Lionel MESSI will not attend FIFA Best ceremony, won’t speak with Argentina coach


Lionel MESSI will not attend the FIFA Best ceremony on Monday and will not be meeting with Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI.

FC Barcelona and Argentina captain Lionel MESSI will not be attending the FIFA Best ceremony on Monday, despite his goal against Nigeria at the 2018 FIFA World Cup being nominated for the Puskas award. Mundo Deportivo in Spain are reporting that MESSI will miss out on the ceremony due to family reasons.

For Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI, it won’t be coming as good news since he was planning on speaking with MESSI. The original idea appeared to be that SCALONI would sit with MESSI to discuss the October squad list (which the coach was hoping to include MESSI in) as well as the number 10’s future with the Argentina team.


  1. Champions league winners r given more prominence in selecting the Best Player for a year. Had Modric didn’t won the Champions league he wont have won the Best player Award. because Modric winning the Golden ball in the World cup don’t make him automatically qualified for winning the Best Player Award. Had that been the case Messi could have in 2014 right? I personally don’t think Modric deserves the award. He is nothing special as per me(not even that Creative). He is modern Midfielder who does everything, But we had seen players who did spectacular performances but couldn’t even be nominated for the Best player awards. The Award itself is controversial. Full of Double standards. But the Sad part is we have to see nonsense articles about how Modric ended the Messi – Cr7 Era. F*** we will see next year what Modric can do. Will he do something special I don’t think so…

    This is My opinion and I m more biased towards Argentine players. But Still Messi was great last season(He is great in almost all seasons, But in some seasons back i frankly thought he is declining (Due to some physical troubles too), But he rejuvenated, He become more complete, he now times his running’s in a certain way to preserve himself). But the WC ruined everything. Everything. Dammit.

    Well we may have to get used to seeing less talented players like Modric winning some Best player Awards. Because Messi Era is gonna end soon. And from there on there may be hardly any Argentine who may even be nominated, Forget about winning it. Dybala?? Nahh

  2. Simple FIFA logic

    If its another player has many goal numbers from last season, won domestic double like Messi did, they’re pretty much a lock for Balon. If its Messi he’d need to win WC to win it.

    Notice that Moldric won golden ball at WC and people say how he deserves it.. Messi in 2014 scored more goals, 4 MOTM awards , created most chances, etc and some said someone else should have won it. Everyone is using quardruple standard when judging Messi performance because what he had achieved.

    • Messi’s brilliance and magical touch is his own curse, Everyone expects him to win it all, that is the problem. that’s why every new young talent is always compared to Messi. He sets the bar very high. I don’t think we will see any other player like him in hundred years. If it was up to me, I would give him the FIFA best player until he retires. Even he is the one with most of the trophies this year among the rest(La liga top scorer, European golden boot, La liga title, spanish super cup, and copa del rey). He can be the best without winning anything.

      • Yes, that’s thing. It has come the point where Messi scoring 50 goals + 20 assists + winning thropy with Barca has becoming a routine. People has been seeing this forever, since 10-12 years ago and in order for Messi to win Balon, people expecting him to do something more spectacular than what he already does every year, which is a nonsense.

        In last 10 years, there’s no peak of Messi because even a bad season for him still means 40+ goals + tons of assists. In other word, he basically never has a bad season (individually).

        If you looked back at every articles during 2014 WC, they kept saying how Messi wasnt at his best and his performance there is 5 x better than Moldric performance in recent WC. Statistically, Moldric scored 2 goals at group stage and that was it.

        • Yupp true. Very true, There is only 1 player who have been consistently good as Messi, And that is Cr7. (Make no mistake I hate him , in fact The Footballer i hate the most) But he has been Consistently there with Messi. He only scores goals (Whatever type of goal? It doesn’t matter). Irony is that Cr7 is not even 50% close to what Messi does.(Apart from penalties which he is superior). But there is one thing which is common with Cr7 and Messi, They both brings Fear to their opponents mind. And that is not easy to achieve. Modric with all due respect don’t even come anywhere close to those 2 Titans. He plays in a different position i know. But we have seen so many other better players who impacted the game far better than Modric by playing in similar position.

          Frankly speaking Mbappe looks like a real deal and he is damn young too.

          • Look, Sneijder in 2010 won treble with Inter, scored 5 goals at WC and was runner up at WC itself. He’s NOT in top 3, not even WC golden ball for him and now FIFA is going to tell everyone that Modric is best player last season just by winning CL and scores 2 goals at WC group stage? lol

            The fact that Messi wasnt even in top 3 despite winning 2 thropies + European golden shoe and Pichihi proof that FIFA just want to vote someone else other than CR and Messi cause they’ve been winning Balon in last 10 years.

            What did Salah actually achieve last season to be in top 3? no league title, no CL title, nothing. Goal number? Messi outscored everyone in league and all competition.

  3. Now you want pavon out and DePaul in.did you watch DePaul playing ever.
    Always change opiniona when seeing new players .before it was 1987 born captainmessi lift world cup and icardi Will be captain of Argentina 1000 times repeating same comments idiot.please stop your rubbish and low class superstitions

    • Povon deserve more time nt.
      The guy is highly rated that is why arsenal
      Will buy very soon but that de paul deserve his chance… Erik lamela.
      Improved a lot his game if he continues
      To play well he will get call up again
      Lamela become more versatile play
      Than before…

      • Povon will most likely be a permanent starter for the NT. all he has to do is use his brains, that will come with experience and exposure.

        • I can’t lie I like the guy the problem is.
          Us fans don’t have enough patient with our Players if they don’t perform well instantly than We want to throw away and start. Mention different odd names.There are certain players will be success in the Nt. And povon among them.

      • Arsenal want pavon that’s not the point, Dimaria played in Real still frustrating to watch pavon looks like the worst version of Dimaria, till now the matches we have seen expect few performed poorly and his brain is same like Dimaria, peck Dimaria 2011-2014 was something else pavon not even 10%. De Paul or lamela are not headless chicken and De Paul is in great form deserve his chance

        • “Romance KING 💘 September 24, 2018 at 1:52 pm
          Dimaria can perform against farmers in French league, agree Pavon isn’t Dimaria 2011-2014 label but pavon still to catch his prime”
          That what you said yesterday, I understood you call for povon to be given a chance!

          You can not just add or drop a player because they have a single good/bad performance.

          • I have still faith on pavon, he will be more useful than Dimaria at moment but prime Dimaria was 2011-2014 something else still frustrating to watch for NT due to low IQ and pavon looks worst version of peck Dimaria but currently better and useful compare to Dimaria

    • Can you pleas stop your low thinking words.always changing words.before it was 1987 born captain messi lifting worldcup after that always shitting that icardi will be captain of you want pavon also out before it was meza.

    • Now you want pavon out and DePaul in.did you watch DePaul playing ever.
      Always change opiniona when seeing new players .before it was 1987 born captainmessi lift world cup and icardi Will be captain of Argentina 1000 times repeating same comments idiot.please stop your rubbish and low class superstitions

  4. I tell you what is boring and way too irritating lately in here: Seeing ansurd comments by specific people who way too unfairly call our youngsters, WHO ARE VERY TALENTED, telentless and useless. But the most annoying is that at the same time they are praising the overated brazilians who didn’t do anything to justify that hype. They even hyped Dembele, well what the fuck has he done to justify all this hype? Just becsuse he is playing for Barcelona? So what? He had a poor last season and this season has just started. Besides, big teams are chasing our talents as well, Icardi and Dybala are being chased by Manchester united, Arsenal wants Pavon and i sm sure that many other big clubs will go after many other of our talents.

    If there is a case that these people are not really Argentina fans and are just wasting their time in here by spreading bullshit about our players just because deep inside they are not really satisfied by the team they really support, Brazil for example, they better fuck off!

    • Exactly, People are hyping certain non Argentine players because they shined in the last WC, mainly the French team which is not that potent as some describe them, nor brazil is . for example, Mbappe is way over hyped some expected him to follow on the foot steps of Messi and the greats, He will fade once defenders close that highway he runs into. he shined mainly against Argentina because of the stupid tactics used by Sampaoli who left him freely running a marathon through our defense! reminds me of the hype around Mario Balotelli in 2012 and Gareth bale when he just joined real madrid. they both faded considerably.

      • They are infantile fans of POP-football. Their knowledge is hype of only frosted ice-berg top of world football, where whatever that does not related to PSG, City, Barca, Real, Bayern, Juventus is not worth of follow. Really really superficial knowledge.

        Argentines rarely was and rarely will players of big clubs. Big clubs does not like him and they does not like big clubs. Our players almost always do better in smaller ones.

        • I said before, you remember, Our main problem is that the NT was full of stars playing for top clubs. Look at Germany, Spain and Brazil they have teams full of stars playing for big clubs, what they accomplished in the last WC? We lacked chemistry between players and the three lines. I have never seen Argentina playing that bad. In the last match against Colombia WE had a better group playing together and it was not full of stars playing for top clubs, that’s what we need, a team effort with couple of big names.

        • ” Big clubs does not like him and they does not like big clubs.” Do you even believe in chemtrail and flat earth…absurd conspiracy theory…yes the main reason of 25 years of inefficiency, lack of real talents in every position who play in big clubs mainly in midfield

        • I don’t know where you’re getting big clubs don’t like Argentines or Arg players don’t like big clubs. It’s simply not true. Last decade was filled with big club players.

          Barca – Masche + Messi

          PSG/United/Real – ADM + Rojo

          REAL/NAPLI/JUVE – Dybala + Higuain

          Manchester City – Zabaleta + Demich + Aguero + Otamendi

          And you know what, we performed better with these guys than the last 20 years! Of course there is correlation with success and club size. Just look at Spain 2010 all between Real and Barca. Germany 2014 all in Bayern and France 2018 from PSG, REAL, Barca.

          Ceteris Paribus – players from big club will perform better at the national level.

    • On the flip side, do you know what even more irritating and boring? calling Messi, Aguero, Otamendi, and Romero useless and blaming them. What’s even more irritating, is faulting these players for poor world cup when Sampa is to blame.

      Personally, I think we need these guys + current roster + lamela + lanzini + pererya + ?

      • It does really irritate me when the blame of our failure in the WC is towards the players. Sampaoli was 100% at fault. He only looked at the attack aspect of the game, overlooking the potential of Mbappe and Griezmann running a marathon, He left them running freely. playing with no striker left the French defense relaxed without serious pressure, giving them the opportunity to join in the attack. putting Messi out of the equation. I am certain if he introduced Aguero and instructed the players to fall back and close the midfield after taking a 2-1 lead, We would have beaten them on the counter, easily. I know it’s the past, but it is Something I can not ever forget.

  5. I said it before. The AFA should leave him alone. I don’t think Messi will be back for another six months(at least). They want most of old squad to come back for financial reasons ONLY. In doing that , they will interrupt the RE-building process. I think Messi should not play in any friendly before the Copa if he decides to come back. The next competition is about 9 months away, Let’s use this time wisely and build the base of the future NT.

    • “They want most of old squad to come back for financial reasons ONLY. In doing that , they will interrupt the RE-building process”

      Yeah, they are able to do that even if see things just bagan to go in right direction with the fresh faces in NT. They even can’t respect the temporary Messi’s decision to do not engage in NT affairs and concern in club. Let him peace. When he will want to back he will do something by himself to let them know.

      • I have too much respect for the guy. I think he is a good winger, but inconsistent. He has to make space for others to prosper. I expect him to be back for the Copa though but not as a starter and to play on the right, that’s where he shined in Real Madrid under Mourinho. If I was the coach I will not call anyone from the old squad until I give enough time for the new youngsters to play more and more.

        • Fair enough mate .. we don’t have to agree for everything but i really like
          Your opinions you re one the few people who i respect thier opinion.
          But di Maria position we have a lot
          Young talents coming up that is why
          I do think his time is up that is my

          • and that’s why I consider most of the old squad on stand by. give more time to the youngsters, even if Pavon sometimes reminds me of Di Maria, But I think he will eventually take his spot along with Martinez. I sometimes think one of Lamela/Martinez/Pavon can take over Di Maria, But no one can predict the future. You never know, maybe they will prove that in the coming matches, and that’s why I said no one should be called from the old squad. GIVE THE KIDS THE CHANCE THEY DESERVE

      • Why ‘now’? The current friendlies have little importance. It’s best time to give youngsters the opportunities. I doubt we need him anymore in future, especially in upcoming friendlies.

  6. Now a days its getting boring to read the comments because of the same topic which is being discussed again and again.lets stop the debate of old vs new players.everybody knows how our players had performed for last six years.everything has an end and we have to look forward and past is past.
    Scaloni is now building a new team with best available resources. Its the time to support them which does not means we are against older players.
    Be patient…give chance to perform…
    We have to go on….on and on….

    write a line first.erase bad letters then fill in the blanks with our best things left in the old tank.

  7. Messi will not be called up for the next round of friendlies – Scaloni [Tyc Sports].

    I think its a good thing. Its like an open secret that Messi will be back for the qualifiers and the Copa. But this short absence for these 6 matches means we can test all the new players, especially midfielders in a structured formations to be familiar with the national team setup. That way, when Messi comes, or may be Kun, they will be able to express themselves naturally instead of adjusting.

    So far, Palacios, Lo Celso, Paredes and Battaglia is showing all the right things for our midfield, which IMO is the most important part of the team, which were never there except for a brief period when Tata played Augusto, or Sabella had a fit Gago.

    So far –






    I think we have found all the midfielders that are needed. They just need game times with eachother ro be cohesive enough. I guess 6 games is pretty huge for them.

    The most problematic positions are RB, LCB, and a Striker. No matter who plays there, ends up sucking. Bustos rarely convinces me both for Indipendiente or for us. He just doesn’t look like a ling term prospect, but I hope I’m wrong.

    CB – Pazzella seems like a lock. Funes Mori aint. He makes way too many positional mistakes and its not like he attempts to play out of the back too mych either. Now he is being played as a DM in Villareal smh. Mammanna is long term injured, and Foyth, Martinez Quarta is too green to play CB for us. Otamendi will be required in the Copa along with Mercado untill Mammanna, Foyth gets back to form.

    Striker – hmm. I don’t know who will score there. Nobody seems to have any idea how to score when they put on our shirt. Lets see who bwcomes the number nine for us.

    I have full trust in Scaloni to make all the right decisions.

  8. I’m hearing di maria is come back … If that is true .
    It will be absolutely 1000 steps back..
    In that position arg have so many good young players .
    I swear I got nothing against di maria but the guy has been there.
    12 years and he was so irritating and frustrated… nothing .
    But disappointed . Sometimes been Argentina fan so sad.
    For me di maria is not what Argentina need at the moment ..
    Anyone who have football knowledge knows that too.

    • I also don’t want Dimaria as a starter but i would still pick him to strong bench strength and use as super sub with out any doubt Dimaria will be more useful than farmer meza

        • gonzalo: correct and I agree and some one like de paul, who is in very good form deserves to be mentioned as a possible call up and id have no problem if he is goven a chance with the n/t, let hd/p have a chance instead of the useless di maria who has nothing to offer us at al these days at all or meza who atm is not good enough for the n/t.

          • Yeah, De Paul is not limites in any aspect of football art. Great potentiall for great midfielder. I would like to see taking our RW ATM but he may be also sub for Lo Celso,Palacios, Pity

  9. • so many people blaming messi for argentina failing at national level, when in fact I believe that he is one of those who wants to fix not just the national team but Afa itself as well.

    • and that’s why I think he puts the Afa under pressure every time, or can someone tell me why is it that he paid people’s salaries when he found that they did not get payed for some time???

    • Messi’s intention is good. And he needs the rest. Let him enjoy his deserved break and hope the youngster can continue to grow. But media will keep asking about Messi even if he’s not in the team.

  10. I can only see 2 outcomes, either the new team plays shit like during the wc or plays really well without him. In the 1st case, it enforces more his decision because he knows he cannot carry the team anymore at his age and he may never come back. In the 2nd one, it will be even more complicated. He may not want to be seen as an optimist person who shows up only when things go well. So I think he may never come back.

    • I pray that’s not the case!!! I hope he will be back after the Copa for the qualifiers. One last shot at glory should lure him back , if he keeps his fitness till then!!

  11. If we want Messi to play the next world cup , it’s imperative that Cristiano Ronaldo continue to score goals keep himself fit targeting the 2022 WC. Most of you will disagree but Ronaldo keeps Messi’s fit and hungry for more !! I want Ronaldo to score plenty of goals and keep putting pressure on Messi!!

    • I personally disagree, I never want to see that pompous asshole score or win anything not today not ever.
      The flea has enough competition from the likes if gaymer, Salah, Griesman, and few others to keep him interested if in fact that is his motivation.

  12. Armani, Montiel, Palacios, Pity – all the fourth of River should be on Scaloni list. And maybe all to start. Montiel or Saravia. Montiel is doing good in River A team longer than Palacios.

  13. No need to attend, in fact that is the exact thing he should not do.
    As far as speaking with the coach, no biggy, plenty of time and the Flea wont change his mind so let him be until the right time.

  14. Actually now we r in a no mans land, Only thing which is going good is Scaloni. Till January nothing will happen as per AFA. By then Tata can join and we all can have our new cycle.

    And Messi dont need to attend the ceremony, First of all he is not even in the Top 3 which is simply absurd. So why attend to see players who r way less talented winning the award. Its like this everyone knows who the Best player in the World is. So these all Awards dont matter at all.

    Its better for him that he is taking the Hiatous from NT. By the time when a proper Project is implemented there is no point in selecting Messi.

  15. • something is massively wrong in the
    Afa. From my point of view is that
    There is no agreement between players, coaches and the Afa itself.

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