Sergio AGUERO scores for City, Erik LAMELA for Tottenham


Sergio AGUERO scored once more for Manchester City while Erik LAMELA came on as a substitute and scored for Tottenham.

AGUERO took part in match number 300 for Manchester City when they ran away 5-0 winners against Cardiff City. AGUERO’s goal was his 205th all time for City, his 147th in the Premier League.

Following the match, Manchester City boss Pep GUARDIOLA had this to say about AGUERO.

“He is an authentic legend. It’s important what he has done at this club and hopefully we will have him for longer and he stays in a good position.”

Erik LAMELA came on as a substitute and had an impact scoring Tottenham’s second in their 2-1 win against Brighton. LAMELA played well and Tottenham seemed more in control of the match after his inclusion.




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  2. Dybala looked very average today. He did nothing , no threat at all!! In-fact he has been in very poor form since the beginning of this season!!

  3. Very low level match, more bitching than play, this Almendra-Barrios-Nandez midfield passing-wise is horrible, why not play at least a guy who can distribute? Gago, Reynoso ot at least Pablo Perez?

    • It’s clear he never watched game between the 2 teams. Battlefield instead football pitch is normal when the 2 teams play against each other

      • ive seen more el classico than you idiot, and 90% of primera matches are very low level, only enjoyable when they forgive to play full retard, very rare if some local team want to play some possession game, the lack of attacking prowess and quality players make the whole schematic and predictable (Lanus, Defensa, Velez), so argentina matches hard to enjoy

  4. This is the time for dybala to show his character …he was pretty average today…
    Nd I don’t want weak mental personality in the national team now… Paul has to play good for whole season to get a call in national team….lamela is far better than him and I love lamela strong personality…
    To win leagues u need good skills but to win tournament like copa libertadores, UCL or world cup u need skills with strong personality.

  5. In a minutes Boca – River.

    Armani, Montiel, Pity, Palacios, Magallan, Pavon, Benedetto – all actual and possible names (except Andrada) of Scaloni to start. Also Almendra.

  6. De Paul is must for Argentina, Argentina have to select players from Europe between 23-27 aged players and from local league 18-22 aged and players no more farmer meza

  7. I’m defense of Iguain he never get any real service while playing for Argentina that’s the reason they don’t score for Argentina like they do for their clubs

    • Even when he gets service or finds himself one on one with a goalkeeper due to opposition mistakes he fails to convert in crucial moments. It happened in three finals in a row. Higuain’s problem is a mental block, not service per se.

    • if higuain get 100chances in big game he will miss 100 out of 100. Argentina would have eliminated against Nigeria if Rojo not scored

  8. Csabalala, rather than being a perpetual naysayer, a Danny Downer, how about you field your own team and we’ll take a look. Otherwise you are just a captious curmudgeon, a la Kidulthood.

    • We have not enough BIG PLAYERS of BIG CLUBS to make such line up. You can’t multiplicate Di Maria as well. For him Lo Celso, De Paul, Paredes and others are just not good enough for PSG, Valencia, Roma. There’s no other explanation. De Paul must not be good as he failed in Valencia. As if once Ortega didn’t failed there and in other European clubs to shine in NT. Some things are just beyond his comprehension.

  9. Argentine players are scoring everywhere aguero,higuian,lamela,dimaria,de paul,gomez ,messi ,tagliafico.
    I dont know happens to them once they put on albiceleste jersy.

  10. De Paul scored 4 goals from 5 matches and today against he scored with stunner and provide a superb a winger he played well..I think he deserves a NT callup…he is now on his pusetto also very good..

    • I think he has his prime still ahead. It’s good time to let him take the right wing from Meza. Or he still may be call up instead of Vazquez.

    • Actually I would like to see him for trial at RM/RW position in NT. Being right footed He did well on the flank too. This is the only position now we have big ? so why not De Paul. He is just one of options, but my favourite.

        • Call up for him is jus matter of time. He may play the RW as well may be in some games alternative for Lo Celso and Palacios. He may swap positions of wingers each other with Pity as well to make us more unpredictable. Both the players used to be playing both wings in times.

          Though ATM it’s about the vacant RM/RW position.

  11. Di maria is in sunlime form and he should be called up along with aguero. There are many haters of dimaria here including gonzalo but the fact of the matter is there is no one in argentina as talented as him in lw position.i have watched perotti, pappu, pity,meza,but no one as talented as him.

      • Vish,

        If the so called “hate” will any help not to see him in NT more, I want to be his hater 😛

        We have too many good young options to think still about Di Maria. Even Pavon, irritating as well as Di Maria, is now probably better option than he is.
        I don’t know any Mundo member here who is really following Argentina wingers all over the world, who still want him to start. Mamoun, Mik, Dadir, Insider, Godin11, Rhaelyn, EnganChe, Sergio, batigol cowcho, Ebo, vimal, Rattlehead, vish (sorry, I forgot few names for sure)- I see the people are following more than only top5 clubs of Europe and I doubt any of them still want Di Maria to start. The law is: the more you know about Arg players all over the world the less you are prone to keep with old, well-known names.

        • All these guys comments i used to read and they dont want di maria it doesnt mean that hes not the best argentine in his position.The fact is he is the best argentine lw.he was good under sebella and tata.coaches also have a say on players form. Under van gall he was shit in manu and in psg u can see what he is.

        • Mate I don’t want di Maria in the national team he could score 100
          Goals for psg I don’t care …
          I will take any winger over di Maria
          To me the guy is fraud… plus in that
          Position we have very good young players who can do better job than him. Definitely no need di Maria.

        • Di Maria’s problem is that he is inconsistent. Yes he might have a moment or two of brilliance in a match but mostly he is not consistent. I hate it when he takes those useless headless chicken runs. Pavon sometimes reminds me of him. Di Maria might be the best available option as a LW NOW, but We should give the younger generation the opportunity to take over. I am almost certain that WE will have a good young motivated LW in few months. If the coach decides to include him in Copa19 he does not have to be a starter, The younger generation needs more time to melt together and We should give them the chance to play more and more.

      • “i have watched perotti, pappu, pity,meza,but no one as talented as him.”

        We saw enough of him and his time with the NT is pretty over. I thank him for his efforts and services for the team but now he has to focus on P$G and his huge $alary.

        After Copa Centenario till the past WC his contribution to the team is very small. Pity Martinez has already won the trust of Scaloni and the left wing position is his.

        Enough is enough!

        • My point is there is no ome in argentina as talented as him and thats a fact whether u guys agree or not……yes he was wasteful in many occasions….but coaches had a part in it. Under sebella and tata he was very good

        • At least he can on the highest level, Cervi, Meza, Gonzalo Martinez and the others never, lack of real quality, they were unable to create one good chance against Columbia in a friendy match with million of spaces, worrying, a competition match is 10X harder, i bet Brazil will beat (easily) this team, if not i will leave this place, but if Brazil do you have to go, i want to know who is the football analphabeta you or I

          • “So why people want Pity over Di Maria?!!!!”

            “i bet Brazil will beat easily this team”

            should not you write rather?: “I pray Brazil will beat easily this team”

            No way man, I will not leave. I see clearly the current squad has future. I will support them no matter what result against Brazil. It’s just beginning. Lo Celso, Palacios, Paredes, Pity, Battaglia, Ascacibar will shine together sooner or later. De Paul will join.

          • Because they dont know anything about football, the difference between the two like the monumental gap in the Club World Cups, dimensionals. Gonzalo want to tell me what i do, when he was the biggest argentine NT hater for years. Atm we drop 2 potential Copas for nothing with Mezas,, yes we build a team for next WC, LOL until we have never more than 10% chance. Russian roulette. Maybe with healty Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Di Maria would have been 20% chance in 2014. No more, and never will more.

      • No disrespect to anyone to me ..
        Di Maria is the worst player from the old guard i can’t imagine how many times he disappointed me …
        If scaloni know nobody want him bk.

    • You can’t do anything more after u’ve played for over 12 years and close to 100 matches. Piece of Mbappe’s sh**. His club team is super talented so his crap doesn’t show up as much just like that selfie retard Aguero.

    • It’s not about hate, I like Di Maria, Only when he is consistent, but he is not.
      We have to go through the transition to younger players, something We should have done 2 years ago. With all respect to the older players, The NT needs fresh blood and WE better do it NOW. At the end, it will be the coach’s call who to include in COPA19, and he better call players who are in top form and deserve to be called and not just big names.

  12. lamela big name??? And Dybala has looser mentality, only Icardi is superstar after Messi and our next captain

    • 20 -years old CM (made of River Plate) Mauro Burruchaga was on the Chievo Verona bench today. He is son of Jorge – our World Champion 1986. Player in Almendra type might be in future someone to follow.

    • How good is he this de paul guy?
      Is he national team material?
      For me I’m not still convince lamela
      Or dybala or icardi for me they re just big names .. i care players who can do very good For the national team rather than big name.

      • De Paul has almost all you need. Good physical conditions. Strong. Good speed with the ball. Nice to watch when operates with the ball like playmaker. Remarkable range of passing. Ball controll – more than good. And long shoots perhaps better than most of our players. Kind of semi-playmaker in Lo Celso kind. Apparently he may operate all over in midfield except DM (still with defensive contribution). Prefers LCM/AM.

        Will better if next time watch by yourself to see

          • ” so why did he fail in Valencia?”

            this is way beyond your abilities to comprehend. So better stay with the conclusion he is just another farmer not worth of attention. Still the same story: why not in big club? Go back to your top-5 clubs mole-like horizons man.

            As you see still new our youngsters are emerging here and there. You was wrong – WE HAVE FUTURE after your oldies.

            What about Leo Suarez? He was doomed for football non-existence for you.


    • DePaul has been in excellent form since last season and I’ve been saying for a while that the kid deserves a call up. He’s a good passer, he’s versatile, has a good shot on him and most importantly his crossing is superb, which could really benefit someone like Icardi.
      I can see him being useful in a 4-4-2 system playing on either side of the midfield or he can sub for Pity as a LF or possibly Paredes in a 4-3-3. His versatility makes him very useful, I hope he, Coco and Pereyra all get a call up from europe and I really hope that coco and pereyra stay fit.

    • Lo Celso should start always. Paredes in all games against medium and small teams. Against strong there must be place for Battaglia (Ascacibar). Against team like Brazil maybe even with both Paredes, Battaglia. Lo Celso as well. On the other hand ther line up against Colombia was good. I want to see cram all they somehow.

      Lo Celso…………..Palacios………………Pity

      ………………..Lo Celso…..Battaglia…..Palacios


      ………………….Lo Celso………Paredes…….Palacios

    • For me lo celso is more important. He can suit any formation and is the link for forwards.
      Parades is a tad slow. To me he is the deep lying playmaker in a 4-2-3-1 formation. In a 4-4-2 formation, I don’t see a starting spot for parades.

    • Both should start if allows. I am a big fan of Sarri since he coached Napoli, so would love to see the similar system with 1 regista(Paredes vs Jorginho), 1 defensive midfielder in a more advanced position(Battaglia/Ascacibar vs Kante) and 1 CM(Lo Celso/Palacios vs Kovacic). Obviously may switch to Battaliga/Ascacibar in front of the defense and then Lo Celso + Palacios as CM.

  13. Players should be considered in old guards Messi Aguero Otamendi Benega Dimaria Romero, if Argentina find suitable replacement then don’t need old guards but i think Messi will be irrepressible till 2022 and Aguero Otamendi Romero till 2019, only Dimaria and Benega position doubtful but I want Argentina to participate copa 2019 with full strength and kick the ass of Brazilian who celebrates Argentina world cup final lose after 7-1 humiliation and took the revenge of copa 2007

  14. Attack was never problem for Argentina, it was the midfield cost Argentina again and again to this golden generation, Messi and Aguero played with elite midfielder with club and finished mache biglia enzo with farmer meza and expect to deliver same with playing kdb sliva xavi inesta. Argentina defense makes 2014 finalist but complete disaster in 2018 and midfield always like French league farmer team. Argentina needs transition in GK, MF, DF instantly but take time to replace forward line

  15. Lamela is 26 only, So he can be useful to our team according to his form same for Lanzini too, . Because of Injury their careers is ruining, Anyhow they will be coming back sooner or later. But the problem is by the time they return there will be abundance in Midfield position. A nice head ache to have. Before we didn’t had any Midfield now we have so many versatile players. Hope fully they will get more chances now on.

    Undoubtedly Lo Celso and Paredes should be the Core for us. those 2 r the ones we always wanted to see for long time. Time to keep their place in tact. Its upto them.

  16. A lot of Stockholm syndrome and domestic violence victims in this site.
    Aguero started the first 2 games of 2014 world cup. 0 goals! Then he got injured.
    Is that not a chance?
    He failed!
    Aguero started the first 2 games of the 2018 world cup. 1 goal. Horrible against croatia.
    Is that not a chance given?
    Then he went on to complain publically against the coach because the spoiled brats didnt get what they wanted.
    Then mascherano took over as coach making formations and they benched him. His friends benched him because they thought higuain suits the formation more.
    At city he is their messi. He cant be messi in our team because messi is messi, sadly he thinks he is messi in our team too. Thinking he doesnt have to defend and do dirty work automatically creating unbalanced formation. It doesnt stop there di maria and higuain think slso they are messi which creates an unbalnced team. The result is we have played for years 6-0-4 formation to hide the lack of effort from those 4.
    Aguero got put in his place by pep, he benched him and warned him so now he works and moves more.
    Where is this aguero for our team?
    Where is the di maria who won the champions league for us?
    They dont give the same effort or better said they think they are stars when playing for us.
    I don’t have a problem if aguero returns. Yes he is our best striker. I have a problem with his attitude when playing for us.
    When messi comes back, and if aguero wants to play he must work his ass of and defend and move and also shut up!
    And also develope chemistry with messi although friends they have none.
    No need for di maria, otamendi, funes mori, romero, gago, biglia, mercado.

    Boca banega is the best midfielder in the world. One of my favorite players. It was a big mistske by sabella not to take him, pastore and icardi to the world cup.
    Sadly banega didnt havevthe desire to work on his career. Had problems outside of the pitch, drinking and got fat. He is still a nice player but very inconsistent. He cant be trusted. It’s a shame because he could have been the best midfielder in the world and si could have been Pastore if he hadnt chosen money, would learn to track back and not to overdo it with tricks but play simple.
    Their time is over, both favorite players if mine,as is aguero.

    Let us struggle and think who will be better in 2022 not now.

    • “They dont give the same effort or better said they think they are stars when playing for us.
      I don’t have a problem if aguero returns. Yes he is our best striker. I have a problem with his attitude when playing for us”.

      Attitude and mentality is the problem. I doubt he will fight anymore as the newcomers will.

    • After copa 3.5 year left for quater which is more than enough, at moment Aguero is best Argentinian striker followed by Icardi, then for the third choice fight between simeone and lautaro. It is considered crime to drop inform Aguero for copa like Zenetti in 2010

    • Your post is filled with lies, exaggerations, and partial truths to simply feed your narrative about Aguero.

      1) “A lot of Stockholm syndrome and domestic violence victims in this site. Aguero started the first 2 games of 2014 world cup. 0 goals! Then he got injured. Is that not a chance? He failed!”

      He was already injured prior to the WC injury and by omitting that key fact, your statement becomes worthless. Given his physical condition, no shit he wasn’t playing great, even before the WC started. Doesn’t prove he’s isn’t capable of playing well for the NT.

      2) “Aguero started the first 2 games of the 2018 world cup. 1 goal. Horrible against croatia.
      Is that not a chance given?”

      Aguero was easily one of best players during the WC2018. Not only did he not start in the 3rd game which could made the difference but he also scored a key goal against France and gave us a fighting chance to win. Omitting his 2nd goal is clearly an attempt to twist the narrative. It aint working, sorry. Also, he and messi, despite all the pressure in the dying seconds against France, managed to get a cross to center and either Di Maria or Fazio missed it. If he were to start against France i think we would have won.

      Secondly, dumbass Sampaoli decided to use 3-4-3. GUESS HOW MANY TIMES ANY OF OUR PLAYERS USED THAT FORMATION? No one had experience using 3-4-3 and it automatically started the team off on the wrong foot. Even Messi looked beaten down as he couldn’t believe the shambolic coaching from Sampa. Sampa is to blame for the teams shit performance, not Aguero. Also, imagine playing ENZO + MASCHE against MODRIC + RAKITIC. What a joke, our midfield was completely overrun by these world class players, no service to Aguero. Game was such a mess, pretty much all on Sampa.

      3) “Then he went on to complain publicly against the coach because the spoiled brats didnt get what they wanted.”

      No, complete bullshit. Again your ignoring the white elephant in the room. He complained BECAUSE SAMPA WAS ABSOLUTE DOGSHIT. Its too bad the players didn’t revolt during the qualifiers.

      4) “Then mascherano took over as coach making formations and they benched him. His friends benched him because they thought higuain suits the formation more.”

      LIES. Based on nothing , you’re just looking for any bullshit reason to trash Aguero.

      5) “At city he is their messi. He cant be messi in our team because messi is messi, sadly he thinks he is messi in our team too.”

      THis is so laughable absurd.

      6) “Thinking he doesn’t have to defend and do dirty work automatically creating unbalanced formation.”

      You’re dead wrong again. Hes does press and help in build up play. Thats the difference between him and any of our striker options right now (mostly about build up involvement).

      7) “Aguero got put in his place by pep, he benched him and warned him so now he works and moves more.
      Where is this aguero for our team?”

      Still here, dude.

      8) “I don’t have a problem if aguero returns. Yes he is our best striker. I have a problem with his attitude when playing for us.”

      I see you’ve come full circle.

      9) “Their time is over, both favorite players if mine,as is aguero.”

      Hell NO, he’s out best Striker by a mile and is selection should be based on form. When he starts to dip or when other players show they’re better, Icardi or Martinez should start.

      10) “Let us struggle and think who will be better in 2022 not now.”

      Nope, we need Copa title. Amazes me how you focus on 2022 when Copa is next year. 1 copa and 4 years is sufficient time for players to integrate.

      • 1) why did he play injured then? So you saying he played injured costing out nt team? Selfish mothefucker! If you are not ready step aside bitch.

        2) ket goal? Really? Really? They didnt take us seriously.
        He could have/ would have/ bla bla
        Why blame sampaoli who all he did was select the friends club, play them snd they even took over his coaching duties.
        They got what they wanted! Still not happy.

        3) they selected the team, players friends and the tactic and still complain about coaching?
        Sampaoli said clearly this is this generation’s world cup not mine. Brainwashed people like you cant accept that.
        The same fucking players under sabella, tata , bauza,sampaoli played because the friends club made it a closed group.

        4) are you blind? It was all over the press? Sheep!

        5) he will never be as good as the G messi. Sadly he thinks he is.

        6) tell me a game he did for Argentina? I am going to watch it and apologize.

        7) His body yes but his talent not.

        8) really

        9) when he shuts up and shows discipline and when he doesnt need “ball carriers” because he has none when playing for the nt, when he doesnt need babysitters like demichelis and becomesa man not some childish selfies brat then he should return, only then!

        10) we did that Einstein we failed, after the copayou will say we need to qualify and then in2022 you will say it is too late to intergrate players because no time, you and your kind have been sprewing this shit for years, groundhog day caught up apologetic domestic violence victim. Argentina was is and will be forever the greatest team before this generation and after them. So believe in your team because its biggerthan any player and it will forever be.
        Aguero can come back if he does all the things above and shows that he is a teamplayer. Team over individual all day.

  17. People don’t with messi argentina NT is special and centre of attraction of world football but without messi it will just a another team.
    We should back our GOAT who everything to argentina, read in an article that he cried like kid who lost his mother after debacle in copa america 2016 but AFA didn’t give him anything except pain and sorrow.

  18. I am really happy for lamela. I hope that he can have a great season finally. He will be really great in our 3 man midfield. High skill as well as great physicality and pressing. He is a rare combo.

    • 3 man midfield? There’s free spot on right wing when he could be tried but if 3 man compacted midfield now I don’t see Lamela over any of Lo Celso, Paredes, Battaglia, Palacios. However I always thought his physical features make him better option to box to box than winger. But ATM our midfielders were too good to push Lamela in somwhere there. There’s only the vacant RM/RW position where he may start and is just one of few options.

      • If we take him as, say, Lo Celso sub – that’s ok. But not over Lo Celso. The only free position he may start now is RW

      • Yes. Really shaping well. Irrespective of their WC failure, brazil & Germany was rated high bcos of the depth of team. Virtually every role had a solid backup. Our midfield is slowly getting there. Keeping injuries aside :
        Pity martz- battaglia- locelso- pavon
        Lanzini- ascacibar-parades-acorrea.

        Further reserves in cervi, acuna, lamela,ocampos, DePaul

        Next is fixing defense similarly

  19. I want ask a question for all mundo followers…. re we supporting Argentina
    Or individual players because ..
    Everyone saying this player that player
    Don’t think guys we have to think about
    What is good for the national team
    we can’t get all Argentina players to the national team That impossible as Argentina have so many talants…
    My point is we have to give chance
    The youth they deserve a time ..
    I don’t mind if some old guards get
    Back to the NT .we must analysis..
    Which position they need to fill in
    If younger player doing good in that position than we must continue with the younger player example in midfield now
    We have good solid young players
    So there for we don’t need di Maria or banage even though I like it what I have seen from Banega sadly we don’t need him now
    Like we have lo celso parades palacios
    In di Maria position we have pity Martinez
    Angel corrie Joaquin corrie povon…
    Otamandi is better than funes mori . ..
    So I real understand why scaloni want him
    Aguero is the best strike Argentina have
    On the moment.. he is way better than
    Icardi simeone alario… but I know scolani
    Won’t call him now .we must wait and see
    What lautro Martinez can do because..
    He is like more aguero type than icardi or simeone.. the players we don’t require
    Anymore are : di Maria fazio higuain
    Enzo Perez. Perotti pastore. Meza.
    For now no messi or aguero. As we trying
    The young players…
    That is my opinion you can disagree with me no problem.. the debet always open

    • Agreed on your list of players that we don’t need anymore. I will actually add Otamendi. Aguero and Mercado are another debate. Maybe during the last 2 games, center back, right fullback and winger are those positions under expectation, that’s why some rumors on come-back of Otamendi, Mercado and Di Maria. People need to understand that City is playing a very different football, very compact. Once their offensive players lost the ball, the wingers and midfielders will press immediately the opponent defenders and try to win back the ball. As such Aguero and Otamendi have both very different role. Otamendi spent most of his time on playing as the 2nd holding for the transition. Aguero is the 9-half, total freedom and the only one who does not need to defend much. You can see him drop deep quite often and let the wingers to cut in.

      Now in the NT, sometimes our midfield may get dominated and he need to be the defensive leader, also need to be fast enough to cover, like what Mascherano did in 2014. We saw the results in WC. He is not a solid defender. He may be world class with City in his duty but purely defensive wise, he is not reliable.

      Mercado is an average player, we are all ok about that. Unfortunately in this position, we haven’t found someone who outperforms others yet. So I can understand why Scaloni wants to call him back, maybe not a starter but one of the contenders of this position. His added value is his ability to operate as center back.

      We have finally creative midfielders strong in holding the ball and in long/short passing, which is a good thing for Aguero’s football style. Besides, Messi is off, that gives him some more room. With Angel Correa on his right and Pity or Cervi on his left, supported by Paredes, Palacios and Lo Celso, that could be quite sexy. But don’t forget he will be 34 in 4 years, does it make sense to build a team which plays for him now?

      Should we take the pain for next year Copa and target for WC? Or should we look for immediate results and then progressively integrate young players? It’s the question that AFA should ask. Deschamps gave up Ribery after WC 2014 and then he gave up Benzema after Euro 2016. They were far from the sexiest football but they made it in 2018.

      • Benzema easily have done better than Giroud but his exclusion is due to sex scandal. In the case for Riberry France has options 100 million players Dembele Mbappe and talented marital not even considered, apart from Aguero and Icardi no world class striker in Argentina at moment and Icardi haven’t scored for NT but deserve more chances, sacrificing copa can’t win you a world cup, south American team are nothing in front Europeans saw in wc 2018, Brazil played like a king in qualifier but struggle against European teams, copa America is the easiest tournament to end trophy draught for Argentina

        • No, Benzema was eligible since 2016. You compared Benzema to Giroud, 2 players with total different style. To me, it’s quite obvious that Deschamps sacrified Benzema for Griezmann, not for Giroud. In all Deschamps’s team, he always has a pivot forward in his starting 11. It’s a stupid debate on the choice between Giroud and Benzema, like lots of French journalists did for years. Most of them have their mouths shut after this WC.

          About Ribery, wrong again. In 2014, Dembele and Mbappe were not there. Not even Martial or Coman. The whole thing is not to get the best talents of your country and make them the starters. That will never work, otherwise everyone can be coach. You got to find players that are compatible with each other and has the right tactical plan with them.

          Unlike you, I didn’t see South American teams getting dominated in this WC. Did France smash easily Peru? Did England deserve to beat Colombia? How many scoring opportunities on the 2nd half for Brazil against Belgium?

          I never said sacrify Copa will make them win WC. Don’t try to twist my words. You think what is the success rate to onboard a new player few months before a competition? Like what Sampa did with Meza and Pavon few months ago. I said is to build a real team long time enough before.

          • You’re twisting my words friend, how can you compare Benzema with best striker in the world Aguero. Deschamps never drop Aguero if he is French player. A player at his peck and lost their prime completely different. Benzema was dropped after sex scandal and no more player what was in previous ask any real Madrid fan, they are crying for Benzema replacement since 3yrar. Argentina did mistake taking finished mache higuain to the world cup and terrible winner Zenetti in 2010. Deschamps used player peck time properly specifically Pogba where Argentina failed to use both Aguero and messi whom made Argentina u20 champion single handily

      • Well, I think we need to be the winning side match after match. Win after win gives team members moral boost and confidence. That will also help to restore respect among other teams.

        Right now we are in a transition phase but i dont think ommiting all the old guards at a time is good. Messi is and always will be NT player till he retires. If he plays for the team then yougn guns will get more confidence. Out attacks will be more sharp and lethal, at least youngs have a lot to learn from him. Including Aguero will lift off the pressure from young striker’s. By Copa we can make them ready to replace Afuero and yet not lessing our strength in strike. And i dont think we have any other better CD then Otamendi now, i know he blunders-everyone does. Though i dont believe Mercado, he is not that good but we are actually out of option here, he could be a sub for now. Di Maria is rotten tomato now so please keep him out of any list, he was one of the best but that is past.

        We have some very good young players, we need to harvest them and give them total chance to co-op with the NT. We surely dont want to put them under total pressure so that they can misfire.

        I dont understand what Icardi’s problem is! He seems to me another Higuen.

        Im totally impressed with Palacios and Pity and Batta, Asci, they are awesome. We have so many talents, we just need to give them the time and chance to mature. Pastore, Lamela and Lanzini is always my favourit. Unfortunately Pastore is lost.

        • Argentina team selection always sucks, dropped Zenetti in 2010 despite winning terrible, dropped Icardi in 2018 despite a top scorer in Sere A. Aguero is messi best friend as well as room mate during World cup, Higuain was mache biglia buddy that’s the reason after choking in final continuing with Argentina team when dropped this mache biglia cried for higuain

  20. I can never understand the logic of some fans here so much that I’m starting to believe you nothing but trolls ..who in their right mind wouldn’t want aguero on their team ?
    In My opinion there’s not a single striker right now we can dare compare to him not even close.icardi ,ALARIO really? Simeone? for god sake .aguero was never allow to show what he can do with the national team ,he was number a number one because all the coach except tata for a short period of time he was never the guy because they preferred Higuain,all this give the other striker time to prove himself nonsense is delusional to me

    • That is soo true I said that before
      Aguero never had proper chance
      In the national team.. maradona and
      Sabella made higuain first choice..
      Exectly… only tata martino trust him …
      I said before and i’m saying now
      Kun aguero and banage never had
      Proper chance.. in nt… it has been
      Victimize the failer of thier teammates.

    • I for one want Kun on the team but please don’t say he wasn’t given proper or enough chances to prove his worth……..said it at least 3 times around here…..Kun is like an 80’s super car, fast, expensive, very pretty to look at ..etc etc etc but breaks down as soon as you take it for a drive longer than 20miles!

      It was always the same horseshit with him, its either that he is injured once he plays for ARGENTINA or gets injured while playing for ARG…….how often did we see him grimacing in pain while wearing the Albiceleste? let me think hmmmmm hmmm ALWAYS,only for him to miraculously recover to play for ManCity that same weekend!!???

      It was ONLY right before the WC when he confessed that he is pain free for the first time since 2015 and it showed but the imbecile Sam found it right to sit him on the bench when he was needed the most only to score when he came it!!

    • Those that hate Aguero are irrational and emotional. They think the solution is getting rid of all senior players but they couldn’t be more wrong especially considering the cost. Preferring Simeone, Alario, Benedetto, etc over Aguero is nonsensical. He’s easily one the worlds best strikers who was one of our best players during the WC despite garbage Sampaoli.

  21. Coco is pure class, if he manages to stay fit then could be a key squad member.
    Kun is also class and if he manages to stay fit and in form then I have no problem with him being called up because to be honest I am not convinced by Alario or Simeone (not yet) and I never thought Beneditto was NT material.

    • I’d like to see Lamela given another chance too. As for the old guard, I also don’t mind Kun, Otamendi and obviously Messi continue with the squad. Having said that, I really hope Messi does not come back too soon, we need to build some semblance of a team before he can come back.

      With Armani in goal, Pezzella, Otamendi, Tagliafico at the back, Ascacibar, Battaglia, Paredes, Lo Celso, Lamela in midfield, Icardi and Kun in attack, there is hope, not to mention up-and-coming youngsters from Primera and elsewhere: Palacios, Caceres, etc

  22. I also do think lamela should given a chance…..he is not afraid to take on defenders ….I personally think he could be the best replacement for di Maria…he brings creativity and physical strength in attack ….pity Martinez and cervi haven’t done anything wrong …so it should be like this
    1- pity Martinez
    2- Franco cervi
    3- Eric lamela
    4- maxi meza ( don’t forget maxi meza bring versatility in squad and he is out of form right now so it’s too early to make decision on him…he don’t loose ball unnecessarily thats the part I like about him)
    These are my LW options

  23. Our best striker hands down. For all the irrationale and emotional senior haters on here…sorry but no one is better than him for the NT, get over it. Current line up except for Icardi and Martinez are minnows compared to Aguero.

      • Midield? Please tell me where I mentioned the midfield?

        I’m referring to strikers – Aguero, Martinez, yet you think I’m I think Aguero is better than him. Sorry, your argument doesn’t work. Nice red herring thought.

        Also I did not mention Messi yet you think im taking about the entire team??? Way too emotional and sensitive to have an objective convo.

        • you’ve said “current line up”. Martinez was not even in line up. So what current line up you are talking about with only Icardi from current 11? One player doesn’t make ‘line up’.

          Besides, yes, Lautaro Martinez should start for us.

          • STRIKERS – Current lineup and options

            1) Icardi
            2) Aguero
            3) Benedetto
            4) Alario
            5) Martinez
            6) Vietto

            Aguero easily #1. Icardi needs more time and I’m excited to see Martinez.

            The other 3 leave too much to be desired and they cannot carry the team or create something out of nothing.

          • Too much conjectures here. Probably none of them can create something out of nothing. When was the last time Aguero created something out of nothing in NT? He is not Messi.

            You forgot Simeone

            Now it’s time for Martinez. He need 2 starts or so.

      • Btw, I love our midfield, I wold never critique the talent they have shown (Palacios, Acscacibar, Paredes, Lo Celso, Battaglia,ect). But i’m also not under the elusion that our potential attackers in Simeone, Alario, Vietto, and Bendetto are good for the NT. This whole mentality of “as long as they are not seniors then they would be perfect for the NT ” train of thought is absolutely bananas.

    • Not a good day as, Leo Suarez, another player you hated and doomed for football non-existence, emerged, ignorant? Now you will do the same with Vargas to your shame.

  24. He could have scored 5 or 6 goals, any world class striker would have. Pathetic. So wasteful and uninventive. Keeps shooting straight at defenders or the Gk.

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