Real Madrid linked to Argentine Exequiel PALACIOS of River Plate


Real Madrid are being linked to Exequiel PALACIOS of River Plate.

Per a report by Tyc Sports, the reigning UEFA Champions League holders are interested in signing the Argentine youngster. While River Plate are attempting to give PALACIOS a new deal, Real Madrid has emerged as a favorite in signing him.

Exequiel PALACIOS reportedly has a buy out clause of €15 million with Madrid offering €20 million. The offer would have PALACIOS sign a 5 year deal with him joining the club in June.


  1. My reason why exequiel palacios should join Real Madrid cause it is very much possible he will be in the starting XI.
    Real Madrid only have 3 CM in their midfield. Kroos Cabellos and Modric.
    others like Ascensio, Isco and Vasquez is either CAM or Winger.
    from this 3 CM Modric is almost at the end of his career. He might leave at the End of the season.
    on the other hand Kroos is very slow and also his stamina is a big concern. exequiel palacios is not the player Kroos or Modric is but his Stamina, Pace and Pressing ability is better than them because he is young and energetic. this may give him an edge as most of the Coach in Europe prefers this attributes over others.

  2. May be if it happens. Palacios can finally graduate from a Farmer to a World Class player.

    Wait wait he doesn’t even have to play in RM he just need to play for 10 minutes and rot in the bench. He will still be called World Classss.

    Hope he gets continuous playing time in whichever club he choose.

    • “Wait wait he doesn’t even have to play in RM he just need to play for 10 minutes and rot in the bench. He will still be called World Classss”.

      Yes, for some childish people it looks like that

      • Palacio will be the key for Real like hazard for Chelsea or messi for baca or kvd fo city trust on Argentine talent we are the fan of World class player not farmers like Colombia

        • I m. Sorry, but can u Just knock off the word farmer man. It’s not even funny. U r in an Argentine Fan blog and u r again and again calling Argentine League players farmers? What the hell..

          On another sense U do realize that if there is no farmer then no human can eat anything, just like that if there is no Argentine League there will be no Argentine football player too.

      • Yaaappp u know what I meant. By the way. Some beleave being in high end European club automatically makes any player world class’s. Even if they rot in the bench.

        As per that assumption, the only way we can become a world champion is by fielding an 11 in which all players r from European CL. LOL…

        • “Some beleave being in high end European club automatically makes any player world class’s”

          Even some stars of big clubs like Icardi or Dybala can’t deliver so far in Nt despite the fact they had more chances than local players.

          • Understanding Human Psychology, a local player in lower league will be eager most of the times to prove himself, work harder, and follow coach’s instructions better than big star players in big clubs. Many players who excelled in their NT were of a lower club ratings than the bigger clubs.
            Again, a solid team of average players, with 3 or 4 stars from big clubs would be sufficient to win trophies. one or 2 stars in each line of formation is enough. 2 stars in defense, one in Midfield and one star forward should be ideal for a team to play and win trophies. COHESION is more important than stardom.
            Some call for the NT to have not just star players, but super stars, which is counter productive.

          • To be fair to Icardi, he played under dogshit Bauza and even scored against Venezuela and Scaloni who has done absolutely nothing in regards to the attack. Of course players that rely on a team based on attack will play poorly. Dybala recent poor display also has as much to do with Scaloni as it does himself. I’d like to see these guys play when we have an attacking identity, until that happens, i cant expect too much from them.

  3. I really hope not, I honestly can’t understand why people want very young Argnetina players to go to Barca and Real when there is little chance of these players getting playing time.
    If palacios goes to Madrid who is he gonna replace Kroos? Mordric? Isco? Ascensio?
    I would love it if he were to go a solid team in Italy like Napoli or a club like Milan that can really use his services or maybe somewhere in spain where he can get a chance to prove himself.

    • I genuinely believe if that palacios
      Work hard he could play any top
      Team in Europe he is that good
      Talant in mean time
      I hope Santiago Solari stay
      long time as manager.

  4. I m also in favour of palacios joining real Madrid…..if Arthur can make permanent place in Barca then why not palacios….
    I m sure next season there will be 2 Argentines playing for real madrid palacios and franchu……that stupid zidane never gave a chance to franchu, I m sure solari will give him

  5. Real historically has always been more close to argentine players. Barcelona on the other hand has very good scouts and connections in Brazil. It’s only Messi who is the anomaly.

    I read below that Florentino Perez do not like Argentine players. That’s completely incorrect. I worked at a Madrid based company called Mapfre for 10 years. Perez is a big fan of Argentine players. He likes their grit and style. It’s only that nothing has come up. There has been no such opportunity for him to sign any Argentine player.

    • i don’t know, man. heres a list from wiki, not sure if its complete or not. Riquelme, Messi, and Maradona played for Barca….

      Javier Mascherano
      Gabriel Milito
      Lionel Messi
      Maxi López
      Diego Maradona
      Juan Román Riquelme
      Javier Saviola

      Sotero Aranguren
      Eulogio Aranguren
      Roque Olsen
      Rogelio Domínguez
      Enrique Wolff
      Jorge Valdano
      Fernando Redondo
      Santiago Solari
      Esteban Cambiasso
      Gabriel Heinze
      Fernando Gago
      Gonzalo Higuaín
      Ángel Di María
      Alfredo Di Stéfano
      Héctor Rial
      Juan Carlos Touriño
      Roberto Juan Martínez

      • I didn’t like the way fcb treated
        Juan Roman riquelme and
        Javier saviola
        For me real Madrid were better
        For Argentina players till recently.

  6. Real Madrid over the last century have always been a more welcoming club to Argentinean home grown talent compare to Barcelona. Gago and Higuaín moving straight from Super Liga to Spain biggest club (Real Madrid) is a perfect example. Cambiasso was also brought to Real Madrid from the Argentina local youth system.

    This is what happen; Alfredo Di Stéfano was named Honorary President of Real Madrid in 2000, and ever since, Argentinian talent interest was always a top priority for Real Madrid. Esteban Cambiasso, Wálter Samuel, Gonzalo Higuaín, Fernando Gago, Gabriel Heinze, Saviola, Garay and Di Maria all featured at Real Madrid between 2006 and 2014. And this is not taking into consideration the many other Argentinean players like Santiago Solari, Redondo, Valdano, Ruggeri etc. who all played for Real Madrid Pre 2000 (I must say Solari did played at Real Madrid in the mid 2000’s). So if history is our guide, Real Madrid has always been pro Argentina football compare to Barcelona.

    It’s when Alfredo Di Stéfano passed away in 2014 you stop seeing the influx of Argentinean players to Real Madrid. Di Maria left Real Madrid in 2014, the same year Di Stéfano passed away, this is no coincidence.

    Perez and Zidane were no fans of Argentinean talent. Ramón Calderón and Vicente Boluda were the last two presidents for Real Madrid during the period where you had a consistent influx of Argentinean players being transfer to Real and featuring in the first team. Florentino Pérez was named Real Madrid president in 2009 (for a second time since he lost his reelection bid in 2006) and this was the beginning of the end for both Higuaín and Di Maria at the club. And along with the rise of the Ronaldo phenomenal at Real Madrid, this was another reason to push Argentinean players out of the club because of the connection of being a Messi team mate on the national level.

    Real Madrid in their overall history have always been a kinder club to Argentinean talent compare to Barcelona (FCB) AKA Football Club Brazil. Messi had to beg Barcelona to sign Mascherano while on the other hand Barcelona was signing Brazilian players for fun. Messi was also the sole reason Tata Martino got the coaching job at Barcelona, and even as coach, the Barcelona board strong arm Tata Martino from signing any Argentinean players for the short time he was at the club.

    Note: This comment does not mean I’m a supporter of the Argentina national team…As a pure football fan, I will always be a fan of the Messi generation of players.

  7. Look what exactly about Arthur in Barca?? Have you really seen something worth mentioning?? The only reason he starts is Vidal’s behaviour and he didn’t really show somothing really good. But once again, if we see some mediocre games from an overrated Brazilian we will announce them moth while we are calling average or farmers Argentine youngsters who actually had motm performances.

    We saw what overrated Brazil did in wc. Once they played with a top 10 team and they were kicked out while some in here were screaming that they were top favourites!

    • I was one of these who viewed the Brazilians as one of the favorites, but don’t know if I was screaming.
      Brazil underachieved to our delight with no excuses other than they just choked! Well-balanced offensively and defensively, well-coached and full of confidence. Of course the whole world got to see neymar for the wanker he is, something we have known for years and that was just the cherry on top.

      Argentines and Brazilians will always be a sought after-commodity just for the fact of who they are.

  8. Many here says Real Madrid isn’t good for Palacio development, a mid table club in spain, England will be the best, do you guys underestimate talent of Argentina youngsters or starts thinking all are farmers. Messi, Aguero devolved in big clubs and Palacio too, talent will shine anywhere just look at Arthur in barca, Palacio will also earn his spot in real

  9. Real considering Palacio as the long term replacement of Modric, only palacio impressed me most during friendlies followed by pazella and Parades. Palacio has huge potential still not 20 may become biggest superstar if develop in real

  10. Some sources reported that the deal has been already done! Best of luck for him! However, Zenit officially reported that their two men Mammana & Parades are called up for the Mexico friendly, but I can’t see the squad list anywhere! Did Scaloni publish his list really??

    • Couldn’t agree more. Kroos and Modric ain’t going anywhere. Then palacios has to compete against Isco, Asenio, Cabellos, Vasquez, etc. Not looking good for immediate development but who knows, maybe wonderkid impresses so much, hell get sufficient minutes. Also, what the fuck is up with measely $15m, no wonder were in financial shambles when we can’t command higher fees. If he were Brazilian, it would be double.

      • “Also, what the fuck is up with measely $15m, no wonder were in financial shambles when we can’t command higher fees. If he were Brazilian, it would be double”.

        Yeah, releasing clause for him is only $15m. Real is ready to pay 20 without any bidding. That means Real is rating him more than River. It’s River thing to rise the value.

        Something is really wrong with Palacios club if Real want to pay €5M above the release clause. The clause is apparently far too low.

        Once again: 30-40 mln.

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