Former Argentina man Santiago SOLARI named new Real Madrid coach


Santiago SOLARI has been named the new head coach of Real Madrid.

The reining Champions League holders have fired coach Julien LOPETEGUI and have named former Real Madrid player Santiago SOLARI as the new manager. SOLARI has been in charge of Madrid’s B team since 2016 and as a player won La Liga as well as a Champions League title.

SOLARI represented Argentina 11 times but did not take part in any international tournaments.

The two biggest teams in Madrid are now coached by two former Argentina team mates in Santiago SOLARI and Diego SIMEONE.


  1. Brazilian player Hulk has changed himself completely.Now he has become more deadly.Copa is gonna to be tough for Argentina if they do not call worthy players to NT.Brazil is best team in world right now.

  2. Difference between Superstar players and mediocre players, Superstar players played for big clubs where mediocre players played at small club but being a bench warmer at big club mid table club always better but a talented players like messi or Aguero was never bench warmer at early 20’s in big club, their talent make them superstar, now its all upto palicio I’m expecting him next Argentina sensational so he will earn his spot in real and become superstar. Arthur earned his spot at barca and it’s a matter of time to become next superstar xavi and Palacio isn’t less than Arthur plus 3year younger so his move to real give Argentina a new superstar

  3. Solari is a temp arrangement as negotiations with Conte is on. The board’s first preference was to promote someone from within but they are not convinced with Solari’s work with the B team.
    Another night of football to convince Scaloni that Aguero should never be considered anymore. Totally, out of pace and place in this fast dynamic City team. He is only playing becos Jesus could not step it up.
    Lamela had his moments but his first start against a top team was not convincing. It will be back to his favourite position (la bench), as all three Erikson, Alli and Son are fit and ready.
    And Icardi again. If he had the chances Aguero has had this season, he would have double the amount of goals and vice versa.

    • S.aguero one of the best striker of world whether you like or not ( of course best Argentine striker ) as for lamela goal miss due to poor Wembley pitch even pep guardiaola accept it.

    • I’ve noticed that you only tend to show up when you have something negative to say about Argnetina’s players.
      Lamela has been the only player that’s been stepping up to the plate for spurs and he started against Barcelona and scored and assisted and just because he had an off match doesn’t mean when treat him like he’s some useless bench player so please tone down the negativity alittle bit.
      Kun’s been killing it for Mancity but you only comment when he has a bad game?
      Inorder to truly assess a player’s impact one has to have some patience and wait until the entire season is finished and look at the whole picture, ergo we won’t know which player will make the copa team next year until April next year so until then let’s give the players a chance to prove themselves worthy of wearing the albiceleste jersey without declaring them saviors or washouts after one or 2 games.

    • Btw Sergio this wasn’t meant to be an attack on you but rather an observation, all of us on this board need to be abit more patient and positive with these up and coming players because copa is a while away and the WC is a long while away although time seems to fly.

    • Ridiculous logic. So let’s go ahead and judge every player on 1 freaking game???? By that logic, no player would ever play again because guess what, EVERY PLAYER HAS A BAD GAME….. but let’s ban them all!!! Icardi didn’t play well either prior game so let’s BAN HIM TOO (I hope you realize my sarcasm here)

      Also, how are you ignoring the previous matches and the fact that Aguero was one of our best players during the WC?

      Recency bias crazy

  4. Really like the way Solari played, he is the former captain of Madrid. Never being maximed used by N/T and later on injured and finised his career during his time with AC Milan. Santiago will consider Icardi and Centurion to join Madrid

  5. Wow another upcoming coach for us.This is a huge position. RM Coach? I remember him and Cambiasso both at RM, He was gud,Sadly Solari hardly played for us. Never fulfilled his potential.

  6. Let’s be clear here, if one wants Icardi to shine under the shirt, we will have to serve him the ball on a plate… Basically this requires creating clear chances which is the NT isn’t even close to achieve currently.

    • You can say that with literally any striker πŸ€¦πŸ»β€β™‚οΈ (Even with Morata)
      A good striker vs a great striker is one who takes half chances and turns them into beautiful goals, whether outside of the box or even setting up and putting away their own goal.

      Icardi doesn’t do either.

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