Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI talks team, Lionel MESSI, Paulo DYBALA, U20 squad


Argentina coach Lionel SCALONI gave his thoughts on the current crop of young players, Lionel MESSI, the U20 team and more.

Speaking at a press conference on Thursday, coach SCALONI spoke about what his role is as a coach managing this group and Lionel MESSI. Here’s what he had to say:

“The players who are currently here are in very good form. Argentina has the luck of having great players in every league. The main problem here is to be able to put out a list and inevitably be able to leave out good players.

“The main goal is to add quality players and be able to form them into playing a certain way. If MESSI were to return tomorrow, the idea is that he would feel comfortable.

“In the current Argentina team, there are young players, we have players that are 23 or 24 years old that have a big future, we have to give them a spot. Several of the kids that are with the Argentina team know each other from their clubs. There are new and young guys.”

In regards to the Argentina U20 team which SCALONI will be coaching, he will start to think of January’s tournament in December.

“We are thinking about these matches (against Mexico) and on the December 10, we will start to think about the pre-season to prepare for the South American U20 cup.

“I’m very excited about the upcoming matches with the Argentina national team. And above all, I am very excited to be able to coach the Argentina U20 team at the South American U20 cup. In regards to the Argentina U20 team, we want to have a good South American U20 cup and be able to qualify for the U20 World Cup. My goal is to train these kids. What we told the group that won the Alcudia was that our dream was for them to get to the senior squad.”

The coach also talked about AFA president Claudio TAPIA, as well as Paulo DYBALA and Rodrigo BATTAGLIA.

“I’m very thankful to AFA president TAPIA and with the players for the support they are giving me. They have made our jobs easier.

“Paulo DYBALA always plays in offensive roles and he tends to go more to the right side of the pitch because he’s left footed and we think that’s his best version.

“I want to send out a big huge to Rodrigo BATTAGLIA. We send our support to a player that is very important to the Argentina national team.”


  1. our best copa probable team 2019
    4 3 3
    Luis Gomez Pezella Otamen Taglifi
    Lo celso Banega Lamela
    Messi Aguero Lanzini

    Luis Gomez Pezella Otamend Taglif
    Banega. Battaglia
    Lamela. Messi. Lanzini

  2. i really wonder sometimes if exist fans of other countries in their forums
    that are mentally unbalanced in way to want to throw out of their national team their best players !!!

    or it is just ” privilege” of Argentina.

    i really wonder

    exist French that want Mpappe out of their team?
    exist Spanish that want out Iniesta ?
    exist Portugees that want Ronaldo out ?
    exist Germans that want Kroos or Miller out?
    exist Brasilenos that want Neymar out of team ?
    exist Uruguayans that want Suarez out?

    Aaahh my poor country what kind of fans you have πŸ™

    • The Truth about Albiceleste Fans. You forgot to add that we also know better than the coaches. We are unique. And we also bash our legends who gave everything for the team and now he is old so no more respect.
      Cox4 u nailed it. Thank You

    • Only in Argentina, it feels like many around the globe are just working against Argentina.
      sometimes I read comments here that describe Pele as one of the best 2 players in history!
      Go Figure. While hundreds of millions of soccer fans know who are the best 2 players in history. BOTH ARE ARGENTINE
      to relate to your subject, I said before, that there is no coach or a country in the world that will say no to king Leo. Only in Argentina. Even for legends like Maradona and Riquelme I sometimes hear BS about them from Argentina Media and fans. Very sad.

      • my friend this is exactly the main point.

        this self destructive forces inside Argentina and generally inside some fans
        really make me tired many times and very angry many other times too.

        in the era of Maradona i don t remember this kind of things.
        i am not sure when exactly start this crazyness.

        • My friend, people still talk s..t about Maradona and Riquelme today.
          I remember many years ago when MAradona was playing, some were just spreading lies about him all over, What makes it more and more these days is simple. I said that before, tabloid news, internet and social media, the wide spread of non credible news sources, and all the ‘fake journalism’ .
          People have given up the idea of looking for news from a credible source, some guy might just spread BS article about Messi or any one else on Facebook or youtube or any other sites, and you will find many many many who believe that. Why? because they don’t think rationally and think that if they google something and come with results, they must be true.
          I can write a blog Saying Messi is cheating on his wife, and you will find millions who in fact hate Messi, Believe that and help spread it, because they don’t like Argentina or they don’t like Barcelona, You know what I mean, when people get their news from facebook from their phone, life now is too fast, people got used to be glued to their phones and not willing to think for themselves. It’s not about just Messi or Football, it’s about all aspects of life, Do you know how I describe it?

          • UNFORTUNATELY my friend you have right about everything
            you write up. you said the truth we like it or not πŸ™
            this is the truth sadly πŸ™

            let see the game to enjoy and put in corner the sad subjects for now.

    • Very well put, you nailed it.

      I think its exclusive to Argentina. No other country fanbase would dream of trashing Ronaldo, Iniesta, Mbappe, etc. We have petulant babies. It’s almost as if they think the world cup is a GOD GIVEN right and they cast stones when things don’t go our way. I think we have the worst fanbase of any country, hands down. Im not referring to general public, im talking about the batshit crazy minority that actually want messi gone. Its absolutely crazy. This is compounded by the horrible Arg media…i feel for our NT players. Instead of receiving support, selfish horrible assholes just talk shit and harm team moral.

  3. My dream scenario happening right and Coach Scaloni, whom I have support for, kind of start messing up. Please coach you are doing extremely well, surpassing expectations really, in my opinion. The team look very respectable, there is a good vibe going on. So,so, please get off of Messi. Leave the making Messi confortable nonsense alone. Love Messi, huge fan, but praying hard that he keep staying away from this team. Just focus on the excellent leadership work you are doing and forget about Messi. Omg Messing sucking oxygen even when actually not even present smh

      • we know it well, Scaloni and his guys could convince me with 3-4-5 goals against this weak Mexico B with their horrible form, possession based attacking football with a lot of chances is the minimum

    • The only happy news I would really like to hear about Messi, is from Messi himself.
      All should know and be certain that he is the ONLY one capable of deciding his future with the NT.
      WE all are asking for the team to be built without him.
      So For me, he does not exist in the NT at this moment and that should be Scaloni’s idea, too.


    Scaloni, You just opened the door for the media to start talking about Messi’s return and continue bashing him and degrading him, they will go back to blaming him and calling him a failure. Please comment on Messi when He returns, If he does.
    Leave the king alone, and so should everyone.
    By talking about him again and again, puts more and more pressure on him and on the current Young. promising and hard working NT players.


      Agree Ebo,

      this is very first statement of Scaloni I really dont’ like. He sounds here like the previous coaches

      • Interestingly, there are several ways in which people would disagree with Scalonis statement.

        On one side, folks may disagree with Scaloni because they admire Messi and understand all the suffering he’s gone through for the NT but for now, want to give him breathing room so he returns energized.

        On the other side, folks may disagree with Scaloni’s statement because they cant stand seniors and Messi and do not want anyone talking about the greatest player ever since they hope he never returns.

        • “On the other side, folks may disagree with Scaloni’s statement because they cant stand seniors and Messi and do not want anyone talking about the greatest player ever since they hope he never returns”.

          He is not just talking innocently about greatest players ever, what he is talking is general strategy of new era of Argentina football, so as far as he is talking about building team just to feel Messi comfortable I can’t stand it because it’s the same shitty lack of strategy that previous coaches were implementing.

          • He could have said it in a politically correct manner, like WE have to build a team that does not revolve around him, and WE have to get the players used to not having him in the squad, because the cycle will not stop When Messi hangs up his cleats.
            That’s how you lift the pressure of his shoulders and of the young players shoulders as well. But his sentence about making Messi comfortable is just as bad when Sampaoli said before the WC that this is Messi’s team, and WE all know how that ended.

          • So much this!

            Learn to play without Messi ffs, not to keep all this “give the ball to Messi always” shit continue.

            I’m 100000% sure Messi would spread his arms wide open to diminish his role and actually only having to play one role – be it the 10 the f9 the wing whatever, he’s the best player ever, he acclimatizes easily. Just let the team play, and eventually if he comes back, play him as one of the guys on one position. Build a strong defense and a midfield that can pass the ball to the attackers (or Messi if he plays) and that’s basically it. If Messi’s there it’s obviously for the better, but build a team dammit, don’t let Messi have to come back and play everything form DM to a 9 as it was for the past 8 years.

        • To be honest guys
          I’m sick of tired hearing
          Same b.. s..t about messi
          To feel comfortable that
          Isn’t realy fair if scaloni starting
          Doing that than he will end up
          Same things that happen to other
          Previous manager.. even Messi
          Himself doesn’t like that
          It is one of the reasons made
          him to stay away from the NT.

    • my friend i don t think Scaloni himself start to speak about Messi.
      it have no logic. sure the press provoke this subject to be opened as happened always.

      what could Scaloni do?
      say “i don t want Messi in my squad. i want him out”
      is that ever possible to happened even if Scaloni don t want him?

      (which he want him of course as every logical Argentinian fan )

      • > which he want him of course as every logical Argentinian fan

        im dumbfounded when people say they do not want Messi to return. I think its hands down one the craziest most irrational positions any fan could ever have.

        i think Youre also right about his response..reporters ask him all the time, its not like hes bringing it up…

  5. Roberto mancini wants to nick
    Argentina due Sebastian druissi
    And Ignacio pusseto that is
    The reason I don’t like Italy.
    They always hunt Arg talants.

    • Driussi pussetto are not world class great players now…
      It’s not Italy’s conspiracy but it’s the problem of those players who choose other countries….

    • Yes….Mancini is trackking both of them …….Sebastian druissi is also keen to play for italy…..furthermore is they play in this useless uefa nation league then my friends they won’t play for argentina in future


    sad. just as he was getting playtime…really sucks for him.

  7. Against stronger teams we will probably need a proper defensive midfielder. Paredes and Lo Celso can defend but they are better at creating than destroying. This is not the strongest version of Mexico so we can probably get away with that.

  8. This 442 or 4231 is almost copy paste of deschamps’s system, especially the midfield, 1 regista, 1 creative CM, a left box to box and a fast right winger plus a 9 half/inverted winger. Its for sure very balanced but I wonder how Pity and Palacios can fit in this system when they are back. It is really made for players like Dybala and Lamela because they don’t need to stay on the right or upfront without ball. Besides no need to drop too deep as both Lo Celso and Paredes can hold and create.

    I can’t help myself comparing Lamela and Dybala to Griezmann. Similar to the French man’s qualities, Dybala is good at free kicks and corner, can score and has good vista for the last pass. But unlike him Dybala always fails in the big games. 5 years ago Lamela was a rising star at Roma while Griezmann was just a good player at Sociedad. He was so much more talented but look at the gap between them now.

  9. Regarding Dybala look at Scalonis words. Dybala profile Sounds familiar with another player isn’t it. That’s exactly why they r not able to play together.They will keep on occupying same spaces.. There should be some way to make them play together. How many matches they played together? 3 or 4 isn’t it.

    • The only solution I can think of is playing a 4-3-1-2, Messi being the 1 and Icardi playing with Dybala up top. It’s a similar formation of how Barca played vs Tottenham and I hope we can try that. If we play a 4-2-3-1, neither Messi nor Dybala has the stamina and the work ethic if they are played on the RW.

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