Lionel MESSI refuses to get called-up to Argentina National Team, will not play


Lionel MESSI will not get called-up for the Argentina National Team this year.

According to various sources, MESSI has refused a call-up and will not play for Argentina this year. Apparently, MESSI will not play until further notice. This can be until next year, the year after or even retirement. No one but MESSI knows.

Interim Argentina coach (and former team mate of MESSI’s at the 2006 FIFA World Cup) Lionel SCALONI reportedly called MESSI to speak with him and the Argentina captain told him “I appreciate it but no”. The reasons (per what is being reported) is because of the pain of the last World Cup as well as a lack of project and management within the team.


  1. Omg 😮 did he read my comments???????? Just kidding of course. Best possible news, best news, very very good news. I have been a strong, consistent and dedicated advocate of exactly this formula. Thank you thank You Messi, thank you. This is what Argentina needs more than anything, not messing, err, Messi around. Build without Messi, play without Messi. And I like the “it could be one year, could be more”. Let it be at least two years. If these coaches do not mess out, and mark my words, I mean if they call all available young guns, and work in a smart and efficient way Argentina will lift Copa in Brazil next year.

  2. This year Argentina has some friendlies against Guatimala, Columbia and maybe Brazil (not sure till now)…no international majors … what ! Argentina needs Messi for these matches ?? In the first place, he should not have been called as these matches are genuine opportunities to build up a team…

  3. Wise decision by the GOAT. Let him take a break and rejuvenate, By the mean time we can form a comprehensive unit, At least Now AFA don’t have any choice other than to implement a compact project.As of now our future coach selection looks tough. There r very few options left now. I think its better that Scaloni to coach us till Copa. AFA should have started the project now itself. Now we r wasting friendlies which would have been so useful for us.Logically speaking even if a new coach is appointed by January, He will only have 2 or 3 matches to implement his ideology before Copa, Which wont work surely. So its better to keep Scaloni who has ample time and matches to form a unit. May be he can bring success to us too who knows. He is young so may be new ideas,fresh strategies. Sometimes its better to have low key figure like Scaloni as a Coach. Lets see.

    • Indeed, lets see. a warrior is known in Battle. Let’s see how Scaloni does it after all even the great coaches had to start somewhere.

  4. I cannot go without a day of thinking how the hell have we not won a World Cup with this man. Russia was the biggest failure, we had all the tools to reach the semi finals at least and its such a shame. However I think the Copa America in Brazil should be a target, mix experience and youth together and we need a set back 4 pairing… we need an identity and Messi’s last years need to remain with the squad. Is this just temporary? Or will he be gone for good?

    • I think Messi is doing the right thing to stay away so that a formidable team is built minus him. With his abilities, he’s a person who can easily blend in a team and we’ve seen. Look at his play making!!! just superb. He should return in Copa 2019. I really want him to win some thing with the Country, and the world cup come 2022 is also a possibility.

      • Messi will most likely decide to play Copa 19 IF and ONLY IF he sees a fundamental change in the AFA, NT management and players mentality.
        What Messi is saying is plain and simple. F..k OFF I am not playing and not willing to take criticism for other’s failures. Which I agree with 100% .
        Messi deserves a senior trophy with the NT more than anyone, but he has to make it clear that he does not want to be the focal point of the team, whoever the coach will be, he has to build a team without him, he will be gone soon, so don’t depend on him any more.

    • Been saying that forever now. He should definitely stay away until the end of 2020. We do not need him, even for Copa. Watch how many young guns will come out of their own, just watch. Best thing for Argentina, no Messi around. Team need to learn how to operate without Messi so that when he comes there already is a set, capable, squad.

  5. Good move with Messi staying out & youngsters being called. Let the nucleus of team be framed. Integrating Messi later is easy. I am sure Messi will want at least 1 senior NT trophy…Maybe copa 19…. before he retires. Currently many youngsters in contention & these friendlies will help finally shortlist from them on the core players of future

  6. you all have to understand that Messi playing in friendlies brings alot of money to line up tapia and his corrupt buddies’ pockets, that’s why they want him to play and I sincerely hope that Messi continues to say no until the s**t show that is the AFA get their act together and show a semblance of organization.

  7. With Messi step down i hope no 30+ plus player in Argentina squad, even a 27aged player become 31next world cup then what is the point of taking 30plus player now?

  8. I think Messi step down is just to kick out old guards which Messi can’t speak directly. Higuain cost Messi still playing for Argentina is mystery where Ronaldo kicked choker first from Real now Juventus, Messi want a proper project for Argentina to come back again, Messi played for barca with joy but under pressure for Argentina

  9. I wonder how it is even some Messi’s die hard fans are ready to sacrifice him (at least for some time) in the name of NT future well-being (they understood the good of NT requires this separation now, no matter it hurt the fans) While AFA either can’t understand that or (more likely) being aware still want to make more money on Messi’s friendlies tours.

    • Taking into consideration the circumstances that We have been through for the last 4 years and the over-reliance on “Messi’s magic and brilliance” for the last 10 years in the NT, I would say that this the only way to go forward.
      Being a fan of Messi does not negate the fact of being Argentina fan, yes maybe some people have special admiration of Messi, but because he is the best. Some will just overestimate his value to the NT, and that is wrong. WE can win without him, and lose with him, too
      Messi’s die hard fans who are not Argentina fans and who put Messi’s glory ahead of the NT glory should go to Barca site.

  10. That is soo good let the man life he has given Argentina national team all his soul he could easy chose Spain only his teammate let him down I’m garetfull to messi as Argentina I always respect him
    But it’s time to go saperate ways Argentina national team have to start new generation that is must and start now with scaloni I haven’t got any doubt Argentina will become force again. god willing

  11. This is the right decision by the little man.
    Messi wants the AFA to put it’s act together and start a working project.
    By Messi excluding himself from the NT, it will encourage new players to prove their worth without him, and it will most likely work to have more talent in the NT.

  12. “The reasons (per what is being reported) is because of the pain of the last World Cup as well as a lack of project and management within the team”.

    I appreciate Messi refuse.

    So much understandable as another coaches comes promising new ideas but finally all take the easiest way reaching for Messi as supposed remedium for all problems. Using Messi having no any clear idea about youngsters role is another palliative and half-means. The two wanted to go in footsteps of predecessors and start like cowards by looking for Messi first of all. If you have Messi in team, you may win friendlies even by few goals (thanks to his hat-tricks and assists) and you still would not aware your team is shitty because it’s just Messi made the difference so that even other players looked good. No easy path of Messi dependency once again. If the 2 deserves to be caoches they need to show good football without Messi.

    • I believe we should build team without Messi untill at least Copa 2019. If they will play good football Messi may back being fortified mentally by NT results. But his possible future come-back may not bring any negative impact on team cohesivness.

  13. This move is ridiculous. Leave the guy alone. The AFA is the laughing stock of all football. You have this shit clown Scaloni as a coach. 2 months ago he wasn’t even good enough to coach the juveniles, he wins one shitty competition with intramural level players and now he is coaching the NT, and I am sure it is at ZERO pay.
    How much more embarrassment do we have to suffer? How long does it take to get a proper manager? The other day that fat weasel Tapia said they pursued Guardiola but it would be too expensive and Guardiola said he had no contact from the AFA and that the AFA had no idea what he would want in salary because the AFA never asked. They can’t even get their lies straight. Messi should tell them to kiss his ass. At this rate, we will be worst than Ecuador and Bolivia. Is it that hard to get your shit together? We were corrupt under Grondona, and now we are corrupt and incompetent for everyone to see.

  14. Let Argentina win without messi first then addition of messi is like ice of the cake, messi single handily carried Argentina to world cup and carrying since 2008 Olympic but he can’t carry any more because Messi is human, now Messi just want to focus crucial barca season as captain and will focus on Argentina new project, Messi loved Argentina more than personal glory otherwise chosen spain 2008-2012 generation

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