Javier MASCHERANO says Santiago ASCACIBAR will be important to Argentina team


Javier MASCHERANO has come out in support of Stuttgart midfielder Santiago ASCACIBAR stating that he will be important to the Argentina National Team.

The former FC Barcelona midfielder turned defender knows a thing or two about being successful. Winning five La Liga titles, two Champions League titles and many more trophies to his name, MASCHERANO is one of the best of his generation when it comes to his position.

Retiring from the Argentina National Team as the country’s most all time capped player with 147 matches, a replacement is needed. And Stuttgart may have that replacement for Argentina in the form of Santiago ASCACIBAR. Only just 21 years old, ASCACIBAR joined from Estudiantes and has received praise from MASCHERANO himself.

Speaking with the Bundesliga’s official website, here’s what MASCHERANO had to say:

“I’ve always identified with this type of player. I really like his style of play. Ascacibar seems to me to be a great player. If he keeps improving he’ll end up being a very important player in European football and also for the Argentina national team.”

The Stuttgart midfielder has commented saying he still has a long way to go in achieving what MASCHERANO did.

“I’m still a long way from achieving what [MASCHERANO] did. You have to start from the ground floor and work your way up.”


  1. Balerdi should join Barca ….it doesn’t matter he will make into Barca 11 or not in future or to be sold……I think riquelme become better player after joining Barca eventhough he was a failure…..in 2014 our 50% players were playing at highest level…..messi masche for Barca , di maria for real madrid….gago garay higuain developed in real madrid…..demichellis was legend of Bayern….aguero zabalata were winning epl……the core of that team was somehow related to the big clubs…..because in big clubs u will get competition there…..see aguero after Gabriel Jesus signing he has become better player than before…now I think he is the best no. 9 in the world

  2. time will show us if he will be good enough to replace Mascherano.

    i wish all the best to the kid.

    we need talented new players in all defensive posirions.

  3. Other than attacking department, we lack world level talents in every other department. But still I am very hopeful that NT will have a best team for next world cup.
    The real issues will be not in full back positions, or goal keeping, it will be in midfield.
    We lack players who can contribute both in attack and defence. I don’t find many options for the next world cup too. May be some inexperienced guys. We need some players at world level in this department. Players like Pogba, Vidal, etc.

    • The next world cup is 4 years away, ofcourse you’re gonna find a hard time finding options because we have no clue what player will develop and what player will implode and self destruct.

      I personally see nothing but potential in the midfield department with Paredes, Ascacibar, Celso, A.Correa, Gonzalo Pity, Lamela , Pereyra and Lanzini (if these 2 somehow manage to stay fit). Also every single one of those players (including the defensive Ascacibar) are able (and have done so) to contribute offensively and defensively.

      Argentina does have issues with the fullback and the GK positions but I’m hoping that Mammana, Angeleri, Wener, Rulli and maybe J.Silva can help solve these problems.

      One last thing I need to reiterate the fact that 4 yeas is a life time in football! Remember how bad Brazil looked after WC14 with Fred and Jo as their strikers? And then suddenly Jesus and Fermino showed up! Just sit back and enjoy the show because there is nothing better than seeing players develop and others showing up out of nowhere.

      • “Just sit back and enjoy the show because there is nothing better than seeing players develop and others showing up out of nowhere”.

        I feel exactly the same. Argentina always has the potentiall to rise like a phoenix from the ashes.

  4. Money talks and bullshit runs the marathon. Let’s see what he’s got first, where is Krav. NOW?, so excited to see him put on the sky-blue and white and then disappeared into oblivion!

  5. The stupid Barcelona offer already 4 mln for Balerdi. If it was about Brazilian of the same talent the price could be automaticalyl 3x higher as they know Argentine clubs like immediate injection of money instead value their talents. On the other hand Boca expectate 10 mln for Almendra that is also way too little. Keep them 1-2 seasons more and the price will be 3x higher.

        • There’s more money in Brazilian football (for example compare stadiums in Argentina and Brazil) and that determines the transfer prices as well and here talent of a player no matter. More money – more demands.

          • this is not 100 % correct.

            the Brasil had to build modern stadiums for world cup.

            their economy is not far better than ours.

            the big difference between us and Brasil is that the world football system was created in the begin of modern football era
            in a way that saying that just because somebody born in Brasil

            is better from anybody born in one other country.

            this facist way is rule the football unfortunately.

            despite the fact that Argentina historically had even better players
            than Brasil time to time during football history.

    • 100% correct , Boca shouldn’t sale at any cost at the moment. For low grade Brazilian player European clubs paid huge sum but for good Argentine player they paid very low sum. 4 million for balerdi is total Joke.

      • Brazil has not ATM such talented CB as Balerdi. And still he is just one of group of our talents at the position.

  6. Scaloni is back to work with U-20 players. New list of call ups include Maxi Lovera, Thiago Almada, Tomas Chancalay, Nehuen Perez and 2 new players of the winner team of Estudiantes against Boca – Martin Pellegrini and Ivan Erquiaga. It means Estudiantes have most call ups (5) as Pourtau, Mura and Ayala of course are there as well (ON COTIF was also defender Colombo). Velez and Estudiantes – leaders of youngster promotion.

    That U-20 team need not many reinforcements on Sudamericano. I would take only Lovera, Pellegrini, Ortega/Erquiaga, Almada and one good striker: Maxi Romero or Carranza. No need for Barco or Garre. Cohesiveness more important that individualities.

  7. His path and destination is so much clear and straight long time. Youth club cups, Estudiantes A, Copa Libertadores, Sudamericano with Argentina, U-20 WC, Olimpic Games, now senior NT. Level by level higher.

    • He has also good coeval and successor in Estudiantes on the same position, whose youth first steps looks similar to Rusito – Ivan Gomez. Ascacibar, Nico Dominguez, Ivan Gomez and Andres Ayala from U-20 team makes No.5 position of Argentina looking good for future.

  8. when he continues to work so good for Stuttgart he might become a top class player! made the right decision to join a mid card team. thats where lo celso made a horrible mistake and now sees his career on the verge of total desaster!

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