Jose PEKERMAN steps down as coach of Colombia National Team, Argentina future?


It is now official, Jose PEKERMAN is no longer the coach of the Colombian National Team.

There were rumors that PEKERMAN would step down and others stating he would stay on but it has now been made official, Jose PEKERMAN is no longer the coach of the Colombian National Team. Ramon JESARUN, the president of the Colombia FAN had this to say:

“It hurts, but it’s a personal decision and had nothing to do with money or Pascual LEZCANO.”

PEKERMAN was Colombian’s longest lasting coach and there are already rumors that he the Argentina U20 World Cup winner could come back and work with the AFA. PEKERMAN was linked with the general manager position as well as once more becoming the senior coach of the Argentina National Team.


  1. I think he can be our coach, definitely. He is old but not that old like Oscar Tabarez. Only thing is Pekerman can give us maximum of a 4 year. We should have a longer cycle something like 8 years, A young coach. Something like Loew for Germany. but still pekerman would rejuvenate the youth.

  2. Under Tapia AFA is trying things. Glad for that. But it should be little logical too. Pekerman is a real deal. After these friendlies Pekerman should be the coach at least till copa America and Scaloni Aimar Samuel can all be his assistants. Pekerman experience is different especially for the qualifiers. Psychologically we lost half chance of world cup because of qualifiers.. almost no hope.. emotions.. tensions.. again we must not go to the same cycle..If possible bring back Beccacece too. That guy is talented. If we miss Pekerman then it would be a real loss. Messi should speak now. To Beccacece..if he remains silence terms of ‘involvement’ he don’t deserve a place..a good cloud of atmosphere has been gathered..we must use the opportunity..

  3. I think the kids will put a good show in the coming matches. too much speculation is going around here, Let’s give the team and the coaches the benefit of the doubt, they did not play a single minute yet. I think We will do just fine.

  4. At this stage, I would happily take Pekerman. I don’t understand the interim manager set up. This looks to me as an utter waste of time. If AFA wants to use youngsters, they can hire a manager who works well with youth development. They don’t need an interim manager to check out all local talents. After all, if the new manager doesn’t like a kid, he won’t pick him.

    • AFA don’t have to guts to drop old guards and test new project. I’m happy with interim manager, same situation happened with Indian cricket in 2007 after Disaster world Cup to experiment with a new with interm coach then a permanent coach came and core group already set and few old guard join latter to make the squad superior and rest is history

  5. Pekerman has always been my choice and Colombia became competitive the second he took over and NEVER looked back. Unlike other South American countries where any positive is good enough, Colombia has enough super stars and as much expectations to deliver on the biggest stages as any other country.

  6. I saw Scaloni’s line ups…a total joke…this guy is in way over his head…Apparently enough idiots in the AFA think that the primera has good players. Please watch the royal ass kicking Barcelona gave Boca Juniors so that these guys can get the shit out of their eyes.

    • You really need to chill, it’s a friendly against Guatamala and yeah the primera does have good players, it’s a matter of giving said players a chance in – again- a friendly. Palacios isn’t even 20 so there is nothing wrong with giving him a confidence boost and a meaningful experience against a lower team in an otherwise meaningless game.
      Pity Martinez has been consistently good for River for nearly 2 yrs so I think he’s earned the right to get a call.
      Other call ups like Bustos, Franco and Meza are undeserved IMO and if that’s so then game time will show it and they won’t be called up again.

      Lastly regarding Boca-Barca, Boca is a team full of oldies and non Argentines and what we’re talking about are young players who may turn out to be diamonds in the rough…….or completely useless but you won’t know until you try.

      • Mamoun, he maybe even didn’t watched the game. He don’t know what are the players of Boca and don’t know that in these days Boca lost points also in Argentina league, and so on… Ignored the context.

        No coincidence biggestt critics of Argentina league is biggest ignorants at the same time.

          • All you brain surgeons saying this team is gonna be good need to stop believing your own BS.
            Yeah, our players “ALL” came from primera. Do you not know crap about how young we sell our players. They don’t even play the ones with potential out of fear they will get injured. Yeah, I saw Boca get fu***ing destroyed. How far we have fallen that we look at this pile of shit players and say, oh great future.
            All that and 2 midgets playing defensive backs. One got owned by Mbappe and Isco ass raped Bustos in the Spain game.

            Make no mistake, I love Argentina, but I have standards as well. I don’t blindly eat a plate full of shit the AFA is feeding me because they wear the jersey I love.

    • 100% right man! the division is a shit league! big time shit! thinking we can play with players from there is pathetic! thats some 1978 bullshit that menotti is dreaming of! bullshit AFA!!! good i hate this federation so much i cant put it in words!

      • I just wonder which one of local players well-known haters of this site is the account “manuel” that really not often is commenting here beyond such “creative” statements about the only source of our talents.

        Fuck off troll.

    • You must be living with very negative people. You’re always negative, a baby doesn’t run the moment they’re born, they gradually grow and are able to run. You need to relax, else go and apply for Scaloni’s Job.

    • So what do you reckon? Call same players again and again with no future. Even if they get so called “ROYAL ASS KICKING ” still they will learn. It’s a MARATHON not sprint we are on now. Chill

  7. It would have been nice having him back again, well at least to me, especially now that we are in one of the biggest rebuilding phases of our history. I always liked him.
    He did mistakes in 2006 wc but there is no manager doing no mistakes and i also strongly believe that if we would have given him more chances like other countries did, germany with lowe for example, we may had stopped this fucking draught already.

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