disappear.”

    Jude Idada


    SO NOW YOU KNOW WHY … no blacks in Argentina

    • I was not aware of this argentine history.I share your pain. Discrimination/Rascism is everywhere. Many blacks, Asians,Natives face it daily all around world. we have to fight it together.
      Even in Europe black players face monkey chants. Argentina now is taking steps in right direction to correct this historical injustice.
      look this article about Lukaku in Tycsports. Lukaku is Congolese-Belgian. You must have watched/ heard what King Leopold did to congolese.Rascism is something we fight together.







      9 JULY 1816

      VIVA LA PATRIA !!!

  3. If the relationship between Sampaoli and the players has really been broken as per reported, the decision to stay of Sampaoli would be a surprise from his side. Why on the earth he wants to continue with no support: from AFA, from the players, from the fans, and without his crew. I can only think about Sampaoli wanting to rebuild everything from scratch even without worrying about compensation. Wow, hope he will pull a 2003/4’s Bielsa.

  4. Both Ole and Tyc Sports report that Sampaoli stays in charge.
    He will start working with U20 tomorrow.

    It is the AFA, expect the unexpected…

  5. ok my friends stop all the craziness SAMPAOLI must leave. He was the worst COACH in this WC. Who have played football or know about football understand this. His selection was terrible his formations was terrible his manners was terrible his lost completely control.

  6. Sampaoli stays.
    I am not sure I am totally disappointed. Who would you get? Every top coach looks ordinary and out of sorts when it comes to NT. With Samp we started playing the ball better than Bauza. I cannot say I am happy, but I cannot say I am sad either. He needs to rebuild now. Build to a team and stay to it.

    • What else do you need him to show us?? He’s a monumental failure and you want him to stay?? The idiot is out, OUT!!!!

  7. I guess things will never change for our beloved NT…
    We seriously need a MAJOR change starting from the head honchos.
    I PERSONALLY was excited when sampa was given the role of head coach, but the guy is a disaster.
    I know we can’t put the blame all on him, but clearly he has no clue what he’s doing. I knew something was up and he had NO control over his team when the camera focuses on sampa and messi, and clearly u see sampa asking Messi for permission to bring on kun!!! WTF?!?! I have never seen that before. The whole world saw it and was embarrassing..
    The guy can not continue he needs to go.. at this point I would prefer Diego as coach again lol (small joke)
    How the hell is AFA letting him continue???

    At this point I wouldn’t be surprised to see the same team in next years copa America lol..
    Maybe we’lll see Messi or Masche on the sidelines helping hIm coach?!
    I’m over it!

  8. I just analysed all of our young players available. I reached in a conclusion that Argentina should play 3-5-2 in the coming future. We don’t have any real RB or LB apart from Bustos and Tagliafico in our young generation that I expect would be reaching the world level. We clearly lost there. When we build a new team It’s safe to go for 3 man back than going for 4 back with non competitive players. We don’t have depth there.
    We can try Tagliafico in the left side of three man back and Bustos as a right winger in 5 man midfield.
    Icardi and Lautaro for one CF position.
    Dybala and Messi for second striker position.
    Ascacibar,Lo Celso, Kranevitter, Paredes, Battaglia, Lanzini etc can be tried for DM,CM,CAM positions.
    Bustos and Pavon for Right wing position.
    Cervi, Vargas and Ocampos can be tried for LW position.
    Tagliafico and Mori for LCB position.
    Mammana and Musacchio for RCB position.
    No idea about who should be at the centre of 3 man back.. experienced or young…? We have options there as well.

    So I think Sampaoli will be best available coach in this situation. Give him full freedom. Let him build a new team and probably his prefered 3-5-2.

    • Mammana may play also as RB if Bustos will not enough good. There’s also Jose Luis Gomez and Gonzalo Montiel. On LB Tagliafico will be better and better I believe. As his sub may be considered Fabrizio Angileri from Godoy Cruz (River want him). Tall and fast LB, who have assists regularly. And the third, Francisco Ortega, will likely represent us in upcoming U-20 tournaments is player to follow. We will see how he does on youth NT level but he already show promising moments under Heinze in Velez. He has also good physical conditions.

      • Francisco Ortega is mentioned already as NT option for future:

      • It’s nice to know about more players. I still think, the main area we lack depth is RB/LB position. We don’t have many players at the competitive level in this position to select from in near future.

  9. Every posters should join the chorus and chant how great the Argentina Primera is, how great the local players are. Yea, you have more talented football players than everyone else, keep telling yourself that while the world pass you by..

  10. Because I’ve mention black players here you guys got heated, I’ve notice this in the comment section from a few posters..Racism is an ugly thing people, get over your backwards thinking already..

    • You are the race baiting piece of crap on this site. People that can’t hold an intelligent conversation always go to the race card. That would be you and your low intellect. Your comments don’t even deserve a response, but since you want to troll Argentina I will make sure everybody knows the fraud you are.

    • You mentioned about black players. where do we get black players, specially one that meets your standard one playing for real Madrid, Barcelona. Winning tournaments is not only about great players..otherwise spain would be in final.

  11. Who is this Brian guy? You can’t debate me in football or any other sport subject for that matter PERIOD.. You’re left with useless name calling on the internet…You in your entire life have never ever compete in a sporting arena yet here you’re trying to act all smart with me..Please man, crawl back into your little space. Not everyone on here is going to be pushing your backwards football ideas..

  12. I would think that AFA will set up some performance based incentive. Whoever be the coach should take us to the final of the copa 19. Compensation should be variable. Anything less than semi means resign and leave. Have some skin in the game.

  13. Tapia and Angelici told Jorge Sampaoli that he will not be in charge of the Argentine National Team. In the next few days they will resolve the legal and economic details for the untying.

    According to varsky sports.

  14. Put yourself in the shoe of a potential coach

    1. By calling it a “Messi” team I am immediately relieved of the blame. Everyone can blame Messi. Few years back the onus was on coaches to make Messi play like Barcelona. So the coaches had to figure out something. These days its easy. Call it Messi’s team and I am good. I don’t have to do proper player selection or find a system to win.

    2. Thinking like above is not going to help me much anyway. I can remain a coach by saying its Messi’s team for one year. If I fail, I will get sacked after the copa 19 failure. So, unless I want to be a coach for 1 year, I will have to figure it out and take some bold decisions.

    We need a strong personality and a winner for coach. Else we will get someone who will get the fame of coaching Messi and Argentina NT for one year and then go and earn money elsewhere.

  15. “This time it’s my turn. @afaseleccion @Tapia.” Jose Pekerman. Are you kidding me??? We could in one stroke get rid of Idiot Sampaoli and replace him with genius Jose Pekerman?? We get Pekerman back and Argentina is baaaaaaaaaaaack. He knows the job, he has unfinished business. Vamos Argentina!! Vamos AFA!!

      • AFA instagram account, it’s right there. @afaseleccion. Saw it with my own eyes. I’m so thrilled, he wants to come back. This will solve so many problems, such as who is the right choice. Pekerman is already established.

    • The same Pekerman who couldn’t win the world cup with the best ever Arg team in this century?

      He wasn’t far away from Sampaoli in being crazy.

      If Messi played a bigger role in that world cup, we could have won it. In fact that was the best opportunity for him as by the time next WC came, all teams were afraid of his and closed him with 3-4 bodies.

  16. Messi single handle distroy Argentina national team and that is exactly what the media world wanted especially espn and tim vickery always talk about rubish when it comes to Argentina and over praises Brazil .

    • I really don’t understand how many of you want Messi out so bad??? I remember when Brazilian Ronaldo, Zidane and Figo were always getting the World or European player of the year award and not once did any Argentinian come close. Not Redondo, not Batistuta or Veron, and these were monsters of European football, world class players. Messi has put us back up there after so many years and just because of this “Friends Club” bullshit and because managers have got it so bad, people think Messi is the problem. Basile, Pekerman, Sabella all did well with Messi in the team, it was never Messi as the problem. It’s because the talent has dried up that they’ve put more pressure on Messi’s shoulders, not Messi taking over!

      • I agree with you. While, I am not saying, Messi is a saint (though there are no definitive proof of any wrong doings from his side, all are rumors), but to me it seems, these days it is a very easy excuse. Just blame Messi for everything. If we don’t win, well Messi did not play. People forget Messi is the reason we even played in this WC.

        There will be no Argentine name even discussed for Balon dor or any other top player award.

      • I want Messi out but temporarily. It has become very difficult for others to be themselves in the presence of god. Young players cannot flourish in such a toxic environment. What happened to Dybala is not acceptable, not healthy. And I’m a huge Messi fan but I think it’s time. Now that we might get Pekerman back I think it is essential for a complete fresh start. Messi needs to move away for a while. Maradona did it, Zidane did it, he can do it too, go away for two three years.

  17. Gonzalo is messi hater and Maradona worshipper, flop crespo generation and farmers like meza fan too. But he said absolutely right and 1st time agree with this that now only Sampaoli has guts to kick old guards because this finish old guards destroyed Sampaoli reputation specialty mache. Sampaoli should have sticked with frist call up but unfortunately his plan failed and not give their another opportunity was Sampaoli biggest mistake. Only Sampaoli can rebuild team from beginning after disappointment from old guards and fight with few. If Sampaoli in charge i don’t think apart from messi and otamendi and some extent Romero remains at NT, Aguero deserves to be in the team but if Sampaoli stays then i don’t think aguero get chance which isn’t bad because Aguero can play best till 2019 but Gio Simeone can rule till 2026 world Cup and deserve chance ahead of aguero even not at kun lable

  18. There’s just onle one reason I want Sampaoli to stay. Just ONE.

    I belive if he will stay th PURGE ans start from scratch will be done, just like did Bielsa after 2002 WC.

    If new coach will come it’s quite possibly he will continue with few oldies and Messi first of all. Why? Every coach that is watching Argentina in TV is really wise and aware of mistakes the NT is repeating. But when he will get NT himself there is a risk he will do the same principal mistake not being able to avoid of temptation to build a team around Messi and his famous compans. Every Argentina coach thinks jealously: “oh! if I could have Messi in my team”. From there is only one small step to Messi idolatry sin. The sin that cost us more in recent years than people think. Argentina fans were worshiping Messi as god. Punishment was certain.

    • Sampaoli out!!! The idiot is, I think, already out. The worst coach in the World Cup. You want him to distroy us again?? Please.

    • One of the very few things you got right, if he stays the PURGE will start.
      I would rather see him leave, not because of the PURGE, but because he is not tactically gifted and not smart enough to lead the NT.

      • Do you think also Martino and Bauza not tactically gifted and not smart enough to lead the NT? I doubt we had 3 poor coaches in a row. It’s rather about few players that last too long in NT.

        • I will take Tata and Bauza over Sambaldy anytime. Smart coaches in the world tend to play by the book at certain points of a match, except this bozo.
          IF Aampa stays he will change the face of Argentina football style forever. he likes to work in disarray, erratic tactics, puzzling substitutions.

  19. Maximiliano Meza set to join Bayern Munich after his tremendous 2018 world cup display…Leandro Paredes is in prime position to make a record transfer move from Zenit to Real Madrid, he has been seen as Toni Kroos likely replacement..Tagliafico is set to join Manchester City on a 30 million dollar move from Ajax after his world class display at this year world cup…If I read anywhere else pertaining to any Argentina striker joining some club in Europe I’m going to smash my phone screen..

    Chinese and Qatar billionaire investors are set to take over the Argentina Primera and the AFA injecting new life into Argentina football..The blue print is to make Argentina league a top five league in world football by the year 2028. 15 New propose stadiums and world class training facility will be built in the next several years across the league, ancient stadiums like La Bombonera and the Estadio Monumental will be transform into world class stadiums in the coming years..Youth players 23 and younger should not move oversea under the new propose plan. A new system will be put in place to develop world class center backs, midfielders, LB and RB..Another propose plan is to add to Argentina record breaking six U20 world championship titles. The focus in the next several years is to be competitive in the next two U20 Championship (2019 and 2021) before the Qatar 2022 FIFA men senior World cup.

    • No one needs to join your Real Madrid and Barcelona to be great player. No one needs your world class stadiums. In your USA is thousand of world class stadiums but there’s no any football atmosphere (what we saw on last Copa), supporters as on Argentina stadiums, and decent league. THousands of people are coming to stadium to fill their fat bellis with sausages.

      What you are claiming here is gloss and glitz of football, big money ass aim, without straight direct connection with football quality.

      I know the final fall of your beloved generation much hurts but you should redirect your frustration somehow because Argentina have enough talents there to be Argentina after the generation retire.

    • I’ve sent Roy a message to get this hot mess Kid off this site again. I would urge others that feel the same to send Roy a message as well.

  20. Why don’t you quit Kidulthood as it would appear you have all the mental aptitude of a gnat ? The amount of rubbish you have written recently must be inversely exponential to your mental faculties.

    • Brian
      The only guy on this site that thinks his opinion is worth more than a pile of dog poop is Kid. He has been booted off this site once before.
      You would have to search the world long and hard to find such a mentally challenged person as Kid is.
      Just a friendly reminder to everyone, Kid is the same moron who would do write ups and then sign in under multiple names to agree with himself and give himself “thumbs up” on his posts.
      Talk about a guy with acceptance issues and a need to feel loved. I feel sorry for the pathetic soul he is

  21. I was super happy when Sampaoli was appointed. I really believed Bauza was pathetic. We could not string 3 passes under Bauza. Sampaoli fixed that problem. Our players looked better skilled. But now I am not sure, what the problem is. This is what worries me most.

    Listen guys, this is what I believe: All administrative bodies are corrupt. Across all sports and all nations. There is always too much politics involved. AFA could be more than normal. As long as it is in administration level, one can do fine. A good and honest bunch of coach and players can go a long way. Right now, I don’t know who is a good coach and whether we have good players.

    • Come on buddy, please. Look a little harder then. Sampaoli could not handle the pressure and I guess forgot how to coach. He made too many mistakes, how can you not see them?? Argentina always, ALWAYS, has talents and this year was not different. When you have, on your squad, two of the best five players in the whole world and you fail to capitalize then you are an idiot. Don’t give this man a pass, he doesn’t deserve it, he screwed up big time, big time.

  22. Argentina 2022 WC lineup





    • @kidulthood I know what you mean
      There no balance about national team
      No good goalkeepers no good defenders
      No good midfielders have said all that
      I really believe albicelestes will become great again anyone who was messi follower can go
      only really fan Argentina will stay
      Argentina has been great before messi
      And it will be great again
      I’m sick mentions players names
      I want see real team I don’t care names or clubs they play
      Nations you used fear Argentina not more
      We need worries like ayala heinze sorin zanatti simoene almayda like great juan Roman riquelme

  23. I don’t understand why this guy wants to stay. The only reason would be the money because the AFA already made it clear that he won’t have their support. Staying for another year means a new embarrassment for the team. He won’t have a budget and all his assistants are gone. If he is argentinean please be a good patriot leave the team to someone else.

      • Yes indeed. It was reported that Jose Pekerman has already resigned from Colombia national team. Hopefully, AFA will give him second chance. Though, the substitution mistake he made during QF against Germany still hurts which ultimately cost our 3rd WC trophy.

  24. today we are celebrating the independence day of Argentina.

    Tapia find nice day for this meeting.
    i am curious about what will happened with Sampaoli.

  25. i will be happy if Argentina starts playing like Chile 2012-2015 period, the best football to watch for not only fans as well as football lovers

  26. Lets face it, why would he stay after the embarrassment? Money, he wants to collect and not necessarily because he wants another chance.

  27. Rumor is sampaoli will present his 60+6 plan 60 outfield players & 6 goalkeepers. Only 6 or 7 will come from the last 23. It is likely he will continue till copa19.

    • Thats not a rumor my friend. That is a TyC sports article. He is finished. No way in hell he sticks around. The only variable here is how much pain he wants to go through. Remember Batista? The “you are fired” but we won’t fire you method. They will hire another manager if he doesn’t resign and then not pay him.

  28. I think he lost already the control of dressing room during the world cup, with Argentina’s recent performance, he also lost his popularity with the public, now he lost even his own staff, it’s very clear that AFA is going to appoint someone else, they just try to find a way to avoid paying too much fee. No way he can win this political game.

  29. My 2 cents, Sampaoli stay till Copa19, He bring in new players. Team reach Copa19 finals then he will be fired. With this one side save prestige and other bit of Money.

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