Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO of Atlanta United linked to Mexico, talks Argentina FA


Gerardo “Tata” MARTINO looks set to take over as coach of the Mexican National Team as rumors intensify while also giving his thoughts on the Argentina FA.

No stranger to the Argentina national team or the AFA, the current Atlanta United coach gave his thoughts on the AFA. Speaking with Daniel ARCUCCI, here’s what he had to say in regards to the AFA:

“From close, it looks worse. The conditions are far worse, with what Julio GRONDONA’s death represented, it was very logicial that there would be a moment of confusion.”

While he is being very closely linked to coach Mexico, MARTINO himself has not given any indication. In regards to his future, MARTINO said this through a translator when asked:

“Nothing to say. I don’t have to clarify things I haven’t said. This is always the same thing. Whenever there is some news to give, we’ll be sure to tell you. Until then, nothing has changed.

“I don’t have an agent. I have a daughter who handles (my) contract issues. The same daughter that handled my contract with Atlanta.

“As I’ve said, when there is any kind of news to clarify I will let you guys know. I haven’t talked to (Atlanta United president Darren EALES) this week. I haven’t had a chance. We’re focusing on Chicago. The most important thing is these two remaining games and then whatever is left of the playoffs. That’s what we’re focused on.”


  1. Luciano Acosta just brilliant..he is very good dribbler very good vision and tremendous speed..but still he is not called from National team..and he played both side of the ground..

  2. Funes Mori quite solid game, left no room to Atletico players. I think it may be his best game so far this season. If he continues like this, shouldn’t be far from the NT. Shame that Angel Correa didn’t have much time to show up because of his coach’s conservative tactics. Same for Lo Celso. I am annoyed with this Betis, playing this possession football like Spain but nobody for the finishing. In my opinion, even if you use Lo Celso as attacking midfielder, winger or playmaker, which is not his best position(central midfielder), he will play certainly better than Boudebouz and Inui. I believe in his partnership with Carvalho and Canales. In the same match, I saw this young Leonardo Suarez, don’t know if anyone here knows this player, myself I discovered him like 2 months ago. His performance has been quite consistent with his club this year. Can play as right winger or striker, maybe a potential NT player. Sevilla not bad against Barca, won’t be unfair to say that they deserved a draw. I admire the way they play football, it’s very risky and almost insane to play with no DM, besides, on the flank, Arana plays almost as a winger and Navas is a winger. So over 10, there are only 3 pure defensive players. It’s a very good tactical example: It’s not necessary to have 6-7 defensive players in order to keep the team organized and balanced.

    • I loved Funes Mori + Otamendi partnership. Super athletic, quick and wins aerial battles. Shame he was injured for so long but I’m glad to see him regaining form.

    • Following Leo Suraez since some U-20 Argentina tournament I maintain still the conviction he is one of our biggest talents. Same for him as for Matias Vargas or Luciano Acosta – (you never know what happend in future but) ATM only the short height of the outstanding talents seems to me problem in making career. Plus the injury prone body of Leo Suarez.

  3. Luciano Acosta has 15 assists and 10 goals in 31 games for DC United. No Argentinian has such high assists right now.

    Yesterday, he had a fabulous game against New York , a great assist with great run and dribbling and another goal from the outside of the box. For yesterday’s assist, he had beaten 4 men before he set up a simple goal for Rooney.

    I think he is the best left sided player we can have right now.

    • Mafioso

      good to hear more people is following him. Acosta impressed me a lot in his early days in Boca. Then had not that good period in Estudiantes. As far as we have Pity Martinez and Matias Vargas I’m not sure he is our the best left side. I think he is exactly in Matias Vargas type. Shaqiri, Tevez, Insigne, Papu Gomez, Acosta, Vargas – it’s the type of short playmakers/dribblers. One of the reasons I value more Vargas is height. Both are short 1,60/1,68. And when I follow closely Matias Vargas sometime think that the short height is the only thing that may prevent him in doing real career because footbal is still more and more physicall. The more it may be problem for shorter Acosta.

      On the other hand Lorenzo Insigne is 1,63 and when I’m watching him I see his presence as so much important for his team (both Napoli and NT). He is one of the best in Serie A.

      Luciano Acosta might be one of our best choices on the left indeed. It’s hard to say without give him trial in NT. Still ATM Pity Martinez seems to be first choice while the likes Cervi, De Paul or Vargas (again soon?)deserves more chances. Actually I would like to see Acosta given the chance even now but I don’t know instead of who he could be called up.

      Anyway the player is pure pleasure to watch.

      • Somehow luciano Acosta is getting
        so many hype among argentina fans since last week….even in my whatsapp am receiving lots of his videos. Gonzalo is right, his height can be a hindrance for him to get in NT

    • We have some talente players in MLS. I want to see them leaving the league and going to Europe. The route from Argentina via USA need to be finally paved. On the other hand I don’t think it is somehow problem to call up someone from MLS.

        • THe best thing here is that we are leaving behind the times of stupid monopoly of one player only to start on left wing (Di Maria). Pity, Cervi, De Paul, Vargas, Acosta, Correas, Pavon – the competition will be good for us.

          • Agreed that competition is critical but using the word “Monopoly” implies there were viable alternative but due the perceieved “political power of club de amigos”, no one else was considered. Who do you think had the talent to replace Di Maria all these years?

          • This is not really important who was to replace him as the player needed 10 games to play 2 good or so. So often he just looked as if anoyone could have been better.

            “political power of club de amigos” – I don’t think it’s for club de amigos (the concept never attracted me). It’s rather our coaches narrow horizons. That’s their fault. Talented players and alternatives for Argentina NT always are there but if you stay with ‘a priori’ assumption that there is no alternative (without trying new ones) then it may really looks as if there was no any alternative.

    • The assist to Rooney was certainly messiesque. Shame Acosta is 31 though but you’re right, he should be considered. What a talent, that man is on fire this season

  4. Mercy of Tata, (Well the last thing we want now is this guy being pleaded to come back on his own terms, Of course not by the fans, but by AFA)

    With all due respect to what he has done for us.

  5. Plz dnt blame tata. He did almost as he can. We lost 2 finals under him. PLZ rethink tht matches. Those r not his faults.A coach can do 60% in a match not 100%.
    If afa allow him to unite with younsters , sometimes he will be more dynamic in his job..

  6. I for 1 do not want this guy any where the n/t again and it shows how low his stock was that no one wanted him after barca and then us-it was 18 months before any job offer in going to the u.s for his next job.

    tata you failed us twice, the team should have been one of the best winning teams but you lost 2 finals and were out played and defeated in exactly the same in both finals-you are a slow learner.
    both times the team was brilliant up to the finals (it really did not need a coach) and for what ever reason you got to the finals and changed our style of play despite the fact we were looking so good up to the finals with “our style”
    you are also a big part of the blame for the lack of youth as that is something you did not like to do and today we are paying the price-(the current coaching set up is trying to fix it all).
    im happy with the currant set up and do not want a change at the top, the only thing I could accept is the the possibility of peckerman (it has been a rumor a few times) going back to youth coaching for us as that was when he was at his best.

  7. I stay with my outlook to not to hire a technician who already had his chance with the NT. In this regard, it’s good that TATA is going to Mexico and Peckerman is not in the radar of AFA. The rebooting process that Scaloni has started will definitely get affected if a new coach is hired in January. Becoz every coach has his own philosophy. Keeping this in mind its simple common sense to let Scaloni continue till COPA and install a new coach during August’19 so that he could have two friendly Matches in Sept’19 before the start of Qualifiers in October ’19. The Sabella Cycle started in the same way.

    Secondly, if it’s a matter of EGO for AFA to hire a coach within December ( as they have themselves trumpeted for the same) then it will harm the rebuilding process going on currently which can lead to another disaster in COPA. However, they can draw the outline of “10 year project” within December and then go on searching for a competent manager to head it and give it a proper shape.

    Thirdly, if the A-listed coaches are not coming we can always go for someone who can keep a low profile and do his job silently within the NT( like Sabella) without drawing too much media attention ( like Sampaoli) . There are few who can be considered. They are Mauricio Pelligrino, Antonio Mohamed, Hector Cuper, Ramon Diaz. Not world beaters by any means but when the world beaters are not interested let’s give time to others and be optimistic.

  8. I like Tata martino under him arg lost only 3 games.
    His stlye was good we played best football .
    Under him better than any manager except bielse.
    Eye catching attacking based posassion.
    For me he was best manager since long time.

      • Just now he official told Atlanta
        He isn’t going to continue there for
        Tapia will offer him again to lead
        The NT however Mexico is favourite to land him but is not beyond Argentina still and will not suprises me if he come back..

  9. Here Tata is actually talking about Argentine clubs, that afa has no control over them. Those club can deny player selection and afa can do nothing about it. Martino is saying the truth. Argentine clubs does not care about the well being of nt. Boca vs river rivalry is more of important than nt. Not too long ago, Boca manager said Argentina matches were pointless.

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