Atalanta make bid for Zenit’s Argentine midfielder Matias KRANEVITTER


Italian club Atalanta are reportedly interested in signing Matias KRANEVITTER of Zenit St. Petersburg.

Per a report on GianlucaDiMarzio, Atalanta have made an offer to Zenit on loaning the former River Plate man “with financial considerations” which feature a forced option to buy. KRANEVITTER joined Zenit last year following a loan spell from Sevilla from his parent club Atletico Madrid.

Now 25 and despite being one of a few Argentine players based in Zenit, he did not make Argentina’s World Cup squad.


  1. Hi Pablo. I know moo cantina in Pimlico was showing games since 2014. I am wondering if albiceleste fans residing in London or UK would like to meet once or twice a year and just discuss all things blue and white? Air thoughts and share life experiences watching the team play over a couple of beers and a steak?
    Any thoughts?

      • Hi Ron Man. Fantastic, I was thinking Maybe at the end of August?
        There are loads of places to meet but seen as moo cantina is an Argentine steak house I thought it would suit the environment.
        Any ideas on venues and dates that are good with you?

  2. Did you know this is the first world cup ever without Argentina, Brazil, Germany and Italy in a semi final? The world has changed.

  3. 1998 we had a very young and talented team, similar to France now. But damn, Cannigia and Redondo was not called up. The team won Brazil before WC.

  4. Who will be our Goal keeper?? No More Romero please, he was great for us but enough is enough. Rulli(He was great but his club form is not doing any favours to him), Axel Werner(He is not gonna be getting any playing time any soon), Batalla, Juan Musso, Esteban Andrada, Agustin rossi (Really no idea how good these guys are)

    Rulli may be, Who’s better any ideas.

  5. While watching yesterday the France vs Belgium match i was thinking, How on earth did we score 3 goals against this France, I for one don’t like to keep talking about the finished matches but still, Had our defense been little better we would have beaten them. We were in such crazy state during this WC team was in such a chaos. Even when we were under Maradona too we were not in this much bad state during a World Cup. At least the players should have tried to resolve the issues before the World Cup, Why would any Player do that while you are having a lifetime event. Look at other teams they all are putting their heart and soul to win (We also did it against Nigeria by the way), Japan, Iran, Korea (even when they were out they put a courageous performance to beat Germany) Russia(no one counted them) Its a bloody World Cup where legends are born.

    • You are right. had our defense been a little better, we would have beaten France. Moreover, we were not that bad as some of us in this forum claim . We played well against Nigeria and France. In my opinion there were some outside factors for our failure. The pressure deliberately created by Messi haters (messi and co. running the team etc) were too heavy that our players were unable to cope with, unlike other teams like Croatia and France who played without any pressure and in full peace of mind. Secondly it seems that the teams were unusually motivated when they played against us. It was very clear from our first match against Iceland. Later we saw how Iceland played against other teams, ….. no park the bus , no high pressing etc. Thirdly fixing a friendly against Israel and creating a campaign against Messi and Argentina by Muslims and arabs compelling us to cancel it in a later stage deeply hurting Israel’s pride etc have played a great role in mounting pressure on our players. My point is that we might have won this world cup in the absence of these non football factors like the ones explained above. Messi and company were confident of winning the cup. I hope France will win the cup this time which means we are the “runners” in 2018 World cup too.

      • Now I want Messi to abandon the captacy of NT but never retire from playing for NT . At the same time he should somehow keep away from NT until the coach– whoever he may be – build a new team. In later stages he may join the NT for big occasions like Copa , world cup etc. It will not be a problem for Messi (given his calibre) to be incorporated to NT at any stage. It will release a lot of pressure for him too and he can concentrate on club football additingh a lot of trophies to his showcase. Moreover, we can see a Messi of five years back and winning trophies for his country too.

        • I think the players same like us, originally trust Sampaoli to be good. After Croatian game or maybe even before they started to acknowledge that Sampaoli didn’t have any clue. If the players didn’t took over we may lost against Nigeria.

          It’s better for us common fans, we still have chances to witness Argentina win WC or Copa. Pity the players those over 30..maybe no more chance for them.

    • It would be cool to see messi in a different team. But won’t happen I guess. He will end his career in Barcelona.maybe a trip to USA but that’s it.

      • Messi is too loyal, had he selfish then already left barca 3yr ago and won trophy with NT, messi remains silent in team selections, if messi was selfish then drop every player who failed to perform at NT instead doing everything by himself. Messi biggest mistake in 2018 trusting mache too much who ws untouchable in world cup

    • Barcelona will ride Messi like a rented mule until there is nothing but a corpse of him. All these years, all this greatness, all
      the trophies, but for all his greatness he lacked the courage to try something new, to grow as a leader, to grow as a person, to be even greater than he was. For all his greatness, the fact that he doesn’t mind not being the captain of Barcelona tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about his desire to lead.

      • “the fact that he doesn’t mind not being the captain of Barcelona tells you EVERYTHING you need to know about his desire to lead”

        He is the captain now, Barcelona does it by seniority and he was next in line after Puyol, then Xavi then Iniesta now him.

        Talking about lacking courage when he went to Barcelona by himself at 13 is a bit rich by the way. There is merit in being a one club man.

  6. MY TEAM for Copa 2022…….what u guys think.????



    ………..peredes……………lol celso………….



    • @puks this the midfielders and attacks I would to see
      Los celso
      J corrie
      G simeone
      L Martinez
      A corrie

      I will take garalldo

      I perfer both playing together

      • I personally feel that the player should join the superior club…….
        …lo celso is already at PSG starter…..
        He is ultimate mid for our team……..
        Players like lanzini and peredes should join better team to learn new things and b more competitive……….
        Lanzini was called from Liverpool …,..I think he should have gone there…… ascaciabar…shld also go to bigger team. And even Pavon………..then only the Argentina team will be in level with Germany Brazil etc.

    • I like both (Its even better now we have a Right footed and Left footed Midfield combo, Add to that they both r young too so they can serve us for long time), but Personally I like Paredes more he’s someone who can be our engine room someone like Veron or Riquelme, A Classy Right footed Play maker with the PAUSE an Enganche. Lo Celso may be like an Attacking Midfielder (A box to Box perhaps)

  7. I am an ardent Messi fan. I want Messi to continue in Barca and win trophies as much as possible. He should forget for the time being NT as it will be good for him. In future if situation demands, he may join NT for big tournaments like Copa, world cup etc. Let all Messi haters be happy and Argentina Mafia do what they were doing before Messi’s arrival. Let us see how things go after him.

    • Probably I understand your pain. Even though Messi frustrated me on few occasions I have huge respect for him . It really hurts as a fan to see the harsh comments in Argentine media . How ungrateful are they! I think even with their failures they deserve respect from fans and media. Such example will encourage new generation to play fearless football and enjoy the game. We should remember that after 90 WC we almost forgot the taste of reaching into semifinal or finals (In fact in the entire WC history we reached only 5 semis,finals ). This generation revived that confidence. I agree they had many lacking and they are not beyond criticism for not wining the ultimate thing , but having the culture of appreciation doesn’t do any harm , do they?

  8. The biggest problem right now is the uncertainty of Sampa. It seems like there will be another meeting in the future to determine if he will stay or go.
    This is typical Argentina bureaucracy; to kick things down the road until too late.

    Before worrying about who to call up or not, they need to fix this situation.

  9. I can’t wait messi to retire from national team so all those messi lovers can follow him I can’t wait to see Argentina without messi and his friends again it’s better the both national and messi go saperate ways
    But having all said that I really respect messi and what has done for national team and football General

    • we were garbage without Messi and the results prove it. Our problems are not on Messi shoulders. No clue where this insane narrative is coming from

  10. We could beat this France team. It was doable! We could go far in this tournament !! As Risto Stoichkov said that Argentina did everything to fail in this WC. Fak..this every WC or big tournament we are dishearted

  11. Mache is the real reason for Argentina not winning anything and mark it Argentina win copa 2019 as there is no mache. Mache never won anything with Argentina and please don’t consider Olympic as a tournament where C grade teams send for entertainment. Messi won fifa u20 in 2005, aguero won fifa u20 2007 and generation from those tournament failed to win anything at senior label reason is mache. Informed Icardi ignored for finished higuain, why? Icardi can contribute more a blind can say, psg starter lo celso benched for mache,perez why? even benga benched for biglia 1st two games, except messi and aguero all old guards past best then why selected, what i can digest not only selected but also started in playing XI, aguero benched with out any reason, either Sampaoli or mache is fully responsible, if Sampaoli show magic with u20 then it will prove mache is the real reason for Argentina failure and messi as soft target

  12. What’s wrong with Argentina???
    Team selection in 23rd squad is worst and playing XI makes even worsen. Imagine Barcelona flopped even China flopped mache is main DM lost prime players like perez and Dimaria starts for Argentina, finished higuain who last scored in 2016 selected ahead of 2018 top scorer icardi, played with farmer meza every game instead of Dybala, the best talented midfielder lo celoso sidelined, injury porn lanzini injured like Olympic which also make squad weeker, leaving perotii for pavon proved costly, most importantly how dare Sampaoli to play pressing football with aging player, Argentina don’t have answer against speedy player reason conceded goals in counter or speedy player

    Brazil 2019 is the Last Traditional Copa America.
    There will be a new Copa America starting from 2020 in USA which will include both South and North America which will happen in parallel to Euro every 4 even years.
    And the last version on 2019 Copa America will have 6 guests.
    USA, Mexico, Portugal, Italy, Spain and World Champions France. 😜

    • Fifa knows after few years Messi will retire so they are trying to see more of Messi in Tournaments. 🤣🤣
      Hopefully Copa 2019 Copa 2020 and WC 2022. Hopefully MESSI WILL WIN 1 Atleast. He still can

      • Messi will win ZERO tournament. His best shot was in 2014 at his peak and under a decent coach. Messi is reaching his last milestone of his career as a striker. He might win CL next summer and that’s about it. In the national team, he prefers to play with buddies and it cost him the world cup.

        • hey idiot if God offer messi world cup or playing with higuain who will choke instead of best friend aguero what answer messi can tell to God, i just want to know from you 😂😂😂

      • It looks extremely difficult for Messi to win tournament with NT.He needs young players around him and It takes time to build a team with young players in it.

        • Feel sorry for him. What more a man can do himself? He tried his level best. What can he do when he is surrounded by worshippers and deadwoods who does nothing but pass to him even when he is surrounded by 10 players and hope for some miracle to happen. Been seeing the same shit for quite some time now. There is no team.

        • with a solid defensive strategy with good player selection Argentina can win this year, France hardly score goals but scored 4 against Argentina where hardly concedes but Argentina scored 3 shows slow midfield and cb cost cup

      • I am a huge Messi Fan, I have his pictures all over my devices, but all in Argentina Shirt,( I am not a Barca fan but Atletico fan since 1985). I have been a supporter of the Albiceleste since Ardiles and kempes times, OLD MAN I know, BUT I will never put Messi or any player above the NT. Messi is the best I’ve seen, yes. is he the best Argentine player, sure. Is he the best in the World, no doubt, But I am not looking for Messi to win, but Argentina to win.
        Some hailed him as a savior for the NT. others have called him a failure for the NT.
        Both don’t know jack sh…t about football. Yes he can be a big help, but he is only one player. Don’t expect him to do miracles. We need the NT to play as a team first. WE need the media to stop criticizing Messi and the NT and call them names for not winning, those people who criticize others for supporting Messi to win for Argentina or make the difference are just as bad as those who think that the NT only survives with Messi.
        Sampa was at 99% fault for his tactics, Messi was at fault for not stepping up to the plate and take matters into his hands and instruct the players, Messi is one level above the rest, but he needs to show leadership on the pitch instead of just wandering around with his head down. If he did not like Sampa’s tactics he should have told him so not just accept and play.
        I would think the best thing to do if Messi comes back, take the captaincy away from him, so people stop putting pressure on him and just let him play the game he loves.
        Some here on this site, bash Messi for not playing, and say he has no place in the NT. Some say he has no help from other players, Some want him to leave as if he is the enemy of the NT, others want him to stay as if Argentina is doomed without him. Come on guys leave the little man alone, he is already devastated like the rest of the players and hundreds of million of fans around the world. F…k TAPIA & SAMPAOLI for putting us in this mess.

  14. Is it me or does this world cup feel like its dragged on since our game against France??

    Here’s the bitch of it…..some of us here only have this team and don’t care too much for club football. Right? So when 4 years finally comes along, our team decides to piss it away in the space of 2 and half weeks and all you want is the
    Tournament to end…..quick!

    I am so fed up. So depressed having to watch these teams play. What can you do? There’s nothing on t.v. and all I here is “It’s coming home….football’s coming home!” For the sake of all things sane please spare a thought for us who live in England and have to listen to this shit and contemplate how fucking stupid our team has become because some wankers in the argentine f.a. decided to milk every penny which was to fund youth systems and scouting. And to destroy the domestic league with its constant changes….

    Fuck those half-wit managers since 2014 who didn’t have the balls to say “thanks for your time…you did well…now fuck off!”

    Players like Biglia, Higauin, Di Maria, Mascherano (breaks my heart saying this) Should’ve called it quits after 2015 copa. But no they stayed on. Selfish! And because of some blind thought that their country needed them, destroyed our team.

    How blatant did the French and English teams needed to be for Sampoli to notice that bringing in vast changes and introducing youth into their squads shows the right direction and future planning!
    Hadn’t Sampaoli spotted that 12 months ago?
    What a dick! Cheers mate.
    Granted Argentina didn’t have that work horse type players like Chile had in 2014 to 2016. But that must be part of the Chilean psyche? The feeling of – it’s us against the world mentality. Never say die. Which Argentina had pre 2014. But age got to them. Not to mention some of those had misplaced their brain.
    Apart from Di Maria’s goal against France, or his winning goal for Olympic gold, or the winner against Switzerland in the 2nd round of 2014…..nothing. He can go back to his dad’s home where he had nothing but soot to deal with. That soot should’ve reminded him where it all started. That killer instinct.

    Thank fuck this world cup is coming to an end. That’s the bitch again….my season lasts 1 month every 4 years. How stupid can 1 get.
    I need to see a shrink. And it’s all thanks to this team.

    So roll on the next bullshit transfers of potential superstars to the big teams in Europe. Indulge in yet again in the following:
    Messi wins the treble and is la liga top scorer.
    Higuain moves to another club – scores 25 goals a season.
    Dybala and Ronaldo form a formidable partnership.
    Aguero wins league and wins top scorer then gets injured in May.
    Biglia is still playing football.
    For every goal these lot score a part of me dies thinking, thanks but it doesn’t ease the pain.

    Thats life I suppose….too many ‘what if’s’ and ‘if only’…. rant over. See you at the next game. Guatemala here we come. 😒

    • Feel sorry for ya mate. But on the plus side,you have one less team to worry about. You can have only 1 heartbreak in 4 years instead of a dozen. It’s also a surprise that you expected a lot from this Sampaoli team. You should’nt have done that in the first place.

      • Not going to lie. I expected alot from Sampaoli. I was excited. Especially with the prospect of seeing Lo Celso, Peredes and Dybala getting integrated into the team. He used the for friendlies and then forgot about them.

    • @vik I feel your pain mate. I am born and raised in London but I live for the World Cup in a way that league or European football doesn’t quite reach me. This World Cup has been a huge let down in so many ways. I can’t wait for it to end and to see Messi play again and then watch the national team next month. Fuck this life…

      • What is a shame is that London based albiceleste should meet up? Born and live in South West London. Where are you based el principle?

        • vik: as you know i feel the same as you, this really suks and hurts a lot…once again.
          like you a sarcastic “thanks for your service since copa final 15 to bil, mash, d/m, hig, kun, rojo, tata, samp bozo just to name a few” im sure you will all be broken men at your clubs, running like your lives depended on it for them and swimming in the insane amounts of money that your masters pay you.
          life is tough for them.

          count me in for a london catch up one day, im also a long suffering Tottenham man since 79 (ardiles and villia made me a spurs man ) but id swap another 10 years of spurs winning nothing all for the n.t to win a cup any day.

          • Hi Pablo. I know moo cantina in Pimlico was showing games since 2014. I am wondering if albiceleste fans residing in London or UK would like to meet once or twice a year and just discuss all things blue and white? Air thoughts and share life experiences watching the team play over a couple of beers and a steak?
            Any thoughts?

    • Don’t worry mate we will have bear Higuain, Di Maria, Rojo for few more years as they have not retired yet. Sampaoli will go and we fall back to same pattern. Frankly we are all bored seeing same players fail again, this time in most stupid way…

    • Exactly my thoughts now we all have nothing else to do other than wait till the Copa America 2019 to see how our beloved Argentina will rise from this Chaos, Till then again we all have to cope our own life problems and head aches too. Damit add to that we may have to see our players score too many goals for their clubs too, How frustrating is that.

    • You spoke what goes on my mind for the last 11 days. I have (just like millions of die hard albiceleste supporters) to live through this pain for another 4 years. 32 years of intermittent pain 4 years a part. This WC is jack sh..t, I was watching the semi finals of Bel/France with fake emotions, and thinking about our team, We should have been here. We had it, WE HAD IT, if Sampa and the players were just little bit smart. Now one full year of waiting anxiously , maybe a consolidation win in Copa 2019, just maybe.

  15. Next copa Brazil will not win unless 1986-87 born David luiz become captain. Favorites to win copa 2019Argentina if messi (1986-87) captain, Uruguay if Godin(1986-87) captain, Colombia Falcao (1986-87) captain. Belgium could have win the world cup if kompany(1986-87) captained not Hazard. One thing i can bet with anyone only 1986-87 born captain become champion at any kind of sports not only football. In IPL, ICC champion league won by 1986-87 born Rohit Sharma, David Warner and sarfaraz khan and this trend will continue until planet position changed

    • I passed your message to Tite, He will appoint David luiz for Copa19. He is happy to take 7-1 defeat again to make your predictions true…

      • not funny anymore if really 1986-87 born captain matter then Nigeria can win the world cup but eliminated by struggling Argentina. I’m not saying David luiz as a captain Brazil can win but outside chance but with out 1986-87 born captain no team can become champion and Argentina is favourite to win copa unless Argentina failed to solve problems in next 1year

        • Stop ur non sense, of 1986-87 year born captain winning;
          If you believe that, keep that with you; Don’t preach that here;

  16. Next copa Brazil will not win unless 1986-87 born David luiz become captain. Favorites to win copa 2019Argentina if messi (1986-87) captain, Uruguay if Godin(1986-87) captain, Colombia Falcao (1986-87) captain. Belgium could have win the world cup if kompany(1986-87) captained not Hazard. One thing i can bet with anyone only 1986-87 born captain become champion at any kind of sports not only football. In IPL, ICC champion league won by 1986-87 born Rohit Sharma, David Warner and sarfaraz khan and this trend will continue unltill

    • Even in tennis Rafael nadal. 1981 born captain rules the decade 2007-2015. MS Dhoni, Gautam Ghambir, Ikkar Casious,Xavi Mickle Clark become champion, now time for 1986-87 born captain to rule so messi is going to win his 1st ucl as a captain from this year and I’m 1000% sure with possibility to win something with Argentina for this Argentina have to find world class player in every position to complete with big teams or play like sabela type with strong defense plus counters as Argentina only has world class forwards with out GK, Defense and MF. With out world cup Football will do injustice with messi, cricket did justice finally when Sachin lift the world cup in 2011 while old guards generation in India finished in 2007. Hope same happened in Argentina with messi too

  17. Before the beginning of World Cup favourites to win the tournament Germany,Brazil,France,Spain(not in order). Where Belgium and Croatia considered as dark horse. England success is fluke like Liverpool’s champion league this year. Argentina considered to crash out and it can happed brutally unless messi magic 1st half against Nigeria. So, to win the tournament luck is important as well as favours by experts. Brazil was favorite by expert but astrologically can’t win as there is no 1986-87 born captain. France captain loris is 1986-87 born and they are pre tournament favourites too so will win the world cup.

      • Argentina lost finals in extra time against Germany and penalty against Chile because 1983 born captain philim lamb and Cladio bravo supported by astrologically. I supported Germany for klose who deserves to win something with NT and also want Klose to break Ronaldo record, 2014 was turn my world cup

        • Ha, I see. You jump ships now and then depending on what your stars say,eh? Very well. Nice talking to you.

          P.S: Humans should not be allowed to play football from now on. What’s the point of it? It’s all about stars isn’t it. Then let the STARS fight for it and let the humans alone.
          Yeah, Liverpool reaching UCL final was a fluke; England winning u-17 and u20s were fluke. I guess “stars” didnt mean that to happen, eh.

          • You still not got it, to win the tournament champion luck matter which depends on stars of the captain. Astrology has nothing to do with champion still its correlate and many believe as superstition. Chile won the title because of their Golden generation, same for Spain or Germany, but Golden generation of Argentina and Netherlands failed to win and from this point of view champion luck can matter. The best example of champion luck was Portugal winning euro finished on 3rd place on the group which wasn’t before euro 2016. Starts not matter, team matter and champion luck too otherwise Argentina never loosed copa 2016 and messi retired heat of the moment, people only remember messi penalty miss not messi played his career best performance after ucl 2011, if Argentina had captain born 1983 then 2012-2016 period Argentina would have won a lot of trophies

          • Other point i would like to mention when a team that can be future champion automatically become superior with world class player comes at every position, 3year ago France was B grade team sudden turn around in euro. Players like kante, mbappe, fekir, toliso, dembele, pavor wasn’t in the team. But sudden all world class player came even talented players like martial and rabiot can’t make Fench squad shows the amount of talent and competition. U20 world cup in 2013 France got their Golden generation Grizman, umtiti, varane, progba and stars position and astrology is just superstitions if sudden turn around not happed France never can be the situation like i said stars can support team fortune so good players automatically come just cheek the difference between France squad with 2014 and 2018 world cup and coach was also same

  18. if Croatia reach final then Argentina will be considered as unlucky as losing world cup 2014 on extra time and losing cupa twice in a row, this time champion luck with Argentina 1986-87 born if somehow Argentina reach final could have won unlike Croatia or England against France. Nevertheless both Argentina and France were astrologically favorites with 1986-87 born captain loris and messi and Argentina missed golden chance winning the world cup, but champion luck will continue for 1986-87 next year too so Argentina has chance to end trophy draught in copa 2019 and for this Argentina need to become tournament favorites too like France this world cup where Argentina not considered to win world cup as per experts.

  19. What a sordid display of game, If you thought this was bad wait for Croatia vs England. Croatia plays 7-3-1 when not in possession and England will park the Train.Croatia and England both are shite teams with mediocre players barring one or two. Argentina had better quality than atleast these 2. we just did not play as team
    I have told everyone before, with Pekerman style we will never win Worldcup as stupid team scores then they sit deep and make things ugly.

  20. Seeing this young French team I feel like shooting someone. Why did we play a old midfield when we have young midfielders? Trust me if we do not start from scratch than,does not matter who is the coach it won’t work. Time to remove BAD BLOOD. Plus for God sake I am tired of hearing that we have to help Messi. I think many will agree with me that now the slogan should help the team. we actually lacked of courage. Every player should think that he will win the match for team not only Messi. I am so much happy to see the AFA 60 players list but it should be apply not only for showing off. Stick with the project for 2022 does not matter what happens in short time We will not see results in short time with this young players. Players like Dybala, Lo Celso,Icardi,Ascaibar,Pavon,Kranivitter,Lamela,Pezzella(a true leader),Foyth,Gomez,Bustos,Rulli any many more i missed should call up in next friendly. Yes making money is good with friendly but please do not wanna see we do not have future. It will be a crime not starting from scratch and not already start using those talents from next September.

      • what ever rumour comes it is not entirely false. What i am trying to say is that we already saw few many people comes up and said about the influence of this generation in NT. Do not get me wrong as i am not ungreatfull towards this generation but i truly feel it is time to hang up their boots for NT. They made this their home already. Time for shuffle around in dressing room. Ofcourse Sampa has fault but the water goes more deeper than this which we cannot see.

  21. Well, ARG could have beat France, they lost 4-3 with Kun, Higuian and Dybala sitting on the bench and now France is going to the final, DO YOU STILL WANT SAMPOALI MANAGING THE TEAM?

    • i bet he was pacing back and forth in front of the T.V. gesturing to the sofa while talking to himself.

      Another one of Mess’s teammates going to the WC and possibly winning it.
      Belgium, the team that toyed with Brazil for almost the whole game both on offense and defense, Lukaku was running a mock and today, nothing. So much for their highly engineered team to perfection.

    • Our defense was too shaky and weak we couldn’t park the bus. Highline defense was a mistake but parking the bus from almost beginning of the second half is nonsense. Stop QQing about things we cant change anymore. I can play the same game if Armani was really that good he had to save the 3rd goal. 1.9m fazio could have scored the 4:4 if Di maria let the ball go in the last sec of the game …………

      • I was not, I was QUESTIONING the player selection, the same thing i been questioning since the game started with none of 3 included in the starting lineup, Meza coming in and sampoali overall coaching ability and asking do you still want him to manage.
        Romero could have been included in the team, they took 3 goalkeepers last time I checked and that was his decision when he said he’ll be ready for the wc.

        • I want him to continue cause we dont have any alternative options. No one wanted to coach this team before the worldcup only sampaoli was crazy enough to accept it. Now that the damage is done all of sudden without the pressure of delivering results to qualify for the world cup or winning the cup ppl want to take over. AFAs dream coach simeone still won’t accept a fulltime job or do you guys think he has changed his mind mysteriously. They cant pay the release clause of sampaoli. How will afa hire a coach? Talking nonsense about hiring pep for 12mil….. seriously…..I dont know how to explain it is soooooo sad that i have to laugh about it.

          • I don’t know what others said about Pep or any other high profile manager. It is either Gareca or Pekerman and I prefer the latter.

            It is the AFA job to manage the team, this idiot has to go and go now, how they going to pay him or not pay him is their problem, comes with the job.

  22. As i predicted 1986-86 born team captain France or Argentina win the world cup as Argentina vs France already played so France is going to lift the title for 2nd time.

  23. man, that game was favored highly for France….

    theyre going to win but showing an ugly as display of futbol, kind of hope they lose but i know theyll be playing england.

    what a shit as world cup. terrible. easy win for Argentina with proper coaching….

  24. Are our players con artists? Because during the days before the WC started, I read everywhere how the team feels ready and players are rested, they all getting into strenuous training and feel they can compete with top teams, yada yada…..Messi is feeling good about our chances, Messi will give it all this time and he’s working with coach and players to maximize our chances, etc. It was all bogus and rubbish!

    • Yes in Barcelona they spent all money and had real fun. Messi and team were not physically fit for most of game but I will blame coach first then Mascherano, who should not be in this world cup.

  25. I am so disappointed with this world cup. If loser sampoali had parked the bus after 2-1 against France,we could have won this world cup considering other teams left but no he decided he is better than Pep Guardioala and go all out attacking. Defense cost us this world cup whereas attack cost us 2014 world cup.

    • ” If loser sampoali had parked the bus after 2-1 against France,we could have won this world cup”

      It’s more than naive what you’ve said here. Just stupid. What had Argentina in common with this energetic, young, full of blooming players reaching their best age France or England? If you think it’s all about tactic you should rewatch all games.

      • Haha thrash league’s player supporter is here. You must be thinking Pavon is better than Messi inside your head and somehow trying to blame Messi.

        • Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi,Messi, Messi,Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi, Messi,Messi, Messi …………
          I didn’t even mentioned Messi above and you still can’t stop masturbate your dreams with Messi – Messi fanboy. As always it’s all about Messi. Just like in Sampaoli tactis. Smapaoli implemented tactic that Messi fanboys like you expectated from him. Because of people like you, who takes Messi as saviour and over Argentina we are where we are. It’s really sick. You know nothing about Argentina football behind Messi and few popular oldies.

          So now stop trying to be wise post actum.

        • Messi failed to deliver. The coach failed to take control and print this team. We couldn’t see any tactic. MESSI FAILED do you understand? It wasnt his fault alone but for example in the match against Croatia he didn’t even try in my opinion. Stubborn against the coaches idea. At least in 2002 we could blame bielsa alone because he didn’t listen at all to his players he remained in charge but never lost their respect. In 2018 our players are highly involved in our disaster.

    • I am feeling so bad again after seeing this match . Though many will not agree and that is fine, but I feel with our aging squad Sampa could have chosen to park the bus instead of playing with regular formation. I am not saying we could win the WC , but we might win that match against France. Both Belgium and France have so much energy, plus they both have quality players who play for major clubs. When I see that our under prepared team managed to score 3 goals and still lost I can’t calm down. I feel this sampa guy has cheated us. This will haunt me for long time.

    • Parking the bus is also an art. Not everyone can execute it perfectly. 11 players inside your own box doesnt mean you are defending well. It’s just more than that. Argentina tried to sit back after going 2-1 ahead, every player inside their own half just outside the box. Still could’nt stop France attack. Defence looked more vulnerable than ever. One may say it’s Pavon’s or Mercado’s error for not getting close to hernandez and Tagliafico missing the clearance. It’s a bit of a surprise no one blamed Di Maria for losing his man Pavard.

      • Amen. Argentina team in 2018 could not park the bus. Sampaoli didn’t trust the defense so he wanted to keep the ball as long as possible. He said the exact same things which happened in the game in the press. But our team couldn’t stop them even knowing what’s their strength. Our team was too slow. But still we scored 3 goals against France what team scored 2 or 3 against them. Sampaoli tried to outscore them and keep the ball so France doesn’t create too many chances. But we couldn’t even keep the ball. Banga lost the ball before the counter ……easy unforced errora. Maybe after the lead he could bring Biglia so Mascherano and biglia could work on their mastery on back and sid passes to kill time. Our goal was too early in the second half so parking the bus was no option in my opinion.

        • Not only this team could’nt defend,it could’nt keep possession or attack. The team was good at nothing. 4-3 scoreline is misleading. A wonder goal, a luckyone and a late one-that’s it. Argentina didn’t deserve anything from that match. The scoreline perplexed everyone including the Argentine players. They were never in the game and never looked like scoring.
          P.S: There is also a tradition in the big stages that Argentine defenders make ordinary players look like extraordinary and good players like some aliens or machines. (Not saying mbappe is ordinary. He is class. Not seen any teenager perform like this since Messi.)

    • Why would messi go to man city? Messi is bigger than Barca currently. Their entire board depend on Messi meanwhile other side Perez is the king. He is the actual guy who gets shady deal from ref. to help them in CL. Remember Perez said I won CL as much as Ronaldo; he is trying to say he had use his power to influence ref. in CL. Also this CL Ronaldo was pretty much awful in both semi final and final. Also in 2016 and 2014, they won due to di mari and bale and same goes in 2018. Ronaldo is there to get credit and it would be interesting how Juventus will line up. There will be like argentina, too much firepower and ego but no midfield. As barca fan, i would be more happy if modric leave than Ronaldo as only after Modric they started winning CL, meanwhile for 4 years Ronaldo did not do a jack until modric came. Also Casimero(donkey i know) is their best player just like for Brazil. Barca will be better now and Messi is still young.

      • I am an ardent Messi fan. I want Messi to continue in Barca and win trophies as much as possible. He should forgot NT and it will good for him. In future if he may join NT for big tournaments like Copa , world cup etc/

  26. Here are IMO the most interesting names in U-20 category. Unfortunately most for several reasons will probably not make Sampaoli team this month for tournament in Spain.

    Ezequiel Barco (Atlanta United),
    Agustin Almendra (Boca)
    Gonzalo Maroni (Boca)
    Manuel Roffo (Boca)
    Nehuen Perez (Atletico Mardid)
    Maximiliano Lovera (Rosario Central)
    Leonel Rivas (Rosario Central)
    Maximiliano Romero (PSV Eindhoven)
    Francisco Ortega (Velez Sarsfield)
    Thiago Almada (Velez Sarsfield)
    Juan Cruz Aguero (Atletico Madrid)
    Tomas Chancalay (Colon Santa Fe)
    Benjamin Garre (Manchester City)
    Julian Carranza (Banfield)
    Facundo Colidio (Inter Mediolan)
    Enzo Cabrera (Newell’s Old Boys)
    Tomas Sandoval (Colon Santa Fe)
    Nicolas Andereggen (Union Santa Fe)
    Benjamin Garay (Real Madrid)

    I hope tall central midfielder of Boca Almendra, playmaker/winger Lovera, LB Ortega and midfielder Almada both Velez as well as Maroni of Boca will be there as I think they are best among the ccesible players.

      • The u 20 players who went with wc team will feature the tournament heavily. Likes of Almeda, maroni, almendra, aguero, colidio, nahuen Perez will make the team.

        • Agree the players that were in Russia will on the tournament. THough none of Maroni, Almendra, Aguero, COlidio, Perez was there. Only Almada, Lovera, Ortega were in Russia from players I see as crucial for us.

          Though Sampaoli want to have also Almendra and Maroni from Boca. He may have problems here because especially Almendra is somwhere around first team for some time and Boca may not allow him.

          • Problem for youth team is that they never get their best possible squad. Clubs do not release the young players.

            Afa along with clubs are ruining the youth pool. Clubs want to sell their players for profit, not nurturing them, not even allowing them to play for the youth side. How is going to youth teams perform?

          • The U-20 team is once again enigma and it won’t do rather any good.
            Though I’m still excited to see some players: Lovera, Almendra (if Boca will allow him play), Ortega of those who will most likely there.

            What I like about Almendra are his physical conditions like the black players we are talking about a lot of late… Such player needed in CM. He already showed promising moments in Boca 1st team.

            Lovera – No.10 of the team I suppose. Most creative one

            Ortega – LB who emegred in Velez under Heinze to show his potentiall. Was in Russia as well as Lovera. Already mentioned as possible NT option.

            Interestingly Almendra, Colidio and Garre already participated together in one team U-15


          • The U-20 team is once again enigma and it won’t do rather any good.
            Though I’m still excited to see some players: Lovera, Almendra (if Boca will allow him play), Ortega of those who will most likely there.

            What I like about Almendra are his physical conditions like the black players we are talking about a lot of late… Such player needed in CM. He already showed promising moments in Boca 1st team.

            Lovera – No.10 of the team I suppose. Most creative one

            Ortega – LB who emegred in Velez under Heinze to show his potentiall. Was in Russia as well as Lovera. Already mentioned as possible NT option.

            Interestingly Almendra, Colidio and Garre already participated together in one team U-15


  27. Santiago Caseres is being looked at by Villarreal. I thought he was great in the season just gone, but the argentine league isn’t the best gauge of how good a player is at the highest level.

    Hopefully if Caseres moves he performs like Ascacibar and not like Kranevitter has.

    • He is on the list of Sampaoli. There’s Vargas (matter of course) and Caseres from Velez.
      Caseres is good though his young partners in Velez central midfield Lucas Robertone and Nicolas Gonzalez are more interesting youngsters for me (ask also @el pipita). Caseres is CM that Sampaoli likes as Guido Rodriguez or Biglia. So called “posession football” players though lack of go-getting attitude. Caseres is not taking much the attacking risk as Robertone and Dominguez. He has very good stats because his mostly safe passes. Too mild and soft kind of midfielder for me. Argentina future needs rather more like his club partners Vargas, Robertone, Dominguez, Francisco Ortega. Just my opinion.

      • gonzalo,i have seen some clips of robertone and his performance was eye-catching. he can contribute both in defence and attack.
        an under 20 player named santiago colombatto was dubbed as new u have any information about him??

      • Caseres and Ascacibar will compete for the no.5 role. Caseres has inherent passing ability which makes him a much better player than Biglia. He doesn’t participate much in attack yet.But I think that could change later.
        Nicolaz Gonzalez is surely a star for the future. Robertone looks like a box2box midfielder with good positiong, work rate and not much in terms of creativity.

        • Nicolas Gozalez is the winger from Stuttgart.

          Nicolas Dominguez is the CM partner of Caseres and Robertone.

          • Looking at the clips of Nicolas Gonzalez, I was wondering why he wasn’t linked to a bigger club. Turns out he is already bought by Stuttgart.

  28. I remember this time 4 years ago, the day ARGENTINA beat the Dutch on PKs. I must have replayed the shootout like 8times and every time I would jump up and down with each stop and score. I kept saying, “we are going to the world cup final” over and over again.
    That was our WC and I personally thought about it many times since then, that was our shot, that was our moment of glory, confetti falling from the sky, Messi clutching the trophy with a huge smile on his face, Kun running around with his shirt off, Masche with tears in his eyes…….etc
    Winning the WC on Brazil’s soil would have been as if we had won 4 world cups in one, bragging rights over them for all eternity.
    Never give up dreaming and believing.

  29. Messi is pushing hard Barca to buy Pavon. I think Meza will be next.
    We all know how Friends Club has operated this world cup, lots of alliances, and I was saying messi demands some players to start so they can attract big clubs (specifically Barca) to buy them. Folks like the caliber of Dybala, Lo Celso or Icardi were blocked from playing so they don’t shine and raise their market value.

    Argentina won’t be back as it used to be a giant team like the era prior to 2006 unless Messi retires. A decent coach has to make the calls for player selection, and formation, and no more “who is a friend of who”. Enough is enough.

  30. Can you guys please tell me the name of 60 players who will be part of the team of argentina after World Cup according to tyc. Or can you give me the link. Please guys let me know.

      • totally, I know thats primarily why hes taking his time this time. But it would be good to know which way his future lies. I for one think he has lot more to contribute, in fact till next WC…

        • I think let him rest for a few friendlies. I hope he will come back as he is a special player. Nevertheless I wouldn’t blame him if he said enough is enough… if you’re a top and intelligent player, very difficult to accept tactically suicidal coach. 🙁

  31. I remember how we were all excited about him, finally, a proper replacement for Masche and then nothing!!

    Slow, average passing and not very confident … least from the times he put on the Albiceleste except for the very first game.

  32. IMO, the battle for the #5 position, DM, would be between Paredes and Kranevitter, The latter having a slight advantage as he has already played with the national team before, playing his part in a 2-1 win against Chile in the World Cup Qualifying Campaign when Mascherano was suspended.

    Or you could simplify put a double pivot with both if a 4-2-3-1 would be attempted, in which Dybala and Messi could finally play together, Dybala as the 10 and Messi in the Right wing where he is most effective, with Lanzini providing width on the left, and these two feed passes, with either Aguero or Martinez at the point, seems even mouthwatering what could happen.

    It’s a shame Kranevitter and Paredes were not taken into account for this World Cup, as their inclusion could have dramatically changed the outcome, especially against Croatia and France, both who will be playing in the Semi later smh

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