Roberto PEREYRA scores another goal for Watford in win against Crystal Palace


Roberto PEREYRA’s excellent form continues this season for Watford with yet another goal.

After scoring twice in the opening match, PEREYRA has now added a third to his name, this time in Watford’s 2-1 win against Crystal Palace. It seems as if PEREYRA only scores nice goals and not simple tap in’s from close range. PEREYRA’s curler of a shot from outside of the penalty area beat the goalkeeper to give Watford the 1-0 lead.

Per Opta, Roberto PEREYRA’s been involved in seven of Watford’s last 10 goals in the Premier League. Six goals, one assist.

Roberto PEREYRA was part of the 2015 Copa America squad for Argentina and with this impressive form, should definitely be included in future squads as well.


  1. In 2002 Aimar was a bigger star than Ronaldinho. What Brazil did they believed in Ronaldinho while we didnt in Aimar.

    If every generation in the youth teams 2-3 players end up playing regularly for the Nt team than that Generation is a succes.
    Youth football is different from profesional football.
    Its like in the college basketball players shine but when it comes to the NBA it doesnt translate. Devin Booker was a role player in college and so was Towns but in the Nba they are good while their teammates in college not.
    Many factors play a part in a career: desire, injuries, wrong career choices,… and some players grow and reach their peak earlier others later.
    When Maxi lopez came in for Barca vs Chelsea he caused havoc because he was unknown for the chelsea players and jose so he wasnt studied and they didnt watch as much film of him so when he came inhe caused havoc.
    Whst happened later he was found out and he wasnt an element of surprise do he faded.
    When the youngster play some games they get studied, their movements and everything so some of them stagnate but great players always reinvent themselves and grow while other are not so they fade.

    Its not about youth or senior its about momentum!
    Grab the moment wnd you win thsts what Brazil did in 2002.

    • Agreed. Thats why we need a very strong U17 and U20 team so every year we get at least one guy.

      However, I dont know why we dont ever get any good CM, GK or fullbacks. Its been waaay too long since we had one decent CM or one decent GK. After Pato there isnt a single Argentine Goallie who is decent or close to world class. And I sorta know why we don’t produce attacking fullbacks who defends, since Arg always kept their fullbacks a little behind and wingers provides width. But its frustrating seeing the whole world producing fullbacks while we dont.

      The most worrying thing is the midfield culture. Its unacceptable that after 32 years of revolutionary tactical change by Billardo we have the same idea about midfield and fullbacks in the Superliga. We still have the same archaic idea that Midfielders are either defensive or attacking. Even a Mennotista like Holan makes his team play exclusively on the wings. If teams doesn’t play down the middle where will those midfielders come from?

      Anyways, I am watching Sevilla v Villareal to see how Caseres is style wise, and I have the same frustration. He is the prototypical Argentino Number 5. Just a Libero. Tackles, Gets the ball plays behind or sideways without moving or keeping the ball.

      I’m still waiting to see a guy who is not an attacking midfielder or a defensive midfielder.

      • Too many players in some departments and none in some.
        We need 2 way players and a goalkeeper so we dont have to unbalance our team to hide weaknesses in defence by putting more defensive minded players to not get scored on.
        Argentina has been trying to win by playing in a shape of a woman 90-60-90 but we need a woman whose belly (midfield) is 90 and not a slim one. Midfield has been neglected.

        • The last time we had a proper Midfield was when Riquelme(Enganche) , Lucho and Cambiasso, Maxi Roderiguez(Box to Box) Mascherano(Destroyer) ,Look at that we had all kinds of players in Midfield. Well since then It was always, Mascherano(Destroyer) Biglia(Again Destroyer, Di Maria(useless) Enzo(He was ok as a box to box), Banega (Only midfielder who had vision, but rather inconsistent). I believe had Pastore been consistent and Injury free and had little bit hunger we would had a better Midfield. unfortunately Pastore never fulfilled his talent wasted himself by staying at PSG. Lamela and Augusto also was never utilized properly(Injuries didn’t help them either)

          No wonder we r in such a bad shape because we dint had proper midfield as u said, Its been completely neglected for attacking through Wings. (Lavezzi was good in that by the way)

      • Out of 3 young CMs of Velez last season Caseres was really the least interesting. I recommend to watch Robertone and especially Nicolas Dominguez.

    • Ghostdeini,

      I totally agree on the element of surprises needed. That is also one of reasons why our old generation will not win anything anymore.

    • “In 2002 Aimar was a bigger star than Ronaldinho. What Brazil did they believed in Ronaldinho while we didnt in Aimar”.

      He was perfect conterbalance for stars of Ronaldo and Rivaldo.

  2. Many Mundo members are worried about seeing a few Argentine youngsters being on the bench for 1 or 2 games at the their clubs. Since the season has just started there is nothing to worry about in my opionion. I believe that Every player can win a first spot at their club if they work hard hard. For instance, Lo Celso won the heart of Unai Emery last season due to his great effort and hard work.

    Lautaro can win his starting position if he works well with coach and develops his skills. Some of us like to label any Argentine player who gets on the bench for only one game as benchwarmer. I even saw a post from a member saying that Ascacibar has lost his place at Stuttgart, but the reality is that Ascacibar is one of Stuttgart’s most valuable players if not their most important one.

    The season has just started and most of the teams bought new players and some of the teams have introduced new coaches which makes the coaches to use different players in the first games of the season to find out their starting line-up.

  3. lately i just read comments without write something
    because generally this period is not for national teams but for clubs and i turn my attention mostly
    for my club (River Plate ).

    just i am reading some guys argue about some of our young players if they are good bad etc
    and i want to say this.

    just because our biggest young talents for the moment are not starters in their clubs or even if they are not playing in the biggest European clubs that doesn t mean that they are shit players or our national team will be horrible.

    everything is depending on the develop and the hard work they are doing
    and the chemistry that we create in our team.

    we have the best player of world and he play in one of the best clubs of Europe.
    Messi- Barcelona.

    So what?
    what it means ?
    that we will winning all the world cups?
    we see just 2 months before the answer.

    Argentina have very good young and talented players.

    the only matters is wherever they are playing
    to work hard to develop theirselves go higher level
    and after to enter in national team and work even harder
    together with coach ( whoever will be ) find chemistry and create one strong team.

    if our players play well in the national team then the big clubs will come for them sooner or later.

    • Damn. You’re right. Things are going from bad to worse. Our most talented players are out of the starting line-ups.

    • Guys I advise you all to try and look at things alittle more positively. Yeah seeing such talented players on the bench is frustrating but the season has *just* begun and if those players are as talented as we think they are they will earn their place back (Celso will have the hardest time but I believe he can do it).
      Also you somehow ignored the fact that Pereyra, DePaul, Ocampos and Simeone all scored and had good games.
      So again try and be more positive and remember that the WC is 4 years away and to start worrying now is well… about as useful as trying to solve simultaneous equations by chewing gum.

  4. Robert pereyer a long side injure lanzini re those good midfielders Argentina had they both can play anywhere cross the middle except holding midfielder or distoreyer. even lately Erik lamela has improved his game a lot used soft but now become different player. But sadly last 10 years the national team was mascherano and his friends team.
    I mean how was possible last 7 or 6 years
    Argentina had same midfielder players haven’t even tried to produce new blood.
    Especially those three players were guarantee starters regardless thier form.
    Mesch,biglia,di maria it’s beyond me.
    The worst thing is still di Maria wants to come back . It’s shocking really

  5. Pereyra is a good option as he is able to play in different systems: he can be used as left midfielder in a 442 or CM in a 433(proven with Juve). When he played at Juve, I thought he would have continued as a CM and would have become the next Vidal…. He is only 27 now and never too late.

  6. And now just try to imagine we are back to Di Maria or Banega instead call up player like Pereyra or one of those who are still behind NT despite good clubs performances. For me Pereyra is alternative for Lo Celso or Paredes.

    • And now try to imagine if Pereyra didnt fail in a big european club (Juventus) and dont start to play his first good matches in Watford after 2 years LOL, if Pereyra’ll end the season with 10-15 goals, the same amount of assists and lead the Watford in top7, i say come in Pereyra, till that day cmon…only your fanboyism and hatred nothing more

      • Roy, can you please do something with memeber which all activities comes down to trolling about how our young generations players are poor. Someone who is emerging only when there’s something wrong with them here and there and who is getting pleaseure in their fails.

      • You act like someone hired by dark side who want keep Argentina football in this standstill by shooting at every youngster, every progressive initiative that will be step ahead. You will claim for Marias, Banegas, Agueros, Higuainas, Biglias, Rojos and others despite the fact they luckily made 1/8 of last WC.

        You are not just conservative. You are anti-progressive or just, most likely, troll. Higuain deserves another chances even if he didn’t scored in NT since years. Di Maria the same even if he needs 10 game to play one good. And you’ve said now the youngsters called up by Scaloni should deliver within 2 games… Such things may talk only crazy person or someone anti-progresive, future intention.

        So what do you want us? We should go for Copa 2019 once again with oldies? Please say that directly because it’s the only conclusion of your trolling.

        Emerging only when it goes bad with our youngsters. As in was with Lo Celso being benched of late in PSG. I know yo’ve flet satisfaction.

      • I know the kidulthoodism, the rhetoric very well:

        Statements like
        “Who is Lanzini? Player of weak West Ham”. Stupid arguments that he should not be called up because player of mediocree/small club… And your personal countless hates at Lanzini that completly 0 creativity from this player…

        At the end of the day both Kidulthood and you were surprisinlgy ‘open’ for him when WC was close. Now the same with Pereyra. Mediocree team doesn’t mean mediocree player. People without any knowledge about football beyond Top5 (or pop) clubs of Europe will always play with arguments like that. If you have no time to follow a players from small club stop give opinions about them and the more estimate by Whoscored. Pereyra must not score 15 goals in league to be worth NT. He is not striker. Lanzini was worth of NT while he had not 15 goals.

        • And top5 clubs win everything…without the new argentine Mbappe, the argentina Umtiti-Varane duo, the argentina Griezmann, and from the most important position the argentina Kante and argentine Pogba-caliber talents we wont win WC in the next 100 years, the only south american team who won WC in this century with full of superstars Golden Ball level players Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho, Cafu, Roberto Carlos, class centre defenders and a good goalkeeper, enough said…2006 Buffon, Zambrotta, Cannavaro, Nesta, Pirlo, Gattuso, Totti, Del Piero, Toni….Neuer, Boateng, Hummels, Lahm, Kroos, Schweini, Özil,the underrated Klose and so on…

          • Only moron like you may convert and simplify the logic so much.

            The players are not winning WC just because they are Real or Barcelona players. They are winning WC because they are among best players on the world and that’s why Real and Barcelona are buying them. You see the difference. Being big club player is not guarantee of anything but if a nation have big players they will contracted often by big clubs.

            But fact is that Argentines are not generally big clubs players. Like it or not most our people there faded and found form sooner or later in smaller club.

            There’s nothing good and it’s playstation kids approach to want our youngsters just to go to one of top clubs and be benched without previous preparation in smaller club with enough playing time. Nothing good in this. They should first build their position in smaller club.

            At the end of the day Argentina could be World Champion in 2014 if our big clubs players like Higuain or Aguero did better. And the team depended a lot on smaller club footballers.

          • Once again:

            Our 1998 team was no way below the level of 2014 (just harder path to final) and they were competitive to best teams of the world. How was Batistuta, Veron, Ortega and others players of big clubs. Does anyone can deny they were among best players on the world then?

          • “the underrated Klose”

            underrated only by people with vision like you. You could never pay him a bit of attention as having 22 years (best goalscorer in history of World Cups) Miroslav Klose was playing for third league reserves of Kaiserslautern. 2 years later he scored 5 goals in World Cup. After that Germans decided, no talented player will omitted more and they organised whole country system of schooling to eliminate such cases in future. Did he looked impressive on the pitch – he did not. He didn’t looked like best player but he was right player in system. He never played for youth teams of Germany.

            He was first talented, than called up to NT, then start scoring, then buyed by big club and only at the end WC winner. You see the logic. Big clubs with big money are buying up great players but they need not to go there to be big players.

          • There’s no better promotion to big club for Argentina players than be call up as 20 years old player from local league to NT. See case of Almendra/Maroni.

            Argentina NT is always under eye of all football world. Any new player introduced to NT who play in local league or small European club is almost always at once aim of better club. Best way to promote our players to better club is call them up to NT. Meza as far had only one good game in NT against Spain. But still he was on radar few European clubs and even after his poor performance in WC Inter Milan interested. Bustos draw attention of Bayern Munchen yet after his debut against Italy in NT. Acuna went to Europe shortly after was called up. Tagliafico the same. Was Di Maria Real player when he was first called up? No, only Benfica. No better way to hit lights of big clubs on our youngsters than call them up early. Check out our NT call ups in past.

          • Being big club player is not condition of being WC winner. The clubs have just more big players thanks to their money.

            BTW where are the big club players in Brazil 2002 beyond ROnaldo, Rivaldo, ROberto Carlos? A lot of players from domestic league while Ronaldinho was just mediocree then PSG player .

          • I mean the most world class talents Ronaldo, Rivaldo, Ronaldinho Golden Ball winners, R Carlos 2nd, Cafu one of the best RB ever and so on, OK you like Gonzalo Martinez, Pol Fernandez, Nacho Fernandez etc, but these older local players are not the recept to win WC anymore, we arent write 1986 before Bosman-rule, even Brazil is unable without 4-5 all time greats…

          • We are not talikng about talents or Golden Ball winners but big clubs. And Ronaldinho had not Golden Ball before WC 2002.

            Cafu is like Veron or Batistutua – great player if smaller club. But it was question about big clubs.

          • Veron: Lazio was far from small team, the Manchester City of that era, before that Parma with a lot of stars too, in MU he failed coz the tactics and injuries, but after that even Inter was a bigger club than nowadays.

          • What are you talking about? Veron was Parma player in 1998, not Manchester or Lazio. Parma was good team but for sure not big

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