No decision reached on Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI’s future


It appears as though no decision has been reached on Argentina coach Jorge SAMPAOLI’s future with the national team.

As we reported earlier today, Jorge SAMPAOLI met with AFA president Claudio TAPIA as well as vice president Daniel ANGELICI on his future. Per reports, no decision has been made on the future of SAMPAOLI as he remains the coach of the team for now.

Jorge SAMPAOLI will be coaching the U20 team at the Alcudia tournament. They will meet again after the tournament.

It appears as though SAMPAOLI mentioned that the money is not an issue and that if they want to fire him, the money is not and will not be a problem (there are reports that the AFA would have to pay SAMPAOLI $20 million).


  1. I was a big supporter of Sampaoli but Tactical and personnel mistakes with the 2-1 lead against France, amongst other things that were considered elementary. I lost my faith… simeone, pocchetino, peckerman…. and please not an Argentinean based coach that is going to try to convince us that local players are the answer … and not Messi…

  2. The most important, still encouraging thing, is that they did not come out and give him a vote of confidence. Normal situation is to say “We have full confidence in Sampaoli blah blah” No confidence.. He’s on the way out, they just have to figure out how to pay him his money, how long it’ll take.

  3. As much as i would like to see a new coach. I have a bad feeling that we are going to waste a year on Sampaoli. Nothing personal against him but if players don’t have respect then every minute with him is a minute wasted. On the other hand a new coach will be apprehensive in taking up this assignment. Fans want instant gratification , AFA wants money ,coaches want security. Its a bad state to be in. Someone needs to take the bold step for the next decade.
    Maybe a low profile Argentine coach will help. But we would need to hold on and be patient. We are educated football fans and we should be patient and realistic in our expectations.
    Also people blabbering on lineups , root causes for debacle ever fucking day are dumb in my opinion.
    No one has no idea what is wrong really.
    All we are blabbering is our own impressions. Someone wants speed, someone wants black players, someone wants the GOAT to be out of the team , someone wants Pep as the coach etc. Come on guys get a grip ! This same confusion and debate i am sure is there in the federation circles as well.
    Be patient for fucks sake !
    We still produce enough talent . We only need a consistent run.

  4. Lets see how Sampa will rebuild this team. I think he will remain till Copa 2019. He should have stayed in Sevilla itself, It could have been better for him and better for us too. First of all will he get his older assistant Lillo back again? Even if he resigns we wont get Pochettino, Simeone, Gallardo, Guardiola etc etc the Famous names who Coaches rich teams, Forget it, They wont put their hand in this Hot Water and mess which is us. We will only get someone who is mediocre, again this same drama will carry on and on. Well it is what it is, There is nothing else to do. We don’t have a match till October i think.

    • Very true.Patience is required now. Otherwise we run the risk of running into too many knee jerk reactions and another vicious circle. I also don’t think we need anyone famous in order to succeed. Trust. Patience . Success.

    • Sampaoli has shown to the whole world what he can do with Argentina, on the biggest of stages, create such a mess with the team with boneheaded decision after boneheaded decision that his own players revolted against him. Watch him after the win against Nigeria. While players and everybody was celebrating, he just turned around and walked away by himself. Not even a hand shake with the coach of the losing team. A complete, unbalanced maniac, a toxic presence at the helm of Argentina, which clearly is a job waaay above his abilities. Again, and again, what else do people need to see in order to make a conclusion??? How long someone has to treat you poorly before you put an end to it?? Man, some people will take abusive behavior over and over and still hoping that may be next day the abuse will magically stop. No, you look at someone behavior, you assess him once, twice and the third time you make a clearly informed decision and take appropriate action. And AFA and Tapia have already made that, he is out and it’s a matter of time, and fixing the financial problem. He can go and coach the U20, but he coached his last game for Argentina, which he unforgettably screwed, against France, a team that Argentina could have beat. You add three, four, minutes minutes and it’s a different result, run out of time. Or may be you start either Aguero or Higuain and it’s a different game because now French defenders TOO have to deal with our own FULL SCALE firepower. Instead of a one sided game where Mbappe was running all over, THEIR defenders had to now, from the get go, deal with Aguero/Higuain, Messi AND Dybala. Can anyone, anyone, say with a straight face that French defenders would have sleep walked in the game as they did? As for replacement, may be you do not this, but Pekerman is ready and available. More than that he has directly, and publicly, told AFA and Tapia that he was ready, that it was his turn. Saw it with my own eyes. So it’s over, notice that Tapia did not come out and say this is our coach, gave him zero endorsement.

  5. “It appears as though SAMPAOLI mentioned that the money is not an issue and that if they want to fire him, the money is not and will not be a problem (there are reports that the AFA would have to pay SAMPAOLI $20 million).”

    That’s obviously bs…

    • I think he’s right, it isn’t a problem. The team would have just earned 14+m for making round 16. Plus whatever other events the team was paid for.

      Not untrue but probably that money is spent already. Either way he may have put in his contract that the money from
      World Cup backstops his resignation. Judging by the 20m he asked for I say he negotiated well and wouldn’t surprise me if this is the real case.

      So if that’s the situation then afa has no choice to keep him on or they have no money.

  6. I normally support all players and coaches. For Argentina, only two coaches I don’t want near the team as they do not seem to have clear idea: maradona and Sampaoli. My opinion is solely based on what they showed in qualifiers, friendlies and competition with Argentina NT. It’s sad. Without proper coach, we cannot progress.

  7. I think he wants to implement his ideas at junior level as it is not working at senior level…

    Again..whatever strategy, it needs players to be suited to that strategy..

  8. High line defence is very good when you have good defenders
    I don’t get it why some mundo followers are
    Emotionally attacking him l remember same used say about Tata martino which I think he done good job
    Look guyz Argentina has been lucky country when it comes football they produced by on the best players and best coachs in the World
    But they never used in right way
    I think something fundamentally wrong
    I hope this time everything goes right path
    Weather sampoali stays or goes
    Viva albicelestes

    • I’m one of the majority Mundo followers who “emotionally” attack him. What planete do you leave on? I don’t understand either why the small minority like yourself still defend him. Nothing emotionally, he has been a horrible manager. How many times have you seen, at the World Cup, players revolt against a manager?? Isn’t that alone indication of incompetence?? What was the reason for his misguided forward lineup against France and isn’t that incompetence?? Why did he stuck with a three men back line despite taking in 10, ten, goals in a given two games, a rare, if not first, occurrence for Argentina?? Why couldn’t he design, and implement a way, to fully use two of the five best players in the world, Messi and Dybala, that no other team had the fortune to have? Why did he inexplicably leave both Aguero and Higuain off the field against France, a demonstrably very bad move, as when ball was on the wing, and over and over, there was no Argentina player in the box? Every commentator was dumbfounded by the move. On and on it goes, very costly choices after costly choices. What else did he have to show to people like you before you come to your senses and recognize that he had been a big failure?? You, and everybody that defend him here, have an emotional attachment to him and that is what I don’t get. The guy is not up to a high profile job like coaching Argentina.

      • I totally I understand you mate I agree with you that he lost big time
        I don’t know how long have you been supporting Argentina but for me
        I have been supporting Argentina since 1999 up to now
        I knew this was coming when I saw the players that he picked or whoever else get involved
        It hurted me that they left behind very good players like Leo paredes Joaquin corrie and angel corrie ezequel garay Romero pizzaro ascaciber not using the most promising play they have Giovanni lo celso not starting ever Banega against Iceland I mean everything went wrong however that wasn’t only sampoali fualt it goes deeper than that .
        We all know certain players selected this squad I firmly believe if it was entirely up the baldy he would have left most of those players who went world cup that is why he wants to stay and make amends

  9. I don’t think he was meant for Argentina, they should get a really good coach before copa 2019. And keep him for 2022.
    But at the same time, firing Sampaoli just restarts the loop of getting a coach and firing him after a short amount of time. Maybe if we wanted to end the constant cycle of coaches (which is extremely bad for the team) we should keep him. Let him build his team with all these youngsters. They’ll also develop into his play style. The current players already have their own individual play styles. But he can basically make all the modifications necessary to the young players.

  10. so, now sampa will teach the U20 kids how to play 3-5-2 & a high line of defense & finally how to shit in the pants? he can hire an assistant who will draw formations on his bald head, instead of a white board!

  11. Money is not an issue?
    Of course it isn’t Sampaoli, his wallet will leave fat after all this, while Argentina are left in shambles.

    Tapia had to decide between what best for Argentina… and money…
    And he chose money.

    I hope AFA realizes the farther they go in competitions, and if they WIN those competitions, they get a lot of money right?

    Their greed is blocking out reality! Just hire Gareca of Kempes already!!!!
    The fact that Sampaoli decides to join in such high salary shows he never cared about the team, all he cared about was money.
    Let Kempes coach the team, swing how desperate he is to lift up the team. He will probably do it for scraps, seeing how he’s doing well already.

    Sampaoli Out!!!

    Ppl should just boycott all of Argentina’s games to hurt AFA’s wallet to make them act, as that’s all that they really care about. Hit them where it hurts!

    • You must be kidding me about Kempes. How well has he been doing lately? Did you mean as commentator? When is the last time he managed a team and which giant was that?
      People must be fed up with incompetent/unproven but aged coaches. If we couldn’t do well with high profile ones (on the paper) like Tata or Sampaoli, give it to some young blood who dare to succeed and will die to succeed.

      • I meant financially dude. Chill.
        It’s seems like only people here on Mundo find putting guys like Kempes is a terrible idea.
        Sure let’s get Simeone and Potecxhino up here, cause that will actually happen.

        You get judges by what you can do with what you have available to you. What world class coach Argentinian coach is there to “save” this squad? There is none.

        Personally, the problem I have with this Argentina team is now gone. Mascherano and Biglia are done, so they HAVE to get new DM.

        Look when Zidane took over Real Madrid. He made 1 change to the team, you know what that was? Taking James out and putting Casamiero in. Modric, Kroos, Varane, Ramos, Marcelo, Ronaldo, Benzama, Bale, Navas all stayed.

        DM change teams. I think this team will change because of that.

        The only question is, who will it be?
        Whoever the coach will be will have to decide. And Kempes is MORE than capable of figuring that out for himself.
        Even with Mascherano and Enzo, we still out three last France. Who else can say that this World Cup?

  12. so in September if we win Guatemala in friendly and take one draw with Colombia

    suddenly we will start read how super coach Sampaoli is.

    he will mix the team little bit by put new names in the team against weak teams and ….

    after Sampaoli will became master of coaching !!!


  13. whatever AFA saying in front of camera
    the truth probably is that because of money they can t fire him.

    so he will continue till next summer Copa america.
    then the money will be much less.

    i am speachless.

  14. well let’s see how u20 team performed, next year u20 tournament will decide 2022 world cup success, now Sampaoli has full power unlike mache hidden order, let’s prove critics wrong

  15. Chiqui, listen, my work is just beginning. I already destroyed the senior team chances; now I will destroy the U-20 team and start my work on the 17 and 15 year olds also. This way, I will shit on many generations of Argentina players just so you are not confused how bad I can mess things up-Sampa

    Keep the money. You will need it for psychological treatment for all the players after I am done with them

  16. I just pray that AFA does not hire Pekerman. Pekerman can build team faster as talent is there. Once we start playing beautiful football all teams will park bus train in front of us, next we all know what happens in Penals…On top of that his subs decisions are always awful.

  17. But there are also many reports that indicates it is all but over. People are not candid, money IS the issue. If the money problem was not there Sampaoli would have been sacked alongside his assistants. Right now the work is on an amicable parting ways, code word for stretching that money over four, five or even six years. Sampaoli has no support from 90+ percent of people, players revolted, almost openly, against him. He’s getting sollicitations from teams, reportedly, but more likely disinformation from his agents, he’ll make even more money. Among the players that were unhappy with Sampaoli is the all powerful Messi. He’s on his way out, matter of time, and fixing financial parameters.

  18. AFA is devious. They still want kick him out. Hence they give him now U-20 team just 2 weeks before L’Alcudia tournament to estimate again. U-20 team is cuckoo egg now, like hot potato by which you may only get burned. They think: if he will do miracle with the U-20 team within 2 weeks we will not fire him but if not we have argument against him. U-20 team is disordered once again and what Smapoli can do within 2 weeks…

    There’s few talented boys in this category: Barco, Maroni, Lovera, Rivas, Ortega, Almendra, Chancalay, Maxi Romero, Garre, Colidio, Cabrera, Roffo, Nehuen Perez, Almada but even if few of them will participate in the Spanish tournament Sampaoli has not enough time to do miracles.

  19. This is what he said:
    “We had the best player in the world [Lionel Messi], and we had to try and create collective situations that allowed us to really use that player.

    “We tried many different tactics: surrounding him, creating situations for him. We tried to use everything we had to allow him to do what he can do.”

    That is one of his Failures. Messi is not a magician. He can not play for all the team. and he can not make things right when they go wrong all the time. he should have built a team with or without him. all opponents know that , if WE build a team just around one player, all they have to do is prevent the ball from reaching that player, and we are doomed. in WC2014 Germany almost neutralized Messi completely, we should have learned something from that.

    • Agree but the key point here is that it’s doubtful we can build a cohesive team with young players if Messi will not leave at least for some time. The fact is only his presence around makes our youngsters just his fanboys and worshipers instead being equal partner who may create the game and have football personality and responibility. They need time to learn how to depend only on themselves so Messi should take good break.

      • good point there, I think We can a build a team and then introduce special talent into slowly, this might be the best approach. If Messi stays, he should not play any friendly for at least six months, AFA restructure is a must.

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