Argentine international Rodrigo DE PAUL renews with Udinese


Rodrigo DE PAUL has renewed his contract with Udinese.

The Argentina man has put pen to paper, inking a new deal which would keep him until at the Serie A club until 2023, which would bring his total time there to seven years. DE PAUL joined Udinese back in 2016 after bouncing around between Valencia and Racing Club.

He has also been called-up to the Argentina national team for the second consecutive month.


  1. Thanks to the fellow fans here I have started following Udinese for this player since 1 year. Other than his dribbling skill and scoring ability, I find him very strong physically and not easy for the defenders to mark him. His profile offers something different, reminding me of Figo. Based on the current form of players, I would put Vazquez, De Paul and Icardi easily in the starting XI, but it’s really hard to choose between him and Cervi. I like both but only 1 place for 2.

    • Thanks for sharing Gonzalo. Seems to be another inverted winger, but unlike De Paul and Pereyra, he seems to play deeper, involved more in the transition and seems to be a better fit in a 4231 system. With the current tactical system, there are only 3 spots for offensive players: very secured for a striker profile, the other 2 guys should be either a playmaker(Pity, Vazquez) or 9-half(Lamela, Dybala) and winger(Cervi, Correa, Pavon) or inverted winger(De Paul, Pereyra). Zaracho’s profile seems actually quite hard to be a good fit.

      • @canadien

        I think Scaloni is appointing versatile players. Zaracho is good for different tactics and positions. He may play also more defensively like box-to-box. I really wonder how Scaloni want to use him.

        I just hope he will got more minutes than Vargas, not to mention about Di Placido.

    • I like him but I think Alexis Mac Allister is far more talented. Speaking of Alexis he’s been out for weeks now, I wonder if his injury is really serious, hey Gonzalo have you heard anything about Alexi’s injury?

      • Mamoun,

        it seems like we two are really excited by Alexis. I’m following him closely and waiting for his come back. It’s great thing you may find such talent even in worst SUeprliga team that scored only 2 goals in last 12 games. But Alexis is absolutely in my top of SUperliga talents

      • He may be back soon

        “De cara al choque del próximo domingo ante Independiente, que puede ser clave para la continuidad del entrenador, el Bicho pierde a Ybañez por expulsión y espera por la recuperación de Alexis Mac Allister y Damián Batallini. Pero especialmente, se espera un cambio de actitud, antes de que sea tarde”.

      • Yes, for me players like Alexis MacAllister, Nico Dominguez, Juan Ramirez, Tomas Pochettino or Lucas Robertone deserved more for call up than Zaracho. But I like Scaloni has his own original choices.

        We must remember that Palacios, before was called up, was regular starter for River only since april and never looked much impressive. Was good, but not staggering. Also his stats were now impressive. THere were other potentially better options in that time. But Scaloni appointed him and the choice seems to be right.

        It’s really hard to predict which talented youngster will finally succeed.

      • @Mamoun,

        here is interesting read (in Italian though) how River wanted to steal some Argentinos Juniors talents (including MacAllister) and how the River talents fabric is planned to be reconstructed after years of lows. In fact Argentinos Juniors is acknowleged as having best youth players in Argentina (currently along with San Lorenzo and Velez). In fact, when it comes to talent issue River is nowhere near to Argentinos, San Lorenzo, Velez, Rosario Central or Estudiantes.

        • “In fact, when it comes to talent issue River is nowhere near to Argentinos, San Lorenzo, Velez, Rosario Central or Estudiantes.”

          Simply not true a team from their products: Batalla/Chichizola—Funes Mori/L.Olivera—Pezzella/Musacchio/Eder Balanta/Gonzalez Pirez/Mammana/Martinez Quarta—Montiel/Abecasis——-Kranevitter/Quignon—Palacios/Guido Rodriguez—Lanzini/J. Cazares/M.Diaz/T.Martinez——R.Perreyra/Driussi—Higuain/Simeone/R Funes Mori—Lamela/Solari/T. Andrade etc, Velez current generation is very good, but thats all, maybe only an exception, San Lorenzo. Rosario Central? Make a similar team from these team products and you will see its not true, not even close, River youth product is stil the best in Argentina, maybe only Boca can conquer

          • Yoe are naming names of last years. I’m talking about current state.

            Alexis MacAllister, Franco MacAllister, Kevin MacAllister, Gonzalo Veron, Matias Romero, Batallini, Barboza, Fausto Vera, Mendez all they are talents

            River is not introducing young players cuurently. Palacios, Montiel and Ferreira (?) is not many.

            Rosario Central has currently 6 representants in U-20 team and more interesting around A team like Rivas or former U- 20 Joaquin Pereyra, like Lioi or Lopez Pissano.

            How many players in current U-20 team have River. Sometimes one (Ferreira or Alvarez), sometimes 0. Estudiantes has 5: Pourtau, Ayala, Colombo, Mura and the fifth I forgot name.

            San Lorenzo is phenomenal is reserve team: 9 wins, 1 draw o losts 27 goals scored, 4 conceeded. And mostly without players like Gaich, Palacios or Gattoni who were part of U-20 team on COTIF. Without players from A team like Insauralde, Rojas, Senesi, Barrios, Merlini. They were winning also 3th division, 4 division, 5th division ins previous years. The continuity is there and the team will have probably best young resources in 1st league in future.

            Velez? We all know how many talented ones they have now.

  2. off topic lads but applause must go our argentine Manu Ginobli who has officially had his no 20 shirt number retired by the spurs-always an argentine and of course was part of the argentine b.b. Olympic gold winning team.

    a great servant to the game and always after any champion ship win would be seen with pride walking around with our Argentine flag over his shoulders and even brought the n.b.a trophy to Argentina when the spurs last won it.

    • La Generación Dorada as we say in Argentina and our eternal captain Manu Ginobili

      will be something special forever my friend.

      he put us in world map of basketball and he make known in world that Argentina is not only football , Maradona and Tango.
      exist things beyond those.


  3. I hope River Wins CL.
    I’m not a river fan, nor follow the league. But if River Wins, it will feel more like a Victory of Argentina. For outsider fans like me, River is the Symbol of Argentina Club football.

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