Walter SAMUEL agrees with AFA, will join Argentina coaching staff


Former Argentina and Inter defender Walter SAMUEL will reportedly join the Argentina staff.

Per a tweet by CL Merlo, Walter SAMUEL has everything agreed with the AFA and will join interim Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI as one of his assistants. As we reported a few days ago, there were rumors that SAMUEL would join the staff.

Walter SAMUEL was part of two Argentina World Cup squads, the first one in 2002 and the second being at the 2010 FIFA World Cup.


  1. @Ghostdeini . You said “no more politics” I am sincerely eager to know what politics these senior players were engaged in ? I have no idea of any such acts instead I was told it was Sampoli who was at fault and he was the main reason for our failure in World cup. I want to correct my opinion towards this old man.
    You people (including Gonzalo and Mamon) know many things which fans like me have zero idea.

    • Our disastrous world cup was due to the gang war between two cartels .. Fraud Sampaoli and retirement overdue dictator general Masche!!!

      • Then what about other players : Messi , Aquero, Banega, Dimaria, Fazio, Otamendi, Rojo, etc . Why don’t we use some of them ? Why don’t we utilize their experience ? They are proven inform footballers.

        • Neglecting and keeping them out of NT will cause pressure and criticism against the present coach and his team selection in future especially when the juniors fail to deliver.

          • Banega,Dimaria,Fazio,Otamendi and Rojo should dropped for good. May be Aguero too. We should look at the bigger picture i.e 2022 not 2019! Messi can come back to the team after the team gets their shit together, only if he is fit and inform.

  2. @ Dontbethatguy

    So…………let me get this straight, you’re saying that all of us here who want fresh new faces in the team instead of the same ol’ group of dinos that got the team nowhere are wrong?….. After what…..1-2 european season games?

    You left out Wener who did quite well for his opening game.
    You left out Caseres who had and assist and a very solid 1st european game
    You left out Paredes and his 2 screamers in the last 2 games for Zenit
    You left out Cervi who scored a vital goal for Benfica and helped get them to the next stage of CL playoffs.
    You left out Pereyra’s MOTM performance last week and was also excellent this week even if he didn’t score.
    You left out Chucky Ferreyra’s goal for Benfica 2nd game.
    You left out A.Correa’s assist and excellent performance for Atletico against Real.

    I’d say alot of the youngsters (and younger players) are doing quite well thus far and again it’s only been a week so it’s way too soon to be making a line up for copa, which is a year away, which is in-turn an equivalent of a decade for us normal people because in the space of a footballing year, great players rise while even greater ones fall.

    • DOntbethatguy is the one who support oldies in way too much suspect emphasis. According to him we should go to next tournament with most of the oldies last WC. Wake up, man. Our oldies were there on the last WC and they failed just like 2002 team. That was disaster. How they were better than 2002 team? Just more luck in group. In 2002 we had 1 win, 1 draw and 1 lost in group stages (just like this year) but that team was 2:2 on goals, this time 3:5. Disaster just like many other teams that kept too long with their deserved generations.

      Having Pereyra such good form why anyone think still about Banega. He and others are threadbare and never will give the passion youngsters may give.

      We are at the beginning of new era with optimistic team full of youngsters yet the guy still can’t stop to talk about form of our oldies in clubs. How long you are here? Probably not so long because it sounds so sick hearing about our oldies shining only for their clubs. We’ve been over this milion times. Suggesting yourself by club form of our oldies is at least naive.

      I don’t know but this guy sounds like new embodies of KidultHood or someone on services of greedy people of AFA who want to make more money on the old, much more famous names.

      • No one comes close to Aguero right now. Icardi and Martinez may but not at the present moment. Same with Messi. I still think they should wait to return and let the team build an identity but one would have to have a serious mental illness to think they are the problem.

  3. – nobody denies Aguero’s or Messi’s ability and I myself see them as part of the team in the future but they need to rest now and when they come back must have the attitude they show at club where they are willing to do everything the coach asks them.
    No more politics!
    if not they can stay away from the team as far as I am concerned.
    – Arsenal were directionless under Wenger the last few years, they will probably have some problems in the beginning under Unai and the schedule didn’t help. They made a step backwards to make 2 steps forward and it will pay in the long run.
    – Argentina making the changes has made also a step backwards to make many steps forward in the future.
    If people have expectations that this team is going to be world beaters immediately you are insane. We are in the beginning stages and this team will be great if we believe in them and have patient.
    Then just then can older players be added like Aguero if they are willing to accept their role and do everything possible for the best of the team.

  4. Strong Rumors that Discussion between Peckerman and Colombian FA has fallen off and Peckerman is waiting till 31st August for the contract to get expired so that he could resume discussion with AFA. However, it is not clear whether he is going to be the Senior team coach or the football director overlooking the youth system.

  5. People are talking about ascasicbar but he didn’t even play for Stuttgart ….if it will be like that in whole season…..then I will replace ascasicbar with caseres.
    For me players should be playing most of the matches for their club……and watch out for nico gonzalez he will become world class player

  6. There is no doubt aguero much much better than icardi by far mate aguero never been regular start for the national team. Aguero a long side pochettino they made Argentina proud when it comes to EPl. every pundits in England praises aguero and pochettino…but please don’t talk about di Maria the man is fruad simply he should never play for the national team again he is so overhyped.

  7. Dontbethatguy,

    Lets not forget…some of the folks you mentioned are good,because their entire club team looks good..due to which each player shows some of their talents..

    Eg: Fazio will never play well if entire backline is need a super strong defense…and anyhow Roma was lucky to win…they played bad..and you missed Pastore..he was literally unknown..

    Lautaro Martinez/Icardi can do well..only if the Inter midfield was creative enough…

    I understand form is imperative, Dybala/Aguero/Messi/Icardi all score tons of goal..but it has no meaning in National team if it cannot be converted.

    Finally, Ever since Riquelme left the National team, i have not seen a proper midfield for Argentina.

    • I understand where your coming from, but let’s look into this for a second.

      What Dybala, Aguero and Icardi all have in common for the Argentina National Team? None of them start! Aguero is JUST starting games now, when he should’ve have been the main striker a while ago instead of Higuain. Aguero was Argentina’s top scorer this World Cup! Messi had a goal and 3 assists also, meaning he was responsible for 4 of the 6 goals Argentina scored in the World Cup! And he’s not good enough? Dybala, Messi, with Aguero would be deadly! The trio of Messi, Dybala and Icardi was already attempted, and it didn’t work. If that trio couldn’t score against Uruguay or Venezuela, what makes you think they’ll score against Brazil, France, Germany, Spain, etc. Therefore, IMO the attacking trio should be Dybala Messi and Aguero, with Messi as a false nine, with Aguero drifting as a CF when he drops deep, something Guardiola is teaching him to do well.

      Pastore had his shot, and although had some moments of brilliance, didn’t really cement his place into the team.

      And Pererya is not playing in a world class team so to speak, playing for Watford! And yet he has scored two so far, and hopefully more is to come. (P.S. he has more goals than Lukaku, Salah, Harry Kane at the moment

      Season is just starting, but my point is that these players still have much to offer and should be strongly considered! What people want to get rid of, other clubs and fans are so happy to have them on their team!

      Who should never wear the albiceleste jersey again should be Higuain and Enzo Perez, along with Caballero.

      • Aguero has talent and attitude..Pep put Aguero in place and is able to get the best of was not going well with him when Pep took over initially..

        Every Argentine cannot be in the top 5 clubs or World class team of each country and we should not judge any argentine by that factor..i feel if a argentine is helping a mid-level team to give a fight with top clubs it makes lot of sense…

        I do not see Athletic Madrid being a big spender and they are doing great…all it matters for them was a good coach and balanced team..

        I wish Leeds United was in premier league this year…Arsenal is going by past glory and is just waste of time talking about it..i see Arsene Wenger still controlling it..

  8. Sooooo… let’s recap what happened this week!
    Let’s begin with the “oldies”!
    Messi: Once again carrying Barcelona! Two goals and dictating Barcelona’s play the entire game. Where would they be without him.
    Aguero: Scored his thirteenth hat-trick for Manchester City!
    Di Maria: French League started a week ago, and he already has two assists under his belt.
    Mercado & Banega: Won first game if the season 4-1 with an assist for Mercado. Banega was good as well pulling the strings in the midfield!
    Fazio: Defensively stable for Roma’s first game this season, with a last minute goal for Dzeko to take all three points.
    Otamendi & Rojo: Both have yet to start a game this season.

    Now the youngsters this season so far:
    Dybala: Like his counterpart Ronaldo was not too impressive for this seasons first game. Goals from Bernardeschi and Khedira, along with an own goal to spare Juventus blushes.
    Lo Celso: Has 10 minutes under his belt for PSG in two games.
    Icardi and Lauturo: First official game of the season together… ends in defeat against Sassuolo of all teams.
    Lamela: Has an assist under his belt for Tottenham.
    Rulli: Good display against Villarreal!
    Funes Mori: His mistake lead to the equalizer for Sociedad.

    And yet people are crying for the oldies to go?

    Look at Arsenal! People crying for Wenger to go, he leaves, and now they lose the first two games of the season for the first time since 1992!
    We need the experienced players like Aguero, Banega, considerably Di Maria but as a RF, not as LF where Argentina always play him there for some odd reason. And most of all, Messi!!

    Look how Real Madrid suffered against Atletico without Ronaldo. It would be the same if Messi is not called up for the Copa America! He’s too vital!

    Possible line up for Copa America with players in form at the moment:
    Di Maria/Dybala-Messi-Aguero/Pererya

    • nice write up.
      I would give mammana fazio’s spot
      Put Pavon AND KEEP Di maria as super sub
      Lautaro Martinez instead of dybala( he had poor last season and does not look promising this season neither)
      Lamela and Martinez can take a lot of the pressure off Messi.
      Have Bustos, kranevitter, the 2 correas , foyeth(depending on how he plays this season) as part of the bench

    • Messi will return eventually. He is human like everyone else and come next world cup if our team can get its shit together he won’t be able to resist his last shot at the world cup. I hope he doesn’t turn up like Masche and Biglia though..

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