Cesar Luis MENOTTI talks Lionel MESSI and Argentina National Team


Cesar Luis MENOTTI knows a thing or two about building a team and a winning team at that.

The World Cup winning coach defended Lionel MESSI and the rest of the Argentina squad saying they have given a lot to the team.

“Now, it’s much easier to say that it’s MESSI’s fault. Instead of criticizing him, we should think about if we would have qualified without him. It’s not his fault nor the fault of the players, they have given a lot these Argentina National Team players.

“If you have a roster of 20 players, you can invite MESSI, if he wants, if he’s well and has the desire to play… But you have to have support.”

MENOTTI stated that before even thinking about getting a coach, they should have to talk about a project. Here’s what he had to say:

“Even before (deciding) a coach, you have to talk about a project. If to talk to the players you have to take a plane, to go to Rome and after that somewhere else… It doesn’t help much. We have to have a working team. I had coaches everywhere in Argentina, it doesn’t have to be magic. You have to work, to move.”


  1. Two things need to happen:

    1. Restart the youth project that Pekerman started in the mid 90s. Argentina’s youth system stopped with him. Imagine we haven’t had a world class defender since Ayala (Otamendi is the best defender we have produced since the mid 90s and he was crap this world cup).

    2. Appoint a coach for the senior team with a long term plan, who can think beyond the next game, who can create an identity, who is ready to use our best players, who doesn’t have a rigid plan in his head and try to find players who fit that plan. When I was watching Uruguay-Portugal game it pained me to watch how Suarez and Cavani worked together for the first goal, we have had similar pairs of strikers but for some stupid reason we never played them together: Batigol and Crespo almost never played together; Higuain and Aguero had about 10 years to gel together but no chance, and now we have Icardi and Dybala who for some reason cannot play with Messi.

  2. What is all this bullshit about sitting down to talk about a project? They act as though these players are controlled by AFA and that they play in the Primera for years. Do they not realize that every team in Argentina pretty much prostitutes our players for as much as they can get even if they sit on a bench in some other part of the world? Are they in denial of this practice? How about just getting a manager that isn’t a raging lunatic on the sideline and picks our best players without switching line ups as often as we change our socks?

      • Please stop your france s admiration because it s not about claireFontaine argentina produces ten times more skillfull players. If you want to be as french team you have to pay the fifa to always get the easiest group on first round i invite you to check all their groups since 1998.
        Then you have to pay referees as they do 1998 1/4 final handballs without penalty kick and and……
        If you want to blame argentina you have to blame their coaches only and little bit messi contribution on crucial time (role of the best player of the world ). The other coaches of the world are playing with their best players on the field and by best players i don t mean the skilfull ones. Best players means the compatible ones whom are fit to play together. That s it and as i say to be world champion by nowdays you have to get a strong government which will pass three games at least on the stand for the semis and the final. It s not the football old generation know even if corruption has always been there remember rudi voeller 1990. But today it seems that sports end with this referee supporting. Are you kidding me 2 huge fouls on the final simulation of griezman and handball incident. The semis hazard 18 m dangerous freekick not allowed. In champions league real madrid was also pushed by uefa against juve and bayern so guys don t be that disappointed for a game which is actually more cheating than all the usa invasion in the world

        • Stop your shitty replies. I have been an Albiceleste fan for more than 3 decades.

          I am no admirer of France. Their youth structure is however far better than the one Argentina. That is why AFA is talking about a long term project.

          • I agree. 4 years ago when Marcelo Bielsa took over for i think it was marseille. he said he went to coach in france because he thought France had the best up and coming players U-23.. looks like he was right. A long term project is whats best. the lack thereof is why we had one of the oldest teams at the WC

  3. There hasn’t been much news about the national team.
    It appears no one gave a s*** about France winning the World Cup, as the spotlight was on Ronaldo’s switch and now the news is back to the leagues.

    IMO, I would wait until after this season is over to then decide a permanent coach, or so they would hope. I would have an interim manager for now, and wait to see how managers in contention do this season with their respective leagues. Coaches like Gallardo or Almeyda or whoever seeks to be in charge, let’s see how they perform with their teams before taking charge of the national team. If we hire someone now, we will have NO aides what to expect, and they won’t get much done, as every single Argentinian player will be more focused on their leagues than about the national team, and we would pick up right where we left off in the Copa America. Whoever the Interim manager is could also be in contention depending on results in friendlies.

    Menotti has a point that what Sampaoli did flying to every league where Argentine players are is a huge waste of time, money and fuel. The team needs to be established together.

    Let’s give it some time to make the Right choice!!!

    • I hope all this wait will playoff.
      Sampaoli was a huge waste of time and money even though I was very happy when he took the job, I was thinking finally a coach with a different vision and ideas. All the players we desperately wanted on the team will finally get a shot…..Dybala, Icardi….etc and all will be better but nobody expected the team to go from bad to worse on a consistent basis and the WC was the cherry on top.

    • my friend this period is dead period for national teams. till September at least.
      the new season begins and everybody we have our attention to our teams.

      it is normal. the world cup is over.
      For example Thursday my team have very important game for Copa Libertadores against Racing.
      i am unpatient and wait that game come.
      that does not mean that i don t care about national team.

      Thursday exist important meeting in AFA about the future of the national team.
      we will have some news then.

  4. There will be no general manager except a coordinator who will maintain communication between junior and senior teams and keep Scaloni, Placente and Aimar in sync. One such name is Hugo Tocalli.

  5. Totally agree with Mr. Menotti.
    I am satisfied with the team. I am proud and i love Argentina!! We need to send a message that you dont love your team only when they win.

  6. Just watched PSG-Atletico, two of my favorite clubs. Average games, as expected, for Lo Celso and Di Maria because they just came back. But very average for Angel Correa, hopefully he can improve quickly because this year, there will be much more competition at his club with the new signings(Lemar and probably 1 more winger or attacking midfielder able to defend).

    Seems like PSG will play in 352. Looks play Verratti is used as kind of mix between number 6 and deep-lying playmaker, Rabiot box to box on the left and Lo Celso, kind of hybrid creative/defensive midfielder on the right. Good for him because he will have a lot of playing time. However less good thing for Di Maria because he need to fight with Neymar, Cavani and Mbappe for 2 places + many young PSG players too in his position.

  7. Question for Gonzalo.
    Real Madrid seem to have ‘the Messi of Madrid’ by the name of Francisco ‘Franchu’ Feuillassier, 20.
    Have you seen anything of him?
    If anyone can shed some light on him. Apparently there is a battle between the Spanish and Argentine confederations to get his allegiance.

    • Saw this reply on Reddit:

      “Context: He has never before been called the Messi of Madrid by anyone. You would think one of AS or Marca would have already done that given how they like to hype Madrid players. For comparison to Messi, Franchu has not really lit up any of the youth leagues as much as Messi did. 18 year old Messi was ripping Chelsea to shreds. Franchu at 20 is still a rising star. This is again Corrigan mocking Madrid and ESPN trying to get clicks from naive users like us. Moreover, the writer has zero knowledge of the youth players at the club anyways judging by the description he has written of other players. ESPN, please get someone like Ed Alvarez, who has been socio at the club and atleast knows stuff when it comes to Madrid.”

    • “to get his allegiance”

      I think if he is not feeling allegiant to Agentina by himself let him go. Argentina has enough talents. If he feels to have strong ties then we should remind you us as he seems to be outstanding youngster (I didn’t saw any more than it is in clips on YT) though I don’t think irreplaceble even if will develope best way.

    • @vik It is not wise to call Franchu a messi of anything. If he is, he would be playing for madrid. The kid got potential, he is the top assister for real madrid B team i think but thats it.

    • we don t have to battle for anything.

      if he feels that he is Argentinian and love his country there is no question or something to decide.

      if he don t feel it he can play for Spain for England or for Antarctica .

      we should not care.

      even if he is let say the best talent in the world.

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