Mauro ICARDI injury time winner wins it for Inter vs. AC Milan


Mauro ICARDI was the hero for Inter in their 1-0 win against AC Milan.

It took a header in injury time to separate the two sides. VECINO sent in a lovely cross and Mauro ICARDI towered over the AC Milan back line and a thumping header by the Inter captain gave his team the win.

Lautaro MARTINEZ remained an unused substitute for Inter while Mateo MUSACCHIO, Lucas BIGLIA and Gonzalo HIGUAIN all started for AC Milan.


  1. I was thinking these 8 days will be crucial for Icardi, 3 matches against Eternal rivals AC Milan, followed by Barcelona and against a direct rival for the CL spot Lazio. To keep believing in himself and keep the faith of Scaloni. It’s 1-0 Icardi. If Aguero or Higuain were playing for a mediocre team like Inter with so few chances, the losers would give up by halftime. He has the fight and the patience. His hold up play and lay offs are so underrated. Can’t wait to see him put the Brazilians fan boy team Barca to the sword.

  2. Ole mentions 5 names: Simeone, Pochettino, Gallardo, Martino and Pekerman.

    Simeone and Pochettino is impossible. They refused several times already. Old story. Martino has a verbal agreement with Mexico, which leaves us with Gallardo and Pekerman.

    Scaloni won’t be made permanent I think. This is because, it will mark as weakness for Tapia and Angelici. If they appoint Scaloni, it would look like that they couldn’t find anyone better than a guy who did not manage a single competitive game for a senior side, which is actually true. Opponents will run their mouth against Tapia. It is a political blunder. First Sampaoli, now unable to find a manager!

    Gallardo did not say no. Copa Lib ends in November. Thus he becomes the only viable quality candidate.

    Pekerman is Pekerman. He has his good sides and bad. If Gallardo’s appointment does not materialize, imo Pekerman should be made general manager, guiding Scaloni and Co.

    • That is good point personally i don’t
      Want Jose pekerman as manager
      I don’t know why some mundo followers like pekerman he failed big time in 2006 Arg should have won it because his subs
      When you left messi on the bench
      And start Julio Cruz tevez started ahead
      Of saviola who had good wc
      Subbed riquelme over cambiasso
      Instead Pablo aimar… no pekerman

      • godin11: agreed on peckerman, i have read its for the youth teams only not the “main job” and id have no problem if he was to go back to the role he made so successful with our youth teams.

        • Peckerman for youth development is ok with me too. We need a young coach who is familiar with modern football and maybe last as long as possible.

          • @Ebo I’m hearing close sources
            Tata martino still number one target
            For tapia put this way there re realy three candidates who re realistic
            1 Tata martino
            2 Gallardo
            3 scaloni
            I’m sure one of those guys will be
            Argentina manager weather people
            Like it or not

    • Yuppp only counter argument of Scaloni continuation is, It’s like a slap on Tapia face.

      Because he repeatedly says that 10 year project, New coach blah blah.

      He already made a blunder with Sampa, His stakes r high. He can’t make a mistake again.

      Pekerman as Director and Scaloni as Coach won’t be a bad idea either.

    • A manager who was previously appointed shouldn’t be appointed again…
      If we cannot afford Simeone Pochettino Guardiola Zidane Mourinho Pellegrini etc etc ( these names are day dreams for AFA)
      Then we must stick to #L.Scaloni(samuel aimer)

  3. Like most, I fully expect Lio Scaloni to be the coach heading into Copa 19. It is too late in the day to make changes now with only two games against Mexico in November and two games in March left. The June matches will just be used for final call ups and tuning. Common sense dictates that instead of taking a new A+ coach, whoever that may be, and having him risk a D- performance at Copa because he did not have enough time with players, its better to stay with a B+ coach (like Scaloni) till the summer end. Common sense is not a strength of the AFA but lets hope they find some.

    With that established we have to look at the areas that Scaloni has to improve. It seems for the most part the back 6 outfield players are more or less decided with the minor question of deciding final starters and appropriate substitutions and rotations. In this area only Nico Tagliafico’s back up is a big concern for me because unlike the other positions in D or DM, the LB is the only position where the insertion of the substitute changes the planned shape on the field the most. This is essentially because it is not Marcos Acuna’s natural position and he is probably more suitable in aggressive back 3’s/5’s than in normal back 4’s. This is generally a hard position to fill, but without going into detail why, let’s hope coach keeps looking for the backup here.

    After more or less solving the leaky back five (or six depending on formation) Scaloni needs to concentrate on moving further up the pitch. Here, after a long time, Argentina is showing some rarely seen uncertainty. This, in my view, is because of questions at the highest point on the pitch; at #9. Again this is because there are two solutions here – the Icardi solution and the non-Icardi solution. For those that have followed Inter closely know that Icardi thrives in a particular system. One which relies on exceptional wing play to deliver pin point cross field balls where the one-shot-one-kill assassin can finish the game. This style relies on having airtight defences with patient build up, and the margin of the game will not often be anymore than a single goal. The back six have shown they can provide the solidity for this but the main creative players required for this are more of the Cervi ,Pereyra, Pavon, Meza variety.

    The non-Icardi solution relies more on triangular, quick 1-2 passing that is symbolic of Argentine play. Here mobile forwards like Lautaro or Kun are suitable. Any combination of creative players like Dybala, Lamela, Messi,LoCelso,Correa,Vargas etc are built for this. In other words the system that maximizes Icardi is NOT the system that optimally uses the best of the Argentine creative bench. And here is the big thing that Scaloni will have to make a decision on during the Mexico games. Do you put all your cards on Icardi or do you choose to go with the other half dozen better creatives who might work together well but not with Mauro sadly? He has to decide fast because If it is the first system then a lot of the players who are essentially subs will be thrust into starter roles and would need game time accordingly. If it is the second system the need is urgent to identify the central enganche- is it Locelso? Is it Dybala? Lamela? Whoever it is must play the next 4 to 6 games majorly.

    One point I would like to make is that fan favorite Lanzini is probably not coming in for Copa. In fact he should not. He will probably only start seeing some real time with his club in January and will still need to build form and fitness. It is highly doubtful he will be able to participate in potentially 6 full 90 minute matches over 4 weeks at copa including hard rondo during build up. It is not a position that can be wasted for him in a 23 man squad. His time will be after Copa for WC qualifiers and beyond.

  4. By the way icardi will start to score for us sooner or later. He is a fighter a tough guy. A leader. He will be okay. As per me Dybala is some what out of place. He is the one who is struggling to get in touch with the NT.

    Still long way to go for both, they still haven’t got enough chances. Hopefully they will start to perform for NT soon.

  5. Curious to see how AFA gonna come out of this hole.

    All the Candidates r almost done. This is in fact most critical situation. It’s gonna mark the starting of a new Era.

    Scaloni has been gud till now. But the counter argument is the Argentina National Team Coach is a prestigious position. It’s not like a club coaching position. There is no element for experimenting.

    Valid point. But we haven’t won’t anything with so called great coaches too for some years. So why don’t carry on with Scaloni.

    I think that’s where we r gonna be leading now. At least till Copa Scaloni will stay. Only problem is this never ending saga for position of Coach. It’s gonna continue..

  6. When i saw the title of this thread i was sure that i was going to see irritating comments underestimating Argentine youngsters and even Argentina nt future chances while at the same time other nts all of a sudden have become superior to us without any real rational reason that can justify that but whatever, the same old story lets all get in here and bash Argentina and it’s players and go then to other forums and cheer for other teams such as Brazil, Colombia or whatsoever! WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON IN HERE LATELY??

    Guys, Icardi may not be that good on creating chances on his own but an objective football follower can’t deny that at least he is one of the most clinical goal scorers in the world, much more clinical in front of the opponent’s goal than any brazilian, colombian, spanish or german striker, therefore all the aforementioned would have loved to have a goal scorer like him! Just for your own information, Icardi surpassed the great “bomber” christian vieri scoring 106 goals in 165 if i am not mistaken. The guy can make a goal from half a chance, he has the biggest percentage ratio of scoring per attempts to score so please try at least to be a bit more rational on what you are saying, try to say something that comes along with reality and don’t turn this forum into a circus anymore! What the fuck is going on lately in here??

    Kid, you are cheering for colombia now? What the fuck happened to you??

    • i get very surprised today watching from this guy post again here.
      people never stop to amaze me really my friend.

      this guy some months before post last time that from then he started support Colombia because some Colombian friends he had told him….that all Argentinians we are racists !!!!

      he had post here one huge letter with “proofs” and stories of his own (his Colombian friends suppose inform him ) that prove in his brain that in Argentina we are all racists !!!

      from then suddenly today i see this guy post here for Argentina football !!!!

      now can you tell me my friend how can i take seriously somebody like him and his opinions ?

      NO I CAN T.

      • Cox4, do i really have to mention my friend how badly i want us to lift the trophy in shitty yellow team’s backyard?? We almost did it in 2014, in fact the fans of the shitty yellow team were made their shit on their pants because they were horrified that we could do this on their backyard while they managed the biggest humiliation in the history of world cups! But they were very lucky that we didn’t convert our chances in the final and they were such a disgrace cheering for the team that humiliated them with seven goals in their own soil just because they couldn’t stand Argentina being champions in their backyard! This how powerful Argentina is, i will always love and support this team simply because this team to me is football itself!

        Vamos Argentina carajo!!

  7. As I said 2 months ago which is becoming now the reality, Lautaro seems to be the last option that Spalletti will use. Under the Italian coach, Inter will always play with Icardi + 2 wingers(Politano + Perisic as starters, Balde and Candreva as subs), quite similar to that Mourinho’s Inter in 4231 10y ago. Even when Icardi is not available or they decide to play with 2 forwards, it will be always and forever Balde the 1st choice. Even if he can be converted into inverted winger successfully, he still need to fight for a place with players like Perisic, who is one of the leaders in attack. I really don’t think how the situation could go better for him in short term.

    Me I think a club like Betis will be perfect for him. It is a team which plays possession football with very talented midfielders but no striker for finishing. The ratio of goal vs opportunity is probably the weakest in Europe(like demonstrated yesterday).

    • Icardi will go to Madrid next season then lautaro will be the main man, this season he is a back up of Icardi. Spelleti uses blade instead of lautaro due to pace and creating crosses where lautaro lacks but he is better goal scorer

      • Icardi I will not worry about no matter where he is. After Cr7 left, Real has no forward able to score with head. Benzema is a great 9 half to me but not a real striker. Without Cr7, his creative profile is less useful. I guess Real need more a forward.

        But again even without Icardi, Balde will be still Spalletti’s 1st choice.

      • I don’t remember Spalletti used more than 1 forward(sometimes 0) in his previous team. In Roma, they used to play in 433 with Totti as false 9. I think it was the 1st time I saw a team playing without a 9. It was a nice possession football but now I have feeling that he just copied paste Mourinho’ 4232 10y ago. Nainggolan plays Sneijder’s role, Icardi as Milito, Perisic as Eto’o, etc.

        • lautaro is still raw when icardi rested spelleti uses lautaro as no9 and he scored. Blade is better than lautaro at moment where lautaro has better potential to become next Aguero so just chill he is 20

    • They are apparently eager for Argentina defenders: Balerdi or Senesi. Add to that Montiel, Palacios and Almendra and we may admit the interest from Barcelona is there.

      Senesi from San Lorenzo is one of our numerous young talented CBs. Senesi, Foyth, Cristian Romero, Lisandro Martinez all they were part of one team U-20 in 2017

  8. Lol 😂😂😂 so Argentina played 3finals due to higuain. Icardi is the main man of Inter and Barcelona is afraid of him, Icardi is the the best finisher in the world and higuain is the biggest choker

      • why hate icardi if you’re an Argentina fan must be proud of him. After messi Argentina don’t have any young superstar, Icardi is the only hope and Barcelona vs Inter will prove it

        • Barca vs Inter doesn’t prove anything. On the flip side, if icardi doesn’t do well, it shouldn’t be held against him either. Icardi is one of our options but not gauranteed starter

          • Do you Icardi market value increasing twice after his champion league performance let’s see where it goes end of the season, after messi icardi looks only Argentinean potentially win the balloon dor and main man for Argentina in 2022 , on copa Aguero will be the first choice no doubt

        • Yea…… To score against Barcelona is no easy feat.
          And nobody beats Barcelona at home, Nobody. (Except Real Madrid)
          Inter will probably not win Wednesday, and a realistic goal should be a draw. However, with a s*** manager like Valverde, and no Messi for either game, along with Umtiti injured, if Inter can’t capitalize, specifically Icardi, then he simply isn’t all what he’s said out to be.

  9. This is the realty facing South America football right now. From 1994 – 2018 world cup, European teams have shown way more consistency than both Argentina and Brazil over two and half decades at the FIFA World Cup. Over the past two decades Argentina have only made it to one FIFA World Cup final (a tournament that included their first semifinal in over 20 plus years) most recently in 2014. To the contrary, Argentina even fall behind Croatia when it comes to world cup performance through 1994-2018.

    1994-2018 world cup showing: Brazil made it to three finals (1994, 1998, 2002). Germany made it to two finals and two semifinals (2002, 2014 and 2006 ,2010). France made three finals (1998, 2006 and 2018). Italy made two finals (1994 and 2006). Spain one final (2010). Holland made it to one final and two semifinal (2010 and 1998 and 2014). Croatia made it to one final and a semifinal (2018 and 1998). Argentina one final (2014). Uruguay one semifinal (2010).

    Croatia gain their independence in 1991 (if I’m not mistaken) and since then have had a better showing at the FIFA senior Men’s World Cup compare to Argentina.

    Argentina is not entitled when it comes to winning the FIFA world cup and the country performance over the last two decades’ have certainly dismiss any idea of entitlement and being a serious contender when it comes to the senior men’s World Cup. Argentina for over two decades have been at minimum a quarterfinal team. Argentina results and consistency on the world cup stage does not go hand in hand with the constant hype surrounding their national team. People will mislead and tell you otherwise, but no one can point to a more recent successful period with the Argentina national team on the world cup stage over the last two and half decades other than the 2014 world cup class aka the ‘’Messi generation.’’ The 2014 Argentina world cup team was the best the country had assembled in over two decades and there is no one who can rebut these claims. Just look at the world cup charts from 1994 – 2018 and you will only see the Messi GENERATION making it to a world cup final. It’s also no coincident that the last two U20 world cup winning Argentina teams (2005 and 2007) consist of players of the Messi generation. This is the last great Argentina generation with all due respect, the newer generation coming up have a huge gap to fill. Post Maradona ERA, the Messi generation is the only team that did well on the world cup stage, reaching the final only to fall short in extra time by a last minute Mario Gotze goal.

    With regards to small clubs and big clubs, no one is saying all national team players will have to sign for the biggest clubs in Europe in order to win the world cup or any other FIFA tournament. But to dismiss the impact that the biggest clubs in Europe (Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus and AC Milan – Italy 2006 winning team, Arsenal – France 1998 team, Manchester United, Inter Milan – 2010 UCL winners etc.) have had on the last several FIFA World Cup tournaments show the lack of knowledge some people have when it comes to football. The reality is, both Barcelona and Real Madrid have had a big impact on the last three world cup winning national teams (2010, 2014, and 2018). People can’t blindly ignore these attributes for the sake of hyping up mid-table team and local Superliga clubs. Of course playing time is crucial and plenty of smaller clubs offer this to young and talented emerging players, but the experience and learning curve a player will achieve playing for the likes of Real Madrid, Barcelona, Bayern Munich, Juventus, Chelsea (earlier years under Abromovich) etc. will not be possible at a mid-table team in Spain, Germany, Italy and England. Yes, the likes of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Bayern Munich etc. have their ups and downs like any other club team, but as a young and upcoming midfield player wouldn’t it be a greater learning experience to share a pitch at some stage of your developing career with the likes of Xavi, Iniesta, Xabi Alonso, Modric, Kroos, Schweinsteiger, Philip Lahm, Pirlo and Lampard? Moreover, the biggest club teams tend to go deeper in the UCL season after season which give big game experience to younger players who then carry this over on the international level.

    For example, the France national team didn’t propel Kylian Mbappe (the best young player since Messi) on the world football stage by giving him playing opportunities against other international teams. Kylian Mbappe emergence on the international world stage had more to do with Monaco European Champions League run to the semifinal during the 2016/2017 season, he then became the youngest player ever to score in every UCL knockout rounds. The same can be said for guys like Lemar, Sidibie and Mendy. Kylian Mbappe is already setting his sight on the Olympic Gold medal.

    Around here people are talking about the 2022 FIFA world cup when their is a Copa America Cup in 2019, two U20 tournament and a Olympic tournament before the 2022 world cup. None of the young players that featured in the last several friendly games for Argentina will likely still be on the map by 2022 except for maybe Martinez and Foyth.

    The notion that these guys who started against Brazil are young is laughable at best. Pezzella (27), Tagliafico (26), Battaglia (27), Parades (24), Dybala (24), Icardi (25), Correa (23), Lo Celso (22). All these players I listed are at the age of a seasoned professional football player. If Argentina want to be a world elite team then mediocre players like Battaglia, Parades and Lo Celso should not be starting in the midfield.

    Vamos Colombia!

    • welcome back bro, Messi generation was the golden generation and none of current generation player are the caliber of them i agree. But only Aguero and Messi are in prime rest of all Dimaria Higuain Masche Gago Zabaleta etc are finished so we have to move on. Currently only Messi Aguero Icardi and Dybala (although facing tough time) remaining world class player with lautaro has potential to big, Argentina have to deal with it. From old guards Romero otamendi benega dimaria should be part of copa and next year u20 tournament is very crucial for Argentina

    • At least Argentina have won and reach more finals than France
      Croatia and Holland of course your Colombia.
      Only Germany italy and Brazil have better records
      Than Argentina in FIFA world cup. Don’t worry mate
      Argentina will always have better records than most countries
      You mentioned especially Colombia.. how many times Colombia
      appeared in world cup Only 6 times thier best achievements 😂
      quartafinals in 2014 under Argentinean manager.. I guarantee you
      Albicelestes will always produce world class players
      In every position .. soon Argentina will win world cup
      Cope no matter how much european countries ‘re strong
      Now they ‘re in process to build fresh and young dynamic team.
      After long time under dictator maschareno.

      Kid let me ask you a question how many times spain and Belgium England
      Portugal or so call european top teams reach world cup final or semi finals?

    • As always you’ve left few months ago after disappointment of tournament. You’ve left from shame after creating balloon of expectations for the famous old generation. I don’t understand point of your come back. So go way support Colombia.

    • KidultHood


      your repeated argue against our youngsters generations in last years was, inter alia: when was the last time when any of big clubs like Real or Barcelona was interested in Argentina youngster?


      Real following: Almendra, Vargas

      Barcelona: Senesi, Montiel, Palacios, Balerdi, Almendra, Pavon, Gaston Veron

      PSG: Vargas

      Juventus: Vargas

      Inter: Palacios

      Valencia: Saravia, Montiel, Leonardo Godoy

      Liverpool: Vargas

      Arsenal: Pavon

    • Even though criticism which is fair, and on wrong blog to cheer Colombia, I still admire ur long posts Kid. Very detailed and informative.

  10. Argentina did mistake to build team round messi, as much i hate Maradona and love messi but Maradona is absolutely right, messi can’t be the leader and real leader was masche behind messi. Had Cr7 is Argentinean, higuain career over in 2014, cr7 only want to win no matter what and selfish too reason left real Madrid at a right time but messi stayed with barca at tough time and carry the team, same goes for Argentina. Messi failed under pressure, cr7 not. Portugal build team around cr7 performed better than Argentina building team around messi reason if Argentina outperform messi played poorly unlike cr7 who played worst in 90min then a moment is enough to make difference. Same for icardi, against spurs phochettino team outperformed inter and icardi wasn’t in the game at all but a moment suddenly changed the game. Argentina needs Icardi, to build team around him who can absorb pressure and never give up mentality, I’m Messi fan and i want messi to play in 2022 as a playmaker and main focus was Icardi, building team around messi was Argentina biggest mistake what Maradona said not a good leader, if messi was a good leader never showed disinterested before Croatia game, higuain never part of the team after 2014, his best buddy Aguero was undisputed starter for Argentina and send masche to his real position in bench instead of selecting playing XI

    • “Argentina did mistake to build team round messi, as much i hate Maradona and love messi but Maradona is absolutely right, messi can’t be the leader and real leader was masche behind messi. ”

      …. and who gave the captain armband to Messi?

      I wonder…

      • Masche give up arm belt for messi to make messi as a soft target and Argentina team was running by masche if messi had leadership quality higuain kicked up after back to back 3final miss and his best friend Aguero was no9

  11. I would like to see Icardi scoring many goals from anything else other than a clear cut chances. This goal is greatly credited to Vecino for an inch perfect cross.
    Icardi does not position himself to get better service, usually. He is not creative in playing without the ball, and He is not good at being defensive forward.
    Still back L. Martinez as main striker.

    • spelleti knows better than you, Lautaro isn’t even 10% of icardi still peck Icardi have to arrive

      • He missed many chances to score for the NT, a striker does not have to wait for clear cut chance to score. otherwise, bring a 10 years old and tell him to wait in the box for a ‘perfect service’

        • Argentina lost 3finals not to score three clear cut chance, if icardi was there Argentina would have won final, icardi has cr7 type never give up mentality unlike messi

        • I told icardi will go to Madrid next season and only Argentinean who can win balloon dor after messi. Messi remain best in the world by a distance till 2020 after Neymar vs Icardi vs hazard vs mbappe

      • if a striker is good off the ball and in defensive pressing, he accomplished half the task, scoring is the other half. Hanging around the box waiting to be served will make it easier for the opponent to mark and neutralize his danger. Martinez evasive technique is promising. Benedetto did not score in qualifiers but he played a big part in our qualification

    • Vecinos cross really was sublime but we have to give credit to icardi as well for his positioning and baiting. I just watched the goal again several times and noticed icardis movement towards the near post baited both the CB and Donnaruma into moving towards near post which allowed icardi space to score easily.

      • Agree, But I am not impressed by Icardi. I would really like to see him pressing the defense more. If you go back to Colombia and Brazil matches, he could have scored a goal in each, if he was that potent. He might just be under tremendous pressure to deliver for the NT. who knows

        • Yeah, icardi has not shown what he can do yet for NT. Im torn though because on 1 end, we need him to defend and the other other we need him to score. Icardi doesn’t defend but he is quite efficient in his opportunities. Like his last match, he wasn’t very visible for 92 minutes but then pulls off the win with last minute opportunity. Martinez has shown to press more but we haven’t been able to see him score much because of the lack of playtime.

          The only guy we have right now that fits both is Aguero but he needs to sit out while we assess Icardi and Marinez.

          I’m with you though, let’s see what Martinez can do!!

  12. Icardi will only be successful with the NT once he starts getting good service from the wings. Dybala, I hope Scaloni shows some confidence in the guy and keep him in the starting lineup against Mexico with an attacking formation. I still believe that once this two gets going for us along with Lautaro with Aguero waiting, our attacking prowess will be back. Just a matter of time.

    Our defensive problems are mostly sorted out with Pazzella, Mori, Otamendi( Till copa), Conti, Kanemann, Foyth and Mammana as and when he becomes fully fit. One point about Foyth, if Pocchetino shows no interest to at least use Foyth as sub he should find another club and move on so that he can add some minutes. Just can’t sit in the reserve and waste his chance of developing.

    Further, some of the members here are skeptic about Pity’s move to MLS, for me it hardly matters, if he can continue the Good work in NT he should get called up. Palacios is already followed by Barca and Inter so a European Move is around the horizon. With lanzini, Lamella waiting, Lo celso, Battaglia and Ascacibar our Midfield will turn the tide soon. Just some time required.

  13. Icardi will not suit Argentina no matter how many goals he scores for inter. He needs a powerful midfield to support and can’t creat Chance himself but Argentina is different.

    • Inter midfield isn’t powerful like real Madrid, icardi just need decent service a proven goal scorer, what do you want more from a no9, Argentina lost 3finals where higuain miss 3 clear chances, had icardi was there Argentina won the title, Icardi has never give up attitude like cr7 unlike messi

        • I’m Messi fan and Messi is better than cr7 but cr7 is more mentally strong compare to Messi and Icardi is also same who can play worst in 90min but can change the game with a moment like cr7

  14. The most overrated one dimensional player ever! This guy and Dybala put no fear in any team when it comes to international football. Then these people hire Scaloni to be national team coach (this must be a joke, this is the same guy that lost to India), even Iran play a more exciting footballing game than Argentina under Scaloni. Nothing excited about Argentina football right now and this Scaloni guy made it even worse. Playing defensive and approaching the game against Brazil like cowards while only mustering up 35% possession for 94 minutes was nothing to cheer about. Miranda is 34 and Filipe Luis is 33 yet this so call ”young” Argentina team could barely run pass either defender consistently during the game. The current Argentina midfield is made up of Zenit, Real Betis, Stuggart and Sporting, this midfield is probably a 75 ratings or lower on FIFA. The young Argentina players emerging today are mediocre at best and are barely breaking through in the main stream footballing media. Argentina was weak against Colombia and Brazil (despite Brazil being overrated and lackluster on the day)..There is no Argentina way of playing football, just face reality, Argentina national team without the Messi Generation is, and will be average for the foreseeable future. Holland is already reemerging as a footballing force once again. Why is this? Because their youth programs are world class and is run by competent people..Look at Ajax strong performance against Bayern Munich at the Alianz Arena in the UCL followed up by Holland resounding win against Germany during the international League of Nations game. Right now Argentina don’t have any young player at the same level as Depay, Van Dijk and Wijnaldum. It’s like the 2018 World Cup for the European teams is still ongoing with the League of Nations tournament while in South America, Argentina and Brazil are playing against Guatemala, Honduras, Iraq and Saudi Arabia. European football is always evolving and thus so, will continue to be the leading force at FIFA world cup. Vamos Colombia!

  15. Icardi isn’t suited for NT….he has to get more into the game….I won’t play dybala either…..icardi dybala should be ignored if argentina has to win something in the future….they both are overhyped good for nothing

  16. once again icardi shows us what he is, that movement to make the defender look stupid then that header..bang goal.
    i cant blame him in the n/t not scoring as he is not being presented with chances at all, the defense seems to be getting sorted-tick-the defensive mids seem to be getting sorted-tick but the last 1/4 of the field the attacking part is not at all sorted and when was the last time we saw a jucy cross like the one icardi scored off in the n/t/ or the lat 1v1 etc as we have not see many attacking chances at all.
    what i liked about today is icardi did very little all match but when that one chance came he scored and that is exactly what a striker should do…socre.. and in big games a striker may only get that one chance que hig who is 3 finals had those very few chances we created but sadly the rest we know.

  17. I dont blame Icardi at all for not scoring for us. He is a rare breed. And we could not find a way to help him in the team yet. A cross, or a pass in the box or even overhead or thru ball. He is very important for us going forward because he has the right approach, nerves, skills, agility and physicality. A perfect poacher that is very rare in todays games. And he should never be subbed because he could be dangerous in the 90s. One moment and he can finish a game. I would like to see him and Latauro play together in starting XI for us. Give them 10 games together. It take time but if they start clicking we will be unstoppable.

  18. Icardi scoring for inter is normal
    When it comes to the team i care
    Most he does f..k all i exclude Brazil
    Thought i can’t blame him that much
    But to go forward I will take l Martinez
    Over him any day..

    • I dont blame Icardi at all for not scoring for us. He is a rare breed. And we could not find a way to help him in the team yet. A cross, or a pass in the box or even overhead or thru ball. He is very important for us going forward because he has the right approach, nerves, skills, agility and physicality. A perfect poacher that is very rare in todays games. And he should never be subbed because he could be dangerous in the 90s. One moment and he can finish a game. I would like to see him and Latauro play together in starting XI for us. Give them 10 games together. It take time but if they start clicking we will be unstoppable.

  19. Icardi is like Cr7, winner Mentatality even doesn’t play whole 90min then 1min is enough to change the game to be honest Argentina needs icardi more than messi if he gets decent service like inter

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