Lautaro MARTINEZ doubtful, Lucas ALARIO, Dario BENEDETTO to Argentina team


Lautaro MARTINEZ is doubtful to make the Argentina team which opens the door for two players.

With Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI expected to announce his squad for next month’s matches today, there are doubts about Lautaro MARTINEZ’s availability for the two games. Per a report by TyC Sports, should the Inter man be unable to make the matches, SCALONI would call-up Lucas ALARIO and Dario BENEDETTO along with Gio SIMEONE and Mauro ICARDI.


  1. A world class team have full of world class players not farmers and this is the difference between Brazil Argentina and Mexico Colombia

  2. anyone saw fulham vs Watford ???….. Luciano vietto outclassed Roberto perreyra ….vietto was superb on counter attack….and vietto dispossessed perreyra multiple times today

    • Yeah I have impressed with vietto I thought he was Centers forward .
      In Fulham he plays as winger today he made good assistance the goal
      Fulham has scored… play really well

      • Another farmer player do not worth of following as he failed in big club 😛 LOL. You may see such opinion about him just few comments below. First he need to shine in BIIIIIG club, then it will be worth of your time to watch him at all. It’s better not to follow any other than City, Barcelona, Real, PSG, Juventus and stay with narrow horizons. That is point of view popular among few people here.

      • Would love see Vietto rise to level of his Villareal days. He really tanked under Simeone. If he could gain form again, he might be better option than Simeone.

    • Yes. I have been watching closely Fulham just for him. He sealed his place n improving every weekend.
      I have doubts regarding Pereira, he wasted too many opportunities to get into NT.

  3. “Football is beautiful even when there aren’t many goals, because defence is part of the sport and, if it’s done well, looks magnificent.”_____M. Allegri

    Only if Sampa knew it during WC! Hopefully current coaches will work to improve it.

    • Sampa was atrocious. After so many years, we finally thought Sampa was it but then the nightmare began with his 30 formations and changing tactics and payers constantly. Unfortunately, his stubborn ways tore a apart during the WC. Such a shame to waste such talent.

  4. Most of our players r shining in europmn league. Bcz clubs using thr talent well.Most of our coaches always looking clueless. They mis used our grt playrs.
    Dmaria looking very good in right wing in psg. In Nt he is not used in that position.i beleiv if he plyd in r/w he can link well with messi. Our coaches not experimenting much in that. Thy always trying natural C.midfldr like lamela in wings.similarly in the case ofdybla same thy dnt know whr to fit same goes to tevez dmaria and they never tried to adapt kranvtr to the the system of Nt. etc. Our main players r unlucky bcz they dnt know how to contribute to Nt.
    One or two matches with nt never wins trophy.players need more time together in ground. So changing players will ruin thr unity..

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  6. Argentina won nothing between 1993-2014 neither considered strong team, changes happens while sabela took over and prime Aguero Higuain Messi Dimaria fav four threatening opponents. Call Argentina choking habits in finals or bad luck injury of key players or not fully fit cost final. In copa 2015,2016 Argentina was 1st favorite and chile was 2nd but chile golden generation won for country in penalties. Argentina Golden generation practically over in 2016 and continuing same team 2018 cost Argentina. Now only three world class player remains for Argentina messi and Aguero from old guards and icardi from Young where Dybala fading this season but still world class. Dropping world class player weekend team and Brazil is out right favourite for copa 2019. Aguero did nothing because not used properly, Aguero single handily win u20 2007 and Olympic for Argentina but always sidelined for Tevez and Higuain, even Aguero injury problem cost us but a fully fit Aguero is the beast even disaster world cup Aguero shines in limited opportunities, Aguero prime will continue till 2020 and Argentina should use peck Aguero last time for copa 2019 properly, Aguero was the main striker when Argentina won Olympic but sadly Argentina Olympic wining XI have not played football together after that

    • I have feeling that Aguero is much more comfortable within a team which plays possession football with technical players good in little space, like the current setup of City is perfect for him. 1 more thing, as he need a lot of freedom, others need to stay more and less in their zone, so the team need to play for him. Now Messi is off, so maybe a chance for him to shine finally, especially with the new midfielders very creative and strong in holding the ball like Palacios, Paredes, Lo Celso and Pity.

      But the fact is in 4 years he will be too old. Should we only focus on Copa next year or should we think bigger? In 2014, Deschamps decided to give up Ribery for giving chance to younger players. And he was right.

      • France had 100 million players Dembele and mbappe in that position where a talented martial not even considered, Argentina doesn’t have options, only Aguero messi icardi and Dybala are available world class players where Dybala facing worst time of career

  7. 16 years old Matias Palacios debuted for San Lorenzo vs Patronato (3:2) last night. We know him from U-20 team of COTIF. Great prospect. While his teammate from COTIF team and San Lorenzo Adolfo Gaich (3 goals in L’Alcudia) scored his first yesterday in the game. COTIF LB Elias Pereyra also started for San Lorenzo. There was also interesting debut on RB – 19 years old Marcelo Herrera. CM Franco Moyano and LF Cristian Barrios are getting more minutes too.

  8. Seein a lot of people here praising and wanking over Aguero like he did something exceptional with the national team. He never did. Even Higuain was better than him.
    Many people wanting the oldies here for “winning” the copa america 2019 like it’s a guaranteed thing or so. They did nothing before(bar the worldcup 14) and they can offer nothing new and their time is surely up. If they are world class and reliable I’ve nothing against calling them up. But we’re not talking about any “worldclass” players,eh are we? It’s just Otamendi,Aguero(worldclass for city I give you that, but he won’t last a whole season),Romero,Rojo,Banega…
    Don’t want to speak anymore of the Otamendis and the Rojos. Enough had been said about them.
    Seen some guys suddenly wanting Banega in the team and blaming all his attitude problems and inconsistencies on his managers! lol. The guy is highly talented but even more inconsistent. Has one or two great games in an entire season. Find missing in the rest. The only “remotely close to consistent” season he had was the season before he left Sevilla for Inter. Even the Great Leo Messi works hard and maintains himself professionally. Without hardwork or right attitude, the talented ones will be just another Banegas. Pastore is his distant cousin in regards to that.

    And finally some here saying Copa America 2019 is the easiest/weakest(whatever way you want to put it) tournament in recent times and there’s only Brasil to worry about and therefore we should bring “pecho frio oldies” to literally win the tournament like it’s guaranteed. I guess some have never watched football before Messi era or before 2014 and they don’t know what happened in 2004 and 2007 where we were gigantic favourites and played some beautiful football and lost to Brasil C teams. The 2007 Basile team were a joy to watch. They were that good until the final against the Brasil reserves. Those who believe Tata’s team played breathtaking football should def watch it. The “strongest” team in both those tournaments were defeated by some kids from Brasil. I know that 2004 was a young team and we left many big guns apart from Ayala,Killy and some, home. But compared to Brasil we were stronger. Nothing is guaranteed mate, you have to earn it even when you’re the favourites or the strongest or the talented or the weakest or underdogs. What’s your take on on the Copa 2011, 2015 and 16? Who were the favourites and the second favourites? Each of those tournaments Argentina were the favourites. And should have won it. But they didn’t. Brasil were’nt even contenders for those, neither were the rest like Uruguay and Chile. Argentina fielded their strongest lineups(bar 2004) for every recent Copa, the same cannot be said about Brasil and still they have 2 Copas in their locker this decade and Argentina have none!

    • And not to mention some even think “saving penalties” is the yardstick for chosing a “goalkeeper”! They would have an average or lousy keeper who’s exceptional at saving penalties over a good decent keeper who’s not so good at saving penalties! Levels.

      These are the guys who also wanted penalty kick specialists over good decent ball players. Seems like they think football is all about penalties or shootouts.

    • Copa America 2004 was a farmer copa, absolute laughable tournament with Edwin Congos. Compare that player with James Rodriguez and Falcao (as the biggest star of Columbia, and the same case in every team), the difference between Copa 2015, 16 and 2004.

      • Just like Copa America 2015/2016 with poorest Brazil in history in 2016 even without Neymar and other players. Brazil that lost in group stages. With Uruguay without Suarez. Add to that Panama, Bolivia, Venezuela and United States on the path to final 2016 and you will see the tournament level path for Argentina. 2004 team at least made final in really good style playing together tournament for the first time.

        Colombia 2004 was not the team of 2016 but balance of power in SA was different in that time. Paraguay and Mexico were stronger.

        You are ignorant once again. The fact the 2004 team won 2 months later Olimpic Games is prove no coincidence they lost Copa final only in penalties, being the better team still in regular time.

        • Simply not true, the competition was much much harder, Brazil 2016 was Brazil A with some absents Brazil 2004 or 2007 was Brazil B/C without stars, big difference, but the others were so weak these teams could have played finals. Chile, Columbia, Mexico, Peru, Argentina, Brazil, Venezuela were much stronger in 2016, Bolivia the same weak, Ecuador and Paraguay a minimal weaker???, Paraguy played with their B team too.

          • Brazil 2016 team A team with some absences?!!! Little absences like Neymar?!!! Thiago Silva, Marcelo, David Luiz, Oscar, Firmino, Fernandinho, Lucas Moura, Alex Sandro. Man, you need a doctor.

            But even if the players were there under Dunga it’s still weakest team in Brazil history. Within last 20 years of Copa America Brazil was almost always biggest Argentina obstacle on the road to gold coin. No Brazil means we are at once one leg in final.

        • If you look at Brazil 2004/2007 results on these Copas you see a lot of bad results, these were not strong teams, we failed miserably, Argentina were sky high favourite in 2004 and in 2007 too (at least 80% favourite), only choked like since then several times.

    • @batigol I agree with you almost everything you have said .
      But it’s absolutely madness to think Argentina can’t win
      Without Messi… That ridicules… Anybody who thinks
      That way doesn’t know Argentina history.
      Again Messi is the best player I ever seen in the game
      But 100%sure Argentina will win without him ..
      Argentina are only country can produce talent after talents ..
      Without no project in place…

      • Of course Argentina can win with Messi but at this stage I don’t think mixing Messi with youngsters is good for their developement. Some time in soon or late future.

    • True, in 2004 and 2007 we had great team, especially in 2007, we had several generations of great players put together. Can’t still explain why they lost against this Brazil team. But in terms of football, I still prefer this Bielsea’s team in 2004 and it remained one of my favorite Argentina team, they played fast and aggressive football. Maybe on the paper not so impressive vs 2006 or 2007 but a very energetic team that played collectively. Obviously this football applies better to younger players, that’s why I would like to see the new NT can play like this.

      About Aguero, I can understand why you said. He is more a 9-half who need freedom. I always thinks that Messi and him are a bit overlapped. If you ask him to play as pivot in order to work for others, to free space and to press the opponent, he is not good. Unfortunately it’s more this kind of profile we need. That’s why I agree that Higuain was more useful than him in the NT. Obviously he is much more talented and in a different team, he could have been much better.

  9. Scaloni will announce the list probably after tomorrow’s superclassico Boca – River. The match may help him to do some decisions with so many players from the clubs rumoured: Armani, Montiel, Pity Palacios, Pavon, Benedetto, Magallan. Andrada would be there for sure if not the injury.

          • few our players that lost themeselves in Benfica. I hope his case will not be similar to other CB Lisandro Martinez, Oscar Benitez or Luis Farina.

          • “I hope his case will not be similar to other CB Lisandro Lopez?, Oscar Benitez or Luis Farina.” Lack of talent, Benfica has maybe the biggest centre back prospect Dias, his worh is over 50 million euros, the captain Luisao, and the vice-captain other brazilian, its clear they wil play shit, 4 million euros for the two defenders cmon, Benfica only bought them in the case of injuries. Your conspiracy theories are mind blowing after our youngsters fail one after the other in bigger clubs (Paredes, Lo Celso, Kraneviter, Vietto and co), its not anti argentinian behavior, they are only not good enough.

          • Yeah,

            I heard that before from you: Battaglia, Acuna, Cervi, Salvio are going to be bench players in Benfica and Sporting. You was always ready to imform us always when one of them sit on the bench in club but never when they playing regularly now.

            Paredes, Lo Celso, Kranevitter, Vietto and others may play may play for small clubs and still be usefull for Argentina NT. More usefull than our oldies now. All the players are talented no doubt. There are examples of players than never shined in clubs, or in big clubs but proven to be best choices in NT.

            Lo Celso is not to weak for PSG moron. PSG is another spoiled big team of big money that didn’t deserve for our players.

  10. Liking Scaloni even more if this is true. Benedetto truly deserves it. I don’t about his current form after that horrific injury but the guy was really good before that unfortunate incident. He was okay for Argentina in his limited no.of appearances. It was the time when nobody clicked for the national team, even the very best. Kudos to Scaloni for giving him another chance.

    • Bringing in Benedetto when Aguero is standing by is a fucking joke. Anyone thinks he should start instead of Aguero understand nothing of futbol. Their opinions are worthless. i dont give a shit if anyone points out that Aguero hasn’t done much in the past. Im basing my opinion on comparative talent and the FACT that he was one one of our best players few months ago during the WC. I still think we would have won against France if he started despite the garbage coach Sampa. Sampa is to blame for our shitty performance, not the players. Anyone argues otherwise is either a dumbass, naive, or just ignorant.

        • Just enjoying Gonzalo and Csabalala arguing all day.
          You are right emotions aside. What’s right is right. I see some argue about what the team should be next year. no one knows, it will all depend on the players in form. regardless of who they are. The Only players who I know will not make it, is Mascherano and Biglia. the rest will have to fight to prove themselves. For example if Di Maria or Rojo or Benega or Otamendi or any of the old squad will be on fire this season, I think they will be included.

          • I see your point mate …
            Personally I don’t want back
            Some players from old guard.
            Like di Maria… the reason been
            In that position we have a lot of
            Young players whom I believe
            Can do better job than him ..
            Nothing personal.. I want Argentina team win that is all i care

  11. Former managers used experienced players well.we didnt get much expected results. Now its time for youngsters to try and build a gud group.
    I think alario deserves to include in Nt.Benedetto is also gud .But at this stage team need more youngsters .they need experience. So alario instead of lautaro and j correa insted of Meza will be better..

  12. Man I like Scaloni, he has nothing to loose, that shows in his player selections, brilliant,new players will have hunger to succeed. We have to find a LB back up, 2 RBs and 2 CB. I think LB and RB will have to come from Argentine league.

    Now Alario here comes the real competetor for Icardi, Icardi better soon start to score for us. I will rank our forwards like this Icardi, Lautaro, Alario, Simone. Still think Icardi is the one.he is a leader and fighting forward which we didn’t have for some time.

    Frankly speaking Beneditto i don’t think so. At this stage even if he is 28 only. Not keen to have him. Any way let’s see.

    • Icardi and Dybala will started to score if they’re given a starting place regularly and play full minutes instead of sporadic appearence as a sub or being subbed in second half.

      Messi only scored 16 in 66 games before Sabella’s arrival, then suddenly he scored 50 from that point till now. My point is, these new players should be given more time just like we’ve given countless matches for the likes of Tevez, Messi, Di Maria, Aguero etc.

      Icardi has never play full minutes for Argentina while Di Maria, Higuain, Messi can Aguero can be goalless for 10 games and still guarenteed starting place. It took time even for Messi to find his goalscoring prowess in national team, so these newer guys also deserved as many chances as Messi generation.

      Tevez only scored 13 in like 80 games, Ortega has similar goalscoring record in national team.

      • Yupp true. The historical s had tones and tones of chances. Hopefully Icardi and all others will start to show what they r capable of. Which they show every week for their clubs. By the way Ortega was always brillaint for NT. Even if he havent scored that many goals he was an Attacking Midfielder and Enganche. Actually one of my all time favourite players.

        • Yes, I’m aware of Ortega contribution, he’s similar to Caniggia.. player who’s much more than just goalscorer. Those two won countless fouls and create situation that led into goals.

          What I’m trying to say is that people tend to get impatient quickly when new player has yet to find their form in national team. For intense, Icardi has yet to score for NT but he only had 5 caps and none of them are full minutes. In fact his first game for Argentina was 5 minutes against Uruguay. That counted as 1 appearence but its basically only 5 minutes! The same when he came in against Ecuador last year.

          Higuain hasnt score any since 2016 and he appeared in all 4 WC games… doesnt make any sense.

          Scolani already did the right thing by fielding completely a new team. Colombia played with many veterans and we still managed to tied them.

      • Even though my favourite is rather Lautaro over Icardi I completely agree with you. That’s the case of many new players. They never got enough starts and people are judging his as useless after 1-2 starts. On the other the historical players may do poor performances as many as they want and still will back to be around starting line up.

  13. calling up benidito is step backward, but Alario inclusion is good sign who supposed to be the future striker, Aguero should be called up otherwise whole responsibility is on Icardi shoulder

    • The player has apparently something to offer (probably not only stamina). Scaloni is showing wide horizons of selection and I like that. We need natural Lb back up for Taglia. You never know…

        • “……………Arzamendia is a centre forward’s dream.” When I read this piece in the article guess who came to my mind. I think everybody knows that.

        • My fav on Taglia sub is Fabrizio Angileri but I like Scaloni is interested in something quite new. I will not sniff at the name like people at local league unknown players just because they have famous favorites.

          • Same here, Angeleri has been in top form for more than a season now and he most definitely deserves a call up.
            To me personally if a player performs consistently for a whole season then he should be atleast called up hence why the following players deserve to be called up from the primera:

            – Barboza (CB from Defensa), possibly the most talented CB Argentina has and I can see him doing quite well in europe when (not if) he moves there.
            -Ageleri and Abecasis (LB and RB from Godoy), the 2 best fullbacks in the primera, nuff said.
            – Dominguez (DM from Velez), just as talented (or probably even more so) than Caseres, who has started very well with Villareal.

            – Add all the above to Armani, Palacios and Pity and you’ve got a pretty good contingent of talent.

            – players to look out for are Pellegrini (winger, Estudiantes), MacAllister (CM Argentinos jrs), Miranda and Martinez (CM and CB Defensa) and Solari (CM Racing).
            All these ofcourse need to perform consistently for a whole season before being called up but I’m keeping my eyes on them.

          • As per whoscored, Angileri’s pass success rate in the Argentine league is just 63.6 %(In Argentine league..!). Also, it mentions his tackling and discipline is weak. How come a defender with passing, tackling and discipline weak can consider as good?

          • Insider the stats are not worth of following really. Everytime when I’m watching a game and compare that later with the stats I feel like laughing how irrevelnt it could be. When you look at that you see sometimes they can’t even inform about proper age of player let alone to make opinion after that. This is maybe good at the level of top European clubs as they are followed by many people but not in case of Godoy Cruz.

            Angileri is one of the best players on the position in league at all not becuase he is best LB after Whoscored (probably one of better players in league after that). Rather because some people followed him in real game. Not only my opinion or Mamoun. He was close to join River plate this season and sooner or later will go to better club.

          • How about you guys actually stop using whoscored to make definitive decisions about players you haven’t watched and actually try and watch said players.
            Angeleri is excellent, he’s fast, disciplined, a fantastic crosser of the ball and most importantly consistent.
            Is he world class? I don’t really know, he could be or he could be a piece of crap but all I know is that I’ve watched the kid play and I am constantly impressed with his style and think he should atleast get a shot.

          • You should not really make opinions after Whoscored unless you want to practice any csabalalism or other arrogant/ignorant play.

          • Don’t ignore who scored rating. It clearly shows us the caliber of a player. Its almost accurate every time. Maybe Angieiri is good. I just quoted the stats of one of the best site in the world.

          • Insider,

            just yesterday I watched San Lorenzo – Patronato. wingers like Merlini and Barrios were full of initiative and had important role in that win. You may see even in highlights how active they were on crucial moments. But according to Whoscored they had weak games in comparison to other players. Totall shit. Maybe it’s reliable when it comes to most popular clubs, but I doubt it may say you the truth about Godoy Cruz player or the likes.

          • No one is ignoring it but you can’t just simply rely on it completely and forgo watching football as some posters on this site seem to be doing these days, basically make final statements about certain players in the primera (or even in europe) by just purely following whoscored and not by attempting to even watch a match’s highlights.
            It’s at that point that opinions become like ***holes as the saying goes- everyone has ’em.

  14. Just watched Stuttgart match …..I m a big follower of former argentinos junior star nico Gonzales …..I think Stuttgart is not a right club for him….Stuttgart was unable to use nico pace ….every player in Stuttgart wants to find Mario Gomez including that Lucas biglia incarnate asacsicbar

  15. No surprised if Scaloni will go for Benedetto instead injured Martinez. He deserves that after 9 months injury out. Lost chances for WC and little compensation is ok. Best Boca player.

    Reportedly Scaloni interested also in Magallan. If instead Kannemann -ok. But not instead any other defender. Not a fan of Magallan.

    • LOL. You’re such a hypocrite. You don’t like oldies to come in the team and BENEDETTO IS 28 but still you say “he deserves”. Ohh, ok, he’s a local league star. I see…

      • So many “new members” here. Really? THe same haters like Csabalala under other accounts. To that some old memebers who need to change disguise every once in a while not to be ashamed because of their previous predictions.

        Yes, Benedetto is still 2-3 years younger than oldies and he has not the looser mentality after lost finals so that’s enough.

        • So what? None of the person needs to take permission from you to enter this site Mr. This site is open for all Argentina fans, not just local league fans.
          Talking about Benedetto, he was utter shit in those 3-4 matches. Missed sooo many chances and moreover, couldn’t even control the ball. I know you think he is better than Aguero because Benedetto “a local league star” whereas Aguero is “star of an average league”

          • Everyone may join the site, but I wonder where are all those old well-known names that were here before if not under other accounts. I know they are here but it’s hard to continue under the same account if oldies supported so much blindly lost WC for us.

            Benedetto ball control is class. Whoever saw him in club may admit that. Pass is pass. If you can receive a pass and controll the ball in Argentina league you will can do that also on NT level. It’s problem of shaky debutee. Most of novices playing for first/second time in NT looks as if it was above their level but it’s just mentall pressure.

            Anyway I understand it’s hard to comprehend for you as you are one of those who think new player must shine immediately. Only oldies may give a shit in 8/10 NT games.

            I understand you are Playstation school of football where there’s no such factor as psychical conditions of growing to show best. However you are right, we have democracy and even kids growed on FIFA playstation may share opinions.

        • Ohh. That’s what I wanted to see and I saw exactly the same. Every person who doesn’t support your opinions is either a Messi fanboy or a Fifa PlayStation kid. Hello, I’ve been watching football way before and have more than enough knowledge to debate with anyone in this site.
          I know that Benedetto is a good striker, but at present we have much better options. If you understand that it is a nervous moment for a local league player to debut in an intense WCQ game then why were you supporting the inclusion of players like Benedetto, Rigoni in the first place? Now that they haven’t performed in the WCQ you are talking about mental pressure. Don’t you remember that you said “we should not consider players who are above 25 in the NT to build a team for the WC”. Now what happened? Can’t get over the obsession with Local league players?

    • Yes i have also realized that by reading gonzalo comment , he wants NT to be filled by superliga players neverthless they are good for nothing.
      The players who are playing in europe are capable handling high intensity game in champions league which lacks in superliga players.

      • Could you write something to support your baseless statements? Or maybe you want to be considered liar without resposibility like Csabalala. Or maybe you are Scabalala.

        Battaglia, Pezzella, Funes Mori, Tagliafico, Ascacibar, Lo Celso, Paredes, Lautaro Martinez, Cervi, Lanzini, Dybala, Icardi (I hope also soon Pereyra, J.Correa, Pussetto, De Paul) – everyone who really read my comments without bias may see I’m all body and sould for the players and biggest supporter to keep with them starting still. All the players above play in Eruope not in Local league. That’s still most of starting line up of Europeans. So mayby you couldn’t count hence say I want all the team to be of Superliga.

        Left your stupid prejudices and bias to see the facts.

        • what your superliga players pavon and meza had done in WC 2018. Tell me a reason, why inform players like messi, aguero ,banega, otamendi , romero should not be called for copa america 2019? rather than icardi who does nothing for NT., the elastic wall like armani who just punches the ball into the defence and putting our defence into trouble and really bad penalty stopper, FM who is really a bad defender and mistake prone.
          i am not a liar, i talk on facts.
          I think you are very obsessed with Csabalala ,so you are comparing everyone with him.

          • 1. Show me my comments where I’m claiming for Pavon. Describib Pavon to my favourites is best prove you are blinded with your attitude to me. He was never my favourite. Another brainless Di Maria who may some good things but will irritate probably more.

            2. Read my comments. I’m not supporting Meza after last game. So again you are completly blind and off the point with your argeuments. BTW Meza did nothing on WC just like most of oldies.

            3. Romero? Where I’m against Romero? Show me comment.

            “Tell me a reason, why inform players like messi, aguero ,banega, otamendi , romero should not be called for copa america 2019?”

            Because as a whole they have losers mentality. It’s there, immanently. Moreover some of them or ‘in form’ only in club. Banega did nothing after one assist on WC again. Otamendi isregularly doing mistakes in NT. Aguero never shined in NT as in club.

            I may imagine Copa team with 2-3 of them but not more if we don’t want to bring back the spoiled, looser, threadbare mentality again. Keep the fresh spirit of current team is most important.

      • “he wants NT to be filled by superliga players neverthless they are good for nothing”

        Yeah, somehow in last friendlies it looked like most of them is good material. Putting statemants like above strips you from minimal and decent level of sobriety. You can’t just say anything without any support and be taken seriouslly. Unless you want to be like Csabalala.

        I supported Meza some time, he deserved more than 2 starts, now it’s anough for me. Yet right after Clombia game I’ve said I don’t want him. So as you see your statements are totall nonsense, full of prejudice, steretypes or just mere lying.

      • Really? Best way to keep job is call up famous oldies to make money for AFA in Saudi Arabia. He is doing something quite opposite and I like that.

        • Messi generation has never been popular in argentina media thanks to maradona fans and others who rather see argentina lose then win something with messi. After the world cup debacle they got what they wanted.

          • What do you talking about man. They never were popular?! You completely do no now a bit about mood in Argentina. The most famous players from Europe were always god-like favourites of people in Argentina. The difference between Argentina fans from Argentine and the rest of the world is that the people from country knows usually more about all our possibilities in selection. They are following both European football and local league while most Mundo memebers is really disappointed if any local league players takes the place of European one. They don’t know why such things happens because they know something only about few most popular Argentines from Europe.

            So if Scaloni is calling up so many local league players there must be some kind of conspiracy theory behind that.

          • “Messi generation has never been popular in argentina media thanks to maradona fans and others who rather see argentina lose then win something with messi. After the world cup debacle they got what they wanted.

            This is most stupid conspiracy thery I’ve heard here. So a half of Argentine supporters don’t want Messi and co winneing just because jealous of Maradona fame. Really?!!!

            “After the world cup debacle they got what they wanted”.

            Yeah, it’s really one step to say Argentina fans from country are responsible for our lost WC and not the olde generation and Sampaoli together.

            Should I need remind how people were claiming for oldies before Nigeria and France game. “You will se the difference” if we let them play. They got them. And?

        • “I’ve been watching football way before and have more than enough knowledge to debate with anyone in this site”.

          Really so where from your ignorance to local league player like Benedetto. He is not player from nowhere. All I see is Scaloni has wide perspective on selection, I like that, unlike you.

          “If you understand that it is a nervous moment for a local league player to debut in an intense WCQ game then why were you supporting the inclusion of players like Benedetto, Rigoni in the first place? Now that they haven’t performed in the WCQ you are talking about mental pressure”.

          1. This is how people are talking liars. Where I was supporting Rigoni inclusion during qualifiers? You see this. These are your bias, stereotypes and pejudices. If you think I’m just Superliga players supporter you will describe to me supporting every local player. But I’ve never promoted Rigoni, Pavon, Alario and more. I was surprised bu call up for Palacios. He was so good and now I will support him not as local player but as proven so far.

          “nervous moment for a local league player to debut in an intense WCQ”

          once again you are full of prejudices and steretypes. I’ve never said it’s only problem of locals to start 1/2 game in NT without being shaky. It’s problem of every new players. Look at Dybala, Icardi, Lo Celso, Paredes and other European debutants. The same problems they had or still have (Dybala Icardi). If it was about local league player they would never got so many chances as Dybala or Icardi if not deliver at once (Meza is maybe the only one exception, he has enough time and shoud go IMO). These are double standards.

          You need the new players, even during qualifier IF THE OLD PLAY TOTALL SHIT. Yes, it’s risky introduce rookies in qualifiers but the oldies we so poor that we had to do that.

          You never know wheter new one will be nervous in debut or not. It’s mostly happen but still you have the hope one or two will show best quickly.

          There are other examples:
          Pratto was the new one. Despite not many opportunities He scored quickly 2 goals in qualifiers (Aguero scored 1, Higuain didn’t score 2 years) , proved to be good choice and still was left by another coach.

          “we should not consider players who are above 25 in the NT to build a team for the WC”

          Yes, but still Benedetto is younger 2-3 years than oldies and he had a lot of mishap before WC. That’s kind of compensation to give him chance for Copa America.
          Most importantly Benedetto would not have any negative mentall/spirit impact on our current young team that the famous generation from Europe may have. Benedetto is no one important he will not influence the responsibility and growing of youngsters. So If I could choose some other and older after Lautaro and Icardi – it’s Benedetto.

          I’ve also said once: none player of 80’s should be called up now (except Romero). Benedetto is ’90.

          • This is most stupid conspiracy thery I’ve heard here. So a half of Argentine supporters don’t want Messi and co winneing just because jealous of Maradona fame. Really?!!!

            I am talking about the media never mentioned fans.

          • There are always divisions here and there and dark backstage interests. But I find it hard to believe there are Argentines who really don’t want Argentina win if Messi is there.

    • Babblala stroke again,

      I heard that “not good enough” about so many players. Tagliafico, Battaglia, Ascacibar, Lanzini, Palacios, Pity Martinez, Bustos, Saravia, Cervi and more.

      • Why some mundo followers so f…
        Obsessed with those so call big name stars.. I will take benedetto..
        His hold play is good and he can run too. To me. he is complete strike..

        • Yes, he is complete. He needs to prove that yet but has quality to show. People were saying he was good/bad in Nt depending on general result. First they say he was bad. Then, after win with Ecuador, I heard he was good.

          They just don’t know much about him.

          • People must know that you can’t charge
            A player one or two games ..
            For me he is good .. alario …
            I don’t know about him because
            I didn’t following him at all

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