Mauro ICARDI on the Argentina national team: “The atmosphere has changed”


Mauro ICARDI is part of the change going on in the Argentina team and while talking to the media, he gave his thoughts on the squad, the Copa America and himself.

Many new faces are being called-up by coach Lionel SCALONI. Some which were part of the World Cup squad while others are just receiving their first matches with their country. Speaking ahead of the match against Mexico on Friday, the Inter captain gave his opinion on the team. Here’s what he had to say:

“We are all new and the atmosphere has changed a bit. We are young kids just starting off in this adventure and we are proud to represent the country. Hopefully we have good matches ahead of the Copa America because there’s only the matches in March that are left.”

In regards to himself, ICARDI is still looking to score his first goal for Argentina:

“I hope it comes. I am calm about it but I hope it’s soon.”

However, ICARDI isn’t just thinking about personal glory but the collective unity. In regards to the team and coach Lionel SCALONI, ICARDI is already looking towards the Copa America.

“We still haven’t reached our goal but we are creating something very nice here and we are doing our best to get to the Copa America in good form.

“He (coach Lionel SCALONI) puts in a lot of passion, enthusiasm and he really wants things to go well. He deserves the opportunity which was given to him. We are having good matches and who knows, maybe he can continue.”


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