Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI delays October list for matches in Saudi Arabia


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI was initially supposed to announce his latest squad on Sunday but it has been delayed by a day or two.

According to reports, the coach has already decided on the list for next month’s friendly matches against Iraq and Brazil but will push back the date of announcement on it. The reason appears to be because he is waiting on the fitness of a few players.

The three names SCALONI is waiting on are reportedly that of Gabriel MERCADO, Lautaro MARTINEZ and Gonzalo MARTINEZ. The first two have been battling fitness issues since the beginning of the season while Gonzalo MARTINEZ picked-up an injury against Boca Juniors.

The list is expected to be released early this week.


  1. Its actually Astounding to see that some here still want to see the Historical play for us again till 2022 WC?? we all know that some of them r better than our youngsters, But what r u guys proposing?? U want them to carry on till 35? What the F***

    • No, I want Aguero, Messi, Otamendi, and Romero to play in copa IF THEY ARE INFORM only and are better for NT at that moment. player selection should be based on form, team integration, individual contribution, and future in mind. Besides 1 copa and 4 years of training gives plenty of time to integrate youngsters.

      • For the umpteenth time., Forget about being in form for their Clubs. Higuain scored a Wonder goal for AC Milan, And he will score around 30 goals in Freaking Serie A(Mind you which is the toughest league) He will, Di Maria will trash Barca again, Aguero well well well he will be the Top scorer, Romero will be th bench warmer as always(But he somehow plays gud(At least not error prone) for Argentina, Don’t know how) Banega will master the Midfield for Sevilla(He is one of my faourite player by the way), You don’t get the point. They all will keep on playing great for their Clubs, They always have been. But for Argentina NT they will continue to play as Shit. Mark it they wont help us to win the Damn Copa.

        Messi is entire ball game, When i m saying I dont want any Historicals i m not counting Messi, The guy has put on his blood and sweat for the NT. He always has been. And he will do it. (Never think that he is always walking, He is preserving himself, He knows when the Damn time is to make the move) He can be welcomed any time, Because he is God Dammn Messiah. there is no better player than him in his position in the world.

  2. For all those who are crying for the historical divas,by selecting the so called historical “talents” ,is a trophy or success guaranteed? You all say it like that success or trophy is 100% guaranteed by selecting those deadwoods.
    PS: It’s the “right mentality” that brings you success more than “quality”. And what we need now is the players with the right mentality.

    The ones raving about Aguero’s , Otamendi’s and Romero’s form- which league are you watching? Is there a new league formed? I didn’t know.
    Aguero scored a hattrick against Huddersfield and a goal against Cardiff. That’s all. Oh and one assist vs Fulham I guess. 4 goals coming against two of the teams that are sky high favourites to go down this season. Also you will turn your back when asked about his performances against Arsenal and Newcastle. They people will quickly point out what Kane and Salah did this season. For those people, both Kane and Salah not at their best of form or shape still got 3 goals under their belt.
    Fyi Romero hasn’t even started a game this season and was named on the bench for the first time this season against Young Boys. Even when he’s fit it’s the best position he’ll get bar the League cup games. The guy could’nt even start at Sampdoria and Monaco, what more should anyone expect!

    As for Otamendi’s case, he played 2 out of 7 games and that too came against newly promoted sides. Nothing more to add.

    Also some think that getting to two Copa finals in 2015 and 16 and finishing second was somewhat of a massive acheivement.

    • Aguero is better than Henry who the hell are salah or kane, Aguero haven’t played full season in epl till now still become top 10 goal scorer and going to overtake Henry haters keep burning

      • Lol. I don’t know what to say to you mate.

        PS: Shearer is epl all time top scorer and I guess Rooney comes behind, but nobody in their right mind thinks those two are better than Henry. Henry is considered premier league’s(from 92/93) greatest ever “player” not striker alone.

        Aguero not playing a single full premier league season is whose fault btw?
        As far as Kane and Salah I’ve nothing to say. If you watch football you’ll know the answer.

    • ItMessi, I don’t need to defend but people like you hate on him anyway.

      Simeone, Alario, Bendetto, Vietto all suck ass compared to Aguero lmao. You thin they should start instead?? Give me a break. People like you are so entitled and do nothing but show disrespect to our great players. Here’s a novel idea. Player inclusion shouldnt be based youth vs age or new vs senior. They should be on multiple factors like FORM, team INTEGRATION, individual CONTRIBUTION, LEADERSHIP, and FUTURE in mind. Besides 1 copa and 4 years of training gives plenty of time to integrate new youngsters.

      • Can you show me where in my comments I mentioned Messi and where did I say selection should be based on age?!
        I never said that. If so I would’nt want Armani, Benedetto or Vazquez for instance. Only thing I want is no more Aguero,Otamendi,Romero and Banegas in the team. They had more than enough chances and they took it for granted and wasted it.
        The above mentioned Simeone, Alario, Benedetto and Vietto didnt even play 6 matches combined for the national team. Yeah brand them failures even before they get enough chances.

        You can talk about Agueros club statistics as much as you want but that doesnt make him any more deserving to be called up than these fellas. Tell me why would Guardiola bench him for big games (away in particular) and start with Jesus who is considered overrated by many here and sometimes with Sterling as false nine if he’s that good as you say?

  3. Csabalala… Mate honest question?
    Re you really fan of Argentina.
    Seen your comments.. It make me doubt that
    You ‘re fan of albicelestes..
    All I have seen from you criticise after criticise.
    We should give our opinion in just way
    But you unfairly criticise for some good young players.
    Sorry mate I’m not having got at you rather is what
    Have seen your comments…

    • I don’t know there’s at least 1-2 young Argentina players he didn’t depreciated. Icardi, Dybala, Lo Celso, Ascacibar, Battaglia, Pity Martinez, Palacios, Tagliafico, Bustos, Pavon, Saravia, De Paul, Cervi, Meza, Rulli, Angileri, Vargas, Leo Suarez, Paredes, Almendra…

    • Why r u all people dislike csabalala opinions??
      He speaks the truth …he tells us what outside world thinks about argentina or Argentine players nowdays….I also want young players to play for argentina and I even don’t want messi to be a part of NT but the big truth is these young players will not be as successful as so called messis di Maria’s higuains generation…
      When the last time we played 3 finals in a row?
      And I still believe only a good manager can make us again a powerhouse nation of football

    • Experience midfield gave us nothing in wc2018

      Keep new core midfield around – Paredes Battaglia Ascacibar Lanzini Locelso R.Pereyra E.palacios paul etc

      Attacking options- Dybala Pavon Icardi Lautaro Simeone A.correa etc

      If Messi plays that is great..
      But no other guys from past are needed…
      Time to make young players experienced…..

      Defender– Pezzella Mussacio Tagliafico F.Mori Placido Kanneman etc

      Same on goal time to give time to Rulli..

      • Experience midfield please don’t joke, messi generation is the most un luckiest generation despite world class attacks played with worst midfield ever in Argentina history and 2018 defense was worst in the history of Argentina

  4. If we choose the broken historical’s we will not win the Damn Copa 2019, So better play the current crop of players. Most of them are around 25 to 26, (Some r younger) What are we waiting for?? France started with Mbappe in the God Damn WC Final. The historical’s had enough Copa’s and World Cups to showcase themselves. That’s it.

      • We don’t know till we give a player chance to play for the NT. Palacios was a young player whom no one was talking when we r discussing about various players for NT. Now what? Its as simple as that. There is no need for having an Mbappe we r okay with Palacios. We had the Best player ever played for us in the past 5 or 6 tournaments since 2005, What have we won??Olympics Medal??

        Historical players r done. Either cope with the fact or keep think about holding on to that players. Which wont be long.

      • And who is at Pavard, at Umtiti, at Varane, at Hernandez, at Benjamin Mendy, at Kante, at Pogba, at Lemar, at Griezmann, at Ousmane Dembele, at Martial level except Messi’s generation? +a lot of new french youngsters (Auoar, Ndombele, Coman, Laporte, Lenglet, Upamecano etc etc etc), these are not Meza, Gonzalo Martinez, Saravia or Tagliafico, all play in the biggest clubs on the highest level

        • Oh, there you are Csabalala

          Pavard? What’s wrong with your standards. He is not big player of big club. Stuttgart.

          We have enough youth talent – the fact you want to deny long time in your hate campaign here. Again and again someof our young player either in Europe or local league is showing how wrong you are. THe more Pity Martinez is doing great (as yesterday) the more fixated you are on your denying it. Lo Celso, Palacios, Paredes, Pity, Battaglia, Ascacibar, Pezzella, Tagliafico, Saravia, Montiel, De Paul, Dybala, Lautaro, Icardi, Andrada, Rulli, Funes Mori – they are all outstanding talents and will shine sooner or later. They don’t need your PSG, City, Real, Barcelona, Bayern – to prove sooner or later their usefullness for NT

          • Our new generation is not guarantee of win anything tournament just like Messi generation was not. But at least they have future and they are our future. And most importantly they already made better impressions in NT than old guard anytime in last 2 years.

          • Pavard, not yet, but he will, and will not fail as our biggest talents, his worth is 40 million euros (not 10 as your world class Tagliafico, not 2,5 as your world class Saravia), more than any of our talents, except Dybala and Icardi, who seem to be useless period, and Pavard is cca the 15th most talented french youngsters, sad, very sad…

          • “his worth is 40 million euros (not 10 as your world class Tagliafico, not 2,5 as your world class Saravia”

            As always following only the superficial of football. Prices, big clubs, famous names. You are like 15 years old kids. I see you are well informed on the prices from stupid sites for kids. Whoscored, transfermarket – it’s your football expert knowledge.

            Pavard before WC was no one. He did not really well in the few games in NT before WC. But Deschamps had the vision he will be right player. He saw something in him. If you were on his place you could never take the player as: farmer of small Stuttgart.

            You are like machine, bookkeeper – having only your dead, barren numbers and popular theories of football success.

        • Most of our youngsters r not playing on top clubs apart from some few like Dybala, Icardi, A.Correa, L.Martinez etc, is it because of less talent, May be or May not be, And most of our Historical r still playing in Big Clubs too? But that doesn’t mean that we have to keep calling the Historical again and again and again to play for Argentina NT till they decide to retire themselves.

          There is no choice than to embrace the Younger generation whether it is less talented or not. It will have to happen even if we like the likes of Messi, Di Maria, Aguero etc etc. No one can last forever.

        • If not the fact he is just like troll I could say there’s blatant logical mistake in Csabalala argumantation:

          He is claiming the statement we have not young players in big clubs. What is the reason of that? Giving the fact the best magnet for big clubs to buy our youngsters is to see them being early called up to Argentina NT (like Palacios case). In fact, we should just call them up early to NT to see some of them going to European big clubs. You will see Palacios going there if only he will have few weeks/months more in club NT. But the first stimulus of attention to big clubs is the call up to NT. They think: there must be something in this player if he is called up so young.

          Now what is the reason we were not being calling up young players for last years. Reason: The famous, old generation, long overdue asking to fire them and take new ones. The threadbare, overcooked group that is declining after 2014 WC. And of course coward coaches without long term aspiration and plan.

          At the end of the day I’m far from yearning to see our youngsters in big clubs giving experience of past examples. I belive Lo Celso, Battaglia, Paredes, Pity, Ascacibar, Palacios, Tagliafico, Pezzella, De Paul will find their best form in smaller clubs.

        • With all due respect, The french team mainly shined when they played Argentina, they struggled in the group stage against more compact teams. the likes of Denmark and Australia. those players did not show any special caliber. I can assure you if Sampaoli had used a proper tactics and formation they would not be able to score 4 goals against Argentina. a formation of 4 2 3 1 would have closed the midfield completely, a double 5 would have done the job, If we had Paredes/Battaglia/Ascacibar/Lamela type of players. even with Mascherano and Biglia it would have worked.

    • Broken Historical?? What a laughable comment.

      Aguero and Messi shit on any attacker we currently have at our disposal. No contest. Please tell me who is better?? What a joke of a comment. Otamendi and Romero are still better as well. Armani on fire but he sucked ass in WC. still would give him the starting spot though. Ota still great but too emotional just like some Mundo users. I blame Sampa for shit defense

      • When was Otamendi great in NT? Never. Regular stupid mistakes. No need to take him now, because Pezzella, Funes Mori or Franco are doing well. Otamendi may back if they will do worse in upcoming friendlies. The same with Aguero. If Lautaro, Icardi, Simeone will not deliver still we may back to Aguero even few weeks before Copa.

      • Romero > Rulli
        Aguero > Icardi
        Messi is another story

        But the rest?

        Banega no way better than Lo Celso. Otamendi on NT level, with his stupid mistakes, no way better than Funes Mori who is not perfect as well.
        The same Pavon vs Di Maria. Both irritable however Di Maria is past his best, Pavon may improve something.

        • On which basis are you talking about dimaria has passed his prime, he is still performing very good for psg,
          Aguero is still scoring,
          Banega is still scoring and creating chances,
          Otamendi is still defending well for man city
          And you already know messi.

          • “he is still performing very good for psg”

            This is the point. They shine only for their clubs. People who are here for long time knows it’s long irrelevent clue expectate from them the same things in NT.

          • Dimaria can perform against farmers in French league, agree Pavon isn’t Dimaria 2011-2014 label but pavon still to catch his prime

      • Maybe your argument is valid if the Copa or World Cup is today. But for the sake of future success, We have to give the younger generation ample time to prosper. WE should have thought about this 2 years ago, or earlier. I have big expectations that this young group of players will be as potent as the older squad. only time will tell

  5. Scaloni was waiting to speak with Messi on the FIFA gala event and include him in the list if possible( AFA monetary matters I guess). However, Messi is not going to attend the event and thus the list might come out soon. The injuries as sighted in the report is also another factor but not the main factor I guess.

    Anyway, I want the young boys to continue till November friendlies and then we can zoom in on the copa list starting from the March Friendlies. Any call up for Copa should be purely based on Form for both the young and old guns.

  6. If we focus on copa 2019 first, we need proper balance and a mixture of youth and experience. we are not playing u23 tournament in copa. Also its about chemistry and combination. We need to develop the combinations in defence , mid and attack.

  7. I only hope he will find alternatives, other than the old squad.
    Not to say I am against any player, but We have to give the younger generation more time and exposure.
    I am still convinced that none of the old squad should be called for next month friendlies. maybe if he sees fit, ONLY players that fit in future plans. At the end he is the boss

    • I really respect your opinion mate personally.
      I believe we should move a way from the old generation.
      In terms to great new generation whom can be a team
      Rather than full superstars who doesn’t work like team .
      Having said I’m not sure those names our friends.
      Keep mentioning will really fit fo the NT.
      Like icardi dybala..

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