PSG open to offers for Argentina international Giovani LO CELSO


PSG are reportedly open to listen to offers for Argentina international Giovani LO CELSO.

Per a report by L’Équipe, the league champions are willing to let go of Giovani LO CELSO, since he is not in the plans of new coach Thomas THUCHEL. Still only 22, the former Rosario Central man joined PSG back in January of 2017 and playing minutes did gradually go up under previous coach Unai EMERY.

The reason for TUCHEL preferring other players over LO CELSO has more to do with his profile rather than his talent. The rumored buy-out clause is that of €40 million. He has a contract until 2021 with the club but at the moment, no offers have come in for the Argentine midfielder.


  1. A very good talented rising player of Argentina is again underestimated by European clubs..

    Locelso is in such position bcoz the coach who made him has gone and bcoz of his bench warming in WC …

    Locelso has talent and determination to overcome coach’s mind and grab his position back in staring xi…

    Neither Draxler not Rabiot gonna play all game and then Locelso will prove that he is better than all midfield player in PSG

  2. I’ve been learning french for the last few years and one of the ways I use to strengthen it is by reading the football magazine “L’equipe”, anyway based on the article that I read a few days ago, Celso showed up late to pre-season and that angered Tuchel and then Celso posted something on twitter, which angered Tuchel even more so if that article is to be believed it’s not just a profile thing but also an attitude issue.
    I said before that I prefer a player go to an average/solid club in a big league (lanzini, Ascacibar, Caseres) than a big club in an average league that Celso did with PSG.
    The big problem now is that the transfer window is closed for Italy and England and only Spain, Germany and France left and the only teams who could afford Celso’s price tag are Barca, Real and Bayern and I don’t think that will happen because these teams are stalked and I really don’t want Celso to go there and rot on the bench.
    The only option left is a loan with an option to buy, let’s see what happens.

    On more positive news Correa started today and kicked ass so the kid seems to have to fighting spirit to fight for his place and I hope that continues.

  3. Fuck Real, Barcelona, PSG, City… Fuck the big clubs. They really don’t care about Argentines. They generally don’t trust them or just our players are weaker mentally than for example Brazilians. The clubs usually prefer also stronger and taller players. Exceptions prove the rules we have not players of big clubs. If he will go to some smaller are mid club he will show his best both club and NT.

    • Our Problem was always that The NT is full of stars who play in big clubs, WE should aim for max 50% stars, the rest should be from small/average clubs who play on regular basis, Those kind of players will always thrive and give it all for the NT to prove their status. too many examples through out history where players in smaller clubs performed better than bigger stars.
      I expect Lo Celso to be our box to box midfielder in the near future, all he has to do is put his head together and look for regular playing time in an average club in Spain or England

  4. I mentioned this news a week back and Tuchel had already had a chat with the players during preseason, and they were trying to force him out on some loan moves, but Lo Celso refused. Bologna looks a possibility. But really sad, a real challenge ahead for Lo Celso.

    • Barcelona buy only Brazilian
      And underestimates Argentina players…

      Locelso is way ahead Arthur, Malcom and Rabiot(france) or De jong(ned)

      Any low budget team can’t buy LOCELSO bcoz of 40 £million is to high..
      Only Arsenal should have bought him
      But Epl transfer window is closed

  5. My starting 11 against Colombia friendly:-
    Lo celso…..Ascacibar……Paredes

    In Gk i dont mind if it is Armani or Rulli..
    Captain can be one of Pezella or Dybala.
    Freekick & penalty by Dybala…
    Cornerkick by Paredes

    • Rulli at GK, Icardi as captain and penalty taker , Dybala is only for taking free kick. I always prefer Icardi over Dybala due to Ronaldo/ramos type mentality. Icardi can score decisive penalty like Ronaldo but Dybala misses like messi

  6. Racing – Velez 2:0

    RB Renzo Saravia, once been mentioning by me here few times among most promising fullbacks in league then a bit forgotten(was close of Olimpic Games) IMO MOTM. He kept quiet Matias Vargas all the game. Absolutely briliant in defence. Vargas looked as someone under big mentall pressure and on the field the physical pressure of Saravia and other defenders almost eliminated him totally off the game. On the other hand Francisco Ortega kept quiet Centurion.

    Despite that I must to say the result is rather deceiving. Racing won the game mostly thanks to his early lucky goal thay set the game. The second was effect of Velez opening his back in seeking of equaler. Racing did that thanks to their experience.

    Still I’m aprreciate how this young team of Velez can play posession football and dominate at times Racing (especially in second half). They totally forgot to shoot though. Heinze did good job in this short time. I don’t know how long the youngsters will play together in Velez but they may go far. Most likely few strongest clubs of the league will out of reach of Velez in this season though I’m sure they will win a lot of games and can easily play next season in South American cups.

    Once again impressed by Nico Dominguez. 20 years but he looks matured as 30 years old Biglia. Already he is field trustee of Heinze tactic advices. This time not that aggresive on defence (because of his early yellow card) but all the game pleasure to watch.

    Velez has big problem with striker.

  7. The 2 biggest stars are Mbappe and Neymar and they won’t defend. I can understand why Tuchel prefers Verratti, Rabiot and even Nkunku. But I just don’t like this playing style that sacrifies creative midfielders for keeping the balance in order to give the total freedom to the inverted wingers and the fullbacks. I am tired of that replication of total football. That’s also why it’s hard for players like Riquelme to succeed in Europe. To me a fullback should defend and not pretend to play the winger, a winger should know crossing and a midfielder should either create or defend.

    Now it’s only 1 week left for finding a club in liga or series A, almost mission impossible. I think Monaco or Lyon is good for him. Hopefully psg will lend him out and he won’t join a club like Zenith. It’s really fucked up how Tuchel managed who doesn’t give a shit to the player’s career.

  8. PSG still planning big signing in midfield. To balance the paper PSG need to sell some.
    Lo Celso is not guaranteed a place under the new coach. Moving to Spain will be best for him. I don’t want to see him wasted like Pastore at PSG.

  9. Like Pastore before him..
    was a promising talent in 2010 and started to live up to the potential and then
    his progression died at PSG.
    Would have loved to see him at a club like Inter Milan but his price tag will be too much.

  10. needs to leave ASAP!!! will not get minutes there. i am highly concerned he will waste his talent and career! but the Problem with a transfer is the one thing…he is by far too expensive! a top club wont buy him because hasnt developed fast enough and a tier 2 team, which could use him, cant pay the 40 millions. he is on the verge of a ruined career! thats what happens when youngsters join the big clubs and dont work hard enough to proof their talent. pretty sure we will miss out on him as player for the NT just like kranevitter.

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