Former Argentina coach Alfio BASILE comments on Lionel MESSI, new generation


Former Argentina National Team coach Alfio BASILE spoke about Lionel MESSI as well as the Argentina National Team.

Two time Copa America winner Alfio BASILE is one of the more experienced people in Argentine football. He’s coached many teams in Argentina and remains the only person to ever coach both Diego MARADONA and Lionel MESSI. In an interview with La Nacion, here’s what BASILE had to say about Lionel MESSI:

“It looks good to me that there’s a lot of new faces in the Argentina National Team. Now, you can stop breaking MESSI’s balls, leave him alone, no reason to mess with him. That the AFA lose a bit in these friendly matches is necessary, leave him alone in peace.”

About using younger players with the Argentina team:

“That the historical ones (players) don’t appear (in the squad), that they stay with their clubs, that they keep showing off there and they don’t break their balls to play against Guatemala. You have to take advantage of the new kids.”

Alfio BASILE also commented on who he would select to coach the Argentina National Team:

“I would select Cholo (Diego) SIMEONE. He’s a winner with a lot of character. He’s smart, alive. I love him, he made me champion twice at the 1991 and 1993 Copa’s America.”


  1. Leave the man alone, All the Argentine previous coaches and Previous players are again and again saying the Same stuffs. we got the point… Damit. Let him take a sabbatical rest then lets see how our team is evolving under a new project and coach. May be he can be incorporated to the team by the then coach. Whoever it is.

    • “La rotación de jugadores ya comenzó en Boca”

      Balerdi will play thanks to Vergini transfer and Goltz injury but maybe that is beginning for him.

    Messi will always be the best.
    Only Messi decides when to come back if He will come back.
    Argentina should move forward with or without him. Messi era is over!
    The main focus now should be to build a team for the future without relying on one single player.
    As a coach I would like to see

  3. Many in Mundo here say that Messi should join later. Now suppose this team starts playing well with a good system and style of play with good understanding and just before copa Messi decides to come back. What will happen then? Won’t the players get confused and again start to look to him and only pass to him? We will be back to square one. If Dybala becomes integral part of team is Messi going to replace him ? Or are they going to play together? I have lots of doubt regarding how Messi will be able to adjust and work with youngsters. I wish I am wrong and he fits in beautifully. In practice tough for him and other members of the team

    • Messi doesn’t have, must not have, to come before Copa no matter what. He can only come back, in my opinion, only after a solid, and minimum, two years time. The proper year should be 2021. I hate to put it this way but the era of Messi as the centerpiece is over. These talented young players will impose themselves and the situation will dictate everything.

      • Messi’s current focus is helping Barca to win UCL. Thus I don’t think Messi will be back in the friendlies neither he will play Copa. He is waiting to see if AFA can get its act together and work seriously towards a project and Hire a proper coach who can actually built a team with or without him.
        If all this goes good then only he will come back from the Start of the qualifying campaign for 2022 which I think will be ideal. Till such time youngsters can fit in and help building a good team.
        This are all my personal perception of the present situation and anyone can differ.

      • messi can make a difference others can’t, Argentina is Messi dependent it’s not messi fault, and people criticized messi not performed for Argentina like barca where barca had world class player at every position which Argentina lacks is it messi fault?? Aguero and Messi miles ahead of icardi and Dybala so if Full back and midfield can’t contribute nothing can happen

        • Argentina being dependent on Messi is not his fault but Argentina’s Fault. 100% agree. That’s why Messi needs to take break for at least a year ( even two if he wants) so that Argentina can get out of his shadow , correct their fault and play as a team. Results will follow. Let Dybala , Icardi and the other young players chosen have a decent run till the Copa ( Higuin, Masche, Biglia, Banega all got chances end number of times) post which we can get back to this debate again. Meanwhile if Argentina becomes Colombia minus Messi-Aguero( Which I am sure they will not) let it be that will also help us evaluate as to where we stand and plan accordingly.

    • I thought the same recently.

      The fact is if the team will start play really good football probabaly no one (including me) will claim for Messi, Aguero, Otamendi come back. Chemistry and balance is most important.

      • Argentina have to play good football with out messi and Aguero otherwise future will be dark and I’m sure Argentina will bounce back. But if Argentina dropped in from Aguero and messi in copa then only Brazilian should be happy, You can’t drop players who can make difference. Messi and Aguero isn’t Argentina problem and with out them Argentina still looks strong offensively if not same but what about full back and midfield❓

        • I’m against the players who lost their prime or out of form. In 2002 crepso deserve ahead of batigol and in 2018 icardi ahead of icardi also mache should not have starter, result will come in Argentina favor. I just saw Olympic final 2008 Argentina line up and it was the best line up ever for Argentina i have seen. Aguero as striker, messi as right wing and Dimaria left, requlem as 10 and mache gago double pivot. Why Argentina not applied same formation in copa 2007 or world cup 2010. Why the hell Tevez and higuain prefer Aguero who helped Argentina to win u20 wc 2007 and Olympic 2008. Team selection always cost Argentina. Few players are selected for past reputation and infrom players are ignored or unused reason Argentina trophy less since 1993

  4. Hearing that Jose Peckerman has received a letter from the Colombian FA notifying him that his contract will not be renewed beyond 31st August. If this is true then there is a possibility that AFA might just hire him post the September Friendly matches.
    I do like Peckerman however I am against a candidate who has had his run already in the National Team.

  5. Give chance to Scaloni, Aimar and Samuel in next two friendly , lets see the looks of their team, Arg have abundance of great coach and players. But sadly till now no trophy have been lifted since Basile left.

  6. alfio basile last Argentina manager to won any mojer tournament two Copa America winner and he is the one who gave kun aguero Argentina debut but I don’t agree with him Diego simeone be Argentina manager…. I don’t like his style of playing that is my opinion but no make mistake about it he is real winner thought I have big respect for him….. for now I perfer low profile manager …….. Argentina have so many good technician like Eduardo Coudet Eduardo berizzo gaby heinze Gaby millto sebastian beccacece and af course big man Gallardo and many more

      • @Manuel…. Argentina’s world cup disaster wasn’t his faulty it was sampoali’s madness that is why beccacece chose to start his own career… it wasn’t long ago Marcelo bielse want as his asistanse … The guy is highly rated young up coming manager….

    • I keep saying this:
      Gallardo is El cholo, Pep and mourinho combined.
      I expect him to be among the top 3 coaches in the world in a matter of few years

      • I watched few games river plate played I like garalldo he looks proper technician his team is so balance I also like racing club coach eduardo Coudet

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