Argentina Throwback Thursday: Hernan CRESPO scores against Colombia


Beginning with a new weekly series, it’s the Argentina Throwback Thursday where we will be looking at either a goal, a performance or a match from times past.

To kick off the series we have one of the greatest number 9’s of his generation and one who left his mark with Argentina, Hernan CRESPO.┬áIt was the qualifiers for the 1996 Atlanta Summer Olympics and also Argentina’s final match in the first group stage. The game took place in Mar del Plata on February 26 where the Albiceleste got a 4-0 win.

It was a goal made in River Plate as Matias ALMEYDA flicked the ball over not one but two Colombian players before crossing it over to Hernan CRESPO. The Argentina number 9 found himself on the end of the lovely play and scored an absolutely stunning volley into the top corner. The goalkeeper stood no chance.

A great goal and definitely one from the archives which was worth taking a look at!


  1. Little surprised with so high win of River against Racing. River Independiente quartefinal would be great comeptition as well. And they do that without Pity Martinez.
    Palacios of course. But there’s also RB Montiel (assist) of the same U-20 team Palacios was. Both good prospects. Nacho, Pratto do well as always.

    • Quintero is the brain of the River, in him has that extra creativity which in Gonzalo Martinez lacks to be a great playmaker, Martinez is more a winger. Palacios with some good through balls.

  2. Guys there was no any broadcating of Uruguay – Argentina sub 20 match. Not even any highlights I see as far. Just know Squads and Chancalay as goalscorer.

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