Pablo AIMAR, Lionel SCALONI to coach Argentina in September


Pablo AIMAR and Lionel SCALONI will coach the Argentina team in September.

The two retired Argentina internationals are presently in charge of the U20s but will manage the senior team for the friendly matches against Guatemala and Colombia. AIMAR and SCALONI are presently at work with the U20 team in Spain for the COTIF tournament.

This would appear to mean that the AFA is in no hurry to announce a permanent replacement to Jorge SAMPAOLI.


  1. Hi guys, when will the draw and also the tickets be announced for Copa 2019? Got a good feeling now without that bald bastard Sampaoli we will have a team capable of reaching greatness with Leo.

  2. If Tapia and his corrupt buddies at the AFA want to implement their 8 year long project they need to pick their coaching staff ASAP.
    The aimar/Sceloni interim coaching stint is fine if it’s just for the next few months but if it’s until copa only to find a permanent coach afterwards then we’re back to square one.
    I have to admit I am intrigued about this coaching pair, on the one hand they’re inexperienced while on the other they are by far the youngest NT coaches for decades and i am interested to see whether they stick with the dinosaurs of the past or look to the youth of the future.

      • Think about Messi’s needs on the pitch is approach of past and last thing we need to start with. Again? People should finally understand thinking about his needs doesn’t gave us any title. Why it’s always about Messi? If Argentina want to build something sensible need to start thinking team independent of Messi.

        • because of messi Argentina cross quater final after 1990 world cup and lost 2copa in penalties without messi Argentina never cross quater final again neither in world Cup nor copa

        • Exactly, exactly. It’s ridiculous, it’s crazy man. Messi Messi Messi Messi, Why???? That’s the thinking that has been killing Argentina all this time. Anyone understands Messi needs on the pitch, how about Argentina needs, plain and simple??? See, Messi should go away from the team, away. Good for him, good for team. Every time someone comes in it’s all about how they’re going to this or that for Messi, and they do exactly that, like stupid Sampaoli, and Argentina still doesn’t win.

  3. In my opinion this is a good decision. We all know Our World beating managers in Spain or England are not going to come. The best available name was Sampoli. Thanks to his decision, he is now a full time psycho 😂.
    Of course it’s not like these guys are appointed as permanent managing team. But still waiting for the two friendlies is cool. No need to make a knee jerk decision.
    Instead of trying oldies like Sabella or Gallardo (don’t think he will accept it either) it will be better to try someone who’s history is minimal. Like the Guardiola of 2008. Because we need young blood from top to bottom in the Team Argentina. Need revolutionary acts..
    So it’s better to wait what these “U20 coaches” can do with the senior team.

  4. Bad Idea, The longer we delay to implement the new Project and new coaches ideas the harder we r making ourselves to at least do a respectable performance in the Copa 2019. There r only handful of friendlies available before Copa 2019, We r simply wasting time. Anyway Simione, Gallardo, Pochettino etc are noway coming to coach Argentina NT so forget them. Why wasting time and matches to try new system. Just hire someone young like Almeyda and start the project ASAP. Its already a month since the World Cup is over. This sitting and discussions are not gonna do any helps i think, Everybody know Argentina Footballs problems. What is there to discuss again and again.

    • You’re so right, we’re waisting time. The lack of games the new manager will have, oh my the thought is bad. The meeting could be a change of mind last minute but you never know.

    • Agreed. We are wasting time for waiting on Pochettino, Simeone. There is no way they will come for selection. These friendly is valuable to try and gel all new players. To put idea in players mind a coach needs time. Players needs time to adapt it. Now we will waste those friendly. Anyway hope for better

  5. Their first friendlies are Guatemala, Colombia, US, Bolivia, Paraguay (current fixtures). We should’ve had Germany in there. They’re winning in L’Alcudia – under 10,000 seater and 3,000 or less fans – but can the superclasico in a filled +65,000 seater stadium in the Rose Bowl or in Tokyo? They’re not ready but for temp managers they’ll be fine and it’ll be good experience. Remember we’re the laughing stock worldwide we need results fast.

  6. Refreshing Approach. However if there is no candidate to take over the job why not give them till Copa 19? That will help them have some authority on the team. Scaloni Can guide the younger ones in the NT and the old guards(if any) can be handled by Aimar.

  7. Interesting move. On the positive side it is low key hire with low expectations. If it works and they show they can adapt they can slowly get extended. With their work with the juniors they are also well placed for integrating new talent.
    On the other hand I wonder how much of true responsibility and power they really will have if everybody including players, management etc know they are just ‘interim’. Hopefully there will not be too many obstacles to their choice of players and vision.

    In any case, hopefully the fans and more importantly the tabloid media is patient with them!

  8. Good decision. The way juniors are playing, it is a good sign. I hope it turns out just like when Zidane took over RM.
    The duo with some time managing the team can give attention to detail in different aspects of the game. I’d love to see Aimar taking control of mid n forwards.

  9. They can do well I think! May be they can stay in charge in Copa 2019, then we can find a good coach! Thay r doing good at Cotif & they should be given a chance in September. Let’s see. Vamos!

  10. This is good for now because tapia have said he wants pochattino
    So he must buy time now because spurs ain’t doing great at moment
    For transfer window they ‘re not buying which can make pochattino to walk a away.
    I believe pochattino is the best Argentinean coach at the moment
    I understand why tapia buying his time to make right appointment .
    As I said before you will see different Argentina I have hight now
    Come you albicelestes

    • Godin11: as much as we would really like a pochattino or sim it simply (sadly) is not going to happen and im not sure how many of us would quit their 4.5 million (sim) or 3.5 million (pocc) g.b.p salaries per year for a 250,000 g.b.p a year job. and of course the Afa are still bankrupt.

      • Absolutely Pablo.d but I ensure you
        The afa will take their time the reason been they simply cannot afford to make another mistake
        I believe they will give aimr and scaloni till end of the year for those
        Friendly games than they will go garalldo or pochettino even Jorge almiron .
        Either way will be exciting
        You will see New era leading by daybala lo celso parades funis mori
        Icardi pezzala ascaciber Angel corrie
        And many more youngsters .

        • godin11: I agree and like us all good sir I really hope they get it correct this time and who knows maybe in the interim these 2 may actually be able to do a “zidizne” type miracle.

  11. Hope it’s true and they impress and become coaches of the team.
    Take a chance on young modern coaches.

    Tapia wants Pochettino and Angelici wants Jorge Almiron.
    I always wanted Pochettino but I see him as impossible so those 2 excite me as a duo.

  12. I know it’s just L’Alcudia tournament but “toutes proportions gardées” watching Argentina in this two U-20 games just understood the more how much I miss balanced Argentina team that is not one man defined. I miss that. I miss Argentina more like 2006 with several players that may make difference.

    At the two U-20 games no player that monopolise the game (there’s captain Almendra and leader to some degree, but not more than Riquelme in 2006) 11 equal men, as far balanced team, few creative boys Barreal, Moreno, Maroni, Ayala, Palacios.

    I want balanced senior Argentina team. New team, with new faces and passion.

  13. I think It’s not that they are interim coaches. Rather quietly AFA will give them a chance if works well.

    • There is no exist one.
      just they want to buy time because probably they afraid to take risk of replacement so quick.

      we will see.
      tomorrow exist meeting in AFA about this subject.

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