No Boca Juniors or River Plate players expected in Argentina team for November


Players from the two Argentine clubs are not expected to make the Argentina team for the friendly matches in November.

Per a report by TyC Sports, Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI will likely not be calling up any players from Boca Juniors or River Plate when they play against Mexico. The reason being that SCALONI doesn’t want to call-up any players should either of the two clubs make the final of the Copa Libertadores.

In the report, it’s also mentioned that no surprises are expected when the list will be announced later this week. SCALONI’s team will play twice against Mexico, the first time on November 16 in Cordoba with the second time coming on November 21 in Mendoza.


  1. 1…….battalgia……
    A.correa….messi….lo celso….pity



    Dybala….Messi…..peredes… Paul…


    6…peredes.. palacios..

    7…dybala..peredes..lo celso.palacio.pity


    Which one u guys choose????

  2. Argentine league football and Copa Lib r like battlefields. War..too much passion, drama and madness.. South America is something different..

    Which we won’t find in Tactical focused European CL..

    • Lol did you watch Icardi last minute penalty on season deciding games no one are mentally strong like Icardi Ramos cr7

  3. Rumors that either of the boca or river coach will be next Argentina manager so copa libaratories final may be deciding

    • thank you so much my friend.
      i am so happy.
      to be honest i didn t expect we will qualify after the first game but our guys
      make all of us River fans so so so HARRY.

  4. Pity is our pet.super climax penlty.
    I love to see pity/ celso in left forwrd roll. Dybla/lanzini in false 9 roll Messi/dmaria on right frwd .icardi /aguro on strikg roll
    Batag and paredes in midfld.
    Congrats to river and to pity also for his breathtkig pk.

  5. Great victory for River today! Normally I don’t like to comment on club matches because I personally don’t find them very relevant, but when an Argentine team beats a Brazilian team, especially in their back yard to knock them out on a big occasion it’s always justified 🙂

    One of the things I had noted was all the negativity around Pity on this site. His willingness to run at defenders in the second half when the brazilians were bottling it up was critical and man!!! To take a penalty like that in an incredible situation like that you have to have nerves of steel. That was a real golazo de penal.

    Also it was a joy to watch a man linked so closely to the coaching job come out with a gameplan that really took the fight to the opponent and attempt to smash them in the mouth with his ultra aggressive high line and 3-5-2 (something which even resembled old school 1930’s 2-6-2 at times!!) . Too bad Ponzio’s injury ruined their rhythm a little and they had to give that goal against the run of play.

    And finally my last and main reason for comment. Too often Argentine team managers are willing to take a back seat to demands of the Big 2 club managers and their media base. Already we are seeing it with these accommodating comments from Scaloni. While it would be nice for River or Boca to win, the manager needs to do what is right for the national team ONLY and needs to make a call up for who he thinks is right regardless of how many important people are upset. That’s his only responsibility. In other words, balls must be shown, especially when time is short. If you let the Argentina football power structure dictate you, you will never be successful. But its probably not easy for an ‘interim manager’ to do so.

      • Indeed. These november matches will be crucial. If scaloni cannot find the creative spark the cries for marcelo will get louder.
        its a difficult problem. on one hand i think he has almost simeone level intelligence on the other hand time is short (for copa) and NT balance in short time is hard for even the best.

  6. Pity GONZALEZ should rethink his move to the MLS , he is a good player , too good for the MLs. He’ll improve more if he move to Europe. He was the best player tonight for River , for me player of the match.

  7. Oh my God! River Plate qualified for Copa Libertadores final!! From 0-1 home defeat to 1-2 in Brazil, Gremio scored in first half. Nice attacking football from River! Vamos!! Hopefully Scaloni will change his mind for November friendly now.

    • Scaloni wants call them up but he knows how important the final will be especially if Boca will make it tomorrow.

      I just want to see them both in Final and upcoming friendlies

  8. Champions league may have better players but if you need excitement, drama, atmosphere, vibrance you have to watch copa libertadores.
    Hope players get out of there safely😉

  9. River with good first half but they lost one. Poor second, but they’ve scored two! Come on Boca give us the dreamed final!

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