Giovani LO CELSO scores great goal for Real Betis in loss to Villarreal


Giovani LO CELSO scored for Real Betis in their 2-1 loss to Villarreal.

Fresh off of Argentina’s two victories, Gio LO CELSO started the match for Real Betis on the bench. He came on as a substitute and scored but it wasn’t enough as they lost 2-1 against Villarreal.

LO CELSO came on, received the ball on the edge of the penalty area and a left footed strike hit the top corner of the net.


  1. Watch out next big hit manager from
    Argentina will be Gaby heinze his team
    Play nice passing football .. it won’t be
    Long before he will be on the spotlight
    Yet Another Marcelo bielse students.

  2. IMO, begin as such and transition to such, a 3-4-3 midfield diamond:

    If you wanna post your own Lineup, its

    • Personally I didnt like your midfield. Since battaglia has a long term injury(probably would be out of CA), I would prefer a midfield of lo celso-paredes-palacios…this is without a destroyer/proper-DM but will be good at recoveries and move ball forward quickly. This midfield will also be at the expense of Dybala if messi is playing.
      Note:- if its 3 man defence then foyth is better than saravia at backline

      • – It’s not technically a 3 man defense, it’ll still be a 4 man back line, hence Saravia and Tagliafico. It would just be like Man City and Barca, as they give Alba and Mendy respectively complete freedom to venture forward, same with Tagliafico. Just when say we fall back, Paredes would come in to cover for Tag and Banega for Paredes. Once he is back, the two would go back in the midfield along with Lanzini and Dybala/Di Maria/Pavon and defend in a 4-4-2 with Messi and Aguero up top.
        – I know who much everyone here in Mundo likes Lo Celso, but Banega is the best Argentine midfielder at the moment. Look how he, one man, made a huge difference in the World Cup! Had he started all group games, we wouldn’t have finished 2nd, and there fore would’ve played Denmark in the last 16 and gone further than we did! He along with Vasquez has Sevilla 1st in La Liga, ahead of Barcelona, Real Madrid, Atletico Madrid, Valencia, etc. Impressive!
        – If not Banega and Lanzini, Banega + Vasquez midfield would be the most logical option as you don’t have to wait a year for them to be familiar with each other, they would already be acquainted.
        – The way Saravia pocketed Neymar, who can say the did the same? Carvajal? Alexander-Arnold? Mathias Suarez? If Sarvia can stop Neymar, he can stop Isco, Hazard, Alexis, etc.
        – Ascacibar has much to learn, so Paredes is the guy for DM.
        – As PSG has put Neymar as a #10 to strengthen a weak midfield, and Barca with Messi, same with Argentina. In this formation, he can drop and help the midfield as needed, without compromising width or defense.
        – Since we don’t have a RB off high quality for attack, it would be the job of either Dybala, Di Maria, or Pavon to be wide on the right flank, along with Tagliafico on the left flank to stretch the defense for Messi, Aguero, and Lanzini or Vasquez to expose. That way, Saravia can stay back and just focus on defending. He can still attack when needed, but his job would be to snuff out any counter attack, like Walker is doing for Man City.

        Thanks for the feedback tho

  3. Very Good player
    Underrated by European clubs
    Even PSG loaned him out
    Average Brazilians are more worthy than Locelso
    But Locelso is much more Talented

  4. Hella talented and on top of that he seems to have found the consistency that eluded him at the beginning of the season.
    Apparently Real Betis’s president said that the club wants to buy him whether they make it into europe next year or not (Celso’s loan stipulates that Betis is obligated to buy him if they make it into the europa or the CL), which shows how important he is to them because 25 mill euros is a huge sum of money for a club like Betis.

  5. A great player in the making…I think Lo Celso and Paredes arrived at the correct time for Argentine football, A period when we r in scares of Midfielders. Add in Palacios and Nico Domeniguez..We have 4 players who can in time revolutionize our midfield.

  6. IMO with messi this line up is the best
    ####J Correa
    Ocampos#messi#pity Martinez
    ####lo celso#palacios
    L Martinez#J foyth#pezzella#montiel
    #####Paulo GAZZANIGA

    Without messi

    J Correa#####pity Martinez
    ####palacios#lo celso
    Soto#J foyth#pezzella#montiel

    Fw FACUNDO colidio ,pussetto

    MF: Benjamin garre ,Lamela, Leonardo Sequiera, Lucas robertone ,Nicolas Dominguez,Reynoso, Santiago COLOMBATTO

    DF L Martinez ,Martinez quarta, Manmanna, L Godoy

    Gk J musso ,Damian Martinez

  7. In my opinion this can be a good line-up:
    (Icardi ,Messi,de Paul),(Lo celso,palacios, battaglia), (saravia , funes Mori , pazzella, tagliafico ), Romero (Gk).

    With 4-3-3 formation.In this Messi will get free space in the up front . Di Maria in place of de Paul and ascacibar in place of palacios is also a good line up.

  8. Argentina’s future. Hopefully coach will form a team around midfielders like him and Palacios, not spend his whole time thinking how to bring out the best of Messi, dybala or Icardi. If midfielders can create enough chances forwards will score, don’t have to think about it much. Fix the midfield first.

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