Nicolas TAGLIAFICO assist in Ajax Champions League win against Dynamo Kiev


Nicolas TAGLIAFICO chalked up an assist to his name in Ajax’s 3-1 Champions League qualifier win against Dynamo Kiev.

Having not qualified for the UEFA Champions League since 2014, Ajax have one foot in the tournament with their first leg win. After just two minutes, Donny van de BEEK gave the hosts a 1-0 lead which was shortly erased after Tomasz KEDZIORA scored a vital away goal for Dynamo. Hakim ZIYECH would later restore Ajax’s lead.

In the 43rd minute, Argentina international Nicolas TAGLIAFICO sent in a cross which found Dusan TADIC who found the back of the net for the 3-1 win.

TAGLIAFICO would go on to pick up a yellow card, meaning he would miss the second leg.


  1. Many are commenting young Argentinian shouldn’t join big clubs means fans are doubtful of their talent. Aguero moved Atletico early, messi and icardi barca and become superstars. Umttiti and varane join real and barca early despite no spot for starting XI and finally they earned their places and helped France to become world champion. Why France become world Champions, because there core group playing for big clubs Loris(spurs) kante(Chelsea) progba(man utd) Hernandez (Atletico) umttiti and dembele(barca) , varane(real), Griezmann (Atletico). Germany in 2014 or Spain in 2010 also the same story. Argentina had best world cup in 2014 after 1990 because core group messi mache Aguero dimaria higuain zabalela demichilis etc played for big clubs but in 2018 same core group lost their prime as well as big clubs reason disastrous world cup. I haven’t remember any team this century win the world cup when their core group playing for small clubs even Croatia reached final because this golden generation of Croatia core team plsyed for big clubs like juve,barca,inter,real etc

    • Agree with u ….thats why I want almendra and balerdi to choose Barca or real….Nd get develop there….play for their b team and make way in a A team

    • AGuero, Higuain, Di Maria? They did nothing in that WC player of smaller big clubs could do as well. Rojo was best playing for Sporting the smaller club not for Manchester.

      Messi, Demichelis, Mascherano, Lavezzi, Zabaleta – important player of big clubs, but the rest did nothing crucial? And still hard to think player like Lavezzi or Mascherano did so good because they were players of big clubs. Macherano was crucial thank’s to his tallent and passion. Lavezzi was always hardworker and PSG didn’t played any crucial role in developing of his talent.

    • Gago was pure talent since beginning and I doubt Real had any crucial role in his developement. In fact he just lost many years there. The case is so much frequent when it comes to Argentina players.

      I don’t want to deny some our players developed a lot in big clubs. I just want to say most of our players:

      1. Lost years in the big clubs being benchwarmers or

      2. They didn’t developed in big clubs more than they could do playing for any small club and develope there just his talent.

      Argentina 1998 team was not a bit less stronger than 2014 (just harder path to final), while players like Batistuta, Ortega, Veron and others didn’t looked as if they lacked of experience in big club.

      • I don’t want excuse, no team ever reach world final last 20year when core group not playing for big clubs starting XI. Its not Matter whom contribute more or less because world cup is a platform to born new superstars.

        • It’s really matter. In fact our core in 2014 WC was not of big clubs players. I don’t want to say the core was of small clubs players but it’s not true the core was like you said. To prove your statement you counted some players of big clubs that in 2014 WC had little contribution in our WC path (and they rather disappointed us) and ignored the fact that was more small clubs players who had influence.

          intuitevely no wonder there was more small club players with good contribution as the small clubs are better enviroement for Argentines to let play and show best

        • Seriously when you ask me what is best now for ALmendra and Balerdi I’m sure:

          1. Stay 2 years in Boca

          2. Then go to Small European clubs, if there will be good with them then

          3. go to big club

          • if both are talented like umttiti or varane then shine for big club if mediocre like rojo then small club is good destination

  2. In my opinion, i don’t want our young talents nowhere near real madrid neither barcelona. Let them sign the overrated brazilians. And personally i couldn’t find a single brazilian youngster who really impressed me.

    On another note, if bayern munich want to invest on dybala then that says enough on the contrary to some argentina fans who think that dybala is overrated!

    Some people even compared jesus to lautaro or even to aguero in the previous season. What has jesus done really to receive that hype?

    Argentina had the best players ever played the game (maradona and messi) and for me the best and most special players in general, Batistuta, Caniggia, Redondo, Passarella, Zanetti, just to name a few. Talent never was the case for Argentina but wrong people in wrong positions who ruined the opportunity to take advantage of this wealth of talent for argentina’s favor. We have to realise that if this won’t be fixed, we will witness many other talents being wasted so lets not pretend that all of a sudden argentina is not producing talented players.

      • That is actually good news, well at least to me, gonzalo. I am against “modern football” where money talks nowadays in expense of not only talents but football itself. I don’t have problem if our players play for a top team as long as it is a real team which is eager to invest on a football idea rather being a bunch of millionaires using media and marketing in order to gain more and more profit. Besides we used to have footballing legends who used to play for good but not necessarilly top teams but i am sure you know that they were bleeding the shirt, whether was argentina or their club. Best example, the great Batistuta, he could have easily joined any top club at his prime gaining more and more fame, trophies and bigger salary but he even followed fiorentina when they were relegated. When he finally joined a better team (roma) he won them one of only four total scudetos being their top scorer. Remember his stunning goal against Fiorentina when he couldn’t hold his tears because of scoring against them? Maybe i am a romantic fool but this is the way i see football and one of the main reasons i love argentina so much.

        And speaking about romantic people, romance believe me i don’t think about Brazilians as i don’t rate them that high.

    • why are you thinking about Brazilians they are brought to play 2nd fiddle not main man like Argentinian. Neymar was messi shadow before now in mbappe shadow

  3. San Lorenzo – Nacional Motevideo 3:1 in Copa Sudamericana. I really like what I see from our U-20 LB Elias Pereyra. His second game in a row he contributed to goal/s

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