Geronimo RULLI, PAREDES, SIMEONE and more in Argentina training eleven


Interim Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI has tried out his first formation and players on Tuesday for Argentina.

With Paulo DYBALA still not joining the squad due to off pitch problems and Inter captain Mauro ICARDI likely to miss out due to injury, here were the eleven players which were tried out in training:


It’s worth noting that Lautaro MARTINEZ is also unfit and there are rumors that Lionel SCALONI would play two different teams for the two matches.

Argentina vs. Guatemala – Los Angeles, Friday, September 7 at 11:00pm Eastern (8:00pm California time, 4:00am UK Saturday).

Argentina vs. Colombia – New York, Tuesday, September 11 at 8:00pm Eastern (5:00pm California time, 1:00am UK Wednesday).


  1. The Moment i saw Ramiro Funos Moris Name in the list, I knew that he will automatically starting(As if he is very good) He is a Disaster waiting to happen error prone, We cant build our future back line around him, Pezzella, Tagliafico looks good for upcoming years. Mammana was apt too(Hope he recovers and start accumulating minutes) Kanneman well looks good lets see . Bustos may have to be tested more its good he has Placido in his tail to compete with.

    Angel Correa, Dybala, Icardi/Lautaro would have been more better at top, Pity and Pavon also not bad either. I for some reason is not keen on Simeone.

    Midfield by the way looks good, Ascacibar obviously is better as of now in place of Palacios, but still the Good thing is all 3 Paredes, Lo Celso and palacios r willing to play forward and to defend too. Paredes is a true deep lying play maker and lo celso can be more of an enganche (Which he used to be before) and Palacios the Box to Box. Its always good to have variety in Midfield.

    Lets see how they r gonna play even if it is against Guatemala. Columbia will be real game. Rulli have to step up now. If he does the GK position is in his grabs for for long time. Romero is for some reason coming back again and again.

      • Yup Battaglia/Ascacibar can play in same position, Palacios is more of a Box to Box, Lo Celso nowadays plays in that position , Paredes is more of a Deep lying Play maker, But playing all 3 at same time well we will see how they r gonna play. Genuinely Excited to watch our friendly after long time…

  2. you can not play funes mori god dammit!!!! that guy is sitting on the bench with villareal and villareal is losing every game. he is not even good enough for this side….but maybe playing for argentina…pathetic! what a loser selection!

  3. For me dybala Nd icardi can’t play together…if dybala play than I would play simeone ….or if icardi play I won’t play dybala….I won’t someone at front who can press the defenders……really impressed by simeone …..what talented strikers like batistuta, crespo, tevez, higuain, aguero have given to us?? Just nothing…..i won’t simeone to be given a chance for long term….he is hardworking upfront and can make lot of space for dybala Vargas or anyone….his positioning is good he just hv to improve his finishing….then I will play simeone ahead of icardi or lautaro

    • > Batistuta, crespo, tevez, higuain, aguero have given to us?

      I’d freaking KILL to have Batistuta playing right now. and I’m glad Aguero is available to play if called up. Besides, if you’re measurement for contribution is solely based on winning the world cup, then 99% of all players are worthless

  4. I saw Scaloni’s line ups…a total joke…this guy is in way over his head…Apparently enough idiots in the AFA think that the primera has good players. Please watch the royal ass kicking Barcelona gave Boca Juniors so that these guys can get the shit out of their eyes.

  5. The team from training is good. Against Colombia we may field:



    ………Lo Celso/Paredes………Palacios/Acuna


    • Angel Correa over Vargas without a doubt, europe players will play imo vs Columbia. Vargas is not ready for such high-caliber match, the call-in is a gift for him.

      • “Vargas is not ready for such high-caliber match, the call-in is a gift for him”.

        You should add here “IMO”. That’s just your suppositions. There’s no sense in your statemants. First of all it’s just friendlies. So what high caliber match?

        Second, Correa even as European club player didn’t show nothing as far in NT (goal against Bolivia?) so as you see neither to be in Europe nor to be A.Correa is not guarantee of good contribution in this “high-caliber” match.

        “without a doubt”

        The fact is Vargas has a lot more creative talent than Correa. When it comes to passing Correa is average while Vargas is growing to be great passer and more team attitude player. He will need some time probably but has gifts for future crack.

        • “The fact is Vargas has a lot more creative talent than Correa.”

          “You should add here “IMO” and always when you write something harshly. That’s just your suppositions. There’s no sense in your statemants.”

          In this season Vargas passing is horrible, i saw the Boca match, and was schocked about his passing inconsistency. (Correa big problem too), some through balls not enough if every second pass is misplaced.

          And please dont make your second Meza from Vargas, he’s nowhere near ready status. The difference Meza will never be, Vargas maybe in some years and after european experience.

          • “In this season Vargas passing is horrible, i saw the Boca match, and was schocked about his passing inconsistency”

            1. I doubt you were enough sacrificed to watch any game of Argentina league in the middle, dark night as the game was in Hungary. Simply I don’t believe you. If you have watched why comments about the game only now. Every your statements could be as well derived from pure stats what I know you are practicising in Argentina league case instead of watching live games.

            2. You’ve said “in this season”. So you are going to judge his “season” after one game?

            Yes, a lot of his passes were not efficient in last games, but I thonk whoever watched few games of this kid may easily admit he has the eye of outstanding passer.

            What change in last 3 games of Vargas (right after he was called up) is that Velez opponents are paying most their defensive attention to keep quiet the player as creative mind of Velez.

            “he’s nowhere near ready status”
            “Vargas maybe in some years and after european experience”

            You should know there’s no any logical support to these statements above. LOGICAL not EMPIRICAL. He may or may not be ready (both possible). WHat I want to say is that to stand any dam now ahead of such talented players like Vargas or Palacios and limit their NT minutes because of supposed “not ready” is misunderstanding of moment is the NT and lack of good will (supoort ancient regime and regres). We have the friendlies to test new players. If you want to say Vargas is not ready because he never played in Europe so what about Armani, Meza, Di Placido, Saravia, Pity Martinez, Palacios, Franco, Bustos, Kannemann? According to you all they should go home becuase they are not ready to play in this “high-calliber” friendly.

            So if you’d taken a moment to think about what you’ve said you’d see what absurdal conclusions this brings. I think at least one of the players above will start against Colombia and no one will take this as wrong because it’s the aim of the friendlies.’

            According to your words on other places also players like Cervi should not start becuase he play only for Benfica of weak league. The only players who are ready for you is your old guard. Yeah, we should back to Marias and call them up against Guatemala and Colombia. I don’t know yoy noticed that but it seems no one is interested more in Di Maria services and his club goals.

            Tell me, Is Lautaro Martinez ready because he have played one or two games in Serie A as far? I bet you should said he is ready. But the fact is no way the few minutes in Serie A made him ready to play against COlombia. Is Ascacibar or Tagliafico ready just beacuse they are in Europe less than year? No way. It’s about talent. That’s why we go with the player. Talent and future invest, trust that they may give us a lot in future if we will open the doors at once for them.

  6. Ideal line up should be like
    Rulli – RB pazella F.mori Tagliafico F.Vasquez parades lo celso – Dybala Simeone pavon/corera

  7. Hey, Argentina fans:
    I have an extra ticket for the friendly with Colombia on 9/11/18 at the Met Life Stadium in NJ. This is a $196 ticket, section 114, row 12. I hate to see it go to waste; is there anyone who could use it (not worried about collecting $$)? Please respond if you would like it.

    • We have two friendlies.

      Ascacibar may start against stronger Colombia as he is better defensively than Paredes. We may fare well without destroyer like Rusito against Guatemala with contribution of extra attacking passes Paredes potentially may give. Against Colombia there should be Ascacibar or Battaglia as No.5

      I hope Franco, Ascacibar/Battaglia, Vargas, Lautaro will start against Colombia.

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