Leandro PAREDES, Geronimo RULLI, more expected to make Argentina team


Many young faces who were not part of Argentina’s World Cup squad are expected to make the team for September.

According to Ole, Geronimo RULLI, German PEZZELLA, Ramiro FUNES MORI, Leandro PAREDES, Santiago ASCACIBAR, Mauro ICARDI and Lautaro MARTINEZ are all set to be named by Lionel SCALONI to the Argentina team. Of those names, only goalkeeper RULLI and midfielder ASCACIBAR have yet to play for the National Team.

Only player from the domestic league is Matias VARGAS, the young 21 year old Velez player could make the team as well.

As we reported a few days ago, Lautaro MARTINEZ, Mauro ICARDI and Paulo DYBALA are not only expected to get the call but also start. Giovani LO CELSO and Franco ARMANI should also be making the squad.

Lionel MESSI has reportedly refused a call-up to the team and will likely not be included in the team for the rest of the year.


    • World Cup QUALIFIERS LIST!!!!!
      Funes Mori
      MAYBE Rojo/Ottamendi

      Lo Celso
      Joaquin Correa

      Papu Gomez
      Angel Correa
      Di Maria

  1. Forwards:-

    Paulo Dybala (24)(Juventus)(F/W/CM)

    Giovanni Simeone (22)(Fiorentina)(S)

    Lautaro Martinez(20)(Racing )(S)

    Cristian Pavon(22)(Boca Juniors)(W/S)

    Mauro Icardi(25) (Inter Milan)(CF)

    Angel Correa(23)(Athletico Madrid)(CF)

    Jonathan Calleri(24)(Deportivo Maldonado – Las Palmas(L)(S)

    Luciano Vietto (24)(Athletico Madrid – Fulham (L))(S)

    Lucas Ocampos(24)(Marseille)(W)

    Ezequiel Ponce(21)(AEK Athens)(CF)

    Lucas Boye(22)(Torino- AEK Athens(L))(W)

    Lucas Ocampos (24)(Marseille)(W)


    Santiago Ascacibar (21) ( VfB Stuttgart),

    Giovanni Lo Celso (22) ( PSG)

    Erik Lamela (26) ( Tottenham Hotspur)

    Manuel Lanzini (25)( West ham United)

    Ricardo Centurion(25)(Racing)

    Matias Kranevitter(25)( Zenit St Petersburg)

    Leandro Paredes (24)(Zenit St Petersburg)

    Emiliano Rigoni(25)(Zenit St Petersburg)

    Joaquin Correa (23) (Sevilla)

    Roberto Pereyra (27)(Watford)

    Matias Vargas(21)(Velez Sarsfield)

    Nicolas Gonzalez(26)(UD Villa de Santa Brigida)


    Emmanuel Mammana (22),(Zenit St. Petersburg)

    Ramiro Funes Mori (27)(Villarreal)

    Fabricio Bustos(22)(Independiente)(RB)

    German Pezzella(27)(Fiorentina)

    Juan Foyth(20)(Tottenham Hotspur)

    Nicolas Tagliafico (25)(Ajax Amsterdam)

    Cristian Lema(28)(Benfica)(CB)

    Gino Peruzzi(26)(Boca – Nacional(L)(RB)


    Geronimo Rulli (26) ( Real Sociedad)

    Juan Musso(24)(Udinese)

    Axel Werner(22) ( Athletico Madrid – Huesaca(L)

    Walter Benitez ( 25)(Nice)

    Emiliano Martinez (25)(Arsenal-Getafe(L)

    Any other better U28 prospects??

  2. Let me say something you don’t like to know

    Lautaro Martinez : slow ,very slow and technically he is not top class compared with coutinho , Jesus

    He is not powerful enough

    Icardi: a player who stand between two CBs . No defense ,No assist ,a traditional no.9

    Dybala: can dribble ,pass, shoot,create Chance but slow in motion and easy to loss ball possession . No defenses at all .

    He can dribble but is not the same type or same level to messi , neymar or even coutinho and David Silva

  3. Rulli should play for us in some of the upcoming friendlies, Say at least 5 Matches. How long we have been wanting to see this guy as our Goal Keeper, His name is been discussed for Ages, When he was in great form none of our coaches played him, Out of all the young Goal keepers we have, Rulli’s name always comes. Its strange that he didn’t even didn’t even make his debut for the senior team. Romero was every coaches favorite for ages, apparently since 2010.

    • One bad season can’t change anything, take Hazard as example, class is always permanent and Rulli is one of the best young GK in the world, had he played for Argentina Rulli will be in the big club

    • I think the reason behind Rulli bad season was to not transfer big club Man city and Napoli after brilliant pervious season and desperate to be the no1 in Argentina 2018 world cup. Even Rulli father said this, Rulli rejected man city offer for 2nd GK under pep 1st season cost Rulli man city movie and city brought Edarson. Rulli performed exceptionally well through out the season except last year

  4. Angel correa mammana pezella taglifiaco

    Ascasicbar parades

    Pavon dybala R.perreyra

    Subs:- Walter benitez musso mussachio maggalan rojo bustos lo celso j correa F.cervi caseres M Vargas icardi nico gonzalez

    This team won’t winning wc unless some of the player rise somehow
    I picked correa in right back because I don’t see any natural good right back so we hv to make him Sergio Roberto in 4 years of time….
    Infact I don’t like taglifiaco but don’t hv better than him
    If ascasicbar can rise that would be good otherwise we are doomed
    The truth is we are not producing world class natural talent at defensive area….so it’s better we made some
    And I also not sure about replacement of di maria….he was world class….I don’t see M Vargas F.cervi becoming like him

    • “And I also not sure about replacement of di maria….he was world class….I don’t see M Vargas F.cervi becoming like him”

      Yeah, it’s not that simple to be poor 8/10 games in NT. Forgive me sarcasm but infact Di Maria except one beutifull goal (with good dose of luck) did literally nothing in last WC. Useless driblings and crosses.

      • Mr Gonzalo I disagree with u….idk why people don’t understand the play of di maria…he is the type of player every1 needs in the squad ….in the game against France he was the only player who was doing something…..we won’t find the replacement of di maria easily…..Nd I hv seen Vargas cervi perreyra lanzini….they may defend well than di maria but his attacking Nd creative skills are of another class …..he was a big name in world football when he was of cervi’s present age .

        • “in the game against France he was the only player who was doing something”
          To be honest I never denied Di Maria sacrifice to the team and play from heart. He was almost always a player who was doing something. But I find it finally funny how people are using so often the argemunt “he was at least doing soemthing” to defend him. In fact his efforts are usually so much pathetic and miserable that it’s hard count his games advantage for us as full of poor crossing and dribling. Argentina deserves more than just “at least try to do”.

          In fact, Vargas is not player who mark himself by defending but his creativness. Vision and precise passes. I’m not going to say he is better than this guy or that guy – future will tell – but:

          1. We need better one than Di Maria is currently

          2. After what I saw from several possible LF/LM Vargas ATM seems to be perhaps best choice (just don’t expectate from him immediate miracles)

    • Di Maria world class…. you have laugh
      re you serious he is the most overited player I have ever seen in Argentina shirt he is even worse than biglia mate honestly if he wasn’t messi friend I don’t think he would play for the national team you know

      • if Di maria wasn’t world class then never played for real. Yes Di maria lost his prime that’s it now any player contribute more than Di maria but 2012-2014 Dimaria was world class

  5. IMO I will call up those players

    Gk: Emiliano Martinez , Juan Musso, Esteban Andrada

    Defense: Juan Foyth , Martinez quarta , Marco Senesi , German Pezella, Montiel,F Ortega , Alexis Soto

    Midfield : Bebelo Reynoso , Lo celso ,Tomas Belmonte , Rodrigo Battaglia , Roberto pereyra , Joaquin correa , ocampos , Ignacio Pussetto , Matias Vargas

    Forward : Benjamin Garre , Alario , Giovanni simeone , Facundo Colidio

    • Line up

      _____________E Martinez
      Montiel_J Foyth_Martinez Quarta_Ortega
      _____________T Belmonte
      Pussetto __Reynoso_ pereyra/Garre _J correa

    • Good team for the future. What I don’t like is a number of good young players like Paredes Lautaro Martinez are missing. But I like your way of thinking. This team could be really good for 2022

  6. Now Gareca also say no one from AFA contacted him to ask about coaching. AFA don’t want independent people who may do revolution. Thay want loyal and allegiant coaching staff which would not be and threat to AFA ancinet regime. They give us young Scaloni and Aimar because to let people think the youthness means new one, means revolution. But the first steps they wanted to do and to contract Messi (and other older player) for upcoming friendlies seems to confirm they are people of the regime.


  7. Messi wants to play for Argentina and will play if AFA comes up with a good plan, do what it needs to build a solid team so Messi can depend on them. There is no stable coach now, no solid plan yet and it will take time to build a new team. Once all of them get in place and a team starts playing well as a team and will not have to depend on Messi, he will return. I believe Scaloni will recruit the best performers and will build a team with very strong defence and midfield. They should learn from the Russia World Cup and strategies each opponent.

  8. Argentina should focus on building a new team. They should start fresh from the Goal Keeper to all the way Stricker. They should recruit fresh young players and build a strong team. If young players do well, in future Messi and other stars can join to elevate the team. Since the 2014 world cup final, they had four big problems.

    1. Depend on Messi too much.
    2. Kept old tag teams for long and did not give the young player a chance.
    3. Weak defence and no attacking midfield.
    4. No strategy against opponents.

    Once they get together and start winning and do well, Messi will love to play again with The National Team.
    Argentina has so many good strikers, but they now need to focus on building the strong defence and solid midfield. If they get these two, it will be hard for any team in the world to beat them.

  9. It is great to start fresh with new names, but I’m not convinced about Scaloni-Aimar. They are only interim but they could ruin the reputation and confidence of the new players coming in if they are clueless about their ideas and start just another managerial circus. Once again the coach is the big question mark. Get a proper coach fast!!
    Lots of names are mentioned by u guys and now we will see the reality facing them.
    Conti has gone straight to the bench at Benfica, he needs to be a regular their.
    Lo Celso on the bench for the entire first 2 matches and it is an alarming situation.
    Battaglia without a club at present.
    And please stop mentioning Foyth, he is a Tottenham reserve player. At the moment he shouldn’t even be

    • Battaglia is back playing for sporting. It was a player – club issue that is now presumably sorted .
      Conti will get his chances in benfica. He has just moved in. Too early to label him as a bencher. As I see it Conti is faster the Pezella. I am going by limited you tube videos though.
      Locelso has already proven himself in pay last year. With a team strength of pay, these things will happen. I don’t think we have to be worried .
      If Foyth is our future CB , no harm in getting him into NT now. Let him play a few easy games or come as sub. It will be great experience for our future CB.

  10. I like the listed players except ONE, Rulli, and somebody can convince me otherwise, when was the last time he played great on a consistent basis? he has potential but I am yet to see it.

    I always knew Mori would be called back and very glad he is.

  11. I would want to see 4-2-3-1for friendlies
    Bustos – Musachio – pezella- tagliafico
    Ascacibar – parades
    Dybala – locelso – Vargas

    Undstd Mammana won’t back by then. Hence musachio
    Andrada, Portua
    Di Placido, Magellan, Foyth, angileri
    Battaglia, pavon, acorrea, cervi
    Martinez, alario

  12. I know a lot of us are happy to see New era for the national team but still I’m not convinced some players like icardi I have my Owen doubts about him he is old fashion center forward he is not mobile enough I believe aguero is much better than him . Please I’m not saying aguero has to carry on but he one of victims of bad coaching aswell tactics the only strike who has same attributes like aguero is lautro Martinez so he has to start a head of icardi.

    This is my team


    Bustos mammana pezzela taglafiaco


    Los celso palacios

    Povon Martinez j corrie

    Funis mori
    A corrie
    G simeone

    Manager: Gallardo

    • I would like Gallardo as a coach, he is young, energetic and tough personality.
      He is good in defense and attack. I see him as a mix of El cholo and pep, with Mourinho attitude towards the player, which means he does not please anyone.
      I agree with you, Icardi is not promising, plus I think he is toxic among the players.
      most of half of Argentina hates this guy. Some guys might think it’s OK what he did with Wanda and Maxi, but come on, who is gonna respect him among the players?
      Why no one is talking about lamela?

      • Ebo exactly right icardi is not national team player he is toxic as you said we already had masche and co we don’t want another one

        Lamela is been unlucky with injuries he would have been fantastic playmaker because he plays under pochettino who I believe he is best Argentina manager at the moment
        He improve players.

    • You must realize Lanzini is being out for 15 months will not back even on Copa. !5 months + the time he need to back to form.

      • Yeah mate but I’m talking about when he come to full fitness I mean he supposed be part of the new project I believe lanzini is one the underited players he has everything to be world class playmaker .west ham fans love him but sadly he is out long term.

  13. I think Rodrigo battaglia should be called up. He is a good central mid . Very talented and very strong as well.Battaglia should get a chance.

  14. Please no more old guard, Messi refused called up for country benefits, Messi loves Argentina more than personal glory otherwise Messi easily become world cup winner with spain and barca teammates. There was no project in 2018 world cup which was considered Messi last chance but Messi want to play in 2022 reason stepped down to follow Argentina new project. Nevertheless if any of old guards including otamendi or Romero called up then Messi sacrifice again wasted

    • Old vs new players isn’t the issue. Even if Otamendi, Messi, Aguero played, the identity and tactics of the team is still up to a competent manger. That’s the problem, not the “old guard”

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