Mauro ICARDI trains normally with Argentina team mates, could play vs. Colombia


Mauro ICARDI trained normally on Thursday and could feature on Tuesday night vs. Colombia.

Interim Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI received a boost on Thursday as Inter captain Mauro ICARDI trained with the rest of the Argentina team. As we’ve reported several times this week, ICARDI has been carrying a knock and was (remains) doubtful for the match on Friday against Guatemala.

The official Argentina account confirmed the news regarding ICARDI on Thursday. However, with ICARDI training normally, it would still appear that Fiorentina’s Giovanni SIMEONE will start against Guatemala but ICARDI would likely get some playing time in the two matches.


  1. Would make sense if the coach tries a new set of players for the second game… in that he knows about all players selected for these 2 friendlies. (just my opinion)

  2. not that it is my bussiness or i should care so much but
    icardi is very good striker and he is very good about technical point of view
    but like human he is piece of shit.

    for that reason i don t want to see him be captain of the national team.

    • What he did was shit but that happened 5 years ago,when he was what 20 year old? In these recent years I didnt hear any douchey incident of him so I think its time to move on and let him get his deserved playing time for Argentina

      • Yes true.
        exist after some negetive insidents but this was from his wife not from him.

        anyway it is not the point.

        i didn t say to don t play in national team.
        if he is good and coach need him he should playing.

        i said i don t want to see him be the captain of national team.

        in my eyes it will not be nice to see him wear in arm the captain thing.
        (i don t know in english the name of that thing captains wearing in their arms).

        • It’s called “armband” , my friend.
          few years ago, Fabio Capello _the well known coach- stripped the captaincy away from John terry of the English National team because he had an affair with his teammate’s (Wayne Bridge) girlfriend. A captain is supposed to be a leader on and off the field tactically and ethically.
          If Icardi is in form and capable of producing for the NT, the coach will call on him.

    • Don’t care if he steal someone wife or not ….he can steal other guyz wives too….If he can play well for Argentina that’s only matters.
      And he also hv few followers…more recently exequil barco 😂😂

      • 🙂 🙂 🙂
        unless he don t try steal other national team s player wife 🙂 🙂 🙂

        because then the national team dressing rooms will be something like wwe ring 🙂 🙂 🙂

        we don t want that 🙂

        • He didn’t steal Wanda. The scumbag maxi Lopez fucked other woman, cheated on Wanda, basically throwing his marriage and family down the trash. He is to fault, not Icardi. For all we know, Icardi has been a great husband and father and great Captain for inter. He is certainly fitting for NT captaincy.

          • it is not exactly as you said the story my friend
            but anyway this is not subject we should be interested so much
            unless he create problem to the national team which we both love.

            till now he didn t do anything to hurt our team so no problem.

            just we have different opinion.
            i don t want him as captain and you want him.

            i respect your opinion anyway.

  3. Icardi is one of the most unluckiest player we have. For whatever reason he always gets injured when chosen for us.(Which happened super rarely)
    Even when the last time he played if I m not wrong he was not 100 percent fit.

    A typical tall poacher which we didn’t had for some years, He and Alario r the ones who will be competing each other for number 9 spot. Lautaro and Simone also putting pressure on them. But icardi should be the 1st choice. Even if he plays in atleast 1 of the friendlies he won’t perform upto his level because he is not fully fit. But still people will say HOW MANY GOALS HE SCORED WHEN GIVEN Chance.

  4. Peru organised friendlies months ago against Netherlands and Germany. They fillied in the rare gaps of friendlies the European countries will have. We should do the exact same.

    Right now for example we should book a fixture vs Germany for March next year.

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