Mauro ICARDI, Paulo DYBALA, Gio LO CELSO in Argentina training eleven


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI put out another team in traning on Wednesday with an attack that included Paulo DYBALA, Lautaro MARTINEZ and Mauro ICARDI.

Paulo GAZZANIGA, while not expected to start, was included in the eleven. Agustin MARCHESIN is expected to be the starting goalkeeper against Mexico. Here was the eleven by SCALONI:



  1. Out of all the Goal keepers Agustin Marches in is gonna start. Greattt.. And Foyth Also have a tear. So guess who it is, Mercado…It is what it is. 2 players who we all mostly don’t fancy a lot I guess. Hope they both prove us wrong by playing well.

  2. in Copa america squad if they are healthy that time
    Romero ,Otamendi , Aguero , Pavon , Mercado , Tagliafico , Dybala , Lo celso
    and Messi ( if not retire permanently)

    they will be in 23 squad for one or another reason.
    we have 9 already.
    if we add Icardi because he is with the team without stop after world cup we have 10.

    if we add Armani too because he look like the second option for GK after Romero we have 11 players.

    if for our bad luck Di maria and Meza forced to be in the team because some people inside AFA
    want them inside for their reasons then we have 13 players.

    so 23-13= 10 players left.

    so all the others will “fight” till next summer to succeed take 1 spot !!!

    so in my opinion all this dozens of names that i am reading every day here in this forum
    in my eyes look like empty.

  3. We MUST win this Copa America to restore national pride in football, our reputation is on the floor, regardless whoever takes the Copa Libertadores.

    My Line-up for Copa America 2019 would be a 4-3-3, or even could start as a 4-4-2, as follows:

    It would shift to a 3-4-3 midfield diamond. Since our midfield is very weak, like Tuchel or Valverde has done to strengthen their respective midfields, putting Neymar and Messi as #10’s, same for Argentina.

    It would then look as such, with Tag being heavily involved in attack:

    – Saravia proved that he can defend in big games against Brazil. If I was Scaloni, I’d be thinking how can I keep him defending without sacrificing the width in attack. And the answer is Dybala, or Di Maria, Martinez, any winger on the Right wing to keep the width, and remove the need of Saravia to push up as often, keeping him to stop any possible counter attack.
    – Tagliafico and Dybala would practically be on the touch line, stretching the defense, with the opossing fullbacks marking Dybala and Tagliafico, leaving the other 2 CB up against Aguero, Messi, and one of either Lanzini or Banega.
    – Back 3 along with paredes and Banega staying back being to controller would stop any possible counterattack.
    – Defense would return a 4-4-2, with Dybala falling back and forming a line of 4

    It would look more or less something like this, beginning as a 4-4-2 and shifting to a 3-4-3 midfield diamond:

    Vamos Argentina!!!!

  4. I think AFA doesnt care about the team and trophies, otherwise who arranges 2 friendlies with mexico at home.
    What they dont have money to travel to europe or they are scared of physically imposing europen teams.

    • @mrinal that isn’t true my friend
      Most european countries playing
      The nation league…
      If you want to know about afa
      I can tell you what I know about them
      The soon Mexico games over
      Afa will put forward new project
      Which make happy any arg fan like me .

      • Hope it happens after mexico game, i was just irritated by AFA careless behaviour just before a major tournament by appointing a tactically sound coach like scaloni ( i hope he will prove me wrong) and not arranging good friendlies. Uruguay is playing against France and Brazil.

  5. Wonder if Pereyra can still play as box to box like what he did in the past with Juve when he replaced Vidal. But happy to see Acuna in this role, he can run, defend well and has great crossing. I guess Palacios is still the 1st option.

    Not totally convinced by this attack. All of them prefer to play in central position and none of them is fast enough. I would use De Paul or Cervi instead of Lautaro. Dybala and Lamela are both great 9 half but I prefer a real playmaker such as Vazquez and Pity. Maybe Pity more compatible with 433 as he can play on both side. In the forward position, no preference between Icardi, Dybala and Lautaro.

    But I think Bielsa’s style 352 may actually work too with Pezzella as central back and Mammana/Funes as right/left stopper. In the midfield, Saravia and Cervi on each side, Vazquez, Lo Celso and Paredes in the middle. In attack, De Paul as “central winger” and Icardi or Dybala as striker.

    • In the final line up – I guess our best attack is
      Pity – dybala(false 9) – lamela
      Palacios – locelso

      If Messi comes back-
      Icardi – Messi
      Pity- locelso- lamela

      • If Messi comes back, it seems obvious that we should play in 352, with him and a striker up front, 2 winger backs plus 3 midfielders supporting him. That could also be 4321 with double playmakers Messi on the right and Pity on the left, closed to what you mentioned

        I think you like very much Lamela, so do I but hard to find him a place. Your 1st attack Pity-Dybala-Lamela may not be enough balanced because when Dybala like to drop deeper, you need a fast player who can cut in and takes the space. A winger with scoring capacity like De Paul seems better. In the 2nd one, you need more a right box to box midfielder to cover Messi, ideally right footed so that he can cross. Seems far from Lamela’s profile. I think Palacios more relevant .

        • Good observation. Somewhere I am impressed with lamela & his work rate. In tottenham post injury have seen him tracking back well. Hence places him there in the Messi option. Below the 3 midfielders will be a destroyer like Ascacibar or a DM who should give some cover . But definitely palacios will find his place here in very short time.
          I also think pity shld be a sure starter in any formation. I am only worried with his MLS choice which may stagnate him at this stage of career

          • On de Paul, I just saw him in 1 match (vs juventus ) & felt he is over hyped. He was slow in transitions & only standout that day was long rangers.

  6. ATM for Copa:

    1. Romero
    2. Armani/Gazzaniga
    3. Andrada/Gazzaniga

    4. Saravia
    5. Montiel/Godoy
    6. Pezzella
    7. Otamendi
    8. Funes Mori/Franco/Lisandro Martinez
    9. Foyth/Kannemann/Barboza
    10. Tagliafico/
    11. Angileri/Acuna

    12. Ascacibar
    13. Paredes
    14. Lo Celso
    15. Battaglia/Nico Dominguez/Gaston Gimenez
    16. Palacios
    17. Pity Martinez
    18. Pereyra
    19. Pavon/Lamela/Dybala
    20. Cervi/De Paul/J.Correa

    21. Messi/Aguero/Dybala
    22. Benedetto/Icardi
    23. Lautaro Martinez

    • Near perfect. Mammana (Who can play as RB too) instead of Mori , Benedetto is on fire now definitely need to be considered for Copa. I would take Lamela too who is reasonably experienced and is on good form. Would have liked to see Lanzini , but he won’t be ready by Copa I guess. Anyhow near perfect.

      There is a Cluster of Players who all play in similar Areas, Like Acuna, Cervi, De Paul all play in same spot. In Midfield also there is too much competition now. Its good before our Midfield was like this.

      Biglia-Mascherano-Banega-Enzo-Di Maria, Di maria- Enzo-Banega-Biglia-Mascherano, Mascherano-Banega-Biglia-Di Maria-Enzo… Gosssshhh that too 3 Coaches carried on this same guys. Pastore, Agusto, Lamela, Lanzini all was in the mix but they were always injured.

    • I prefer Mammana to Foyth and Kanneman because he can play as right back too. I take Acuna who can play several roles, such as box to box. Besides I will actually put Battaglia in competition with Ascacibar in order to free a place for Vazquez. Cervi and De Paul I will take for sure. Lamela, Dybala as well, may sacrify Pavon and Lautaro this time for Joaquin Correa or Angel Correa.

    • Mammana over mori or any other defender
      I will start mammana along side pezzela
      Sadly battaglia won’t be there
      Lanzini has more chance to
      Come bk full fitness before Copa
      He will start playing in January
      If he performs well for me
      He Must be in the squad cose
      He is better than most our
      Midfielders we have now
      He is more versatile too.

    • like the choices but something is dreadfully wrong with #21.

      Can you imagine any sensible coach saying “hmm, lets see… we have a very tough choice to make. We either go with Messi or Cervi/De Paul/Correa. Whats everyones vote? lol

  7. People here unnecessarily attacking tagliafico , what do you expect from him , if you have shitty wingers plus he is very good in short passing , yes he does few mistakes but its not rare in the case of full backs even world class full backs like marcelo, alba, kimmich does mistake in defense its CB and DM’s job to cover up the mistakes of full backs.

    Tagliafico is not a problem scaloni is.

  8. I m saying again this squad lack pace…..we don’t have a single player except pavon who can stretch the opposition team… least one player should be pacy left back or left winger or right back or right winger……there should be pacy wing players in argentina superliga because I don’t see any Argentine who have pace in Europe( di maria is old now, nico gonzalez hasn’t developed yet into NT material)

  9. Against Mexico if Lamela and Lo Celso play as starter then I think Dybla would score his first international goal.
    Dybla is not a winger or playmaker he can become either no9 or secondary striker

  10. Dybala Icardi Lautaro + Acuna

    Only Paredes and Locelso in midfield

    ———— -Romero —————
    Saravia —Foyth —Funes–Tagliafico

    Locelso -Paredes -Pereyra

    Dybala ——-Lamela


  11. Scaloni please get rid off Taglafico.I do not know whyhe is in the team.He is not the left back any decent team would choose.He just provides dynamics in the left side of pitch but that dynamics has nothing to do with our game winning chances.We lacks in attacking threat because of our below average full backs.Acuna or Rojo would be better there.Sarvia is good at defending and most important he is eager to give everything in the game.
    Pavon,Taglafico,Salvio and may be Meza should leave the NT for the good of team or improve themselves like Sergio Aguero.
    Our defenders should be tall so that they can defend well on the ground or on aerial balls.

      • He is not decent what he gave you in four world cup matches.He can not make the chances and his only chances comes when there is a mistake done by opposition team member in their dangerous area.You would know in coming time

        • “Scaloni please get rid off Taglafico”

          @ Kavindrs, Are you kidding?

          Tagli is one of the few players who showed character and he played his heart out and gave everything he had in the WC. What else did you want from him? Are you using the team’s failure in Russia as an excuse to excluse Tagli from the team?

          If you want a full back to create chances and assisst goals, first you must have a well-oiled and functioning midfield. This is the ABCs of football and I hope you already know that. Jordi Alba and Barcelona midfied is a case in point!

          • Taglafico is not suited for NT.yeah he showed character in WC but that characters lacks talent.He is not good enough for the team.He does not know how to defend he plays lime a 15 year old school kid who just want to run behind the ball or a player

    • No problem with tagliafico , he is pretty good left back and a constant threat in attack , he overlapps very well with winger, watch argentina vs italy match despite not being tall he is very good in jumping and heading the ball he keeps ( height is not important for fullbacks) going forward if DM and CB cover the flank watch argentina vs brazil game ,he was defending well and going forward too LB is not a problem , problem is we dont have a fast and skillfull winger to
      overlapp with dimaria is now 30, in WC also in left side mecado was helping in attack more than pavon.
      We need fast and skillful wingers then only we can utilize long passing skills of paredes.

      • Whatever kavinder we don’t have better full back than tagliafico….and he is really good …the only thing he lacks is pace otherwise he is pretty good

  12. According to this line up……..

    Saravia…foyth….funes morning…taglia
    ..acunia……….dybala…………..lo celso


    Dybala covers the midfield while lo celso or acuna runs in the wing Laurato as false nine and icardi main striker. …… ..

    Crosses from acunia and look celso to icardi will be lethal…………….

    This formation will be possible if only dybala plays as midfield

  13. Worst xi acuna isn’t good enough we need fast winger so that we can overlap..bcs our full backs are slow…lamela,cervi deserve to play…slowly am unliking scolani..m

  14. Tapia said Argentina Depends on dybala which is dangerous . A team depends on a player nil goals in 16 appearances is hazardous. A good coach is able to select useful players for useful tactics. A poor coach only can select prestigous players for useless tactics.

    Look at scaloni ,Argentina only win on weak team ,we lost to Brazil ,draw with Colombia. Thus time facing mexico twice ,we must win otherwise scaloni should step down

      • If we want Icardi to score
        We must make a team for him
        ICARDI needs many crosses in D box
        LAM,RAM ,LB, RB OR WINGERS must be utilised to send crosses for Icardi….
        And with Dybala at false 9 there must be lots of goals…
        But we need cross after cross inside the box…

        So we need Acuna Lamela etc….

  15. This team is very prestigous but not functional. We need useful player in NT not prestigous player without good goal in NT.

    Those players who score many goals in clubs don’t mean they can repeat in NT .yes we may give them chances but we must balance it .those who fail manu times no matter how prestigous they are ,we should bench them give chance to others.

  16. This line up isn’t 433 nor 4231.
    Tagliafico and saravia isn’t impressive .funes Mori always has mistake on defense. Foyth is decent but inexperienced.

    Lo celso ,paredes are decent but acuna isn’t good enough to replace palacios. Dybala, icardi still no goal in NT ,the pair doesn’t work.

    Lautaro Martinez is a number9 .dybala is a number 9, we have 3 number 9. We don’t have wingers. also we are weak in defense because dybala, icardi, lautato won’t defense, acuna and paredes are slow with lo celso is a playmaker .

    Paul GAZZANIGA is a good goal keeper but this team is very weak

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