On this day in 2007, Argentina defeat Mexico at the Copa America


On this day in 2007, Argentina defeated Mexico 3-0 at the Copa America.

It was a star studded Copa America squad which coach Alfio BASILE had put together. Juan Roman RIQUELME, Lionel MESSI, Pablo AIMAR, Hernan CRESPO, Javier ZANETTI, Roberto AYALA and Juan Seba VERON just to name a few. In short, it was a destructive team.

In the semi-finals of the tournament which was held in Venezuela, Argentina were up against Mexico and it was two genius goals and one penalty which put the Mexican team to the sword.

Argentina were awarded a free kick late in the first half and it was Juan Roman RIQUELME who stood above it. A beautifully sent in cross was meant by Gabriel HEINZE of all people who karate kicked the ball into the back of the net. Just like that, Argentina were up 1-0 going into half time.

The second half saw arguably the goal of the tournament. Lionel MESSI, mullet and all received the ball near the edge of the penalty area. He took a few touches and chipped it over the goalkeeper. MESSI was making that tournament his own and was showing the world what he was capable of doing.

A third goal was in the books and it was RIQUELME who took the penalty kick. In typical RIQUELME fashion, he chipped the ball down the middle to seal the 3-0 victory and Argentina’s passage into the final.

Here was Argentina’s starting XI for the match:
Roberto AYALA
Gabriel MILITO
Gabriel HEINZE
Juan Sebastian VERON
Lionel MESSI
Carlos TEVEZ

Agustin ORION
Daniel DIAZ
Fernando GAGO (came on for VERON)
Pablo AIMAR (came on for RIQUELME)
Rodrigo PALACIO (came on for TEVEZ)


  1. ……………..Alex werner..()…………….

    (Zenetti.)….( Heinze)……(.ayala.)..(…sorin)


    …. Messi………….dybala..(maxi rodri)

    …………………icardi( crespo)……

    Comparing the squad…….

  2. That was my favorite Argentina team. Agreed they did not win it, but that’s the tournament I most enjoyed. Look at the players. That’s like a France team now. Top players in all areas, other than GK. I never felt we will not score a goal. The Brazil thing was an upset. We were favorites to win. If Riquelme’s shot did not hit the bar, we would have won.

    Bottom line is we were a team who was actually a contender.

  3. Ohh the good old days when Argentina won 3-0 or more.
    Like in the Copa America 2016, we would win 5-0, 3-0, 4-0, 4-1, etc. Of course we choked in the final, but we were doing good, playing like champions would.
    Where have those days gone?

    We need midfielders who are not afraid to attack, to do the dirty work. We have plenty of finishers:
    Messi, Dybala, Aguero, Icardi, Martinez, Vietto, List is endless.

    We need midfielders! At least two DM’s to provide service so the forwards can do the rest, like Barcelona did with MSN.

    Paredes & Banega partnership would be fine, more than fine, great!
    With Messi as RF, Lanzini as LF, Aguero, Martinez or Icardi as CF, with Dybala as CAM, you only need two DM to provide these four with service and let them do the rest.

    Also, full backs like Tagliafico and Perruzzi to accompany the DM’s to make a 2-4-3-1 in attack would be marvelous!

    Let’s bring back the old Argentina, the one people feared, not mocks like now!

  4. That should be the players who should be nominate for the next friendlies
    Guys what do u think of this players If someone know another good players add them
    For the people who say messi would be to old he could play in midfield as playmaker

    1 Rulli
    12 Axel Werner
    23 Musso

    2 pezella
    3 taglafico
    4 bustos
    13 lucas Martínez
    17 otamendi
    20 Emanuel Mammana
    21 Juan foyth
    29 funes mori

    Midfield and attack
    5 parades
    6 ascacibar
    7 Pavón
    8 lo celso
    9 icardi
    10 messi
    11 dybala
    14 Lanzini
    15 lamela
    16 bataglia
    18 ezequiel barco
    19 j corrrea
    22 a correa
    24 lautaro Martínez
    25 lucas oscampos
    26 meza
    27 Pastore
    28 vietto

    • No Bustos, Funes Mori, A. Correa, Pastore, Meza.
      This guys all had their chance and failed.

      Otherwise pretty decent list with players I’ve never heard of.

      • You need doctor, man. How many chances had Bustos? 2. Was very good against Italy and failed against Spain. And for you it’s enough to say he just failed?! He is young player that needs time to grow mentally. If you don’t know such basic things what do you know about football?

        How many chances had Correa? How many full games? Another young player – you already know he is just not good enough?

        Meza failed in WC. But Why do you think Smapoli was bringing him again and again? Because Meza was most impressive on trainings among the young players. Several our players were expressing that in interviews. But he failed under psychical pression of WC matches. Is that mean he is just to weak? I doubt about it. First of all It’s obvious there’s some mentall blockade.

        If you want to look for new players just to give up on them after 2 games that means you know not much about psychological conditions of being good or weak player.

        • Jesus Christ dude chill!
          Bustos is 22, by then all the major players are making a name for themselves. Whether forward, midfielder or defender, they making their mark.
          He won’t become the next Lahm if that’s your hope, and he certainly isn’t defensively bright either. Now if Isco humiliates him to that extent, imagine what Croatia wouldve done, Nigeria, France, and in Conmebol qualifiers against brazil, Uruguay, Chile (out for vengeance), Colombia you think they won’t target him and humiliate him in the same manner?
          He did good against Italy? You mean the same Italy that DIDN’T qualify for the World Cup? The same Italy that is in a deeper crisis than we are, and just had a managerial change?

          Yes he can improve, but there’s no reason fighting for him, he is not Argentina material! Meza isn’t Argentina material, list goes on.

          Correa isn’t even a starter for his club, and when he DOES start, when was the last time he played the full 90 against a strong team? And with Atletico signing Lemar among other players, you think he’ll have a chance of starting?

          Just stop vouching for players that are just not really worth fighting for. Your only hurting yourself.
          Mental block? They are PAID athletes, who are being paid thousands every week to play, there is no need to be baby them. If they can’t do it for their national team, we should find someone else who will. Period!

          I was a fan of Meza after his performance against Spain, but he was unheard after. Against Iceland, Croatia etc. And don’t bring up Haiti that Game is irrelevant.

          We need players who perform now!!!! Not in 5 years. Now!!! Pavard for example is a 22 year old fullback of already made quality, not quality expected in 5 years. We need players to perform Now!!

          • You represent best the comunity of childrens that are claiming for young players if only he will not deliver at once you will hate him to take another one.

            To work with youngsters is something quite contrary. You have to be patient on them and show care. Bustos was alon against Spain. Even Menottis mentioned that. The defence was disorganised he had not back up.

            “I was a fan of Meza after his performance against Spain, but he was unheard after”

            It’s just the supermarket consumptionism age spoiled baby attitude. I’m a fan if he do well at once. And I will hate him if he suddenly will fail, and go for next one. Without looking for reasons of the fail. That is exactly waste of talents.

            Bustos, Meza, Pavon – all them you quickly throw out after childish fascination.

            “We need players who perform now!!!! Not in 5 years. Now!!! Pavard for example is a 22 year old fullback of already made quality, not quality expected in 5 years. We need players to perform Now!!”

            Noooo. We need long term project. Players that will best for next WC. Why we have not NOW players that are enough good? Becuase the oldies are too old, on the other hand fixing on the oldies for years is the reason why we have not young players ready for now. If you say: we need players for now, you just want to say we should stay with the oldies what is just craziness. The shortsightedness was strategy if last years. Now we need to work with young players.

      • Bustos is one of the best talents we produced in recent time at his position. I believe he will improve in the coming years. He has a big future.

        • If he was a bit higher I could be sure he is best choice for us. For his short height I have some doubt but still completely agree with you @Insider that “Bustos is one of the best talents we produced in recent time at his position”. His running forward is just great. I don’t see ATM any better young RB in Argentina. Maybe Jose Luis Gomez but first he must back to form he lost. Gonzalo Montiel the third.

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