Everton chasing Manchester United and Argentina’s Marcos ROJO


Per reports, Marcos ROJO is wanted by Everton.

The Manchester United defender’s future could be outside of Old Trafford as reports have him linked with Everton. Jose MOURINHO’s team are reportedly asking for £30 million pounds should ROJO leave the club.

Everton’s coach Marco SILVA was ROJO’s manager while the two were at Sporting Lisbon and was the coach when ROJO left to join United in 2014 £16 million. Marcos was left out of United’s pre-season tour of the United States due to a “physical problem”.

Now 28, ROJO signed a new contract in March which would keep him at United until 2021 with an option to keep him for an additional year. However, Everton appear to be the club the most interested in signing the Argentina defender even with the contract renewal.


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