Latest Argentina squad announced, Erik LAMELA included


Erik LAMELA of Tottenham is back in the Argentina squad.

Lionel SCALONI’s list of players for Argentina’s friendly matches vs. Mexico has been announced and there are some returns. Most notably, Erik LAMELA and Emanuel MAMMANA are both included. Here’s the squad:

Agustin MARCHESI (Club America)
Sergio ROMERO (Manchester United)
Geronimo RULLI (Real Sociedad)

Ramiro FUNES MORI (Villarreal)
German PEZZELLA (Fiorentina)
Renzo SARAVIA (Racing Club)
Nicolas TAGLIAFICO (Ajax)
Walter KANNEMANN (Gremio)
Nicolas OTAMENDI (Manchester City)
Gabriel MERCADO (Sevilla)
Emanuel MAMMANA (Zenit)
Juan FOYTH (Tottenham Hotspur)

Marcos ACUNA (Sporting de Lisboa)
Maxi MEZA (Independiente)
Franco VAZQUEZ (Sevilla)
Giovani LO CELSO (Real Betis)
Leandro PAREDES (Zenit)
Santiago ASCACIBAR (Stuttgart)
Rodrigo BATTAGLIA (Sporting de Lisboa)
Matias ZARACHO (Racing Club)
Roberto PEREYRA (Watford)

Rodrigo DE PAUL (Udinese)
Franco CERVI (Benfica)
Angel CORREA (Atletico Madrid)
Lautaro MARTINEZ (Inter)
Mauro ICARDI (Inter)
Giovanni SIMEONE (Fiorentina)
Paulo DYBALA (Juventus)
Erik LAMELA (Tottenham Hotspur)
Eduardo SALVIO (Benfica)

Argentina’s list of players for the friendly matches vs. Mexico.

As we reported a few days ago, no players from Boca Juniors or River Plate would be called up for these matches due to the final of the Copa Libertadores.

Agustin MARCHESIN, Gabriel MERCADO, Emanuel MAMMANA and Erik LAMELA are all back in the Argentina team. Matias ZARACHO gets his first call


  1. Exciting times ahead. From the current selections , this blog posts , i have tried to summarize the players who are in radar for a place in the 23 man team for Copa America . We have around 49 players & its time to start arriving at the final 30.

    GK ( six) – Romero , Armani , Ruilli , Walter Benitez (Nice ) , Gazanniga ( Tottenham) , Pourtau ( U20 , Estudiantes)
    Defenders ( fifteen)
    CBs – Otamendi , Pezella , Mammanna, Funes Mori , Kannemann ( gremio) , Foyth, Franco (independiente) , Barboza (Justicia)
    LBs – Tagliafico, Angileri ( Godoy Cruz) , Acuna ( makeshift)
    RBs – Saravia , Bustos , Montiel ( RiverP) , Mercado
    Midfielders ( Nine )
    DMs – Asacibar , Parades , Battaglia , Caseres ( Villareal ) , Nico Dominguez ( Velez)
    CM/ CAMs – Lo Celso , Palacios , Pererya, Vasquez
    Forwards ( Nineteen )
    Strikers – Aguero, Icardi , Lautaro , Simeone , Benedetto , Alario ( bayer Lev)
    RF/RW – Messi, Dybala , ACorrea , Salvio
    LF/LW – Pity Martinez, Cervi , De Paul, Vargas
    Left or Right Wing – Lanzini, Lamela , DiMaria, Pavon , Meza

    While its too early for a Copa team prediction , assuming no injuries , major change in form – i see the following 23
    GK – Armani , Romero , Ruilli
    Defenders – Otamendi , Pezella , Mammanna, Funes Mori , Saravia , Tagliafico, Bustos, Acuna ( also is a left wing option )
    Midfield – Palacios , Lo Celso, Ascacibar , Parades , Battaglia
    Wing & Forwards – Aguero , Messi , Pity Martinez, Icardi, Dybala, Lanzini, A Correa,

  2. to all those hating on Mercado, you guys are not true fans. Since the day he has been called up, that man has given it all. You could see that against gay ass France. Sure we are trying to push in fresh legs but this man truly does deserve a call up as long as he is around. VAMOSARGENTINA!!!

    • Mercado is a freaking warrior and he has done surprisingly well. funniest part is Mercado saving ours asses when our superstars couldn’t find the back of the net.

      • TODAY’S FACTS: like it or not
        Romero > Armani or Rulli
        Mercado > Saravia or Bustos
        Otamendi > Pezzella or Foyth or Funes Mori or …
        Banega > Paredes or Lo celso or ….
        Di maria > Pavon or Pitty or ….
        Even Mascherano > Ascacibar or Battaglia or ….
        Aguero,Benedetto,Higuain > Icardi or L. Martinez or …

        Yet, it’s not time to discuss who will be among the 23 players for Copa19. and likewise it’s not wise to call for their exclusions unless there is really a suitable replacement, which we do not have yet.
        saying that this or that (young) player will be better than this or that (old player) with all certainty is a wishful dream.
        We want to inject new blood, but with smooth transition, How do you know with all certainty that They will be greater than the rest?

  3. Defensa y Justicia – Junior Baranquilla 3:1. Defensa was so close of Copa Sudamericana semifianal but the late goal for Junior with first leg lost (0:2) made them out. Still the youngsters team is worth of appreciation. 2 goals of Nico Fernandez and one Leonel Miranda. To that once again assist of CB Lisandro Martinez – recently one of the best players in league.

  4. If River will win CL I suppose not only Palacios, Pity, Armani will back but also Montiel will got the chance.

    If Boca win I suppose not only Pavon but also Andrada and Benedetto will called up.

    • I for one think this friendly or Copa Lib finals came at wrong time together. Technically this is Scaloni last friendlies unless he would be continued. Probably. We should have been able to use the full squad.

  5. Battaglia is a monster isn’t it he is a rare breed of tall Midfielder who we didn’t had in years may be since Lucho Gonzalez. But Battaglia looks damn physically imposing player who will be useful against rough and tough teams.

    Even though he don’t add much moving forward in the pitch or creatively, but he is vital for us. Caseres, Ascacibar, etc etc r greater technically but they r rather short heightened players.

    • “But Battaglia looks damn physically imposing player who will be useful against rough and tough teams”

      Yeah, I totally agree with you on this point. When we play against physical and tough teams Battaglia is a “must-have” player.

      “Even though he donโ€™t add much moving forward in the pitch or creatively, but he is vital for us”

      He is not bad at moving forward and he SOMETIMES can create good chances plus he is a good dribbler but his weak point is he is not an excellent passer.

      • Id argue passing in that sensitive position is critical. Id rather have a tough shorter player there that has perfect cool passing.. what good is winning the ball if you then loose it?

        • After Disaster world cup how can any Argentina fan think about offensively not useful, batigala is must not only for his height but also for his versatility and defensive strength , when messi come back don’t need to think about forward passes and clinical strikers who can convert unlike higuain

    • I think Battaglia’s attacking contribution is better than his defensive contribution. His passing is pretty good and he can cross too. It’s just that his defensive positioning doesnt convince me. I think he wasn’t a DM by origin. Perhaps he was pushed back to play as a DM due to his physical attributes, I dont know. Anyways, Caseres for me is far superior to Battaglia.

  6. Will Andrada be back for Boca by the finals? If returns it will boost Boca a lot too. Armani vs Andrada..

    And which Argentine Goal Keeper is good in Ariel game? Both Romero and Armani looks not that good in that. Considering they both r gonna be there moving forward. And they both r not good with feet either.

    As of now Andrada looks to be our Number 3 Goal Keeper. He seems to be in the plan of Scaloni I guess.

  7. Vargas and Nico Domeniguez should have been called up. Especially considering no Boca and River players r not available.

    And considering all the chaos in AFA. It’s insane to see that 2 Argentine teams in Copa Lib final. They both r rich in their own way. And both use some older players too. But still there r some. Younger talents too who graduated from their own school.

    With all this considered Argentina League is not in as bad state,which is great. There r some great young talents there to watch out for.

  8. What a breath of fresh air after so many years. Nowadays players who perform well actually do get a call in stead of non performers with a subscription to the NT. After Copa Palacios and Pity should replace Meza and Vazquez and Montiel in stead of Mercado.

    • What subscription?
      Discrediting, denying and ignoring what ALL past players contributed to the NT is a total disgrace. keeping this mentality, I am sure that younger, new players will face the same fate of being degraded, ridiculed, dishonored and thrown under the bus at the first failure. It is a Great way of lifting the spirit of your beloved team players….NOT

      • It’s so easy to blame sampoali
        We have remember the man
        Left very good job to coach
        His country unfortunately
        He came wrong time
        I always respect for him
        That he gave debut players
        Like lanzini mammana
        Paredes pezzela l Martinez
        Lo celso jaquain correa

          • i think a lot of managers do the same when they coach other countries, especially given Arg with its painful history filled with much higher expectations.

          • Ok friend in that case
            We must blame messi as well
            Missing that penalty too
            Cose if he could score that
            Pen our world cup could have
            Been whole different story

          • @godin11
            I blame Messi for missing that penalty, and for missing the one in 2016. it happens, Platini, bagio missed in more crucial matches in the WC.
            yet, can you say Messi has no place in the NT because of those misses?
            others missed,too.I said before he should not taken that penalty, because clearly we saw the pressure on him and on the team as whole. How do you lift players spirit? did the fans and the media support the team and lift their spirit? I have seen and heard many many articles and reports that would actually do the opposite.
            Don’t you think that it’s a disgrace to tell great players that they are only in the team because they are Messi’s friends? How do you want them to perform? have you seen their tears? is it because of winning or losing? NO IT’S BECAUSE OF ALL THE NEGATIVITY SPREAD AROUND THEM, EVEN THEIR FAMILIES WERE CURSED.
            Riquelme’s mother got too sick in 2007 because of the media bashing him, and he quit, do you remember?

          • @ebo

            Ahem, my friend. you could see in his eyes and soul that he was thinking about the post media headlines and so called “supporters” thrashing him. way too much pressure and of instead of helping, they trash and make the situation worse. They are sick and sadistic, they lack empathy, such a shame because they could be such a positive force for the NT.

          • Argentina Media to NT players:

            How do you expect such players to perform?

          • oh man. i just laughed out loud at the insane truth of your comment.

            Throw in desgraciado comments like “pecho frio” and “club de amigos” etc.

            Its crazy. i really feel for these guys. its so freaking obvious – no shit it will destroy team moral but then sadistic people will say irrational things like “so what, thats life, suck it up. shows they’re mentally weak and shouldn’t be playing”..all this nonsense.

   was all them, not just Messi.

          • @choripan

            Check the video for Enzo Perez after Ecuador match when Argentina qualified. I tried to insert a link but it’s not working. You can type the following in the search bar of youtube

            Enzo Pรฉrez se emocionรณ al final del juego Argentina vs Ecuador

            in the game vs Peru when gago got injured he cried and was screaming “deja me jugar”
            type this in

            El conmovedor gesto de GAGO por Argentina, queria seguir jugando lesionado ante Perรบ

            For all who does not see how the players suffer of all the negativity,accusations and fabrications around them

          • @ebo

            ugh, thats harsh and bitter sweat. kind of chokes me up. These guys give it there all. Were lucky to have them. Fuck that pisses me off even more. media and horrible fans are insufferable.

      • My comment is not meant to discredit past players. We just carried on with the same names for years and years and forgot to put fresh blood in. The same happens to many teams that were successful in the past. Germany at the WC 2018 is a good example. Several times the reigning WC winners get knocked out in the first round of the next WC. Hanging on to a golden (in our case silver) generation is not good. Players that were great for Argentina but stayed way too long: Biglia, Mascherano and Demichelis are prime examples and even Tevez and Roncaglia. Again, no discredit to anyone. The coaches just did not have the balls to cut previous stars from the roster.

        • Richard is right. That was too many non performers subscribed to NT for years.

          “The same happens to many teams that were successful in the past. Germany at the WC 2018 is a good example. Several times the reigning WC winners get knocked out in the first round of the next WC. Hanging on to a golden (in our case silver) generation is not good”.

          I was talking about that again and again before last WC. That if we do not reform our burned out silver team, we will finish like Argentina in 2002, France in 2002, Italy in 2010, Spain in 2014. To the cases we have now also Germany 2018.

          In some moment biggest, deserved names are just no more functional and you need to go for new generation, eager players.

          • YOu never can’t say there’s no alternatives if you are not trying. None young player didn’t got enough chances. 5-10 starts or so.

          • “subscription to the NT”

            Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero, Mascherano, Biglia, Banega, Rojo – they were playing always no matter of form. So many poor performances from the players in 2016-2018 years. Poor friendlies, poor qualifiers, poor WC. The players were poor in 4 or so on every 5 their games in NT.

            Alternatives always are there and they will emerge if only given the chance. Where from are players like Palacios, Saravia, Tagliafico, Dybala, Paredes, Lanzini, Battaglia, Pity, Ascacibar, De Paul, Pereyra, Icardi, Lautaro, Lo Celso, Armani, Cervi, Lamela, Acuna – they are already interesting NT options (some already seems to be starters) after not really many games in NT. So now just think the same thing – the same injecting of fresh blood, could have taken place yet after 2015 or 2016 Copa but have not. Some of the current players might have been called up yet 2 years ago plus few other, older alternatives like Papu Gomez or Perotti.

            After Scaloni’s refeshing moves people quickly understood there really are the alternatives. We just need brave coach with long term vision to find them. People are mostly already happy with the new face of NT. People want so much players like Palacios. And now tell me where from is Palacios? From nowhere. He emerged beacuse of the fact Scaloni has the vision and courage to pick up such players. The vision previous coaches had not. They only picked the same, burned out players and that must have been finished the way we saw on WC.

            So, new options and alternatives always are there in football nation like Argentina, and they will emerge from nowhere if only doors to NT will open wide.

          • Palacios didn’t emerge because of Scaloni. Palacios emerged because of his own talent at one of the biggest clubs of SA and even international clubs are recognizing. Scaloni just saw what other are seeing. Give credit to the player, man. Scaloni happened to stumble on a period when senior players have reached an age where coaches are forced to start looking for alternatives, especially after a disastrous world cup. Even Kamikaze Sampa saw this and called tagliafico, dybala, paredes, icardi, armani, acuna, etc.

            > Higuain, Di Maria, Aguero, Mascherano, Biglia, Banega, Rojo

            So of these “subscription” players, who would you have picked instead for WC14 and copas?

            I’m getting at that they were starters for so long because they truly are talented, you cant diminish who they were or what they have done. Even still today, Di Maria, Aguero, Banega are among the top Arg players.

            Im not saying there weren’t any or that we shouldn’t inject new blood but i’d still like to know who would have better than Di maria, Aguero, Banega, Romero..

            Or are you saying that you cant identify better alternatives because the gates were “presumably” were closed?

          • Choripan,

            watching almost every league game of River I must to say Palacios is player from nowhere. Now some people may say he emerged because of his own talent but it’s not like that. Yes, he has the talent. Yes, he represented Argentina in youth teams (U-17 and U-20) but what would say people before he was called up about him as possible NT player. SOmething like: “Palacios? LOL He barely got the place in starting eleven of River (in april) and was part of the flop U-20 WC team that finished on group stages. He even lost his place in starting eleven of that team because didn’t looked good. Who is Palacios?! Look at the past generations of our winning U-20 teams. Not the same level”. He is the player who was leader of U-20 team that lost 0:6 to Germany. Yes, so please do not tell me that Palacios talent was enforcing the call up. It’s thank’s to Scaloni’s vison. Indeed there were in SUperliga players that if after WC called up instead of Palacios would be received as more reasonable options.

            When Palacios was called up everyone was surprised, even followers of Primera like me or Mamoun. You can find opinion of Mamoun of that time that Palacios before the call up never impressed much in River what is true. He was good within the few months in A team but not impressive.

            So it’s completely not true Palacios was someone obvious to be called up and that his talent was claiming for that. He has big talent but only thanks to Scaloni the talent was noticed. Thanks to Scaloni and his vision. THe same was with Mascherano in 2003. Called up straight from River reserves. Crazy moves? No, just vision of coach.

            So, some poeple want to say now the talent of players like Mascherano or Palacios was obvious and that they were aware of that before the call ups. That’s not true. People knew very little about these new Scaloni names, except few Superliga followers.

            You, never know this or that youngster will show his talent immediately if called up. Matias Vargas has shown in Velez in previous season 10 times more reasons to be called up but still Scloni saw something in Palacios who was nothing more than good in River.

            Now Scaloni called up Zaracho who is talented no doubt but every SUperliga follower may admit there are young players who seems to be more talented ones on his postion.

            So, as you see it’s all depend on coach vision and open mind. You never know who will succeed but without giving the chances to new, unknown players you will never get the new alternatives.

          • @gonzalo-pity-martinez

            Great points and iโ€™ll take your word for it since you are the superliga SME. i wont even pretend know a fraction of what you do with players from superliga.

            Iโ€™ll still stand by my original objection in that โ€œsubscriptionโ€ is completely misleading/false when guys like Di Maria, Messi, Aguero, Higuain, Aguero, Banega, Masche, Romero, Zaba, were really the best we have/had and they deserved to be their not by โ€œrightโ€™ but by talent and contribution. When you look back, you’ll see not many alternative options. today may be a different story but not back then.

    • Even at this moment of time, Mercado remains the best available RB we have, Only Saravia is a real threat to him. Player Competition is healthy.
      At this moment too, I will give support to Meza, Many wrote him off because he did not perform for the team in most of his 8 caps, but he was not as horrible as others who still get a call up to the team. Some are calling for other players who under performed in most of their appearances in the NT to stay with the team, like Dybala(16 caps), Icardi(6 caps) and Angel correa (9 caps), You guys have to be fair, If the coach keeps calling him, then I think he puts a good show in training always. Let us not destroy Meza’s and other players mentality before they start.

      • I’m a massive Dybala fan. Ive watched almost all Juve and Palermo games as possible so i see know he’s incredibly talented. Ive seen him have absolute worldly performances even against Barca and Top Euro teams. But to your point, I’ll admit that i’m starting to get disappointed with his contribution to the NT. Regardless, i was curious about his actual playtime because i’m starting to hear this “16 games” criticism quite a lot so i did a little digging.

        Dybala has played 25 games in total but 9 he was an unused sub.

        Of the 16 games, he started and played the full 90 min 3x and assisted in 2 games.

        For the remaining 13 games, he started 6 averaging 50 minutes.

        The final 7 games he was subbed on the 70+ minute which means 20 or less of playtime.

        Given this, i think saying he’s played 16 games is misleading when he’s only played less than 45% of the match on average. Additionally, recent poor performance is mostly on Scaloni as our entire attack was toothless against stronger opposition. We had 45% possession (0 shots on goal) against colombia and 35% of against Brazil. A player like Dybala thrives in attacking system so i cant hold him too much accountable, thats mostly on scalonis poor implementation of offensive tactics. After all, our entire mid and attackers player poorly as well. horrible passes, low possession, no crosses, etc.

        I can only hope La Joya starts to shine soon because if and when he clicks, he can become key. (side note: this guys has the pressure of being the next messi, that could be something limiting his progression)

        Icardi has a similar story but way less minutes although he did score against Venezuela. Again, under Scaloni, hes gotten absolutely no service and our overall attack has been incredibly disappointing.

  9. I’m so impressed by Benedetto and the impact he has been making recently. His timely goals from outside the box were brilliant too. I really think he deserves a second chance in the national team after his Acl injury. We have so many options in the forward department currently !

        • Hey, idiot
          Some oldies missed many more chances than he did. New player can’t be judged so harsh as older.

        • those were dark times for sure…but remember the captain at the helm was Bauza. We didn’t have a defensive or offensive identity. i couldn’t believe what i was seeing. But like gonzalo says, he’s a hard worker and is capable of pulling through in the end like we saw recently.

        • If you go back to the last qualifier vs Ecuador, Benedetto played huge part in that match. It was the trio of Di Maria, Messi and Benedetto who carried Argentina through, He did not score, but look at his movement without the ball and his pressing. I really felt bad when he got injured before the WC

  10. Fundamental problem – how to get forwards score? More and more matches we play in the new lineup, we see Higuain is not at the connect between midfield and forwards which is missing often times..

    Happy for Scaloni, Aimar and Samuel for bringing a radical change..but if they solve the missing puzzle, it will be a great win for Argentina.

    • petro: while i totally agree the service to the forwards is appalling these days and in the last few matches have seen icardi presented with zero actual clear cut chances and i do hope this is next on scol to fix list being the attacking mids and wingers but
      “we see Higuain is not at fault” unfortunately for us hig is to blame for those misses as they are actual chances and in any big and tight match a striker may only get 2 or 3 chances all match and its his job to convert them, hig as we know missed all of those chances in 3 finals with 4 misses (1 from the spot).

    • I think that is more of a tactics problem. The players are more than capable of scoring, but if you have one striker instead of two strikers for an example, there is more pressure and less support/coordination in the chance. Support is vital, this is why you should never have a player go solo in a position.

    • Argentina fans must understand we can’t get rid from meza because he is every coach favorite even performed badly for Argentina for obvious reasons

  11. Rulli/Romero – Saravia/marcado pazella/kaneman otamendi/F.mori Tagliafico/(don’t know) – lo celso/lamela ascaliber/batigala paredes/Vasquez Dybala/Lautaro Icardi/simeone Corera/cervi and this should be the last experiment before messi aguero Dimaria arrival in March

  12. 100% behind the players and the coach, regardless of whether I like the list or not, The highlights of the list are Mammana and Lamela.

    • Well said bro I will say same
      Few exceptions first I’m so happy to see Mammana back but I can’t put my head around why meza is there honestly I don’t get bro for me he had enough chances and so far he show nothing
      Vargas supposed be in squad instead of meza.

      Second he should call santi caseres for me he is better than battaglia Even thought I don’t mind him to Be squad

      • @Godin11 how dare you to say anything about meza this is scaloni last two friendlies as Argentina coach and will not miss any opportunity to share bedroom with meza, whoever become next Argentina coach again meza selected because meza excels on coach bedroom. Remember messi is temporary but meza is permanent no matter how much meza playing bad for NT

      • Only issue with Caseres over Batta is that our mids and attackers are generally a bunch of midgets ๐Ÿ™‚ between 5’5″ – 5’11” and 6’2″ Battaglia is helpful against taller squads. Not really a problem against south american teams but height is helpful against euros..

        • i agree, but we have palacios, kannemann, saravia, funes mori, pezzella, franco, mammana, foyth, de paul and paredes as non-midget players so we should be packed in terms of physicality.

      • Why does’t he get the same chances and playing time as Dybala? Dybala was mostly ineffective and more horrible than Meza in his 16 caps for the NT.

        • Good point friend
          Probably he is playing top
          Team so we shy away
          From him but to be honest
          Meza along with dybala and
          Icardi shouldn’t in the squad
          Based thier performance
          In the Nt.

          • icardi or Dybala not codt for Argentina but meza cost us in world cup, goal is not always everything Barca vs Juve ucl final Neymar and Suarez scored goals but messi and inesta performed better, it’s just bad luck Dybala still not scored out of 16 rarely played 90min in 4games and unfortunately failed to score goals due to bad luck even against iraq, Singapore. For Icardi case completely injustice to even criticise, prime icardi after 2016- now just played 6games out of these 2-3 game starts, icardi played against tougher opponents like Brazil and Colombia and offensively Argentina flopped how can you expect icardi to score, had icardi played against iraq or Singapore farmers then you would see what icardi is famous for doing, even icardi score against tougher opponent if got a decent service where Argentina failed and Inter capitalise with their limitations

          • my friend, this question is not related to futbol but why does your text in you’re posts’ “wrap” like that? Ive always been curious. is that intentional or a phone setting thing…sorry dont mean to nosy lol

          • @choripan my friend please
            Don’t get me wrong
            Is not that I dislike icardi ,dybala
            And meza but non of them
            Perform well . But I do really
            Sympathize dybala first
            They never put him his best
            position ..
            Second he never had enough

  13. not a bad squad, its great to see a man with balls in the team and we have been missing his type of player for a long time in lamela.
    he is an enforcer and a dirty player in the old school mold and I like it ๐Ÿ™‚
    vs man.c on the weekend and its a good one

    forth is coming along nicely and here are some writings on him from the spurs faithfully who are becoming very impressed with him.

    Also Gazzaniga should be in the talk as that 3rd keeper as he played another very solid match last night, hes now the spurs no2 and at 6 ft 5 is a big lad

  14. Forgive me everyone but I’ll just repeat what everyone else said:

    – Good overall list.
    – Glad that Lamela and Mammana are back in contention
    – Meza isn’t good enough to be in the NT while Vasquez isn’t exactly one for the future.
    – Rulli doesn’t belong in the list while Marchesin is…well I don’t watch Mexican football so I don’t know whether he’s good or not, hence instead of those 2 Gazzaniga and W.Benitez should be included.

    I don’t know if any one is following Emil Sala from Nantes (yup farmer’s league ๐Ÿ˜‰ but he’s been in truly hot form and definitely deserves a spot ahead of Simeone. Calleri is also coming into form although I still wouldn’t call him just yet but he should be watched.

    I still for the life of me don’t understand why Dominguez (velez), Barboza (defensa) and Angeleri (Godoy) aren’t included in the list.
    Dominguez is an all rounded midfielder who could play as a DM or a regista and IMO he’s good enough to challenge Paredes and Ascacibar/Battaglia for a starting position.
    Angeleri is the best LB in the primera and has been so since last season so it’s unwise to not call a backup for Tagliafico and instead rely on Acuna whose primary position isn’t LB.
    As for Barboza, well I think he and Mammana are the future and even though Mori has been in good form I still don’t trust him and Kannenman I haven’t seen much of, although he was good for Germio in the copa lib.

  15. With Pity, Palacios, Montiel, Armani, Pavon, Andrada, Benedetto saved for final of CL (all they were in plans of Scaloni for call ups) I hoped for at least one of:

    CM Nicolas Dominguez from Velez, LW Matias Vargas from Velez, Joaquin Correa (Lazio), LB Fabrizio Anglieri (Godoy Cruz), Alexander Barboza (Defensa y Justicia), Marcos Senesi (San Lorenzo), Juan Ramirez (Talleres), Leonardo Godoy (Talleres), Lucas Robertone (Velez), Ezequiel Unsain (Defensa), Lisandro Martinez (Defensa)

    but still it’s damn good list:

    Mammana is back, I like it. Zaracho – surprised. But I like the choice. Like the coach has his own ideas and original appoinments. Zaracho is universal player. Leo Godoy over Mercado> Mercado, Vazquez, Meza not best choice but… it’s still good list.

    • As far as Meza will not get the chance as LW (not Rw) I don’t see the call up justified. We have too many wrong positioned wingers. Meza optimal position is LW (not RW), Pavon optimal position is LW (not RW, he ist right footed), Pity optimal position is RW (not LW, he is left footed), Vargas had played against Guatemala as RW while his normal position is LW, he is right footed. We need more inverted wingers.

      • Yes, AM, enganche Alexis MacAllister is one of the best ones ATM in SUperliga. The only bright spot of Argentinos. Team who scored only 2 goals in last 12 matches (worst spell of Argentinos in 1st league).
        Anyway Alexis is so much mature and intelligent as for – still – teenager. He and Tomas Pochettino are interesting options for NT. I’m following closely Alexis. Few players of ’98 category is somehow close NT level: Palacios, Foyth, MacAllister, Nico Dominguez.

    • very sad caseres unnoticed though not surprised for meza selection as any Argentina coach have to select meza first at any cost then others

    • We have probably better DMs than Caceres: Peredes, Battaglia, Ascacibar, Nicolas Dominguez. Caceres just started his European career so let him really impress us first in club.

      • @gonzalo,
        Paredes isnt exactly a DM. He is a deep lying playmaker who needs a hard working DM beside him. Ascacibar on the other hand is a DM who lacks the creative spark. He is the new Mascherano. Paredes-Ascacibar pairing is ideal in a 4-2-3-1 setup IMO. Caseres is the complete package. He will work seamlessly in any setup. I haven’t yet seen Dominguez properly.
        Regarding Battaglia, I am not convinced by his defensive work. He is a good ball player. He had a good game against Colombia as well. But I am not sure he will be effective against a good attacking team. Colombia had a poor game against us. They lacked the creativity in the middle. So it made things easier for our defensive players.

        • @imtiaz
          I’m with you on this
          100% correct Personally
          I would like see caseres and
          Paredes to play together..
          Nothing against battaglia

          • @godin11,
            My preferred line up would be Lo Celso(LM)-Caseres(DM)-Palacios(RM) with Paredes also in the mix. I am not sure how Paredes is gonna get into the lineup because of his relatively low work rate. But Paredes is too good to be left out completely. So many quality midfielders after a long barren spell ๐Ÿ™‚

          • Bro that is good lin up
            I like it it’s true parades
            Is too good mate but
            Personally I believe he is
            Our best deep lying playmaker
            We have now so somehow
            We have to put him in the
            Team. Again it depends
            What information we play..

  16. Foyth performed brilliantly against west ham so he deserves to be in starting xi atleast in one game against Mexico and I am disappointed with the selection of rulli and meza , don’t know why this meza is getting chance after chance ,as for gk position benitaz and gazzaniga should have been called

  17. With this list of players, I see lot of tactical variation, for example I’d like to see for once this team in 352 for a half-time experimentation. Something like:
    Saravia-Lo Celso-Paredes-Pereyra-Cervi

    Lamela’s come-back means more competition for Dybala in this 9 half position. Can be a good thing.

    • This also works with Lamela and lo Celso covering and pressing for Dybala. I think we need both on the pitch together, it’s not 1 or the other.


      Lamela – Dybala – Lo Celso

      • Lamela, Dybala, Lo Celso – none of them is enough fast to play all together. Lo Celso – yes. But with Lamela, Dybala, Lo Celso together I doubt it will works. THat looks good only on paper. Maybe 2 of them but not all.

        • yeah, lamela and Dybala lack pace so i somewhat agree. pace is important but not at the cost of possession. these guys are all great playmakers, dribbling, great vision, etc. Their ability alone means the opponents will have a hard time taking the ball away. Maybe it work better if our fullbacks supported the attack more, stretching the defense and providing options down the wings.

  18. My 23 for Copa Americas

    GK: Romero Armani Whatever
    RB: Saravia Bustos
    LB: Tagliafico Rojo
    CB: Pezzela Otamendi Foyth Mamanna
    MF: Paredez Ascasibar Locelso Banega Palacios De Paul
    FW: Messi Lautaro Pavon G.Simione Lamela Arguero

  19. Excited to see loCelso and Lamela in midfield together with parcedes holding … dybala Icardi and Correa up front … an organized mexico will be Good tests for us… interesting to see mercado back as well…

    remember half of these 30 players will not be on the Copa America 23 man roster … Dimaria, who has been brilliant with PSG, Messi, Aguero, Banega plus Palacios and Pity Martinez have their spots reserved… hence 14 of these 27 field players will be there … the locks: otamendi, tagliafico, loCelso, parcedes, dybala and Icardi …..maybes: pezella, Mercado based on need
    Now 6 positions left
    Messi, Dimaria, Aguero, Icardi, dybala, pity Martinez
    Banega, parcedes, loCelso, palacios
    Defense: (4)
    Otamendi, tagliafico, pezella, Mercado

    3 more midfielders.. 3 more defenders

    Midfield: Lamela, Correa and ascacibar might fit in midfield with Battaglia and pereyra close behind ….

    Defense: Funes Mori, foyth, mammana and kannerman will fight over two spots with Saravia might be already in team with bustos not being called at right back…

    Possible Roster for Copa America:

    Forwards (6)
    Messi, Icardi, Aguero, Dimaria, Dybala and Pity Martinez/Lautaro Martinez

    Midfielders (7)
    Palacios, Banega, Lamela, loCelso, parcedes, ascacibar/Battaglia, Correa/pereyra.

    Defenders (7)
    Otamendi, tagliafico, Mercado, pezella, Funes Mori/foyth, mammana/kannerman and Saravia.

    Goalie: (3)
    Rulli/ Andrade

    Remember there has to be mix between youth and experienced players… hence Banega in midfield, otamendi in defense and Dimaria/Aguero up front.. transition has started for the Copa America and by the next World Cup I expect only possibly Messi will be there out of the โ€œold generation.โ€

    • Very good analysis, my point of view is exactly same Among old guards Romero Otamendi Benega Aguero Dimaria are must be in copa squad where Romero and Otamendi already part of the squad

  20. Great to hear on lamela & Mammana.
    Vasquez & Meza – wasted spots. Mercado – also is a step back. Bustos can be tried.
    It’s also high time ocampos gets a chance. Since pity & pavon anyway were not selected, ocampos deserved a chance.
    Goal keepers – I am hoping Ruilli is played for both matches. It’s time for a final verdict on Ruilli. If he is not the guy for future, he should be dropped after giving 2 good chances against Mexico.

  21. not surprised for meza selection even scaloni knows this is going to be last two friendlies as Argentina coach so can’t want miss to share bedroom with meza for last time then again new coach come and select meza, just remember one thing messi is temporary but meza is permanent because meza excels on coach bedroom which matter most no matter how bad he plays for NT

  22. Great to see that Mammana is in Scaloni plan, even if Mammana haven’t played that much since returning. He is still included. He could be a key player in the defence for us. Hope he gets his chance in time.

    Lamela too should take his spot he is reasonably experienced now. He and Lanzini can become our key midfield players if they can stay fit.

  23. For the 1st time very disappointing about the team selection how can rulli continuously getting chance despite one of the worst goalkeeper of the world ( even Japan Iraq type of teams he will not get chance ) , Walter benitez despite the best in form Argentine goalkeeper not getting chance however augustin merchesin who was terrible against Nigeria once again getting chance , Guido Herrera not getting any minutes dropped , Maxi Meza one of the worst player of the world cup getting chances after chances so pathetic I lost believe in Argentine coaches.

    • Rulli(26) is the most talented GK even in his career worst phase Rulli needs support, he has every potential to become best GK in the world

      • @romance king, “most talented gk in his caree’s worst phase” ? Lol, you speak zero logic in football, so you’re basically saying that rulli now which is in the worst phase of his career is more talented than any other goalkeeper in the world. Seriously man how old are you ?

        • Armani is 32 , Rulli is 26 at moment Armani is the best but 1 or 2year later will be Rulli so he deserve chance, Rulli is one of the most talented GK with out any doubt just facing tough time soon vanish and a better version of Rulli arrive

  24. As with the previous scaloni’s selections, I am happy with this one too. My nitpicking is that, I would love to have bustos instead of mercado and Vargas instead of Meza.

    • Yes, Vargas should be there. He deserved chance on his normal position, i.e. LW (unlike RW against Guatemala) – instead of Pity Martinez.

  25. Lamela listed as a forward? Interesting.
    Excited to see what Mammana has got.

    Although Mexico will be far from home, they cannot be taken lightly. This won’t be a match where you give debutants 90 minutes right off the start, these games will be tough. Saravia was excellent against Neymar, now he has to deal with Hirving Lozano.

    My Lineup with these players.
    Romero/Rulli (One game each)
    Lo Cleso/Pereyra-Paredes/Ascacibar-Lamela/Vasquez

    Vamos Argentina! Please score and win this time!

    • Pls play Ruilli twice. Romero has nothing to prove. Let Ruilli get 2 solid chances. We have been hearing him as a prospect for 4 years & with so much of doubts on his errors. Good stage to try him & decide forever

  26. Future center backs for me
    Are foyth and mammana
    I’m glad to see mammana back
    Foyth were unbelievable last night
    Against West ham he was joy to
    Watch he was so comfortable with
    The ball he has all attributes to be top
    Center back …

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